A Healthy Inspiration

Jonathan B.

We don’t have to look far to find some healthy inspiration from our Appetite for Health fans.  This story is about a fan who’s lost 80+ pounds, has gotten off myriad prescription meds and is literally reversing heart disease–all with diet and exercise.

One of my favorite parts of writing this blog is getting to know you—our readers. We feel a special connection to all of our fans who post comments and/or email us for advice or just to share their thoughts and information.

One of our fans from the inception of our site is Jonathan B. I’m not entirely sure how Jonathan stumbled upon our site, I assume it was due to his personal journey to find health and wellness through diet and exercise.  No matter how he found us, we’re glad he did because he’s always one who shares his stories and information to help others.

In case some of you are less familiar with Jonathan’s story, we thought we’d let him share his story with you all–in his own words. We hope his healthy transformation helps us all be a little more motivated to make the healthy choice our first choice. (At least some of the time!)

The Impetus

After two heart attacks, three coronary angioplasty surgeries, and an ever-increasing numbers of pills (for what I felt were controllable conditions and not at all diseases) I had finally had it! I was away in the mountains and I went onto the mountain and prayed, all of a sudden my head just got clear and focused…I knew what I had to do and that day everything changed.

I decided to live and do what I knew my body was telling me. I became a vegetarian in 2011 to try and control GERD (acid reflux). As I had expected, the GERD completely disappeared and so did the daily prescription to manage it.  I thought that with the GERD now gone, I’d see what my new and improved diet could do to help tackle my heart disease.

The PayoffsPizza_Vegetarian

Having lost 80+ pounds, I’m living again, not sitting around waiting for the next possibly fatal chest pain to occur. I’ve gone from nine prescription medications a day to just four and by next year, hopefully two. My lab work is now excellent, I don’t have GERD, my statin dosage (cholesterol-lowering med) is cut in half…. and I have energy up the wazoo.

I saw my cardiologist a couple of weeks ago and it’s so nice to see everyone in the office smiling at me and complimenting me on my success, and I got in a clinical trial to regenerate my damaged heart tissue.

With my new diet and lifestyle, I’m 44 going on 22!

Jonathan B.

5  Steps to A New You

oatmeal-breakfastIf you want to see big changes in your weight and health, based on my personal experience, here’s how I’d prioritize changes.

  1. Clean out all the processed junk food out of your kitchen and get a fruit bowl and fill it up. When you head for the kitchen make sure the fruit bowl is very prominently placed, mine is on the center island.
  2. No more drive through fast food. PERIOD!
  3. Don’t drink soda or sugary beverages of any kind…and skip diet sodas and diet products too.
  4. Go vegetarian. I’ve found that a vegetarian diet has worked wonders for me physically and psychologically.
  5. Get up and move, I started out walking then I joined a gym and go 5 days a week for cardio and weight training.

You Have What It Takes 

Don’t sit around and wait for the doctor to prescribe you a pill for what ails you. Why pay for all these medications (for so called diseases) with all the unwanted side effects? You can do better by eating fresh foods and feeling good about yourself. It’s not rocket science. If I can do it, you can too. Just take responsibility for your choices and you can experience some of the same success I have.

Good luck and be well,

Jonathan B.

If you have a healthy inspiration to share with us, email us at info@appforhealth.com. We’re also looking for your personal weight loss struggles or stumbling blocks, as we’re working on an Appetite for Health diet book that helps provide get-slim solutions to your problems.




  1. Jonathan Buffington says

    I found AFH and a few others, but this one was a keeper and worked well for me so I kept what worked and ditched what didn’t. It’s all about what works best for you. The AFH articles always seemed to fit my situation. I have had AFH and friends who inspire me and help me with tips, Julie and Katherine top that list. It took me forever to get in a state of mind to do this, I guess I just got fed up with being overweight, constantly counting pills, and hating my body. It’s totally different now, I am alive again. Stop making excuses and take some responsibilty for whatever condition you may find yourself in, make a decision and stick with it. It’s not rocket science, it’s just your life so live it as best you can.

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