Win Your Daily Essential Omega 3s

Ultimate-OmegasToday’s freebie, the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3 supplement, will be awarded to 10 of our Appetite for Health fans to help them get their daily essential Omega 3-s (DHA and EPA) as well as vitamin D3, the most bioactive form of vitamin D. Today’s  freebie is one of Nordic Naturals most popular concentrated formulas meaning you get double-strength EPA+DHA for increased omega-3 benefits in fewer soft gels.

I take a daily omega-3 fish oil supplement because I know I don’t eat enough fatty fish each week and with my risk factors for heart disease, it’s important for my health.  Omega 3s are linked to reduced risk for heart attacks and stroke and help lower harmful triglycerides.  In addition, they have anti-inflammatory action so that they help temper any inflammation that you may have in your joints or elsewhere.

Since my main form of exercise is CrossFit, my muscles are almost always sore.  I have found that taking 1 gram of fish oils daily seems to help lessen the degree of muscle soreness after my workouts. Taking DHA and EPA means that you’re taking the right forms of the essential amino acids unlike getting your omegas from nuts, flax or other plant-based sources.Nordic Naturals

Ten winners will be chosen to receive one bottle of the Ultimate Omega-3 package (60 soft gels) which has a SRP of $28.95.  You’ll also receive a Nordic Naturals T-shirt.

To enter, please be sure that you “like” us on Facebook and you should check out the Nordic Naturals “What’s Essential” contest on Facebook and leave us a comment below about why you want the essential omega 3s. The grand prize is a trip for two to beautiful Santa Cruz, California and second and third-place winners can win great prizes too. No purchases are required to enter or win and it’s open to residents of the US and Canada.

All AFH terms and conditions apply.

–Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD




  1. Sheryl Edwards says

    I would love to win one of the bottles of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-3. I take Omega-3 fish oil supplementa daily. Nordic Naturals has excellent products. Very high quality.

  2. Jonathan Buffington says

    As someone who has heart disease I know all to well the benefits of fish oil and take it everyday. Fish oil is an absolute must for a heart healthy diet.

  3. Kelly says

    We use flax in seemingly everything now. I always keep a stash ground and ready to add to morning smoothies, healthy muffins or even to sprinkle on salads and veggies.
    But that’s not always pratical, so this way of getting the essential Omega 3’s is ideal.

    I especially love your comment of how it helps with muscle soreness after a particularly grueling workout.

    Of course I like you on Facebook and am now following and a fan of Nordic Naturals on Facebook.
    Thanks for the tip!! :)

  4. Renata says

    Thank you for this great giveaway – I love Nordic Naturals and this is a great supplement to get my fish oil & essential Omegas into my diet! Facbook fan of both you an Nordic too :-)

  5. Georgia says

    I take a fish oil and a D3 supplement daily so this will be a great brand to try in my vitamin routine. I like you on FB and Nordic Naturals too. Thank you

  6. Ray says

    Very high quality & trustworthy brand to keep my heart healthy and get Omegas in my diet. FB fan too.

  7. says

    I too am always sore because I am a personal trainer and yoga instructor. I would love to win these! This is the best giveaway I have seen in a while!

  8. Heather A says

    I would love to win a bottle of the Ultimate Omega-3s. I do take omega-3s every day, but would love to try this brand! FB liked.

  9. Julie A says

    I get sore legs, bad circulation, been taking herbal supplements for it, Horsechestnut and stretch more. I have the triple strength fish oil, but I didn’t know its good for muscle soreness too. I will take these more regular too. Thanks! 😀

  10. dee p says

    I’d love to win a bottle of the Ultimate Omega-3s. I am a big fan of Nordic Naturals, the best products and the purest. I have fibromyalgia and Omega 3’s help ease the pain and soreness. Thanks for the chance.

    I follow on FB – dee pearlstein ty

  11. Nancy Holland says

    I have fibro myalgia and if there is anti inflammatory properties this would be ideal for me to win. Omega 3s for the win!!

  12. Nancy S. says

    I’ve recently started taking supplements. I’m trying to take care of myself as best as I can. This would be a useful prize!

  13. Pat says

    Never gave it a thought that supplements would help soreness after a workout and I am not a fan of any kind of fish. Sounds like this would get me on the right track to keeping my heart healthy and my muscles in good shape. Sure wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

  14. Christine A. says

    This would be great to win. The kids and I all take fish oils. Gotta stay healthy inside and out.

  15. Priscilla says

    I would love to try these! Our daughter gets the Nordic Naturals Omega tangerine gummies. I haven’t ordered for myself as her omega alone costs about $19 a month.

  16. Maryann Dean says

    My doctor recommended I take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega D-3 as I have joint problems (arthritis) and spinal problems (arthritis) and have had three spinal surgeries and both knees replaced (I’m way too young to have had all of these issues), plus my Vit D level was 8 which is ridiculously below normal. Since I’ve been taking my Nordic Nat Omeg D-3’s I’m noticing a difference and starting to feel better and my Vit D level is starting to come up. I’m going for a blood test next week and know it will be even higher than three months ago. Thank you Nordic Naturals for your high quality products! I hope I win a bottle as they are pretty expensive but well worth it. Again, thank you!



  18. Kevin Hodges says

    I take quality fish oil supplements and D3 as an actie crossfitter just beggining to address a healthy lifestyle. I would love to sample your product to tryand to recommend to my trainers and workout mates.

  19. Mary Salazar says

    This is the most wonderful EFA product on the market. It helps my family with everything from depression (including postpartum)to immunity and joint health. Thanks for making this great product available.

  20. Marla Lockwood says

    I love Nordic Naturals because of the quality and freshness of the product. The fish oil never leaves and aftertaste and I have never burped it up like other brands I have tried.

  21. Amy Delaine says

    I have been taking your omega 369 D it is amazing! Thank you!!! The best products hands down! :-)

  22. Julie B. Boertje says

    Nordic Natural products are Top Quality, been using them for the past year and would love to continue feeling the healing benefits, esp. since a head injury I received in NOV 2011

  23. Gladys Hills says

    I would like to win the essential Omega 3s because I am currently
    not happy with the bottle I am using. I also have a large family
    and we are all checking around for good products.

  24. CarolynH says

    I would like to win the essential Omega 3s because I have to control my cholesterol and I believe this supplement will help me since i don’t get enough Omega 3s in my daily diet.

  25. Dianna Grundhauser says

    Ultimate omega from Nordic is great! I take it to support my training and racing and for overall health. I’d love to win a bottle. Thanks!

  26. Danielle B says

    Would LOVE to win this. I love Nordic Naturals, I consider Cod Liver Oil a must for healthy living. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. JoAnna Woods says

    I would like to win the essential Omega 3s because heart disease runs in my family. I know how important it is to take care of your heart now so I will not have issues in the future.

  28. Stacy says

    Would like to try these. I’m always trying to improve heart health since heart disease runs in the family.

  29. laurel conrad says

    I take Fish Oil everyday—as well as everyone in my family. This is a great prize!!!!!

  30. kristy says

    I have tried other brands and they make me burp yucky! I need omega for arthritis

  31. Lani says

    I would LOVE to win this Omega 3 bottle!!!! I absolutely love Nordic Naturals!! I currently give my son their Omegas, but this would be perfect for me and my husband! :) Omega 3’s have soooo many great benefits!!

  32. Veronica Franco says

    As heart disease runs in my family, I’m always looking for ways to reduce the possibility of getting it. I’d love a bottle of Nordic Naturals Omega 3s! It sounds like a great supplement and an easy way to take it daily:)

  33. Judith Jones says

    I’ve been taking Omega 3 fish oil and D3 for years for fibromyalgia. I’m a FB fan of Nordic Naturals and would love to win a free bottle. I’m of Scandinavian decent so Nordic has a special meaning to me!

  34. says

    Hey AFH Friends!
    Here are the 10 lucky winners of the Nordic Naturals prizes:
    Veronica F., Dianna G., Mary S., Kevin H., Dee P., Kelly C., Sheryl E., Danny W., Gladys H., Maryann D.
    Congratulations! You’ll receive an email from me with details on claiming your prize.

    And if you didn’t win this time around, keep trying–we have LOTS of giveaways all the time!

  35. Veronica Franco says

    Yes, thank y’all!
    Really excited to try the Nordic Natural Omega 3s softgels :)

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