Mom-Invented Prize Packs from Ginsey

Ginsey Sandwich Cutter
Who better than real moms to come up with ingenious little gadgets to make life in the kitchen and feeding kids easier? (No offense, dads, we know you’re clever, too!) Ginsey Home Solutions will provide 10 lucky Appetite for Health readers with cool prize packs bursting with helpful kitchen tools and kid-feeding accessories ($33 value). See details below.

Whenever I see neat, helpful and practical things like these food prep/feeding gadgets, I immediately think three things (in this order):  “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” and then “What took so long for someone to think of that!” and then “I wish this had been around when my kids were little.” Ginsey Home Solutions has gathered together some ingenious products invented by moms who saw a need and then went ahead and developed products to fill those needs. Clever, cute and practical, these gadgets make the grade (and some of them are not just for feeding the kiddos)!

Want to win some of these nifty products? We’ve got 10 Mom-Invented prize packages, provided by Ginsey, each of which consists of the following items: Collapsible Funnel, Spoon N’ Lid Saver, Scoop N’ Pour, Beverage Barricades. Tidy Table Covers (x2), Good Bites – Lunch Box, and Good Bites – Sandwich Cutter. Whew—that’s a lot of cool stuff! Check them out on the Ginsey website for more info (and to see the other handy products they have for the kitchen).

To enter the drawing for the Ginsey Mom-Invented prize packs, first “Like” AFH on Facebook  , then “Like” Ginsey Home Solutions on Facebook. Then leave us a comment below this post, letting us know which of the Ginsey kitchen/food gadget YOU would find most useful with your family All AFH terms and conditions apply. 

Here are some examples of the products that are included in the prize packs:

  • Spoon & Lid Space Saver – This gadget safely and conveniently holds your pot lid and stirring spoon, keeping your counters clean!
  • The Sandwich Cutter (pictured above left) – A fun way to slice sandwiches, remove crust, and seal the edges – all with one push. Great for parties, kids’ lunches, finger sandwiches and catering too. The cutter comes in fun shapes including puzzle and heart!
  • Good Bites Lunch Box – This makes it easy as A-B-C to prepare your child for the day. This reusable lunch/sandwich box has dual compartments to separate food. Plus, it comes with a spot for a love note or reminder about school activities.
  • Tidy Table Covers – This is a great ‘no mess’ way to cleanup from craft projects and baking. The elastic banded edges provide a snug fit for your table. When done, just remove and toss!Ginsey - Beverage Barricade
  • The Beverage Barricade (pictured right) – This product opens cans for you, so you can save your finger nails! Also it rotates to block the opening of cans, protecting drinks from anything that may fall/wander into it (think bees at the picnic). Comes in a rainbow of colors to help identify the owner of the drink can.








  1. Suz says

    I think the spoon and lid saver or the table covers would be most useful. BUT, the sandwich cutters would be most fun:)

  2. Kaylie S says

    My 3 year old hates the crust on sandwiches and always wants them cut into shapes! I would love to try the sandwich cutter!!! So neat!

  3. Leonor C says

    The sandwhich cutter would be such an awesome item not only to use with my daughter but at my Mommas Group. :)

  4. angela smith says

    Our family would love the Sandwich Cutters …..All of my kids do not like to eat crust on any of their bread , This would be a awesome way to get them involved in Creating their own sandwich with No crust on it just the way they like it :) Liked both companys on facebook :)

  5. Beth Mickens says

    The good bites lunch box would be perfect for my daughter!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Anh Thu Truong says

    I would have to stay that the Spoon & Lid Space Saver and the Good Bites Lunch Box would be the most useful in our family. :o)

  7. says

    Wow, these are cool tools. Now why couldn’t I have invented some thing like this; others continue to surprise me with their creativity. I would love to win this.

  8. Reva says

    My grandson is such a picky eater; he lives off off pbj and grilled cheeses. His mom teaches and fixes his lunch each day before they leave for school. I think it would be neat to have the sandwich cutter for her, just to make her morning life a little fun and hopefully his lunch more fun as well. I love gadgets, throw back to the “Inspector” cartoons I guess. Go Go Gadget! lol Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nancy S. says

    I’d love to have the sandwich cutter and the lunch box to use for packing my son’s school lunches. I love to add notes, and this would be a handy way to do so. No matter what is on the school lunch menu, he always wants to take his lunch. I think he likes the surprises I add, and a sandwich in fun shapes would be a nice surprise.

  10. Brad says

    I think my wife would like the lid and spoon holder. I know my kids would like the sandwich cutter!

  11. says

    This is a lot of very cool stuff – gadgets I could use and I think the sandwich cutter would help the little one eater better

  12. Jan Semotiuk says

    well being a gramma now..any of the prizes would be great…i am thinking that i would use the can opener/preventer the most..for me but the rest when we have visiters..which is often!

  13. Lisa Puckett says

    I think they all would be of great use in my house!! But I especially like the sandwich cutter and the spoon and lid saver. Thank you for the chance!!

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