Win Welch’s 100% Grape Juice!

welchs-heart logoIt’s American Heart Month, and Welch’s wants to help you “heart your cart” (your grocery cart, that is) with heart-healthy foods like 100% grape juice. For five lucky Appetite for Health readers, no cart will be needed at all— $25 worth of Welch’s grape juice and product coupons will come straight to your door! Details on how to win are below.

If you’ve paid any attention at all to news reports about what constitutes a heart-healthy diet, you’ve no doubt heard that oatmeal, olive oil, red wine, salmon and a variety of other foods are good for keeping our tickers in top shape. An interesting survey conducted by Welch’s found that , while 2/3 of respondents knew these foods were heart-healthy, only a fraction of the people were purchasing these items on a monthly basis. That’s too bad, because these folks are missing out on lots of heart-healthy nutrients.

Now, we think our AFH readers are a different lot. We are fairly confident that you DO purchase a variety of heart-healthy foods regularly. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement, right? That’s where grape juice comes into the mix.

Did you know that  grape juice has the same heart-healthy plant nutrients (called polyphenols) that red wine does? That’s good news for us, because wine at breakfast time is, well, let’s just say that we don’t “heart” it. In grapes, these helpful polyphenols are concentrated in the seeds and skin of grapes. We don’t need to worry about Welchs grape juicethat though, since whole grapes are squeezed to make grape juice. (Whew, because we don’t “heart” eating a pile of grape seeds for breakfast, either.) Drinking delicious 100% grape juice, that’s easy to “heart.”

Want to grab yourself some grape juice? Five readers will win Welch’s 100% Grape Juice and product coupons worth $25.00.

To enter, be sure to “Like” AFH on Facebook and “Like” Welch’s on Facebook,  too. Then leave us a comment here on the website telling us how you “heart your cart” this month.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 25th, 2012.

All AFH terms and conditions apply.



  1. I just recently joined a gym with a friend and we’ve vowed to be work out buddies :)

  2. Jenefer Lynn says:

    I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook. I make an effort to buy heart healthy foods year round, not just one month. My dad had early onset heart disease and my kids have some kind of marker that makes them more prone to it, so I’m doing whatever I can to make their hearts (and mine) as healthy as possible. Thankfully my kids love most of those foods :)

  3. dale schmucker says:

    I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook. I stopped buying and eating potato chips and soda pop. I lost 12 lbs so far!!!!

  4. theodore esteghamat says:

    My family is buying less fried foods and more fruit and heart healthy meals.

  5. Just did a 16 mile walk on Sunday and plan to drive less(save on gas, too!).

  6. Jonathan Buffington says:

    Well as of tomorrow i’ll have been a vegetarian for exactly one year, incidently on that same anniversary I start my clinical trial to regenerate damaged heart tissue…a coincidence? I think not, things happen for a reason. I eat lots of beans, fruits,fresh vegeatbles, whole grain breads, whole wheat pasta, salads, and I drink one cup of coffee daily then it’s all water for me. I switched out the fish oil to the MegaRed krill oil for better absorption into my body. I work out for 2 hours 5 days a week. Have lost 90 pounds in a year and am almost at my goal. Life is great!

  7. For over a year now I have cut out processed foods, and I find myself craving natural, healthy foods. I’m trying to eat more raw fruits and vegetables also since our diet should have at least 51%+. I would like to try drinking more juices along with water, and make my own smoothies this spring. Thank you Welchs!

  8. We live in FL and have been bike riding to the store daily instead of driving. We plan our meals and ride over to buy the groceries that we need to make the following days meals.

  9. Stephanie K says:

    I follow the advice of shopping for most of my groceries by staying on the outside perimeter of the store. It’s where most of the fresh food is located. I try to make sure I buy lots of colorful fruits and veggies to get all the healthful benefits and of course it makes meals look appealing when your plate is full of color.

  10. heart my cart about buying heart healthy fuel food s and not just fat pasters

  11. I “Heart My Cart” by buying and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I also walk 2 miles everyday and I have also tried to jog a little bit too. I already drink We;ch’s Grape juice everyday for my morning drink because of the health benefits you can get from it!!

  12. Every morning after breakfast I do Yoga and then 30 minutes on my very old but reliable Nordic-Trac ski machine. We have vowed to eat healthier this year!!

  13. I try to stay healthy by working out and eating and drinking healthy foods. Heart disease runs in my family, so what I eat and drink are choices that are in my control.

  14. This is my daughter’s very favorite juice – none other compares and I know that Welch’s reward’s her heart.

  15. Denise Bigley says:

    I heart my cart by buying more fresh fruits and vegetables

  16. I heart my cart by using the Nuval System (food nutrition rating system) to help choose healthy food and snack options for our family! We drink real juice instead of “juice drinks” too.

  17. Trying to cut way back on sweets and just bought some steel cut oatmeal to try out since it seems to be more beneficial than instant oatmeal.

  18. Launi Lewis says:

    I heart my cart by buying healthy products to cook. I am buying more veggies and less meat.

  19. My kids and I are starting the mornings with some juicing! We are adding more vegetables into out diet and a veggie juice to jumpstart our morning!! :)

  20. We have recently changed our diet all around. We’re cutting out the majority of red meats and sticking with more fish and white meat. We buy fresh veggies & fruits, only buy 100% fruit juices, cut out the butter, only use dairy that doesn’t use rbst, and don’t buy processed foods. We’re going natural over here!

  21. Brenda Haines says:

    Hi I liked both pages :) and for my heart I have stopped eating fast food

  22. I heart my cart by drinking more water and juice less soda, taking more vitamins, eating healthier and pushing myself to do more. Welch’s is my favorite grape juice. I have gone through about 4 bottles this week alone. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    I like both AFH an Welches on facebook

  23. Melissa Weiss says:

    Liked both. I heart my cart for buying more healthier this year! With my dad being diagonsed with type 2 diabetes and my grandmother I am determined to get healthy!

  24. I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook. I buy healthy all year and always try to get at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday-since that’s were most of the vitamins live.

  25. My husband and I started walking in the evenings and I am making healthier meals for us.

  26. Lisa Puckett says:

    I heart my cart by filling it with more fresh fruits and veggies!! Thanks for the chance!!

  27. crystal gidley says:

    i heart my cart because in it you will find nutritious fruits and veggies and protein filled foods.

  28. Gail Demaree says:

    My husband and I watch the saturated fats in our diets especially since my husbands heart attack a year ago. We try to eat and drink heart healthy products. We would love to win the $25 of product and coupons delivered to out door especially since eating heat healthy is so expensive.

  29. I am working out and trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits!

  30. Thea Tapson says:

    I plan to do a lot more cooking at home, and will make sure to add lots of colourful fruits to my shopping cart. The dark purple in Welch’s grape juice is one that I need to add, thanks for sharing!

  31. Mandy Downing says:

    My husband and I are working out and eating right! We have 3 kids, one who has a rare disease called Juveniile Dermatatomyositis who has to eat well to stay strong and fight this disease until she hits remission. Our son has GI issues that doctors are trying to figure out. So we are eating healthy for our kids and us but most of all their health!!! They love welch’s juice and would drink it 24/7!!!!

  32. Michelle Dimmock says:

    I have just started to eat healthier in the past 3 wks. I need to loss the baby weight. Only the Canadian food guide goes in my grocery cart.

  33. Barbara Calder says:

    My family walks 1-2 miles daily and pick up litter as we do it. It is a win -win.

  34. I have been eating oatmeal most days for breakfast this winter and have added lots more fresh fish (salmon and tilapia, etc) to our diet. Plus eating less wheat and smaller meals more often. Plus we just love grape juice which we dilute 1:4 in water. Still delicious!!

  35. I am raising my youngest Grand Daughter (16 Months old) and got to stay strong for her… fruit juice (she loves her some Welch’s white grape juice) whole grains..fruits and veggies…going to try and start her out right! (smile)

  36. Rebecca Thummel says:

    I liked both pages on FB. I am starting to put more fresh foods in my cart and cook homemade things. I am starting to Zumba and walk a few times a week. I love Welch’s.

  37. Im a diabetic and I stopped drinking pepsi and drank more water and juice and im lost allot of weight :)

  38. I heart my cart by making sure its “parts” are running smoothly, filling it with “green” bags to protect it and then wipe the handle clean with sanitizing wipes. After I have properly taken care of it , I make sure to fill it with products like Welch’s that not only are easy on the system but help my body to function better so I can be easier on the cart, who wants someone leaning all over the carts and running it into things? <3 CART <3

  39. I heart the cart by buying better food for my family!!! Making homemade meals instead of taking out food!!! Watching the junk we eat and making sure we are eating healthier!!! Love Appetite for Health!!!

  40. I heart my cart by buying fewer premade and preprocessed foods. Instead, I buy things that I can make at home to control what goes into what I make including sauces, snacks for my kids, and pastas.

  41. Shopping Zen says:

    I’ve liked both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook.I heart my cart by loading it and my freezer with a large amount of veggies (they were on sale of course)!! Also with keeping my pantry filled with healthy choices and snacks! Oh and I use Welches grape juice and fizzy water instead of soda!

    I appreciate the opportunity.

  42. We’re experimenting with dark leafy greens this month — none of which are favorites (at least yet!) of anyone in the family. Also starting our “spring training” to be ready for lots of walking and swimming during our summer vacation.

  43. Estefanny R. says:

    I heart my cart by eating fresh fruit when i’m needing a snack

  44. Brenda Fisher says:

    I heart my cart by buying more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  45. Since my mom has had a heart attack 7 years ago and then open heart surgery, our family has really looked at how we eat. I always make sure to look at the boxes and labels to see what each item contains. We also look for packages with the American Heart Association on them. My daughter & I also love to go into the produce section quite frequently. I think it’s one of our most favorite places to be in the store. We also made sure to become fans of both pages of Welchs and Appetite For Health. :-)

  46. I have been exercising everyday for a month now, it feels great and is something I wish I would have started sooner!

  47. I have been jogging up and down stairs when I can, and drink my welch’s grape juice every day mixed with diet lemon lime soda. Mmm

  48. Audrey Sherrill says:

    I “heart my cart” by loading it with healthy choices. My kids are finicky about specific fruits and vegetables so I ALWAYS have their favorites available when they want a snack.

  49. Kristy Oliver says:

    Welch’s is my favorite juice. I have been eating more veggies lately, and have lost almost 40 pounds in the last 11 months.

  50. buying more whole foods, going to the gym

  51. I have started my regimen again of walking 5 miles a day (10k steps!!!), caloric counting and following my plan of 5 a day. 5 veggies/fruits a day, 5 oz protein a day (lean and fit proteins) 5 (or 8) glasses of water and getting my 5 miles in. I also do 5 mins of steps while washing dishes. When I did this last time I lost 100lbs and kept it off. I’ve gained 20 since the holidays and now have lost 5lbs over the last week. Make sure you get some fiber!

  52. Pamela Craig says:

    I have been trying to eat healthier and drink healthier too! I started drinking more juices, including Welch’s, and a lot more water and cutting down on the soda. I’ve been frying less meats and enjoy baking or grilling them instead. I’ve began an exercise program and adding vitamins to my diet. I’ve been keeping a positive attitude and believe I am on the right track for a healthier life style.

  53. I heart my cart by trying to buy healthier foods! We keep oatmeal in our cupboards and recently started getting olive oil instead of other oils! Also, I plan to get more grape juice (which shouldn’t be hard since its my favorite!)

  54. Danny Weinstein says:

    I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook. I stopped eating out and started making all my meals from scratch, with fresh produce and lean meat and dairy products.

  55. KimQua Tran says:

    i heart my cart by buying more vegetables, fruits, juices,and milk.

  56. Jennifer Hebst says:

    I started walking with my family. We all love Welch’s grape juice. It tastes delicious and is good for us.

  57. Jenny Aragon says:

    This year my family and I have decided not to be on a diet but to have a life style change! We have all vowed to watch what we eat, even the kids! I have included them in healthy grocery shopping, healthy cooking and they love it! Welch’s is on our shopping list for healthy juices :)

  58. FB Fan of Both!

    I have just discovered the delicious Pinata Apple. I am now eating at least one a day.

  59. A glass of Welch’s grape juice or CranGrape every morning every since I was a young child. Don’t know what I would do without my Welch’s. And generics or other name brands wont do, its gotta be Welch’s or nothing at all. Followed by my morning walk with my husband, adult children or grandchildren. Thats heart healthy two ways. I love my Welch’s and I love my family.

  60. Malia Shreck says:

    I have been trying to eat better for my health and get my family too as well. We have started taking the vitamin challenge and already noticing a difference. Being a diabetic with heart problems I never miss a glass of Welchs and it is the best defense for me with low blood sugars, especially when my husband has to help me when it gets too low once in a while. So it is kinda a win win situation for me and the fact I love it. Thats how I “Heart my Cart”

  61. My family and I try to eat healthier everyday, go for daily walks and drink lots of water instead of sugary drinks. All to live a healthier and happy life.

  62. Deidre Watson says:

    I heart my cart by exercising 1 hour 4x a week and eating fruits and veggies.

  63. I just found out I have heart disease….so I am eating healthier, controlling my blood sugars, walking to exercise. I was so happy to see this give-away as I LOVE Welch’s!!!!

  64. Nichole McKinnon says:

    I Heart My Cart by: drinking Welch’s 100% grape juice, having oatmeal for breakfast every day and I’ve been a vegetarian for years. Thanks for the opportunity Welch’s & Appetite for Health!

  65. Debbie Grimm says:

    My heart cart stays healthy with plenty of Welch’s grape juice. It’s the only juice my husband will drink and we buy two six packs per week so he can take it to work too. This along with no fast food anymore in our house is helping all of us!

  66. Carolyn Sallmen says:

    As a mother of 5 children ages 8-17mo., I care very much about what I feed my family! High blood pressure and high cholesterol run in my husbands family. It is my responsibility to stop that trend! All my children eat salad, we do not buy soda or junk food for snacks. The sodium content in boxed food is enough to make me gag! I cook from scratch and my older children love to help! Juice and fresh fruit are a big part of our diet. The kids really like fresh baked Salmon with Pineapple glaze. It is vitally important that we teach our children healthy habits when they are young. Then, as adults, they will choose the same diet for themselves. I attempted to use boxed foods a couple times, and the kids refused to eat it! It was too salty, they said. BRAVO! I love cooking with fresh herbs and have an herb garden for such purposes – they are rewarding, easy to care for, and much cheaper on the budget! Not to mention – Delicious!!!

  67. My 6 year old son will only drink Welchs Grape Juice. The flavors of other brands just cant compare 😀

  68. More fresh fruits and veggies!!!

  69. Walk to the store instead of drive!

  70. michele malone says:

    we’ve stopped purchasing overly processed meats, and have switched to eating fish 4 nights a week.

  71. I work out every morning for at least 30 mins and eat healthy foods. Including drinking Welch’s grape juice. Yum!

  72. we have been eating better. less soda. more fresh fruits and vegetables. Also trying to get more exercise!

    like you both on Face book

  73. Judy Heinsinger says:

    I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook.We’ve recently discovered Welch’s Grape juice and are now actively trying to make better healthier choices when grocery shopping.

  74. It’s not been as easy transition, but I “heart my cart” lately by replacing the ice cream and soda with apples, fresh pineapple, and oranges. My wife has been roasting fresh vegetables, and I have found them to have such amazing flavor, that I don’t mind doing without the (large) nightly bowl of ice cream! The combination of a healthier diet and regular trips to the gym is my way to get my heart and my body in better shape…and I love grape juice!

  75. Wendy Lawson says:

    I have started taking classes at the gym and eating healthier. Including buying 100%juices for my family and lots if fruits and veggies!!

  76. I like both AFH and Welch’s on Facebook. We are buying less junk and more goodies. Processed snacks are fading and more fruit and veggies are in.

  77. I heart my cart by buying more heart healthy foods and more fruits and vegetables. I also make sure I buy Welch’s grape juice every week. My husband does not like to eat or drink healthy, Welch’s grape juice is the only healthy drink I can get him to drink. I also got him to take vitamins! My daughter and I take vitamins every day! I cook more heart healthy meals and less fried foods. My daughter and I also walk around our subdivision every day.

  78. Penny Snyder says:

    “Like” AFH on Facebook and “Like” Welch’s on Facebook – I buy lots of fresh fruits & veggies, along with whole grains and heart-healthy foods!

  79. I hearted my cart this morning with grape juice and with grape jelly. Yum. I would love to win

  80. I “heart my cart” by buying oatmeal for breakfast and walnuts for snacks and avocados to add to my dinner dishes!

  81. I am trying to help my family be healtier by fixing more fresh fruits and vegetables for us for snacks and mealtimes. Sometimes, it takes extra planning but I am hoping the results will be long lasting.
    I definatly “heart my cart” :-)

  82. tabitha kolessa says:

    I love welchs fruit drinks I stock up whenever they are buy one get one free..we are never without welchs!!! So basically I “heart my cart” this month and every other month as well.

  83. Christine Knox says:

    I love Welch’s, grew up on it. We love the juice and the jam.

  84. Gigi Peterson says:

    I heart my cart by buying more lean meats such as chicken and pork and less beef.

  85. My doctor says fruit juice can have a lot of sugar in it. I fould that by buying Welches I can add some water and it still tastes great. So I only buy welches grape juice.

  86. Kristie bash says:

    I have liked both AFH and Welch’s. I have lost 20lbs since the beginning of Jan., cut out all soda ( diet is the only thing I drank), drink 64oz of water a day and am training for a half marathon. That’s how I “heart my cart”. :)

  87. Since April I have started drinking Welches and OJ before meals have lost 36 pnds so far a few more to go

  88. How me and my family has become heart healthy is; I go to the gym 3 times a week, I do simple exercises with my kids ( a few jumping jacks and such). We eat very healthy foods and our children eat only healthy snacks unless its a special holiday or birthday, we are also partial vegetarians who only consume fish, fruits, and veggies.

  89. Carol Mason says:

    “Moven’ to Lose it” is my motto this year. Determined to lose the baggage so I can raise my little girl. We call your juice “Pap Pap Juice” because he kept Welch’s Grape Juice in his refrigerator and added gingerale to make his special cocktail. He passed away August 2011 and my two year always runs to the refrigerator asking for “Pap Pap Juice!” Welch’s is heart friendly!!!

  90. Courtney Ampey says:

    I’ve always loved Welches ever since I was a little girl. I love grape juice, and knowing that by drinking it I’m improving my health makes me feel good.

  91. I am skipping the “chips & cookie” aisle and instead spending more time in the fruit & veggie aisle which also happens to have a plethora of fresh nuts and dried fruits too! So far so very good. :-)

  92. I love this juice, I have a son with special needs, he is a picky eater, he does not eat fruit, he loves Welch’s grape Juice, it is the only juice he drinks. He is a healthy boy, because of Welch’s, thanks.

  93. I heart my cart by eating more veggies & fruits and enjoying more fruit juices – including delicious grape juice. I find juice is a great ”pick-me-up’ in the afternoon with a granola bar or slice of cheese. Not in my cart, but in my schedule, is walking to lose a few more pounds that are slowing me down in my middle years!

  94. There is always juice in my cart when I shop.

  95. i go to the gym 4 times a week and drink welch grape juice everyday and eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables

  96. Erin Hiner says:

    I LOVE WELCHES JUICE!!! OMG I HAVE TO BUY LIKE 5 bottles a week and their not cheap either! I would love to have these stocked in my house!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN AND SO WOULD MY FAMILY!! THANKS!!!

  97. Denise Dillon says:

    We always buy Welch’s grape juice (75% of it is white grape) and have been trying to eat more lean meats and lots of fish, fresh fruits and raw veggies.

  98. When my eldest daughter was born 16 years ago, her doctor told us to skip the apple juice and only give her grape/white grape juice. We only buy Welches. Tried to substitute store brand juices, but my kids will not drink them– they only want Welches. We try to eat and drink healthily–eliminate any unnecessary sugars.

  99. I have joined a gym,Where I exercise daily, and I am eating more fruits and vegetable’s ,leaving off the soda’s and drinking more water,staying away from sweet’s.

  100. Margie Papetti says:

    I like Welch’s on FB

  101. Almost 5 months ago, I started eating better in every way. Tons of fruits/veges. Small portions of meat, especially red meats. I regularly hear the benefits of red wine for my heart, but bemoan the alcohol involved. How did I miss the news that grape juice gives me the same benefits?

  102. Margie Papetti says:

    I heart my cart by avoiding the processed snacks that my kids love and trying to get them to eat more grains-things like brown rice instead of white, whole wheat pasta and flat bread and sesame crackers

  103. Margie Papetti says:

    Like AFH on FB

  104. Cindy Dawkins says:

    I joined curves and work out 4-5 days a week and do zumba 2 days a week. I am eating more salads and cut out fried foods.

  105. I like AFH and Welches. My husband has high cholesterol so I heart my cart with healthier options like fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, and wheat bread instead of white.

  106. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I like you both and I <3 my cart by reading the ingredients and steering towards the fresh vegetables and fruits~I am a big juice fan as well

  107. I heart my cart by shopping primarily the perimeter of a store. I do wander in to pick up grape juice for me and my kiddos though!

  108. I heart Katherine. I heart Julie.
    I heart Appetite For Health for the advice it provides me!
    I heart Welch’s because it tastes great.
    It compliments the veggies piled on my plate.
    I heart the nutrients and my family loves it, too.
    Leave behind the wine; juice is good for you!

  109. Let me start off and say Welch’s Grape juice is the only drink I drink besides water and coffee. I believe it is the healthiest juice out there! For one it’s made from real fruit, two your getting all the right vitamins and nutrients and three it’s just plain healthy! Another great benefit is it’s good for your skin. Soda was doing so many bad things to my skin. I literally stopped drinking soda years ago to drink welch’s. But the main goal is staying healthy in life and keeping your heart healthy. You have to follow guidelines in leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating right, and getting the right vitamins your body needs to keep moving. I also have to keep my heart extra healthy because I have diabietes and other major medical conditions in my family that I am in the running for and also have some minor medical conditions already, I want to live for awhile longer yet and I’m sure if I keep drinking my welch’s I definitely will live as long as I want too!

  110. I “heart my cart” by splurging on a variety of fruits and veggies, from blueberries to cara cara oranges, grapes to orange bell peppers.

  111. Margaret Porter says:

    Buying lots of fresh berries and produce. Bought some juice and some whole grain bread. Trying to get healthier


  113. FB fan / like both. My FB profile:

    I heart my cart by drinking lots of water and snacking on fruits.

  114. Christina Almond says:

    I “heart my cart” by buying fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible and focusing on buying low fat foods!

  115. Colleen Casey says:

    I like AFH and Welch’s on FB. I “heart my cart” by eating healthy salads with protein for lunch and dinner as well as working out 4 times per week and cycling at least once per week. I also drink plenty of Welch’s juice and water.

  116. Melanie Fry says:

    I work out pretty much every day and I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. I am also trying to incorporate more whole grains into my diet.

  117. I heart my cart, by buying Welch’s grape juice, fresh produce, exercising on a regular basis, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, such as whole wheat pasta instead of regular, lots of whole grains as well. Fat free, or reduced fatproducts, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, fresh veggies, and lots of fiber:) Lots of Purple fruits & veggies!

  118. Christopher Sorel says:

    adding real fruit juice as in Welch’s and whole grains to our meals

  119. Serena Rebechini says:

    My cart is always full with fresh fruits and veggies and rarely make any trips down the snack isles. I stick to a grocery list I get from The Six O’clock Scramble which helps us eat healthy and stay on task!

  120. I have liked both pages. I try to always buy juices and milk for the family to drink instead of sodas. My kids enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies for snacks. We try to stick with portion sizes instead of the crazy portions that are the “norm” now. When the weather permits, we like to go to the park as a family and run off some energy playing together or walking the trails.

  121. When grocery shopping, I try to look at the back of the food labels and nutrition facts before buying and surprised that what you think is healthy and good for your family IS NOT!!! I have made healthier options for my family and trying to buy products with no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils as well as processed foods, etc. Buying more healthier options such has your Welches light grape juice is a great option for children because it has less sugar. It is a challenge trying to make your family eat healthier especially in this fast food world and food prices going up (especially fruits and vegetables). But it is worth it for my family’s health as well as in the future.

  122. Jennifer F says:

    added more fruits and vegetables. I forgot how good fresh fruit and vegetables taste.

  123. Sam Stovall says:

    My new year’s resolution is Happy, Healthy 2012. I began by changing shopping purchase to healthier selections and limiting eating out. In January, I attended a class offered through our county extension office “Cooking for a Lifetime” and started using The Color Wheel of Fortune to introduce more colorful fruits and vegetables in my diet. Last week I attended a local hospital’s “Take the Pledge for a Healthy Heart” and learned so many other ways to get healthier. Both events have helped me to continue making changes in my lifestyle and diet. Coincidental … my recipe for tonight’s dinner of poached salmon and veggies uses Welch’s grape juice. In a fryer, fresh lemon rings and onion rings add one cup of Welch’s 100% grape juice, place rinsed salmon (skin side down) on top of the lemon/onion, season salmon to taste, cook until salmon is flaky. You can substitute your favorite juice flavors, including orange juice. 54 healthier days and counting.

  124. dee pearlstein says:

    I like both on Facebook – I heart my cart by filling it with fresh fruit and veggies, whole grain cereals and bread and real fruit juice like Welch’s (love it!)

  125. I <3 my cart buy buying less processed foods!

  126. I heart my cart by buying fruits and vegetables every month, bag of onions, apples and potatoes, green leaf lettuce, fresh herbs, and bananas. I buy frozen and canned too to save money. I throw in onion and pepper (and sometimes broccoli) to spaghetti and chili. I made 6 vegetable casserole that son didn’t like so I may change recipe some. I make healthy bars, pies, and breads so my family eats fruit more easily. :)

  127. Cynthia Aiken says:

    I heart my cart by purchasing Welch’s grape juice, orange juice, lots of fresh fruits (likes apples, berries, bananas, etc.) and fresh vegetables (like spinach, kale, onions, garlic, etc.). We eat more fish and lean proteins. Exercise wise, we have made an effort in my family to walk more.

  128. Laurie Freeman says:

    I always try to eat and include in my cart the most unprocessed foods possible and then make from scratch. Much healthier. But juices like Welch’s help with the amount of work.

  129. I heart my cart by buying lots of fruits and veggies, oatmeal and brown rice.

  130. I exercise regularly and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

  131. I hearted my cart by being diligent on my coupons and sticking to my list. I recently started using coupons and I find there are many healthy foods that are included. By using all my yogurt, salad, and spinach coupons I was able to fill my cart at half the price! I didn’t even know I could get coupons for produce but I found some peelies at the store.

  132. Hope it’s not too late to enter but I liked both pages. I heart my cart by buying as much fresh fruits and vegetables as I can, organically grown when possible, and choosing unsweetened 100% juices and foods made with natural ingredients. I avoid foods containing hydrogenated oils, sugar, artificial food colorings and preservatives, MSG, artificial sweeteners, white flour, and unpronouncable ingredients. I do most of the shopping in the health food section of my local grocery store, but even there, I still always read the ingredients, not only because I’m vegetarian, but I know that even so-called health foods can have not so healthy ingredients, like sugar (I have even seen ‘health foods’ containing artificial sweeteners!) Thanks for this opportunity!

  133. Wow you guys! What a great response we had to this giveaway! Thanks to all who entered.
    You all really know how to “heart your carts!”

    Here are the winners of the Welch’s Grape Juice Giveaway:
    Amie O., Carolyn S., Sam S., Sarah M. and Brad.
    Winners will be getting an email from us with details on how to claim their prizes.

  134. Sam Stovall says:

    Thank you, happy, healthy ♥ 2012!

  135. Sherry Russell says:

    heart my cart to keep me and my family healthy

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