Win A-Peeling Gadgets From Chef’n!

garlic zoomOur Heart Month giveaways are nearing an end, but we’ve still got some amazing things for our loyal readers! Our generous friends at Chef’n Corporation are once again providing Appetite for Health readers with some amazing and cool kitchen gadgets. The prize? Ten prize packs of useful and fun-to-use food prep tools (like the cool Garlic Zoom pictured here) worth over $70.Check out the details below.

When it comes to eating heart-healthy, there’s no denying that incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet is of prime importance! Sometimes though, the prep of all those fruits and veggies can be a tedious chore. This is where Chef’n comes in. Based in Seattle, they offer a large line of kitchen gadgets, utensils and tools. Their tagline,“We make better tools so you can make better food,” couldn’t be more true! Here are brief descriptions of some the gadgets in the Chef’n prize packs that can help make healthy cooking easier (and check out the Chef’n website for a whole bunch of other awesome (and functional!) cooking tools. StemGem

The Stem Gem

This cute and functional tool takes the work out of your strawberry and tomato prep. You just insert it into your strawberry or tomato, twist and remove the stem. Super easy (and it’s bright color makes it easy to find in your kitchen tools drawer)!

Freshforce skimmer

 Freshforce Collapsible Skimmer

Super handy, this spatula-and-mini-colander-in-one tool collapses flat for easier storage. Use it to scoop boiled eggs or cooked shrimp out of boiling water—even use it to wash and drain a small amount of fresh berries.

PalmBrush PalmBrush

We always recommend washing your produce before eating, and the PalmBrush will help you with that. It slides onto your finger and rests in your palm and makes scrubbing veggies a cinch. The PalmBrush is top rack dishwasher safe.


Not so skilled with a regular peeler? This nifty gadget might help; it slides onto your finger, tucks into your palm, and its stainless steel blade peels anything you can get your hand on. It’s top rack dishwasher safe.

Switchit Wooden Slotted Turner Switchit turner

This is an update of the classic wooden slotted turner/spatula. Chef’n added a small silicone spatula to the handle end of the turner, making this tool more useful than ever. You can flip, stir, scrape and spread foods to your heart’s content now–all with one utensil. Because it’s wood, hand washing is recommended.

Other cool culinary gadgets will also be included in this amazing prize pack, including the Garlic Zoom pictured above, the Prep’n Go Cutting Board, and the Serrated PalmPeeler.

Ten lucky AFH readers will win the Chef ‘n prize packs that total more than $70.00!  To enter, “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page and sign up for the AFH newsletter on our website. Also, be sure to pop in and “Like”Chef’n on Facebook (they run nice contests for their fans, too), then leave a comment below here about which Chef’n tool you’d most like to try.

All AFH terms and conditions apply. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Feb. 29th.


  1. Joan Adolf says

    I’d really like to try out the palm scrubber and the palm peeler. I do a lot of home canning and these could come in real handy.

  2. Dayna says

    The Freshforce Collapsible Skimmer looks like it would be a nice addition to my kitchen tools, it sure sounds versatile and I like that it stores flat

  3. says

    Stopped by Chef’n and said Hi! already liked yours and signed up for newsletter..Really love the Garlic Zoom as we use garlic everyday and this would make it so simple thanks

  4. Jolie B says

    The Prep’n Go Cutting Board. I am a Vedgetable Connisseurwho is constantly slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing. This would become my wing man in the kitchen!

  5. Helene Tienda says

    I’d like to try the ‘Palm Peeler’, but they all sound pretty cool! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. Nancy S. says

    Since I struggle with peeling the thin skin on peaches, I would love to try the Serrated PalmPeeler. I also think the Prep’n Go Cutting Board would be convenient to help eliminate spills when adding chopped veggies into my recipes. New kitchen tools make cooking fun, and I would love to try all of the items!

  7. Stephanie H says

    The Freshforce Collapsible Skimmer looks amazing, as do all of their gadgets. I love trying new and exciting inventions to make my cooking even more fun!

  8. Erin Hiner says

    I love new gadgets! They all look like something I would have fun with and play with LOL Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Jennifer F says

    I love all of these tools. Anything that makes cleaning up and cutting fruits and veggies easier to accomplish is wonderful. I do really like the palm brush.

  10. jenefer lynn says

    I like both pages. I’d love to try the skimmer and the garlic zoom! I love having gadgets that make preparing.g meals easier and I love that these ones will make my kids want to help me cook

  11. Lisa Puckett says

    I would love to try all of these tools, would make cookig in my kitchen much easier. Thank you for the chance!!

  12. Pat says

    Cooking is never a chore when you have great gadgets to help you prepare a healthy meal. It’s always exciting to try new inventions that make meal preparation easier and I would love to try the Stem Gem on my homegrown tomatoes and strawberries. You come up with the neatest give-a-ways!

  13. Cindy Mogannam says

    Any tool or trick that might create incentive to eat more fruits and vegetables by making it easy and fun is worth a million. The colors, shapes, and ease factor of these tools will help create that incentive for me and my family. But if I had to choose which Chef’n tool I would most like to try, I would have to say the garlic zoom. We add garlic into practically everything, so it would come in real handy.

  14. Julie A says

    I like the Switchit Wooden Slotted Turner. I had a wooden fork to stir boiling hot noodles with but it wore away from frequent use. The Garlic Zoom would be helpful, I had a garlic press but I couldn’t hang of it (looked like garlic mash) 😀 I buy garlic in jar although I heard some pop in microwave to help loosen the skin of it. Thanks for nice giveaway!

  15. allison says

    Wow! I want to try the PalmPeeler and the Garlic Zoom! These look like so much fun and a great help in the kitchen!

  16. says

    Cooking gadgets from Chef’n would make so many chores in the kitchen a great deal easier and add a little fun to the activity too. I wish I had the Freshforce Collapsible Skimmer & the Switchit Wooden Slotted Turner over the weekend when I was making homemade soup; this would have come in very handy. Thanks for all the offers and valuable info you have given me; I have been sharing the info and this site with many friends.

  17. Dee says

    They all look like they would be handy in the kitchen. I would love to try the palm brush or the skimmer! Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Lorri Smith says

    I’d love to try the palm peeler! It looks easy to use and with arthritis in my knuckles, it might be the answer to my problems!

  19. michele malone says

    these all look so cool! I’d love to try them all, but maybe the palm brush most. I would definitely use every one of these in my kitchen though.

  20. dee pearlstein says

    I follow on Facebook (both) and subscribe :). These kitchen tools are so incredible. I would love to use them all! My favorite is the Garlic Zoom. I’ve never seen anything like that and it would make Italian cooking a dream. As well as all types.

  21. Jennifer Woosley says

    The Stem Gem, is one i would love to try because I eat lots of strawberries and it would be nice to have something fast to get the stem out.

  22. Alisson H. says

    Actually the product I would like to most try is the Garlic Zoom! I keep thinking about getting that type of kitchen tool so my hands won’t smell like garlic when I cook with it, but I have yet to break down and do it!

  23. Deborah Curran says

    the palm peeler has my name on it – make for ppl who tend to put their fingers in th way and get cut LOL

  24. Kelly says

    The Stem Gem looks awesome! We love strawberries and tomatoes, both and this would make quick work of de-stemming them! Love it!

    I’m already a fan on Facebook & I signed up for the AFH Newsletter! :)
    I also liked Chef’n on Facebook!

  25. says

    My daughter-in-law, Lisa G, sent me to AFH. She said I must read all the good info and enter this contest because the palm brush is an excellent tool — the other tools sounds like they could be pretty handy to have too.

  26. Jonathan Buffington says

    The Chef’n palm peeler of course, I take a blood thinner and cutting myself is not an option these days. Love Chef’n products, they’re simple yet innovative at the same time.

  27. Karen says

    I have “liked” you for a long time, GREAT site! The collapsible skimmer looks like it would be helpful when I am trying to skim the top of my homemade broth. The small strainer I used wasn’t very helpful and I was just thinking about the possibility of there being a kitchen tool to help me out.

  28. Ray says

    The palm peeler looks very handy (no pun intended) – perfect for cleaning veggies! :-) Facebook fan too

  29. Renata says

    Like you and Chef’n on Facebook and I could definitely use the StemGem when I go strawberry picking! :)

  30. Georgia says

    I could definitely use a cutting board and I saw that’s part of the gadget giveaway too – great and clean for cutting veggies and meat. A facebook fan too and thank you for the great giveaway

  31. Brad says

    I would love to win these for my wife. She loves her kitchen gadgets. I like the fact that these wouldn’t get lost in the utensil drawers because of their bright colors. I would definitely get brownie points if I won this!

  32. CarolynH says

    With arthritis in my hands I think the palm brush could minimize discomfort in prepping my veggies. I like the tagline”We make better tools so you can make better food”.

  33. says

    Hi AFH Friends!
    Ok, I’m a tad tardy at posting the winners for this Chef’n giveaway–my apologies!
    Here are the 10 lucky winners of the cool kitchen gadget prize packs from Chef’n:
    Carolyn H., Karen, Louise G., Julie A., Eugenie, Joan A., Lisa P., Pat, Ray, Lunachique.
    Winners will get an email directly from us with info on how to claim your prize.
    Congratulations everyone! Soon you’ll be cooking in style with your new gadgets!

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