A “Pressing” National Soyfoods Month Giveaway!

Tofu PressWe’ve got a National Soyfoods Month giveaway you don’t want to miss. And we think that means it’s high time all our Appetite for Health friends had a chance to win their very own tofu press! (Yes, you heard us correctly, and yes, that’s the gadget, pictured left—a $39 value!) If you’re a tofu fan, you know how handy these gadgets can be. If you’re not, having a press might just be what it takes to open your eyes to the wonders of cooking with tofu. Check the details below for how to enter.

If you’ve always thought that soyfoods were for health “nuts,” vegetarians/vegans only, or really just for folks like that colorful, hippie throw-back couple who lives at the end of the street, we’re here to tell you that you’re soy wrong. (Sorry, I will refrain from doing that anymore in this post!) Really though, have you taken a look at the wide variety of soyfoods available at the market lately?

Truly, if your taste buds are not tempted by tofu, and soymilk doesn’t please your palate, there are many, many other choices available. Things like soy burgers and crumbles that are a great stand-in for beef in things like chili, spaghetti sauce, tacos and sloppy Joes. There are also oy nutrition bars, edamame in both fresh and frozen forms, soy yogurt, soy pudding, soy cheeses, tempeh (fermented soybean patties or cakes), miso, soy sauces and tamari, soynut butter, roasted soynuts (plain and flavored), soy mayonnaise, soy chips and snacks, soy-based hot dogs, frozen soy-based desserts of various kinds, soy-based whipped topping, soy creamers, soy protein powders and ready-t0-drink soy protein shake and beverages. There is some sort of soy product out there to please everyone. And, because it’s National Soyfoods Month, finding soyfoods at affordable prices is easier than ever, since stores are putting them on special sale, giving out coupons and running promotions and demos across the country. It’s a good time to stock up on soyfoods, or try some new ones!Soyfoods Month logo

What’s to gain by eating soy products? Here are a few nutrition facts about soyfoods:

  • Soy is a complete, plant-based protein, and therefore has no cholesterol. It’s also lower in saturated fat than meat proteins, and has fiber that meat doesn’t have.
  • Soyfoods are a good source of iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc.
  • The FDA-approved a health claim for soy protein, stating that 25 grams a day of soy protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff), which is good for heart health.
  • Swapping soy products for meat in recipes is an easy way to help decrease the calories, saturated fat and cholesterol in the foods you like to cook.
  • There’s a lot of ongoing research into the potential health benefits of consuming soyfoods, especially in the areas of bone loss prevention in post-menopausal women, blood pressure and blood sugar control, and the prevention of some types of cancer.

The Soyfoods Association of North America has offered to provide Tofu Xpress presses to 5 lucky Appetite for Health readers (a $39 value). To enter, you’ll need to “Like” the Soyfoods Association on Facebook, AND “Like” AFH on Facebook, then leave us a message in the comments section below, telling us what your favorite soyfood is. That’s it—soy easy! (Ok, I lied when I said I wouldn’t do that again…it’s soy irresistible.) Enter now! This giveaway will come and go quickly!



  1. Jonathan Buffington says

    My favorite soyfood is the soy burger, soy products like Silk, Boca, and Morningstar Farms are am integral part of my battle with the bulge and heart disease. I love soy, including tofu…just haven’t mastered the art of cooking it yet. This prize would help me tremendously to get me below 200 pounds, thats almost 100 pounds gone. I’m almost there thanks in large part to AFh, Many thanks to you! :-)

  2. Kat C. says

    I like ya on Facebook! I would love one of these. I just really started using soy in our home and this would be a great help to me in preparing it.

  3. Kat C. says

    I also like the Soyfoods Association. Between both of you, my soy recipe options are wide open. Thanks for helping me become a healthier mom so that I can keep up with my little guy.

  4. Jennifer Erwin says

    I love tofu!!! In fact, I haven’t found a soy product that I didn’t like. I’m always trying to find new ways to cook it.

  5. Jonathan Buffington says

    P.S.~ The Soyfoods Association link to “Like” them at the bottom of the article doesn’t work. Go back to the top and click on the National Soyfoods Month at the beginning of the article then go down to the bottom of that page to “Like” them. Thanks and good luck!

  6. Leslie M says

    My favorite soyfood is organic tofu because it is so versatile! Organic guarantees the soy is non-GMO. You can use silken or softer tofus as replacements for cream or in smoothies while using firmer tofus as meat replacements. I am always looking for ways to press tofu better. I like to press out as much water as possible then remove even more moisture through dry frying (evaporating extra water in the tofu on an anodized griddle surface). This way, when I marinate my tofu, it retains more flavor. I find it so easy to replace the animal protein in recipes with tofu as long as you press it properly, season it properly, and cut it into the appropriate shape :). It really is an amazing food because it provides lean protein without some of the negative properties of animal protein. Also, tofu is fermented soy, which makes it safer to consume! I like AFH and the Soyfoods Association on Facebook and I would utilize a tofu press weekly for sure!

  7. Amy Davidson says

    I love soymilk! I use it in my smoothies every morning. I also really enjoy yogurt made from soymilk :)

  8. Jeff Alvey says

    I would have to say burgers and soy milk would be hard to live without for me, also nothing like a good grilled veggie dog in the summer!


  9. alisha says

    i’m definitely a tempeh person, primarily because it’s so easy to marinate and cook, but i’d love help with cooking tofu! my towel and heavy weight draining method isn’t quite cutting it. thanks for the partnership and giveaway! soy really helps with my protein intake. one can only eat so many beans.. :)

  10. Stacy Miller says

    My favorite soy food is soy burgers. My favorite soy drink is chocolate soy milk.

  11. Jennifer F says

    I have only tried soy milk. It was pretty good. I am getting more adventerious in trying new things. I finally started eating greek yogurt and I found I like it.

  12. Lisa Larson says

    My favorite is soymilk. To be honest…I haven’t tried any other soy products. Winning this contest might just encourage me to though. :)

  13. KaLonny Short says

    I love edamame! I also really like the diversity of tofu. I enjoy marinating in different flavors and baking it, then eating it on salads or on a sandwich. I think it’s great!

  14. says

    I literally finish a carton of Silk Vanilla Soy Milk (Light) every week. I add a splash of soy milk in my coffee in the morning or when I make a nice warm cup of chai tea latte. I also add it to my cereal and use it in my protein shakes after I hit the gym.

  15. Eugenie says

    Tofu is my favorite soy food. This press will enable me to cook tofu in even more ways.

  16. DIana says

    Love my soy milk…double the calcium and lactose free!!! Mmmm to soy burgers and I LOVE my tofu hot dogs :-) and when adding fresh fruit to soy ice cream it’s just as yummy…this all of course in addition to a good firm tofu in stir fry or salad!

  17. Beth Mickens says

    HOW awesome! I soy need one of these :) It would be nice to ditch the pans, multiple cans and books to press my tofu! My favorite soy food is tofu scramble with veggies! yummy!

  18. Ben says

    Having a tofu press is a must have! If you enjoy tofu, pressing the water out is essential to proper marination and cooking. I use the EZ Tofu Press, its available online and very reasonably priced!

  19. Heather J. says

    I purchase tofu to put into my stir frys and soups! My family loves it for Meatless Mondays!!

  20. Anh Thu Truong says

    My family loves tofu in all varieties. My favorite would be silk tofu – it can be added to a soup and desserts like ginger tofu flan, mouse and cheesecake. My family likes to make soymilk with pandan leaves. :o)

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