Olympic Giveaway! Win Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani olympic logoThe Olympics are starting and Chobani is giving away five custom cases of Greek yogurt to celebrate the 2012 games and their sponsorship of the athletes! Appetite for Health readers can get in on the action by following entry details below.

The Appetite for Health Olympic Giveaway!

Yes, the Olympics started in Greece, and we’re happy to be giving away authentic, strained Chobani Greek yogurt—coincidence? I think not–ha ha! Anyway, Chobani is an official sponsor of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team—quite a feat for a company that has only been around for five years! Chobani Greek yogurt has been on the menu at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers, helping to power the Team USA athletes, and will follow Team USA to London. We wouldn’t want our awesome athletes to be without their Greek yogurt goodness!

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In case you’re unfamiliar with Chobani Greek yogurt, it’s packed with high-quality protein, making it a perfect pre- and post- workout recovery fuel for all walks of life, from athletes training to perform at the highest levels to regular folks looking to live a healthful, active lifestyle. Since Greek yogurt has more protein and less sugar than traditional yogurt, we’re always recommending it for anyone who is diet-conscious and wants to try to have a leaner body.

Chobani has released a larger, 16 oz package size of blended Greek yogurt that’s perfect for cooking, baking, smoothie making and yes, enjoying by the spoonful. The new blends are available nationwide in six flavors: 0% Black Cherry, Blueberry and Peach as well as 2% Mango, Pineapple and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk.

To enter to win one of 5 custom cases of 12 6-oz cups of Chobani Greek yogurt (this means that YOU get to choose which flavors make up your case!), first “Like” AFH on Facebook AND ALSO  “Like” Chobani on Facebook. Then leave us a note in the comments section below telling us which summer Olympic sport is your favorite. 

This contest is open to residents of the continental US please. All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. I love the swimming!!

  2. Sandy Nevels says:


  3. Stephanie K says:

    My favorite is football (soccer)! I wish it was bigger here in the US like it is all over the rest of the world.

  4. ioana c. says:


  5. Rebecca Lord says:

    The Shooting…my son is learning to shot skeet and I love to see him showing an interest in the Olympics =)

  6. Amy Palmer says:

    I love gymnastics!

  7. Debra Lee says:

    Gymnastics is my favorite followed by diving!

  8. Jason Predick says:


  9. Geeta Ranbhor says:

    Fan of AFH and Chobani on Facebook. Swimming and Gymnastics are my favorite. :)

  10. Casey Piercey says:

    Long distance running

  11. Swimming

  12. fedai f says:


  13. Rhonda P says:

    I like the track events.

  14. I’m looking forward to water polo… It gets pretty gritty underwater!

  15. Mai Cancel says:

    I “Liked” AFH on Facebook and I “Liked” Chobani on Facebook. I would have to say I love Track and Field but will go with Football (aka soccer) is my favorite.

  16. Shelly Perry says:

    I really enjoy watching the gymnastics. Track and field is great to watch too. We just finished off some Chobani. I know the kids would live to have cases of it. Good luck everyone!

  17. Liked both and it has always been gymnastics! :)
    Awesome giveaway,

  18. dianne c says:


  19. Michele says:

    Like it all. Swimming is my favorite!

  20. Martha FRENZ says:

    Love the gymnastics.

  21. Connie V says:


  22. stacy conchas says:

    My favorite sport is the track/running

  23. Raymond says:

    Chobani is my favorite Greek yogurt & Swimming is my favorite Olympic Sport! Thank you!

  24. Christopher Sorel says:

    futbol or soccer which ever way you call it.

  25. Chobani is definitely my favorite brand of Greek yogurt and My favorite Olympic Sport is Weight Lifting!

  26. I (Robin O’Sullivan) “Like” AFH on Facebook AND ALSO “Like” Chobani on Facebook.
    My favorite Olympic sport is Swimming & Diving.
    I’m so excited to watch the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Deena T. says:

    Love the Olympics!! Swimming, soccer, track and field, love all the sports!

  28. Gymnastics! And I love Chobani!

  29. Jennifer Sullivan says:

    Track and field events inspire me to train for a marathon.

  30. Chobani is the best yogurt and always the one I pick. I would love to sit in front of the TV with my Lemon Chobani and watch Gymnastics.

  31. Matthew B says:

    i love swimming but basketball is getting better.

  32. Denise M says:

    i really love platform diving

  33. Courtney R. says:

    Already liked both!! Oh, this is a great giveaway!! I like gymnastics with swimming a close second.

  34. Had Chobani this morning! Thanks for the great giveaway! Looking forward to watching swimming and soccer this year!

  35. Yjessica Hoppock-Smith says:

    Sodtball!!!! They need to bring it back into the Olympics!

  36. Jessica Hoppock-Smith says:

    I meant to say softball!!!

  37. Georgiana says:

    Already a fan of both actually! Love Chobani! My favorite sport is gymnastics too! Thank you so much!

  38. Angela C says:

    swimming, volleyball, cycling…all the activities that remind me of summer and the summer olympics

  39. Athena R says:

    I already a fan of both…love the volleyball and gymnastics.

  40. Gymnastics and diving are my fav, but like so many! Go USA!

  41. Sheryl Edwards says:

    Gymnastics is my favorite!

  42. shelley says:


  43. Gymnastics & swimming!



  45. I Like both on Facebook and I think my favorite is Soccer (Football).

  46. Angie B says:


  47. I like them both on facebook and I would say my favorite summer olympics sport is soccer. Ladies play tonight I believe. Thanks.

  48. Audrey Lawrence says:

    I absolutely love Chobani its my favorite brand and I love to watch Volleyball & Diving. They are the summer Olympic events I make sure not to miss! Go team USA!

  49. Whitney says:

    I love the swimming, but the gymnastics and soccer are close second and third!

  50. Toss up between Boxing and Track & Field!

  51. Marcus Bowie says:

    Favorite Olympic event….

    Just so exciting. So much energy and anticipation.
    So competitive.

  52. Claire P says:

    Already a fan of both!! And its sooo hard to choose just one sport! Gymnastics, track and field & swimming! YAY!

  53. Marisa Kradjian says:

    Men’s Swimming and Soccer!

  54. AshleyN says:

    I absolutely love the Gymnastics! Everything they do and work so hard for, pays off!!

  55. Leah Brislin says:

    Swimming is my favorite!

  56. Joanne D says:


  57. tiffany says:

    Gymnastics of course!

  58. Katelyn says:

    Gymnastics is my favorite!

  59. Cindy M says:


  60. Pauline Longchamp says:

    they are all great but swimming is my favorite.

  61. All about swimming !!!!

  62. katherine d says:

    beach volleyball is my favorite to watch

  63. Elizabeth says:

    The Gymnastics are definately my favorite, but I like to watch everything!

  64. Sherri Doree says:

    I love them all, but gymnastics and swimming are my favorites.

  65. Gymnastics!

  66. Meghan Finley says:

    I love swimming and diving the most

  67. Diana Rangel says:

    Definitely gymnastics :-)

  68. Diving and following up by Basketball ~~ “Dream Team’ !!!

  69. Teresa Scarborough says:


  70. Amy Cooley says:

    Syncronized Swimming

  71. My favorite is tennis and track & field.

  72. Elena V says:


    Liked both on Facebook as Elena Vo.

  73. Colleen says:

    I’m looking forward to the women’s and men’s marathons. And yes I will be up in the middle of the night to watch. :)

  74. Ann Mathew says:

    i love gymnastics ……

  75. Gymnastics for sure! Thank you Appetite for Health & Chobani! :-)

  76. My number one love is SWIMMING….and I have to go w/gymnastics, too and this year….. since it’s relatively new and gotta give it some props….TRAMPOLINE!!!! Yes…now an OLYMPIC sport! cOOOOOl, huh? :)

    Of course I am a fan of AFH on Facebook and Chobani Yogurt, too! Chobani is so yummy!

  77. Lisa Williamson says:

    Swimming and gymnastics! My daughters have been practicing their gymnastics moves in the yard!

  78. Lorraine Samojeden says:

    Swimming all the way!

  79. Margaret Burns says:

    Oh, it has to be swimming.

  80. Jordan D says:

    I love the gymnastics!

  81. Trisha B says:

    I Like both pages on FB. My favorite is Gymnastics!!!

  82. Ineke Ojanen says:

    Track and Field!

  83. Michelle D. says:

    Basically all of them, but gymnastics and running the most!

  84. Of course, Basketball

  85. 😉 Gymnastics

  86. IAE Hulthage says:


  87. Pat Pelland says:

    Looking forward to all the swimming events.

  88. Michelle R says:

    Track and field

  89. Linda G says:

    Beach Volleyball!

  90. I will be glued to the TV and cheering all the Americans on. I especially looking forward to the gymnastics.

  91. Anh Thu Truong says:

    My favorite is Soccer! :o)

  92. Track and field :)

  93. GYMNASTICS!!!!

  94. swimming in summer- iceskating in winter

  95. Yen Nguyen says:

    I like gymnastics.

  96. karen andrews says:


  97. Gymnastics is a must!! :)

  98. Marla Zickefoose says:

    I like AFH and Chobani on facebook My favorite is swimming!

  99. Janelle says:

    Gymnastics! My daughter is a competitive gymnast, so we watch together 😉

  100. I LOVE tennis and gymnastics!!

  101. M. Chamney says:

    gymnastics is my favorite

  102. William C says:

    Volleyball all the way!

  103. I am having Chobani with honey, granola and strawberries for lunch! I love swimming, gymnastics and several other sports. So excited for the Olympics this year :)

  104. gymnastics!

  105. J Daniel says:


  106. Amy Butler says:

    Diving/swimming is my favorite

  107. Traci Friedman says:

    I love gymnastics. My favorite by far. GO TEAM USA!

  108. Pamela Van Brackle says:

    Love the gymnastics and swimming events. Can’t wait for opening night today

  109. Carol B says:

    Gymnastics or swimming!!

  110. Karin C says:

    I love Gymnastics!

  111. Cycling, best of luck Clara!

  112. Liked both and I LOVE gymnastics!!

  113. Gymnastics of course:)

  114. Kaitlyn says:


  115. Kaydee D says:

    Rhythmic Gymnastics! Requires talent, flexibility, and poise.

  116. Like both on facebook, per instructions and gymnastics all the way

  117. Gail Cook says:

    I guess I am one of the first to love Figure skating! Love Greek yogurt!

  118. Gymnastics and swimming all the way..

  119. I love Track and Field!

  120. Heather J. says:

    I ‘like’ AFH and Chobani on Facebook. Our favorite events to watch are the mens swimming and the ladies gymnastics. Go team USA!!!!!!

  121. Michelle says:

    I love watching gymnastics and swimming

  122. Courtney says:

    swimming and diving

  123. Cynthia Hric says:

    I love gymnastics, but I enjoy watching it all!

  124. Nothing beats swimming when it comes to the summer Olympics. However, nothing beats the Olympics period when it comes to life. Except maybe AFH & Chobani.

  125. Mitch Obey says:

    Beach Volleyballlllllll

  126. My favorite Olympic sport is diving. It’s so graceful and entertaining

  127. I am a huge Olympic fan! Gymnastics is definitely my favorite event! The dedication to the sport that the athletes have is outrageous!!

  128. Track and field!

  129. Whitney says:

    I love track/field; specifically, the decathalon!

  130. Joyce Hogetvedt says:

    I love gymnastics but look forward to watching all of it.

  131. Julie Harper says:

    Futobal AKA Soccer is my favorite!

  132. tisha matthews says:

    love gymnastics!

  133. Swimming!

  134. Tony Velten says:

    I like the cycling! Chobani has helped me lose weight and get back on my bike again! Thank you

  135. Stacey Walker says:

    So hard to chose just one (just like Chobani) but the Diving is incredible.

  136. michele malone says:

    I like you both and I love the swimming and diving.

  137. Deborah says:

    I love all the sports at the Summer Olympics!

  138. Deborah says:

    Fan of AFH on Facebook.

  139. Tracy KilvInger says:

    Swimming and running!

  140. Deborah says:

    Fan of Chobani on Facebook.

  141. anne hill says:

    well i just watched the men’s archery match between the US & italy for the gold. it was incredibly exciting! the US didnt pull off gold but they did take the silver!

  142. Swimming for sure and we are an equestrian family so that part is huge for us..just wish they would show more of that…..also love track and field!

  143. Love to watch swimming!!

  144. Mike A. says:

    Watching them now…swimming is my fav.

  145. I Love the Swimming!

  146. Had already liked you, but didn’t realize I hadn’t like Chobani’s page so I went and liked them. Currently watching the bike races. I’m looking forward to men’s gymnastics for the first time since I started watching the Olympics many long years ago — I got to photograph a couple of amazing college gymnasts last year and learned a lot about the sport and am now fascinated.

  147. Eugenie says:

    Gymanastics is my favorite sport.

  148. Eugenie says:

    I like to watch canoe/kayak slaloms

  149. Tennis

  150. Gymnastics!

  151. Michelle Washburn says:

    I love the swimming!

  152. melissa k says:

    definitely gymnastics.. since i hope to one day be watcing my son

  153. Rose Murphy says:

    Gymnastics and swimming

  154. Swimming

  155. Shelly Rogers says:


  156. Diving!! Wow!

  157. Amy Jumper says:

    Soccer/fùtbol – go USA WNT!!!!!

  158. Cycling! Zoom zoom!

  159. Swimming is my favorite! They make it look so easy, but I know it is incredibly difficult. Amazes me every time…

  160. Dorothy Vy says:

    My favorite Olympic sport is men’s basketball!

  161. Jenea Ruthem says:


  162. Kelly Paradise says:

    I like Appetite For Health & Chobani on Facebook. I love both as well as the Olympics, I’m very excited and love it all but I’m most looking forward to the Gymnastics which I believe is honestly amazing & my children enjoy it as well :) Thank you for this incredible opportunity!!!

  163. steven moore says:

    i like the gymnastics. On this website can someone get rid of the twitter fb grey buttons lined up on the left side. i can’t read the article

  164. Kimberly says:

    I love gymnastics!

  165. Gymnastics

  166. Carol S. says:

    I absolutely love watching the Gymnastics!

  167. Leigh Mc says:

    Didn’t know it was my favorite until this year, but I really enjoyed the ARCHERY. Loved shooting bow & arrows during summer camp as a kid, & so happy my son had the opportunity to do the same this year. Congrats to the US team on their medal win!

  168. Jim Voelkers says:

    I already liked AFH and now have liked Chobani on Facebook. I am looking forward to watching kayaking because I recently acquired a kayak and I am interested in watching Coleman Scott wrestle (an Oklahoma State Univ. alumni.)

  169. Soccer and running.

  170. I have already liked both AFH and Chobani on Facebook. I watch every chance Iove them all. Go USA!

  171. ryan rudloff says:

    I love the swimming

  172. Sailing and I love the graceful beauty of the gymnastics

  173. Jeffrey says:

    Any running event, especially the marathon.

  174. meredith says:

    I love swimming!

  175. women’s volleyball

  176. Madeline says:

    My favorite sport is gymnastics.
    FB name: Madeline Brubaker

  177. stacey dunkley says:

    Archery! Kinda sad that my tv isn’t hooked up to be able to watch the Olympics this year:-( anybody tevo it for me?

  178. I have been glued to the television! I have enjoyed the Diving events as well as Women’s Gymnastics the most!

  179. I love Chobani yogurt. I like the swimming contests

  180. swimming

  181. Tt in nyc says:

    Liked AFH on facebook

  182. Tt in nyc says:

    I liked chobani on facebook

  183. Tt in nyc says:

    Mens swimming is my favorite!

  184. sarah shih says:

    swimming and diving

  185. WOW! We have a lot of gymnastic and swimming fans! It is great to see that so many of us are watching Olympics! I wish all the athletes good luck!

    I want to announce the winners of the 1st Chobani giveaway! We will be having the 2nd Chobani giveaway of 5 more cases of this wonderful Greek yogurt before the Olympics end! Keep checking back and refer a friend!


    SUSIE, ROBIN, COURTNEY R, STEPH AND MARIE Z.! Thanks for liking both Facebook pages! I will be sending you a personal email explaining to you what is needed to claim your prize. Please respond to my email within 48 hours after receiving it!

    Thanks for following our site!!!!


  186. Johanna Burnett says:

    My favorite Olympic sport is gymnastics!

  187. Denise Chan says:

    track for the win!

  188. Emily Liu says:

    my favorite sport to watch is swimming

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