Simply Wonderful: Simply7 Snacks Giveaway!

Simply7 hummus chipsWe know our Appetite for Health readers LOVE their snacks, and I recently tried a new snack that I really liked—so naturally, I scored you some! Simply7 is providing five lucky AFH fans with a full case of their snack chips! Check details below for how to enter…

So, you’re wondering what the deal is with with the Simply7 brand name, right? Simply7 products are not made with 7 ingredients, as you might think based on the name. The whole idea behind Simply7 is that all their products meet the company’s “7 core standards,” which include things like using simple ingredients, making products with no additives, preservatives, trans fats, artificial colors or flavors, using gluten-free ingredients, and oh yeah, making “simply delicious” products.

Ok, now for the chip info…The folks at Simply7 sought to put the “hummus experience” that we know and love, into a snack chip. Now, getting hummus to form into a snack chip would be an amazing feat of food processing technology. So instead, they focused on the chickpea (the base ingredient of hummus) to make their bite-sized chips.

Chickpea flour is the first ingredient listed. That, plus some rice, a couple other flours and some seasonings make the hummus chips, which are quickly fried in expeller pressed safflower oil. Yes, I hear some of you  rumbling about the frying. I know in a nutritionally perfect world there would be no fried foods, but for those folks who crave chip-like snacks, that wouldn’t be a tasty world. Despite the frying, these hummus chips still have half the fat of regular potato chips (5g versus the 10g in chips), and the lentil chips have about 40% less fat than potato chips. Plus, for a standard 1-ounce portion, you get 30 of these chips—that’s a decent amount of crunch for the 130 calories they contain. So if you’re searching for a lower-fat sub for potato chips, these might fit the bill for you–and the three flavors they come in are a nice break from chip flavors, too:

  • Hummus Sea Salt
  • Hummus Tomato Basil
  • Hummus Spicy Chili Pepper

Simply7 also makes Lentil snack chips, which (yes, you guessed it), use lentil flour as the primary ingredient. I prefer the hummus chips, but perhaps you will like the lentil chips better. They are made in basically the same way the hummus ones are, and the nutritional contributions are pretty much the same as well. The flavors, however, are completely different (and I’ve got to give credit for creative flavor options):

  • Lentil Sea Salt
  • Lentil Creamy Dill
  • Lentil Bruschetta

Note: The chips are made from gluten-free ingredients, but are processed in a facility that does process some wheat. Therefore, there could be trace amounts of gluten in them. If you’re gluten-sensitive, you can decide if these pass your parameters for gluten-free food.Simply7 products

While not available absolutely everywhere in the US yet, you can check the Simply7 website, which has a Store Locator button so you can see if they are available near you. If not, you can order products by the case (the website links to Amazon).

Want to win a case of Simply7 Hummus and Lentil Chips (12 full-sized bags–2 of each flavor, a $30 value)? It’s simple to enter. First, “Like” AFH on Facebook and then “Like” Simply7 on Facebook, too. Then tell us (in the comments section below), who you’ll share your snacks with, should you win (12 bags is a lot, after all)!

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  1. Heather J. says

    I would share with several of my friends and family who like to eat healthy snacks, and these sound SO good!!

  2. staci says

    I will share these with my dietetics students! I am a culinary nutrition instructor at a local college and would love to use these in my classes. I also volunteer at my children’s school. I could use these for healthy snack!

  3. Lori Williams says

    I liked AFH and Simply 7 on Facebook! And I would share with my family, and also with my pastors and their families. They each have 5 kids and are trying to eat healthier. It can get a little expensive with 7 people in your family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Jason says

    These do sound really good. I would share these with my family, friends, and co-workers so that they could try them. I know a lot of health-conscious people that are always on the lookout for new products that don’t have preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. I also ordered the variety pack of CocoaVia after seeing it on the Appetite For Health story and am already enjoying it in drinks!

  5. Kirstie Manning says

    I would share these snacks with my husband and my mom because we have all recently decided to eat healthier and get fit! I think these yummy looking snacks would help us to do that and eat something good =)

  6. Joe G says

    Since our whole family loves hummus I’d share some with them. They sound really good and different. Thanks , would love to try them!

  7. M. Cancel says

    I “Liked” AFH on Facebook and I “Liked” Simply7 on Facebook.
    I am definately sharing these by having a get together lunch/picnic. We all prepare food or bring food to the picnic. I usually see people bring junk food, high calorie, non-nutritional foods and they’re usually the ones to complain that they can’t loose weight.
    This would be the best time to introduce these products, to compare with what they bring to the picnic, let them judge for themselves and see that there are better healthy alternatives and delicious to eat. Plus not to mention, the children actually might prefer these as well. Great way to educate everyone, enjoy each others company and have fun with new experiences. “Thank you AFH and Simply7”.

  8. Loreli Green says

    This would be hard to share.. I’m really big on hummus.. but I have a sunday meeting group I can bring them to and always get to hear their reviews on foods.

  9. Rosemary Erickson says

    These look really delicious! Share? must I ?? Okay, then with my family :)

  10. Renee S says

    I help out at our local food bank in providing nutritious meals and home deliveries to the elderly and those in need every Saturday. I would definitely bring these to share as they would be greatly appreciated! I also try to educate individuals on a one-to-one basis on the importance of eating real whole food instead of convenient junk foods. Snacks can be beneficial and healthy and Simply7 Snacks is a prime example of a nutritious quick bite!

  11. Deb Waddle says

    I would share with my girlfriends who I just introduced to the great taste of hummus!!!

  12. allison says

    i will definitely share with my family. We always get together for the 4th of July, and these would make a perfect snack. Of course, I may save a bag for myself. :-)

  13. olivia says

    These would be awesome to try! And of course I would share with anyone who was nearby or if I went to someones house! Looks like a great treat!

  14. Georgiana says

    I have a family reunion party next month with a ton of relatives and family friends – most of whom follow a very unhealthy lifestyle of eating and don’t know a thing about nutrition! I’m trying to encourage, motivate and share my insight on how to properly cook and eat real whole foods in their diet. I would definitely bring these along to show them that snacks can be both beneficial and healthy! Simply7 looks like the perfect potluck candidate for our annual get-together! Thanks so much for introducing them to me!

  15. Jennifer F says

    I would share with anyone who is willing to try them. I know for sure my mom would try them

  16. Deanna G. says

    1. I like AFH & Simply7 on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

    2. I’ll share them with my mom! :)

  17. Dana Rodriguez says

    I would share with my boyfriend..I am trying to get him to realize that eating healthy doesn’t mean you sacrifice taste 😉

  18. Carl Mizell says

    Simply7 Hummus and Lentil Chips are delicious. I would share them with my family and friends. I’m already a fan of AFH and Simply7 Facebook pages. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Elizabeth Berk says

    I would share with my two best girlfriends, Monroe and Sonal! We’re all on a mission to eat healthy and these are a great tasting, totally nutritious snack!!

  20. Diana R. says

    I ‘like’ both AFH and Simply7 on fb. This is something I would share with my sister since we both like trying new things and especially if they are good for you :)

  21. Jennifer Woosley says

    I am already a fan and I would share my win with my husband and children because they deserve the healthiest and tastiest treat.

  22. Candace C says

    I’d share my snacks with my little cousins who are visiting me in NY all the way from North Carolina!! 😀

  23. Michelle R says

    I would share these with my husband. We love snack chips and I like finding good crunchy and nutritious toppings for casseroles and salads. I bet these would make a good fit into our dinner plans.

  24. says

    I already like Appetite for Health and Simply7 both on facebook. I would share my delicious snacks with my friends and family. We all love good food!

  25. Brad says

    I would share with my family and with my work buddies. Everyone where I work was just notified of a furlough coming up, so morale isn’t too high right now. Snacks tend to ease the tension and bring out the smiles.

  26. Julie says

    I already like both Facebook pages. Should I win, I’d share my snacks with my family when we have our weekly get together, and I’d also share them with my friends when they come over for movie night. I know they’d all love these snacks.

  27. Jordan D says

    I liked both on facebook!

    I’d share these at a summer cookout to introduce all my friends to a new healthy snack. These sound awesome :)

  28. Lisa Puckett says

    I would share with my kids, hubby and parents!! Would love for them all to try a healthier snack!! Thank you for the chance!! :)

  29. says


    Our winners today are Staci, Brad, Elizabeth B., Carol M., and Jason!

    I will be sending you a personal email telling you how to claim your prize!



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