Get Your Mojo Here: Win CLIF Mojo Bars!

Mojo BarWant more Mojo in your life? If so you can enter to win CLIF Mojo bars here today.

Fifteen lucky Appetite for Health friends will each receive 21 CLIF Mojo bars (a $30 value)! Plus, CLIF is running a fun contest of their own, too (that’s double the Mojo love). For entry details read on….

Are you a fan of sweet and salty tastes getting cozy together? I am. I think this combination is one of the reasons that I adore trail mix so much. It just works, and it’s very satisfying. The CLIF Mojo bar is kind of like your favorite trail mix made into a convenient bar form. It features various trail mix combos of nuts, pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips and other ingredients that together make a crunchy, substantial bar that delivers both sweet and salty tastes. Mojo bars weigh in at 200 calories or less, are made from 70% organic ingredients (no trans fats) and each provide 8-9 g of protein. The sugar content runs from 8-12 g per bar (fairly typical of these types of bars), and except for the one containing coconut, the saturated fat contents are all 2 g or less.


MojoGo contest logoThe folks at CLIF will send you a coupon for a free Mojo bar if you send a geo-tagged Tweet from a beach, trail or park to @CLIFMojoGo. Separate tweets on subsequent adventures automatically enter the participant into their MojoGo sweepstakes for a chance to win a Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS heart rate monitor watch, CLIF Mojo branded gear or a box of Mojo bars. For entry info, click here. The MojoGo Sweeps only runs until September 3—so get out there and show your mojo quick!Mojo double

Itching to get your hands on some of Appetite for Health’s free CLIF Mojo bars Fifteen friends will win a bunch of yummy Mojo bars (21 bars each–mixed flavors)! Here’s what you’ll need to do: First, “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and also “Like” CLIF bars on Facebook, too. Then, in the space below, tell us where you’d take your Mojo bars for some fitness fun (me, that would be a hike in Acadia National Park…in late September when the tourists have gone home—ha)! Enter by Thursday, Aug. 30th at midnight.

This giveaway is open to US residents only please. All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. says

    I’d take my mojo bars on a hike on one of the many trails in the state parks in New Jersey or as a pre cross country practice snack.

  2. belinda says

    I always take my mojo bars with when I go trekking in Nepal, they are great energy snacks, and wont melt.

  3. Ineke Ojanen says

    The Goat Rocks in Washington State in August or September for huckleberries and great fall color!

  4. Angelique Drummond says

    I LOVE Clif Mojo bars though I’ve only tried a couple of the flavors. I would take one when I go geocaching at the wild life preserve that is about 7 miles away from my house. I love to hike, take photos and look for hidden treasures!

  5. Trisha B says

    I would take them with me when I go for my long walks and even when we go camping.I like both pages on FB

  6. Jessie goltz says

    I would take my cliffs mono bars to the local park, where I get my fitness by chasing after two kids that always run in different directions.

  7. Bryan B says

    I would take my Clif Mojo Bars to the local park to run a trail in the woods, it has good shade in the summer.

  8. Ray S says

    I just planned our 35th anniversary trip to Florida Amelia Island next month and my wife and I would enjoy these Mojo healthy snacks on our romantic road trip! We enjoy Clif bars and I like both FB pages! Thanks so much!

  9. says

    I “Like” CLIF bars and Appetite for Health on Facebook!
    I would take the Mojo bars on a bike ride along the coast of Acadia National Park in Maine…and on a hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire…and on a camping trip in the Berkshires!

  10. Audrey Sherrill says

    I would take my Clif bars with me out on the boat for some tubing and water skiing!

  11. Athena R says

    I like both on FB. I would take them on a long hike through the swamps in Congaree National Park…yep yep!

  12. Shaun Riebl says

    Although it really isn’t a “fitness” thing, I carry Mojo’s in my backpack for longer days at school and they work great for quick, sustainable energy on longer class days as well as for commuting from campus to campus between classes!

  13. Diana R says

    I like Clif Bar on facebook and I would take them on a camping trip. Fall is just around the corner, perfect time for camping and Clif bars are great energy for the road.

  14. Andrea Zeng says

    I would grab my mojo bar and head to the bernal heights park for a panoramic view of San Francisco.

  15. Jennifer F says

    I would take them along with me on a long walk on the beach. It would be the perfect snack.

  16. Jennifer Hanzich Morgan says

    I would take a Clif Mojo with me on my way to my “Sweat Like a Girl” classes. Also, I would take them with me to work for a snack.

  17. sara heller says

    we off road alot and at times trucks break down and if it is a big break people can be there for hours and so packing these always make me feel better that there is something wholesome and nutritional to have along that does not take up much room

  18. Errol Tremolada says

    I would take my CLIF Mojo’s hiking out at Point Reyes National Seashore and/or Mt Biking on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County!! The Sleeping Lady and Mojos make for a great trip!

  19. Steph Lee says

    I would take these Mojo bars for my hikes around Marin. Always good to have some extra mojo on the go for those long hikes up the hill!

  20. Kat says

    I take them EVERYWHERE I go. I literally do not leave the house without a CLIF bar! As a result, I’ve gotten a lot of people to try them and get hooked on their natural goodness when they needed a snack and voila, I reached in my bag to produce a tasty CLIF bar. :)

  21. Emma L says

    I will take them anywhere on Oahu. Hiking Koko head trail or camping on the north shore! I love the grains Clif brand uses.

  22. Samantha w says

    I would take mine running when I go to Florida in November or hiking through a state park on any given weekend! :) yum yum

  23. Danielle A says

    I liked Clif on facebook many months ago :-)

    I love the sweet & salty bar the best for a nice sweet treat. I take various kinds of clif bars whenever we venture out hiking for a full day. My son loves them in his lunch everyday!

  24. Clare Longfellow says

    I would take my Clif Mojo Bars with me on my backpacking trips that I take here in Colorado in the Sangre De Christo and San Juan Mountains. I’d also eat them here at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, where I work.

  25. Conor H says

    I would take my Clif Mojos to Treman State Park in beautiful Ithaca, NY! So many trails to hike and gorges/falls to cool off in.

  26. Amy says

    I’d take my CLIP Mojo bars with me to the gym to eat afterwards. I’d also take them with me on weekend hikes in the Bay Area–think the East Bay hills, Mission Peak, or Mt. Diablo! They’re the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

  27. Karen Ramsay says

    I would take my Mojo bars for some fitness fun to Flatrock Park. And spend the whole day. We call this park our great escape!

  28. Kris Wingfield says

    I’d take a Clif bar with me while I go out to look for a job.

    Job-hunting makes one hungry in this Summer heat. =p

  29. Whitney O says

    I eat my Clif MoJo bars at work, on a bike ride, pretty much anytime I need a pick me up.

  30. says

    I’m training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in memory of my brother who was killed in Iraq. I would love, love, love to take Clif Mojo on my training runs for the marathon! What a great way to replenish my body during a run. :)

  31. Terrill G says

    I would take mine alligator hunting. They’re a great pick-me-up on the go (it’s hard to find time to sit down and snack when you have a 11 footer on the other end of the line).

  32. KC Larranaga says

    Strait to the courts with 5 friends for some 3 on 3. All you get is your H2O and 2 Mojo’s and last team standing split the remaining.

  33. bob lang says

    i would take my clif mojo bars deep into the sipsey wilderness area of the bankhead national forest

  34. Christina says

    I take my mojo bars (BECAUSE THEY”RE GLUTEN FREE!!) when I go camping and when I go to the pool to swim and teach swim lessons

  35. Mark Brandt says

    Oct 6th I’ll take my Clif Mojo Bars to Salisbury, MD where I’ll do the annual Seagull Century on Maryland’s Eastern Shore!!

  36. Andra Eads says

    I would bring my CLIF MOJO bars to work with me…to curb that snack attack…love me some CLIF bars!!!

  37. patricia white says

    My boys do a lot of running competitions and they also do a lot of camping with the boy scouts. They love to take energy bars, fiber bars and nutritional bars with them to have something good and easy to eat. Would love to try this.

  38. Marissa Liberati says

    I’d take my Clif mojo bars to my track and cross country meets. I’m always looking for a quick pre-race snack that sits well and gives me lots of energy.

  39. Shelly L says

    I would take Clif Mojo Bars on the Appalachian Trail when I run the sections in Pennsylvania!

  40. Angela Messier says

    I would take the bars to work with me for a snack in the morning and/or the afternoon.

  41. says

    I always take my Clif bars with me to school or to any spot where i’m hanging out with a friend. They are the perfect snack in-between long (and BORING) college classes and they keep me full until I can get home to have a proper full meal. When i’m with friends, I always share my Clif bars. In fact, my boyfriend loves them, due to me! Clif bars are also wonderfully suitable for long train/road trips to my photoshoots.

  42. Deanna W says

    I keep Mojo bars in my purse, in my desk drawer and in my gym bag – they are PERFECT for grabbing a bite before a run or workout for some extra energy — or when I’m hungry on the go and am trying to avoid junk food. SO delish anywhere!

  43. Meg G says

    I would take my Clif Bars to my favorite park during my power walk. The perfect end to a perfect workout :)

  44. matthew b says

    I’d take them on my moped cruise. always a good time rockin 100 mpg’s in the pink flaming helmet. (Picture if i win?)

  45. Vicky Shirey says

    I would take my Mojo bars out for a walk with my dogs! I liked both facebook pages! Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Kaylah says

    I’d take mine with me to my barrel races for a “grab and saddle up and ride” snack in between my runs!! Thats right, cowgirls LOVE Clif bar too!!

  47. Seema R says

    We take our Mojo bars to the gym, to parks, and out fishing. They are a great snack that fill us up when we are on the go! :)

  48. Judy says

    I’d love to say I enjoy Mojo bars while I’m doing something exciting at some exotic location…but in reality, they get me through a long day of teaching. I teach elementary music, and when the kids are up moving & dancing, so am I. These are great for a quick hit to keep me energized so I can stay a step ahead of all the kiddos!

  49. Catherine says

    My boyfriend and I have been dying to get away for the weekend to Idyllwild, CA, and go for a day hike up there. Mojo bars would be the perfect snack!

  50. Steve Inderkum says

    I always have a clif bar with me at all times. At work, before my runs, after my runs, at church, in the steam room…never know when you’re going to need that nutritional goodness.

  51. Dorothy Troller says

    Cliff bars are made to take every where. They have convience, They have a variety of taste, they are good for you. Yes I would take them every where. My favorite place to take them though would be right by my computer, so I could eat them while visiting the Appetite For Health site.

  52. Lisa the turtle girl says

    I would take my cliff mojo bars anywhere! Eating several meals and snacks a day, a mojo is a great healthy and fun way to eat! Just love ’em.

  53. Cristy Rice says

    I take my mojo bars on all of my hikes to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Just stocked up on them for our trip to Cannon Mountain this weekend!

  54. Mark Savage says

    I would take my Clif Mojo Bars to Seattle, Washington, where my brother and I are going on a two-month walkabout starting on Sep 11th. Thank you for the opportunity.

  55. Philip says

    CLIF Mojo bars go great when I’m hiking across glaciers in my home state of Alaska, or when I’m out on the dogsled training for the Iditarod (no kidding). (Although you do have to keep them close to your body so they don’t freeze in -40 degree temps!)

  56. Scott Rice says

    I DO NOT HIKE without at least TWO Mojo’s. Usually Mojo Dipped & Mountain Blend (My Favorite’s). No only do I go outdoors with Mojo’s, but I bring them to work for morning break as well, great healthy start to the day!

  57. Aaron Freesmeier says

    I like to take my clif bars in my day pack or pocket when I run the trails of mobile Alabama. They a a great source of energy for my runs over 2-3 hours.

  58. says

    These particular Clif bars are great, the sweet and salty is to die for! I often go on long walks with my mom and I would bring one for each of us during that time… we always come back starving and it would be better to fuel with the deliciousness that a Clif Mojo bar is during the walk :)

  59. says

    I take my Clif bars everywhere! I particularly make sure they make it my race bag for half and full marathons! So they will be going with me to Newport, RI for the Amica Marathon in October; to DC with me for the Marine Corps marathon also in October; and to Disney World for the 5k, half marathon and full marathon in January! Clif keeps me topped off and helps me recover just the way I like it!

  60. Trina Halstensen says

    I would take my Cliff bars on a local hike at Mt. Peak in Enumclaw, Wa. It’s a great hike and an excellent place to really think and clear your mind. Oh and there is a bench at the top where I can relax and eat my Cliff bar before heading back down.

  61. Marisa Gillispie says

    I would take my Clif MOJO bars with me to the Ragnar Relay – San Francisco to Napa Valley!!

  62. Wanda P says

    I would take them on my grocery shopping trips. I need the energy and you know you are not suppose to shop hungry!

  63. John Madger says

    I would take my MOJO bars on my long bike rides up to Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain. need the energy for the long climbs!

  64. levi good says

    I would be packing them in the hydration pack so I can keep my belly full while ripping central pa singletrack.

  65. Julie says

    I “Like” both Facebook pages.
    I’d take my Mojo bars on hikes every week, mostly at different nearby regional and state parks. I’ll need a lot of Mojo because I go out and hike a lot!

  66. Joslyn says

    I would take my Cliff Mojo bars on a family hike to Enchanted rock here in Texas! Then we would eat the rest while we camped on the top of the rock!

  67. Stefan says

    I had the MOJO White Chocolate Macademia with me about two month ago on top of Mount Shasta, together with Gary’s Panforte….the perfect team!!!

  68. Theresa says

    Mojos have been my go to bar for a while now! They’ve fueled me through 2 pregnancies, numerous bike rides & races and now help me to have the energy to attempt to keep up with my 6 year old as we hike, bike & cartwheel our way through the Adirondacks!

  69. Kevin Terjesen says

    I’d take them to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA in the middle of winter to fuel the 45 minute paddle out.

  70. lars says

    Me, I’d take them on a hike in the southern tip of Yosemite National Park in early September. Just when things are lightening up tourist wise.



  72. Allison Hubbard says

    I take my MOJO bars to cycling events, triathlons, marathons, hiking events, etc. I take them everywhere I go. Even to my nursing classes as a snack :O)

  73. Anna L. says

    Id take my mojo with me to the office when I sit on my bosu ball! Who knows when I might need the extra energy driving sales and stabilizing my core :)

  74. Renata says

    My Mojos will be treking across country to visit my Grandma up in northern Ohio to celebrate her 90th birthday bash! Mojos will keep me full of protein between hectic airports and travel days when healthy food is hard to come by! Also Mojos will be a good workout refueler for my gym and yoga workouts everyday! Thank you!

  75. Moriah says

    My boyfriend’s name is Joe and mine is Moriah, so together we always say that we have good “MoJo” together. Saying that, we love all of the Clif Bar products whether it be used for a daily pick me up or for an outside hike. I would take my MoJo bars to the Adirondacks in Upstate New York on a hike through the beautiful and scenic woods surrounding our campsite. The bars give us energy and good nutrition to continue our “mojo”.

  76. jeannine s says

    I would take them to the park, on hikes and when shopping (jeannine drenchek-scavo on facebook)

  77. Michelle Washburn says

    I would take my Clif Bars on my daily bike hike. I like Clif Bars on Facebook and APH on Facebook.

  78. kayla says

    I would take my MOJO bars when my husband and I hike on the trails around our local reservoir… We always like a little snack when out and about. :) I like Clif Bars on Facebook and APH on Facebook.

  79. Dawn Smith says

    I would take my Mojo bars with me for a nice treat after my evening run! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  80. Colleen GIbson says

    I am starting Massage Therapy school next week.. and would love the CLIF Mojo bar as a take along for in betwee classes or after class.. Thank you for the chance to win and try them out.. : )

  81. allison w says

    I’d take them to my yoga class and eat a little snack before or after my workout. I’d also take one for a marathon shopping day at the outlet mall. :-)

  82. Galen says

    I love my mojo bars while working in Yellowstone National Park all summer with the Youth Conservation Corps!

  83. carol n says

    I like both on Facebook

    I would take my bars with us to the zoo and hiking on the Katy Trail

  84. Lori says

    I’d take them with me for after my long runs or even on a family outing to the zoo or camping.

  85. Jennifer Woosley says

    I would take my Clif bars to the YMCA where I work out at all the time! I’m already a fan! A fan of Cliff too!

  86. Elaine White says

    I get my Mojo on at Whole Foods – they have a large variety of Clif Bars! :)
    I would take mine on our tri-training trips, especially on the longer runs/bike rides along the beautiful and great allegheny passage!! The longer runs can get pretty grueling, so fueling up on power snacks like the Mojo keeps our motors runnin’!!!! Thanks so much!

    I’m a fan of both on Facebook!

  87. sasha kuznetsov says

    I get my bars online. I love to take them to class because they are healthy and keep me full! :)

  88. Shamarah Prince says

    I take my Clif Bars on hikes with my kids in our parks in the North Georgia Mountains like Fort Mountain National Park.. Beautiful scenery and a Clif Bar, Nothing better!!

  89. Serena Rebechini says

    These sound fantastic. One of the activities our kids look forward to every week is swimming on Sunday. They are always starting afterward. We have so much fun splashing and jumping around in the water. These would also be great after Zumba and kickboxing classes!

  90. Julie A says

    I would eat them at the local pool which closes on labor day then its back to school time. Then we will be hiking in the fall. The bars sound yummy! :)

  91. Zoe W says

    I would take my Clif MOJO bar to the golf course with me and to class for a mid-morning energy boost of course as well!!

  92. Sharon Ward says

    I’m a senior citizen now, so I need Cliff bars to take in my purse on any outing that make wear me out, then I have the energy to make it back home without the need to drop when I arrive. In my younger years I hiked 22 miles in one day while working at Glacier National Park, and I wished I had some of them with me then!

  93. DC says

    I am quite fond of some of the CLIF bars but have not had the chance to try out the Mojo bars which sound Devine! I would definitely take them withbme on my upcoming trip to Dubai on my camel rides!!!

  94. Rachel Indigo Cerise Baum says

    I’d take my Clif Bars and my Super Puppy, Benjamin H. Bunny for long walks along the Clackamas River in Oregon.

  95. Calshondra Williams says

    I would take my Clif Bars with me to the lake while fishing and camping. Will be a great snack while walking and I will really need the energy it would provide me.

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