President Obama’s Pinterest Recipes

Obama_pinterestFollow Me on Pinterest In case you haven’t heard the world news: President Obama is on Pinterest, the social networking site that’s the equivalent of glue-less scrapbooking. All the major news outlets covered President Obama’s “Boards” and “Pins.” There’s not too much to see now, which I’m thankful for as I think the President has more important things to worry about other than his Pinterest page. (There are several “imposter” pages for him, so be sure to find the real one.)

I love Pinterest and was an “early adopter” of it, ever since some work colleagues introduced me to it last summer. But I have one problem with President Obama (or any guys for that matter) joining Pinterest…I thought it was for women! I don’t know too many dudes that like sharing recipes, fabric swatches, hair styles, DIY crafts and inspirational quotes. I’d prefer to keep Pinterest for the ladies…just saying.

One of President Obama’s boards is “Obama-inspired recipes.” On it, you’ll find his recipe for chili, which says it can be made with beef or turkey and served over white or brown rice with a dollop of sour cream. I wanted to see if the Prez’ chili was RD-worthy so I ran a nutritional analyses on it.  Of course, to cut calories and saturated fat, I used skinless turkey breast as the protein in place of ground beef.


President Obama’s Chile Recipe Nutrition Facts:

265 calories, 18 grams protein, 3.5 grams fat (less than a gram of sat fat), 3 grams fiber. Makes 8 servings per recipe.


If you’re going to add on the suggested ways to serve and garnish, remember that a half-cup cooked rice adds about 100 calories and brown rice is 100% whole grain.  Swap out the sour cream for nonfat plain Greek yogurt and skip the cheddar cheese. If you do that, this recipe will be just under 400 calories and pack in a lot of healthy protein but without the unhealthy saturated fat.

In case the White House is reading, here’s a note for the President below.

Dear President Obama,

I’m not sure that your Pinterest page improves your image or makes you more appealing to women, but your chili recipe is a nutritional winner. I’m going to try it this weekend and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Julie Upton, MS, RD, Appetite for Health


–Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD

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