Terrific T-Fal Cookware Giveaway!

T-Fal fry panA good frying pan is a wonderful thing! Especially when it’s T-Fal….and even more so when it’s free! Our generous friends at T-Fal have gifted us five of their Professional Total Non-Stick 10-inch Fry Pans ($30 value) to give to our loyal Appetite for Health readers. Read on for details on how to win one of these fabulous frying pans.

It’s National Nutrition Month—a fact you’re probably well-aware of since you’re an AFH reader—and that means more reminders from friendly dietitians (such as ourselves) that learning to cook your own food in a healthful manner is job #1 when trying to eat better. And yet, without good tools, cooking can be a chore instead of a joy. Investing in quality cookware is money well-spent—it will last for years and you will never regret the purchase.  I won’t go so far as to say that a good pan makes the man (or woman), but it surely doesn’t hurt!

T-Fal, the first company to market non-stick cookware (and still the industry leader), is the real deal when it comes to innovative cookware. Their products are designed to make healthy food easier to prepare and easy to clean up. Here’s what makes the Professional Total Non-Stick pans so awesome:T-Fal cookware

  • the ProMetal non-stick interior is scratch resistant so you can use metal utensils, and the stainless steel base has anti-warping protection
  • the patented Thermo-spot technology shows you when the pan is perfectly preheated by changing to a solid red color (this makes it easier to ensure you food doesn’t sit in oil waiting for the pan to heat up)
  • silicone handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping
  • even the exterior is non-stick, so clean up is easy and quick (also dishwasher safe)

Want to see for yourself what a super cook you can be when you have a great pan in your hand? Enter to win one of 5 T-Fal Professional Total Non-Stick 10-inch Fry Pans (they retail for $30). To enter, “like” us on Facebook  and “like” T-Fal on Facebook as well, then leave us a comment below telling why you need a  new T-Fal fry pan. 

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  1. jenefer lynn says

    I like both on facebook. I need a new one cuz I gave my daughter mine when she moved out. I wanted her to have good cookware.

  2. Leonor says

    I need a new T-Fal pan because my old one leaves little black flakes in my food.( No, Honey, Thats not pepper) :0)

  3. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like both you and T-Fal on Facebook. We need a new T-Fal fry pan because the pan we currently use is pretty well-worn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Nancy S. says

    I could certainly use a new T-Fal pan to cook my egg beaters each morning! The non-stick finish is also great for veggies stir fried in a little olive oil.

  5. Jonathan Buffington says

    I need a new T-Fal frying pan because since becoming a vegetarian and cooking at home my old teflon coated pans need to go to the recycle bin. Teflon isn’t exactly healthy you know.

  6. Cindy M says

    I make an omelet with vegetables almost everyday for breakfat for my 3 year old son. It’s his favorite food! My “non stick” pan is not so non stick anymore. A T-Fal would be a wonderful gift.

  7. Kelly says

    I truly do need a new frying pan because….well….I don’t even own a full-sized frying pan (just a small omelette pan) and have been making do with that or using a saucepan for sauteing or larger jobs.

    The fact is, I’ve just done without and have avoided so many recipes for lack of having a sizable skillet, so wow, and a T-fal to boot? That would be a double bonus! Thank you so much for even offering this fab frying pan to your readers!

    I follow Appetite for Health already on Facebook and am also following T-fal! :)

  8. Jim Voelkers says

    The 10 inch T-Fall pan would really be appreciated. My wife and I have adopted the principles of the South Beach diet and cook most our meals at home. We don’t fry but would saute in EVOO in this pan. Our one pan this size never seems to be enough.

  9. ellen says

    I follow you both on FB (I actually saw them tweet it)
    I need a new fry pan because I have worn the coating off of mine!

  10. Manal says

    mine is not genuine and is scratched already, and would be great to have a genuine T-Fal

  11. Brenda Morgan says

    hope i win my t-fal skillets is wore out i”ve had them for 9 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. michele malone says

    I like you both. I need a new pan because I just noticed yesterday that the teflon on my current pan is chipped. :(

  13. Sheryl Edwards says

    I need a new T-Fal fry pan because we use a fry pan almost daily and mine is worn out. The teflon is scratched and chipped.
    I like both you & T-Fal.

  14. Emily says

    Liked both and need a new pan as my old icky Teflon I’ve been trying to phase out is about 10 yrs old and chipping

  15. Alisson H. says

    I need a new T-fal pan for my husband because he loves to cook & is always searching for the best cookware!

  16. says

    We have the worst Omelet pan,my son-in-law thinks high is the only way to fry!!I wish i had an Omelet pan that i could actually use to make an omelet!!Thanks i love T- Fal..

  17. Bryan B says

    My old pan has scratch marks on it and it would be nice to have one that you can use without worrying about scratching since it can be used with metal utensils.

  18. Teresa w says

    Would love to win this frying pan as my old pans are extremely old & you can tell lol. Having recently moved home we havnt got the spare funds to start buying new land just yet so this would certainly be a big. Thanks for the chance of winning. Oh & I couldn’t be without my actifry love it.

  19. Kayla C says

    I would love to win these:):) I had a decent set from a wedding gift till my kids scratched them:( lol…these are nice and kid friendly(scratch resistant) lol:):)

  20. Joe G says

    Our 12 year old daughter loves to cook and it would be very helpful to get this to help her out and make awesome T-fal non-stick omelettes!

  21. debra p says

    I’d love a good fry pan because I’m making meals for my family and not having the right cookware feels like a hindrance. I love to cook and when you have good equipment it seems it really helps. I love making very exotic omelettes with all kind of interesting herbs and spices. I’d love to try it.

  22. Julie A says

    I like how it changes color to let you know its hot enough to cook. This makes it easier to cook in and I like that its stainless steel on the bottom and nonstick in inside. I don’t cook as well on an all stainless steel pan, it sticks more than a non stick pan would.I like nonstick frying pans and I need a new one.

  23. Shirley H. says

    I like to cook for my family and a T-Fal pan would be nice to make turkey burgers, salmon patties, and other dishes. My pans are wearing down and a T-Fal nonstick pan would be nice to have!

  24. says

    I like both on facebook and I have only ONE non-stick pan and it is starting to get bad. :) I would love a T-Fal. :)

  25. Linda Kwolek says

    We need a T fal pan because we have scrambled eggs everyday, and I’m tired of scrubbing and scrubbing that other pan out.

  26. says

    I really need to win this pan because the skillet I now own was also nonstick from a different company did not hold up. T-Fal is known for the durability and being easy to clean, and I’m all for less work in the kitchen.

  27. Isabelle Simard says

    Omg you have no idea how this can save me…My pan are so used, they dance on the stove when i’m baking

  28. Lani says

    I loooove using non stick pans!! And it just so happens that I am in desperate need of a new one! I use it for everything….cooking eggs, pancakes, steaks, “grilled” sandwiches, etc! Don’t know how I would be able to cook without nonstick! I would looooove to win a t-fal pan!! :)

  29. lisa says

    Like both on FB Lisa W.
    Use nonstick pans constantly, so could really use a new one!

  30. says

    like you both on Facebook

    I need a new frying pan because the one I use the most is all scratched and the non stick liner is coming out

  31. Andrea says

    I would LOVE a t-fal pan because I am trying to eat healthier AND to be more frugal and doing both at once is not so easy. My husband is in the military, so his idea of cooking is to open up random cans of stuff and mix them together…so it is up to me. Thanks for all of your awesome give-a-ways!

  32. Trinette says

    I have liked both pages. I would love to win this t-fal because the set of cookware i have now needs to be retired. I have had it for about 5 years and the non-stick coating is chipping off. :(

    Thank you for posting a wonderful giveaway.

  33. Ruby says

    I liked you and T-Fal on facebook :)

    My roommates scratched my old pan by using forks as cooking utensil so the non stick doesn’t work well anymore. I”m all about cooking good food and eating healthy. T-Fal is my favorite cookware brand! I’d love a new T-Fal frying pan!

  34. allison says

    I need a new pan because I haven’t been able to afford good pans since my divorce. And the cheap ones just aren’t the same…

  35. Athena R says

    Like both on FB. I would love a new T-fal pan because I wouldn’t need to use as much oil when cooking.

  36. Georgia Hetue says

    All the coating is off my pan and I am frying in my kettle. Boy could I use this new pan!

  37. says

    I would love a T-Fal Cookware for my new apartment! I’ve been looking for a set of my own for quite some time now and this would be a great chance to try a new brand and potentially purchase the entire set down the road!

  38. says

    T-fal is my favorite cookware; I have not been able to find anything better or that will last. This is a great way to cut down on the use of butter, oil or lard in your skillet — T-fal’s non-stick. Thanks for this offer.

  39. Colleen at Forty Something Bride says

    I need a new pan as my current pan has lost it’s non sticky ness!

  40. Pat A. says

    Having been married for 53 years and using the same pans (Wearever aluminum) sold to me by a door-door-salesman, I think a new non-stick T-fal pan would be very nice. Some of my friends have tried teflon lined pans and it releases from the pan and gets in your food, I have been very skeptical of them. This would be a very good way to try out a non-stick pan and see if it performs as advertised (non-stick, less oil, easy to clean, and does not scratch.) Also, it would be great to have a pan that let’s you know when it is ready to use.

  41. Tina Vickroy says

    I have been a T-fal owner for over 20 yrs now. I really need to replace my current set, not so non-stick anyore. Of course it is over 7 yrs old and is used every day. Love this stuff!

  42. SANDY says

    because I actualy cook, and this would make healthier foods- less oils for sticking- this is a beautiful pan

  43. paula skeans says

    I need this so bad my cookware is a mess and so old. This would be great for preparing my family supper :)

  44. Jocelyn Dorsey says

    I would love to have this pan, because I need at least one pan that everything doesn’t stick to.

  45. Deborah says

    I am in dire need of a new frying pan, the one I have is ruined.
    I’ve heard great things about T-Fal and would love to try one!

  46. Vanessa Dalton says

    My frying pans are scratched up, old, beaten up, sticks to food I cook. I need a new one and I can’t afford a good one. This one (T-Fal) is beautiful! TY!

  47. Greg Blair says

    My newest frying pan is ten years old and it needs replaced, so I would really love and appreciate winning a TERRIC T-FAL FRYING PAN!!!

  48. Ashley Robinson says

    I need an awesome new T-Fal frying pan because our old teflon pans are scratched and leave black particles in our food!!! Not good. Plus, I have heard great things about T-Fal and would love an opportunity to try them!

  49. dale schmucker says

    I like both you and T-Fal on Facebook. We need a new T-Fal fry pan because the pan we currentlyuse is just plain worn-out after many years of use!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Heidi says

    I’ve been married 32 years and still have some of the same pots and pans!!! It is time to update!

  51. Bernice says

    I always need new frying pans; the surfaces of the old ones are scratched. T-Fal has some good pans!

  52. sena craciun says

    I really need new frying pans because mine are all warped. Excited to see that T-fal made antiwarping pans. Good luck to me!

  53. Barbara Mayes says

    I liked T-Fal on facebook, aaf of Appetite for Health! I need this frying pan because you can never have too many frying pans, especially T-Fal! It would go with my set I have now, and I would be proud to have it! T-Fal has been my go to brand for cookware for 20 years or better. When one set wears out, which takes some doing I might add, then I go purchase a brand new set! Thanks for the chance!

  54. Belynda Cleveland says

    Like everyone else I just really need new pots and pans in a bad way! Thank you for the chance

  55. Sandra Pettry says

    I have used T-Fal for many years and they make a great product. I need a new frypan so would love to be the winner.

  56. Kris B says

    I liked both on facebook! I need a new frying pan because I don’t have a T-Fal frying pan and could use one! Also, it would match my T-Fal saucepan! Thanks for the chance!

  57. Roberta Perez says

    I love your pans!! And I need a new one to make yummy things!!
    Good luck to me too!! 😉

  58. jennifer capin says

    My frying pan will not even cook pancakes :( this is why I need a new T-Fal frying pan

  59. Darlene Boatman says

    Because I only have one pan and just starting out on my own, I need more pans!!!

  60. April Marolias says

    I liked both on FB and I need a new frying pan because a) Ive never actually owned a good one and b) the crappy ones I have are worn out from making scrambled eggs for my twins and son!

  61. Renee says

    Being I just moved my old frying pan didn’t make it and retired to Goodwill so I’m definitely in need of a new one :)

  62. Tracy Petitjean says

    I liked both pages on Facebook. I need a new T-fal pan because mine are many years old and things are starting to stick to them. I’d love to replace them with something that will last for many more years.

  63. Brenda Penton says

    I need a new pan because our current one is all scratched up and food sticks to it.

  64. May says

    I would love this because I am a hugeeee fan of T-fal the red spot version, I have had mine for over 5yrs and u can imagine how old that is when it is the only one u r using, but I got to admit that still looks sooooooo gd from the inside but the outside isn’t =( and my mom has been using ur products ever since I can remember so u can see huge fans!!hehe ty for the chance and I have both ur page and t-fal page liked on fb =) ty

  65. Ginger says

    I would love a new Frying Pan. I have learned how to cook so many things healthier. Thank You!

  66. Russell Porter says

    I could use a new one, my current one is old, scratched and my eggs stick to it like glue. :(

  67. Georgiana says

    There’s only one frying pan in our home which makes it challenging when we cook especially breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon…etc so I could definitely put another one to use. FB fan of both too – thanks so much!

  68. Cheryl Almas says

    I love using T-Fal pans. They clean great and also it is great cooking with them. I really could use another one as my others are all worn out.

  69. Kathy Ross says

    Because mine are pretty messed up. I hate to think I’m eating the stuff from my skillet! Gross!

  70. Michelle says

    I need a new pan because it would make it much easier to cook healthy for my family to have a nice new non-stick pan!

  71. Eliza says

    I like both on Facebook and really could use a new frying pan. I have a set of 10 year old triplet girls that eat like teenage boys and we are cooking morning noon and night.

  72. Joshua says

    Thanks for the giveaway i could really use a new pan for when i move into my new apartment.

  73. Lisa Puckett says

    I need a new T-Fal frying pan because my old one is just that, oooolllldddd!! lol :) Thank you for the chance!

  74. lamberto camacho says

    The one I have is 38 yrs old, since my marriage, have userd it almost daily, like a broken down horse in the 1800’s, should be shot.

  75. Rose Murphy says

    The non-stick lining is flaking on my pans and I know that’s not good for my family. No buying pans for me until my husband gets a job.

  76. Jacqueline says

    I can definitely use a new frying pan since my old one is wearing out! It’s all scratched up even when I don’t usually use metal utensils on it.

  77. Jayme J. says

    I need a new frying pan with a non-stick coating (like the wonderful T-fal one you mentioned) to make my daily morning veggie and egg-white omelets! Yum-O :)

  78. Jennifer F says

    These pans sound wonderful. My nonstick are no longer nonstick. I could use a good pan

  79. Janice C says

    AAF Of Appetite for Health, Became a Fan of T-Fal, I would like to win one of the T-Fal frying pans because I am in dire need of a new one, T-fal has always been the cookware I use. I would never think of using any other brand, so excited about the chance to win one of these awesome frying pans. Thanks so much for the opportunity :)

  80. Sandra S says

    I like you both on facebook. And I would love a new one, because mine is full of scratches and not so non-stick anymore!

  81. Deanna North says

    Id love to win! Me my fiance and my 3 month old baby girl is soon planning on moving into our own place and a good cooking set like this would help me get started making some homecook meals for my family. Good luck to everyone!!

  82. Charlene Vidal says

    I could use a new pan as my other one is all scratched up due to the kids. This one states that it is scratch free and you can use metal utensils. Whooo Hoooo. Just what I need.

  83. tracy voit says

    I really want to win a new pan. The better the pan the less oils you need to use. My pots and pans are 20 years old some older. A New one would be awesome.

  84. Craig Fornell says

    I am intrigued by the thermo-spot technology and would love to try this pan. I think I could cook with less oil with the help of this pan.

  85. Andrea Amy says

    I need a new T fal pan because I currently do not have a non stick frying pan. Do you know how hard it is to make fried eggs in a pan that is non stick? We eat a lot of scrambled eggs.

  86. Teri Melton says

    I just really want one good pan. I used to have a T-Fal and it was awesome. Would love to win one, because with the economic downturn I cannot afford to buy one.

  87. K Espinosa says

    We bought a T-Fal set at Walmart and when we got it home we found the frying pan was dented on one side. Not wanting to take the whole set back we kept it knowing we would like it replaced eventually.

  88. Judy Heinsinger says

    II bought a brand new set of pots and pans but did not realize that they should not be put in the dishwasher.I would really appreciate good quality cookware that I don’t have to worry about handwashing all the time.

  89. Renata says

    I’ve been noticing black particles on the outside of my egg omelets and I believe my frying pan is becoming a part of my food! So unhealthy and bad – it’s ready for the garbage so this definitely will come in handy! :)

  90. amie pepper says

    I need some new T-fals to replace the hand me down pots and pans i got 14 years ago from my parents.. they got them from my grandparents.

    They don’t sit flat anymore and are so old they aren’t black anymore ..! It would be great to have a flat frying pan to make the kids eggs and pancakes..

    thanks for the change.

  91. lian says

    I need a t-fal because I have recently moved and not got a frying pan and don’t no what brand to buy

  92. Lisa G. says

    I’d be so grateful for a new pan as I’m out of work and am spending more time cooking at home to save money and my old pan is starting to flake but can’t really afford new cookware.

  93. Karla says

    i liked on both facebook pages! My kid put my hard anodized pan in the dishwasher and ruined it. They did it because my mom did it before they did!

  94. stacy gordon says

    I liked both pages and I would like to win this set so I can cook healthy meals for my family. If I win I would donate my current set to someone in need. I love to be able to pay it forward to someone else :)

  95. CarolynH says

    I love to make my own meals at home intead of eating out. This pan will help keep me home to cook.

  96. Linda weissler says

    If your fry pan is as great as your electric indoor grill… then I’m there.

  97. laurel keating says

    I could use a new T fal frying pan as i am replacing all my old stuff with the new and the best thanks

  98. Angela says

    Iam a stay at home Mom and love to cook for my family. I have never had a T-fal cookwear set, but have always wanted to try them out. I have had the same pans for over 5 years (Farberwear)..and they are soo worped it’s not even funny..would be a great blessing to win this!

  99. Mary says

    I need a new T-Fal frying pan because the cheap pan I’m using now doesn’t sit flat on my stovetop

  100. danni says

    I need a new one for 3 reasons.

    1. I have heard all about you, and I would love to try your product :)

    2. My old fry pan likes to leave fake pepper in my food :(

    3. My little one said she wants to win a prize haha she loves to help cook!

  101. BrendaB says

    We are teaching all 3 kids to cook for themselves this year. They each NEED a dependable quality frying pan that is versatile, that would be a T-Fal 10 inch pan. Use it as a wok, a fry pan, a steamer or a toaster for nuts & seeds, the ONLY pan they will need.Can you help us out?

  102. says

    I would love to take the T-Fal fry pan on my commercial fishing boat this summer. I cook a lot of fresh wild salmon and it would be fun to have new pan!

  103. Kaydee Lynn says

    I need a new T-Fal fry pan to cook my vegetarian options more healthily. I am a vegetarian and gluten-free, so anything I can eat that is healthy is a winner in my book. Having this pan would mean less butter, spray, oils when cooking because of its design features. I could enjoy delicious meals with half the fat, since butter, sprays, oils are not needed. It is also easy clean up too :)

  104. rick p says

    I need a new frying pan because my ole one no longer has the teflon coating and it keeps burning meals.

  105. Rosemary says

    I have one Great T-fal pan, I would love to replace all the other pans I have. Love to win these pans. Great site!

  106. Susan says

    What a wonderful product. I have used your cookware for some years now and throughly enjoy it. Would love to have a new skillet for my cooking endeavors

  107. says

    This would be a great skillet for breakfast in the morning and it is really important that everyone eat something each morning to break their fast from the night and get your metabolism going.

  108. says

    I cant think when i bought a new set of pans,being retire dont let u buy the thing that u realy need,i guess u just us what u have on hand.

  109. Nicole Stricek says

    It seems that after I cook a meal – I spend the rest of the evening scrubbing out pots and pans… They seem to own me rather than me owning them. I would love to have a new pan that is easy to clean, and helps to cook wonderful meals rather than burn bits and pieces of them.

  110. Brad says

    Okay, I’ll admit that I am not the cook in my house. My wife enjoys cooking and I enjoy what she makes for our family! I tried to win the cooking gadgets for her, but since I didn’t win that contest, I thought I’d try to win her a new pan. This would come in handy because she prepares many meals that require several pans. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time. :)

  111. Mindy D says

    I need a new fry pan because one can never have too much cookware! Thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Laurie F. says

    I have had my T-fal for 16 years. 3 kids later, its time for a new pan. I would love a new one for “just” me.

  113. says

    Hello all you T-Fal fans out there!

    Here are the winners of the T-Fal pan giveaway:
    Darcy S., Cindy M., Ellen, Teresa W., Allison.

    Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone for entering–you guys rock with your great responses!
    Winners will get an email direct from me with instructions on claiming your prize.

    Keep entering our contests–we have lots, and we love to reward our readers with cool stuff for healthy living!

  114. Kerri says

    I would LOVE a new T-Fal pan because my 5 kiddos love my cooking and I seriously need new pans!! Thank you for such a great giveaway!!

  115. Lori Davis says

    I need some new pans, I’ve been using the same ones since I was married in 2001 and the coating is starting to come off in tiny flakes.

  116. ina marsha says

    When I was little my mum would cook using Tefal so I badly need one so that I can carry on with the Tefal tradition. The one that I have now isn’t a Tefal and my oh my it’s in terrible condition!

  117. danielle roth says

    I really need a good pan, the pan i have now i have had for 2 years and i got it used at a thrift shop, i would love to be able to cook in a t-fal pan!!

  118. says

    im getting married soon and do not have any cookware and i heard that t-fal is the best would love to have one to cook my new husbands meals please

  119. Mari says

    I need a new T-fal frying pan to cook healthy home-made dinners for my sweet large family. My dear husband was cooking one day and burnt our food and the our frying pan he was cooking it with, and when he realized what was happening, he grabbed the pan and ran outside with it and placed it on top a plastic rug… Our pan was burnt on the inside, and the plastic from the rug stuck to the bottom. There is no saving that pan… so we need a new one!

  120. Lisa G says

    I like both on facebook as Lisa G.

    I need a new frying pan because my current “non stick” pan the coating is peeling off and I refuse to cook with it anymore because I don’t want the black pieces to get in the food.

  121. Annik says

    I really need a new one! Since my roommates scratched the bottom of AALLLL the ones I currently have!!!

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