Children’s Nutrition Tracker Giveaway!

Nutrition TrackerChildren’s nutrition is one of our main passions because there’s nothing more life-changing than teaching children how to eat healthy from an early age.  Conversely, kids who grow up with bad eating habits are more likely to struggle for the rest of their lives with overweight and obesity and other chronic conditions stemming from not eating well.

At Appetite for Health, we’re all about helping people eat better and move more. Helping kids learn about this early on is what Apple A Day Children’s Nutrition Trackers do—and we’ve got 2 of these neat tools (worth $35 ) to gift to our AFH fans! Check out this new teaching tool and see contest entry details, below.

Remember when we were young and all we had to really learn about nutrition was the “Four Food Groups?” Ah, the simplicity of that. Today’s kids are exposed to a LOT more nutrition information at school, on television and online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some prompting to choose healthful foods at home, right? That’s where the AN APPLE A DAY Children’s Nutrition Tracker can come in handy.

I received one of these nifty tools at home and, since my children are too old for this (it’s designed for kids aged 2-8), I asked a friend to check it out with her little one (after I checked it out on my own, of course)! Her verdict? A definite thumbs-up for ease of use, novelty (read fun), versatility and oh yeah—educational value. All around, both she and her child liked using it and found it a great tool for teaching basic nutrition concepts such as food variety and portion size.

Here’s how it works: You child starts the day by opening all the doors that display a colorful icon appropriate for their age group. Each icon represents one serving for that food group. As your child eats a serving from one of the food groups, simply close the appropriate door. Your child’s goal is to close all of the doors by the end of the day! There are even doors to encourage and track physical activity. The Tracker can also help parents and caregivers communicate about what the kids have eaten during the day (especially when the adults in the household have opposite work schedules and don’t have much time to communicate about these things).

One Tracker can track the daily nutrition for 1 or 2 children. Each Tracker comes with Menu Cards for 2 children ages 2-8, and additional cards are available on the website for older kids aged 9-13. There are other cards that you can purchase that also work inside the Tracker such as Responsibility Cards (sold separately), which encourage and track other healthy choices like brushing teeth, etc.Nutrition tracker on fridge

The Tracker is of very durable; it’s designed to be in your kitchen (on the counter, or hanging on the fridge door using the built-in magnets). It folds up easily and is lightweight, so it can travel to Grandma’s if need be. Want more info? Check out their website ANAPPLEADAY.COM and you can find a video on the homepage (or click here to view) that shows exactly how it works.

The Tracker retails at $34.95 at ANAPPLEADAY.COM, but AFH readers can get 15% off that price through the end of May if you buy a Tracker on their website and enter the promo code GREENAPPLE (one word, not case sensitive) during the checkout process.

To enter to win one of two AN APPLE A DAY Children’s Nutrition Trackers, first “Like” AFH on Facebook , and also  “Like” AN APPLE A DAY on Facebook. Then leave us a comment below letting us know which food group your little one/s like best!

This contest is open to residents of North America only. All AFH terms and conditions apply.




  1. allison says

    Mine love fruit. I keep the fridge stocked with apples, oranges, and bananas. They reach for those instead of sugary sweets. But they love their candy, too. :-)

  2. says

    This is wonderful tool. Children do not usually understand the nutritional facts on the side panels of item, but this will help to make it very clear and make them accountable.

  3. Peggy says

    My kids love the fruit and the dairy groups. We go through a lot of yogurt, milk, and all kinds of fruit in this house!

  4. SANDY says

    great idea to teach healthy life habits- I think they eat way too much dairy- they do love vegies but eat more in summer

  5. amber says

    what a fun tool. my boys love charts. i have one kid that loves dairy and the other loves fruits. they both eat a lot of fruit in the summer time though.

  6. Megrcam51 says

    My boys are like little fruit bats — they have never met a fruit they didn’t love!

  7. Nancy S. says

    My five year old son is having kidney surgery this week. He knows that water, fruits, and vegetables are good for his kidneys. However, he is not a vegetable fan. He loves dairy and protein. I would love to see if this chart would help him venture into the world of delicious and healthy vegetables!

  8. Patricia says

    What an excellent tool for children providing a “fun way” to track the foods they eat. My grandchildren are like many children who enjoy a variety of fruits and dairy products but go very sparingly on vegetables. They love a challenge and this would help them strive to fill in all blanks to compete with each other not realizing they are actually making healthy choices.

  9. says

    My daughter loves dairy…and fruit!
    Also, I am having trouble with the link to like an apple a day on facebook. I want to go to the right place. Has anyone else had this problem?

  10. Brad says

    We’ve tried everything we can think of to get our five year old son to eat vegetables. His mom even sings “Today I ate a rainbow cause it was on my plate. Today I ate a rainbow and it tasted great. My body is so happy and healthy, too. Today I ate a rainbow. How about you?” He doesn’t like the song, but I think he would like this chart!

  11. Heather J. says

    My little guy is definitely a lover of fruit. Now if I could just get him to eat his veggies! :)

  12. says

    What a wonderful tool to get the children to eat their fruits and veggies. I think this would make it more like a game for them and consequently result in a great outcome — a more balanced eating routine.

  13. says


    I have selected the winners for the Apple A Day Food Tracker For Kids! And the winners are…..Stacy G. and Megrcam51.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments.

    I will be sending an email to the winners explaining what information I need so the company can send your prize to you.


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