Win Mom-Invented Prize Packs from Ginsey!

Ginsey Sandwich Cutter
Who better than real moms to come up with ingenious little gadgets to make life in the kitchen and feeding kids easier? (No offense, dads, we know you’re clever, too!) Ginsey Home Solutions will provide 10 lucky Appetite for Health readers with cool prize packs bursting with helpful kitchen tools and kid-feeding accessories ($33 value). See details below.

Whenever I see neat, helpful and practical things like these food prep/feeding gadgets, I immediately think three things (in this order):  “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” and then “What took so long for someone to think of that!” and then “I wish this had been around when my kids were little.” Ginsey Home Solutions has gathered together some ingenious products invented by moms who saw a need and then went ahead and developed products to fill those needs. Clever, cute and practical, these gadgets make the grade (and some of them are not just for feeding the kiddos)!

Want to win some of these nifty products? We’ve got 10 Mom-Invented prize packages, provided by Ginsey, each of which consists of the following items: Collapsible Funnel, Spoon N’ Lid Saver, Scoop N’ Pour, Beverage Barricades. Tidy Table Covers (x2), Good Bites – Lunch Box, and Good Bites – Sandwich Cutter. Whew—that’s a lot of cool stuff! Check them out on the Ginsey website for more info (and to see the other handy products they have for the kitchen).

To enter the drawing for the Ginsey Mom-Invented prize packs, first “Like” AFH on Facebook  , then “Like” Ginsey Home Solutions on Facebook. Then leave us a comment below this post, letting us know which of the Ginsey kitchen/food gadget YOU would find most useful with your family All AFH terms and conditions apply. 

Here are some examples of the products that are included in the prize packs:

  • Spoon & Lid Space Saver – This gadget safely and conveniently holds your pot lid and stirring spoon, keeping your counters clean!
  • The Sandwich Cutter (pictured above left) – A fun way to slice sandwiches, remove crust, and seal the edges – all with one push. Great for parties, kids’ lunches, finger sandwiches and catering too. The cutter comes in fun shapes including puzzle and heart!
  • Good Bites Lunch Box – This makes it easy as A-B-C to prepare your child for the day. This reusable lunch/sandwich box has dual compartments to separate food. Plus, it comes with a spot for a love note or reminder about school activities.
  • Tidy Table Covers – This is a great ‘no mess’ way to cleanup from craft projects and baking. The elastic banded edges provide a snug fit for your table. When done, just remove and toss!Ginsey - Beverage Barricade
  • The Beverage Barricade (pictured right) – This product opens cans for you, so you can save your finger nails! Also it rotates to block the opening of cans, protecting drinks from anything that may fall/wander into it (think bees at the picnic). Comes in a rainbow of colors to help identify the owner of the drink can.








  1. Anne M. says

    I think the “Beverage Barricade” would be great for my family…not only save me from breaking yet another fingernail-it would be so nice to be able to have canned drinks outside, and use this to cover them up while we are in the pool, and not let pesky critters like ants, bees, etc. to get into the cans!

  2. Kristy says

    I would like the spoon and lid space saver. I am always trying to find a spot to put those down without making a mess!

  3. allison says

    OMG! The sandwich cutter is soooo cute! Everyone will love it! But all the gadgets look so cool. I want them alll!

  4. Heather V. says

    The Good Bites lunch box. Love the idea of the love note spot. My husband and I are draw on our son’s napkin so he has a surprise every day.

  5. Beth Mickens says

    Oh I would love the good bites lunch box! My daughter will be starting kindergarten this year and we’ll be making her own lunch to bring to school. This box sounds perfect!!

  6. Renee Rousseau says

    The The Beverage Barricade would be a great tool for my granddaughter with Asperger’s. She has difficulty opening pop tops.

  7. Kirsten H. says

    I really like the sandwich maker, but the lid and spoon tool might be very handy for our small apartment :)

  8. Beth says

    The good bites lunch box is perfect! It will remind my daughter to eat her fruit since it’s right there! Love it!!!

  9. Tammy Rudloff says

    I love the beverage barricade. That would be perfect for our family of 5 when we go camping. Keep the soda from having visitors and marking whose is whose. Love that idea.

  10. April B says

    i LOVE those sandwich cutters. I also like the table covers.

    …and i’m very interested in the potty training stuff!! :)

  11. Heather J. says

    I could easily use ALL those gadgets! I am a sucker for inventive kitchen gadgets that make my life easier. Great giveaway!! ( I ‘like’ both pages on FB)

  12. Iisha B says

    I really like the collapsible funnel. But they have such cool stuff it is really hard to pick just one item.

  13. Denise M says

    i like both on FB
    i think the Tidy Table Covers would be most useful. I have a messy 19 month old and i am a messy baker :)

  14. ioana c. says

    i would love the folding potty seat , any design but if i would have to choose the princess one!!

  15. Nancy S. says

    The sandwich cutter is too cute! I also like their lunch box…both of these items would be perfect for us, since my son takes his lunch to school almost every day. This company has some great items!

  16. Pat A. says

    It is always great to find ways to make eating a “fun adventure” with surprises at every lunchtime. The lunchbox with compartments and note holder is a great prize plus nothing pleases a child more than having their food cut into shapes or puzzle pieces which helps them want to eat all their sandwich.

  17. Lacey Reindel says

    I would love all the products…but, by far the tidy tables would help my family out tons! We spend hours doing crafts, painting, and cooking as a family and it sure make for a lot of cleaning up! I would love to have more time playing and less time scrubbing :)

  18. Kathy M. says

    The Mom Invented Tidy Table Round Covers are perfect for home adventures, outside tables, or to bring to nana’s or grandma’s house. – ‘Proceeds from every purchase directly benefit an independent mom inventor’ — That so rocks!!! (I like both pages on facebook)

  19. says

    Greeting AFH Friends!
    Here are the lucky winners of the Ginsey Mom-Invented Gadgets Giveaway:
    Nancy B., Chelsea C., Kaylie S., Anne M., Kristy, Heather V., Brooke S., Teresa S., Denise M., Tammy R.

    Congrats to all of you! You’ll be getting an email direct from me with details on how to claim your prize.

  20. Eliza says

    I ordered some beverage barricades a while back and I use them ALL THE the beach, the park, poolside, and most of all when I go anywhere in the car! I always get paranoid leaving my can open and drinking it after running into the store so these are lifesavers. I’m excited to try some of these other gadgets as I have had great success with my BBs.

  21. adam says

    the scoop n pour was awesome! i used it for my son and for myself with my protein and gatorade!! and then just threw it in the dishwasher , easy to clean and easy to use!!

  22. says

    I have experienced a set-back a while back, which results in pain lack of energy since my pedestrian (myself) and car accident. Spiritually, I have opened up to a true “awakening” in being told about items that are free of cost. Because of this, I have hope to get back on my feet and not have to rely on others. Through for now, I hope to get some sort of support. Being in the presence of a great mother I have began to pursue the process of returning to school when finances permit. The benefits of possibly winning either Spoon & Lid Space Saver, Good Bites Lunch Box, Tidy Table Covers or something else reveals that there are so many new possibilities in my life. In my experience, I have gone beyond what we normally look to say in these but I believe that a statement (no matter the length) should come from the heart, mind, soul and spirit.

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