Win A Vita Vault Supplement Organizer!

Vita Vault 2Got lots of vitamins and supplements? Know anybody who needs help keeping all their pills in proper order? A Vita Vault can help! Want to win one of these handy, easy-to-use dispensers? We’ve got eight Vita Vaults available to Appetite for Health readers. Read on for details on how to enter…

There’s something really nice about getting things organized once fall rolls around. Here’s a nifty little organizational tool that you may want to check out if you have lots of supplements to organize. Or perhaps you have an elderly relative that has a hard time getting vitamin bottles open? The guys who developed the Vita Vault know how that is, and their product can help take the pain out of keeping pills organized and convenient.

The Vita Vault is sort of the same idea as those shampoo/conditioner/body soap dispensers that some folks have in their showers. You pour the supplements into the top of the unit, the pills automatically settle down into the compartment, and you can easily remove what you need by lifting the clear cover at the bottom of the unit (which keeps the pills clean). There are six compartments with clear windows so all pills are easy to see. And each compartment can store up to 60 vitamins/supplements, depending on their size. There are plenty of write-on, self-stick labels so you can ID each supplement the way you like.

The unit has a small “footprint” and is easy to store in a cabinet or on a shelf—wherever you keep your meds or supplements. Some folks like to keep their Vita  Vault in the fridge—saves space if you have lots of fish oil supplements and others that need refrigeration. Check out the Vita Vault website for more info and a video, as well as for ordering information.

Want to win a Vita Vault for yourself or a loved one?Vitavault logo

We’ve got 8 of them to gift to our AFH friends! To enter, first make sure you “Like” AFH on Facebook, AND also “Like” Vita Vault on Facebook (they’re pretty new on FB, so please show ’em some love!). Then leave us a comment below about why a Vita Vault would make life easier for you and yours. Please enter by midnight on Sunday, Aug. 26th. 

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  1. Karin C says

    I try to be consistent taking my vitamins. The Vita Vault would help me be more organized and take them regularly because I will be able to see them all at once.

  2. Michele P says

    I can’t decide if I would keep the Vita Vault for myself or give it to my Dad. He and I are both so unorganized and could really use this gadget to keep us organized and on track. The best part is that it takes up so little room! I could definitely get used to that so I don’t have to look at bottles everywhere!

  3. says

    I (Robin O’Sullivan) “Like” AFH on Facebook, AND I also “Like” Vita Vault on Facebook.
    A Vita Vault would make life easier for us, because we could keep all of our vitamins organized and in one place, instead of scattered around cabinets and drawers. What a great invention!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  4. Patsy Clark says

    This would be such a great helper to clean up the bathroom counter. Trying to keep track of all my MIL’s vitamins can get frustrating.

  5. Trisha B says

    I Like AFH on Facebook AND Vita Vault on Facebook.This is pretty neat.I’d like to have this to keep all my vitamins and supplements organized.Thanks for the chance!

  6. SANDY says

    more organized is key- out there and sanitary too is a huge bonus…by having it easier to grab and use might just remember it more

  7. Anita Costanzo says

    This would make my life a whole lot easier. . because it’s so easy to leave an important vitamin supplement out of the daily mix while digging thru lots of bottles. Why do that? It’s all in one spot here! :) Great idea!

  8. Tesser says

    It would help me clear out an entire shelf of jars of vitamins in my kitchen if I won this – AND I sure could use the space!!

  9. Kerragh says

    Organization is the key to nutritional health. I always put out my supplements (and my hubby’s too) at least one day in advance. Seeing them reminds me that I am doing something good for my body and potentially preventing health issues that can result from lack of certain nutrients. Ties supplements certainly aren’t doing any good in the cabinet!

  10. Denise says

    I have just started taking vitamins. I take those plus blood pressure, migraine and muscle relaxers. Having everything in one place would help me remember to take everything!

  11. kelley C. says

    It would make so much easier on my husband instead of watching him opening up all of those bottles one by one each day.

  12. Margo Culbertson says

    What a cool Idea!!, much better than open all those bottles & fits more than those pill cases…

  13. Michelle R says

    I have a hard time remembering to take my vitamins and supplements. My husband is much better at it, but this would be perfect for both of us to keep them in sight and in reach on busy morning. We don’t have any little ones in our house, so we wouldn’t have to worry about open packages or bottles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Will M says

    This would be great to organize my vitamins AND see which I needed to order before they run out completely!

  15. says

    We have our 8 winners!

    Congrats to Anita C, Robin O, Kerragh, Michele R, Margo C, Will M, Tesser, and Patsy C!!!!

    I will be sending the winners a personal email asking for some information so that the company may send their prize to you. Please have the information needed within 48 hours!

    Thanks again for all the comments and keep a watch for upcoming giveaways!


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