Instantly Upgrade Your Diet


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What’s “Normal” Pregnancy Weight Gain…And Loss?

Heidi Klum

Just what is "normal" pregnancy weight gain...and weight loss post-pregnancy?  New moms love to compare notes on how much weight they gained during … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Pinterest Recipes


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Turkey-Veggie Muffin Meatloafs


Turkey Veggie Muffin Meatloafs Turkey meatloaf is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods that can be made lighter with swapping out skinless … [Read more...]

Brand New Book Giveaway! “Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking”

Kits book HP

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Coffee: Healthy… or Harmful?


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Eat Less & Weigh More?


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CrossFit: Get Fit Fast


If you want to take the fast track to get fit, consider CrossFit.  I just took it up over a year ago, and I've found that it has improved my strength … [Read more...]