K-Swiss Running Shoe Giveway

kswiss-bladeK-Swiss Blade-Max Glide Running Shoe Giveaway

Until a few weeks ago, I haven’t had a pair of K-Swiss sneakers on my fit since six-grade when I was on the tennis team. That’s so long ago that I can’t even do the math to figure out the year.  If you play or played tennis you know K-Swiss because  K-Swiss introduced the first leather tennis shoe at Wimbledon in 1966. Today, K·Swiss still makes great tennis footwear, but now offers running, training, nautical, and “minimalist” footwear.

When I recently visited my niece in Santa Monica, CA, we checked out the new K-Swiss store on Main Street. After trying several pairs on at the store, the clerk pointed me to the Blade-Max Glide, a great run training shoe (as opposed to a lightweight racer).  I loved it because with my high arches, I need a shoe with tons of cushion and this one delivers.

As soon as you try on the shoe, you’ll also notice that there aren’t any seams so your foot just, well, glides in it. It’s surprisingly light (just 9 ounces) but not as light that it compromises in the cushioning and has just right amount of support that my foot needs. I’ve worn the K-Swiss logoshoe for runs of 3-8 miles and also wear it to CrossFit, where I have found it’s great on days that you have to do impact exercise like box jumps or double-unders (jumping rope).

Today’s Giveaway

We’re going to give away one pair of women’s K-Swiss Blade-Max Glide ($120 SRP) running shoes today-Wednesday.

To enter, you must “Like” us on Facebook,Like” K-Swiss and tell us what exercise you have done today or are going to do.

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  1. Lauren Higgins says

    Love AFH!! And love your giveaways (who doesn’t, right?!). Today I hit the gym HARD! No rest for the wicked. 5K training program for 30 minutes – trying really hard to unleash my inner runner, she’s in there I know it! Followed my run with a 60 minute BodyPump class. I burned over 800 calories all before lunch. Not bad for a Sunday!

  2. Melinda Singer says

    I like Appforhealth on facebook, I like KSwiss on Facebook as Melinda Singer.
    Today I hiked 5 miles and rode my exercise bike for 45 mins.

  3. Dave Levin says

    I spent the day walking around Disneyland and I really think that counts as a workout!
    I follow both appetite for health and KSwiss. DA Levin

  4. shauna casolari says

    Today I am going to do a nice cardio workout with a work out buddy. We have decided that we need to drag each other to the gym at least 3 times a week from now on!

  5. DIana says

    I didn’t know until now that K-Swiss was into running shoes…..awesome! Wish I could post my workout for the day as a nie long run; however, it’s been 3 weeks now that I’ve been side lined with a high level ankle sprain and I’m going crazy having to stay off my feet and am praying I don’t get too lazy here. I refuse to be in-active but can’t risk re- injuring the leg, so I have been doing a lot of floor work: abs, arms, glutes, and legs….a mixture of pilates and strength training….I may not be getting cardio in but for a lack of anything else I can do, my arms are ripped….love it! Legs just hope I can get back to the running and cardio fun sooner than later….hoping by next week I am game!

  6. Joyce Meyer says

    Like both Appetite for Health and K-swiss. Did a 2 mile accelerated walk today for a total of 82 miles for the month!

  7. jenefer lynn says

    I do the Kinect Sports and Just Dance followed by 30 minutes of the dog walking me (okay, actually I walk very fast behind him). So not only do I get my exercise but so does my best friend :)

  8. Kassie says

    I’ve been sick for the past week and I’m finally well enough to get up and do something good for myself. I’m going to start slow and go for a nice, leisurely walk around the park with my dog. I don’t want to overexert myself so I’m looking forward to building up my strength again so I can get back to running!

  9. Kasia Ladyga says

    I genually enjoy both Appetite for Health and KSwiis!!!! Today I will be running for 3 miles and then cooling down on the elliptical!!! A new pair of running shoes would be absolutely amazing, especially KSwiss ones!

  10. Jill Dorsey says

    I am going to ride a bike for the 1st time in 20 yrs to the ball field & back with my 3 children tonight

  11. Mary Andress says

    Today I completed day 2 of “couch to 5k”. I have a long way to go I know, but I am trying to learn how to run.

  12. Anne Mostella says

    I walk around 2 miles every morning, and use weights some at home. I am trying to incorporate more weights in my exercise…seems to strengthen these aching bones of mine! I like Appetite for Health and K-Swiss on facebook. Thanks for the contest-those shoes are great looking :)

  13. Amy Pfingsten says

    I like both on Facebook, and today I will do my ‘Moms into fitness’ maternity DVD workout!

  14. Angela Clark says

    This morning worked my upper body and core with Brooke Burke’s Strength & conditioning DVD and plan on doing Jeanette Jenkins Kickboxing Bootcamp tonite.

  15. angie b says

    I will be doing my 45 min hi/lo cardio class today, then do 30 mins in the sauna to relax a lil..

  16. allison says

    I’m actually taking a bowling class for school. We bowl for 2 hours, and it’s a fun, great way to exercise. I’d love some new shoes for running, too! :-)

  17. Shelly Rogers says

    I already “like” you on FB. Like K-SWISS on FB. I get up at 5 am to get my day started on the right foot before my kids get up. Part of my early morning routine is to get on the treadmill and do some toning and of course, stretching.:)

  18. Jonathan Buffington says

    No mens, darn. These would look great with my workout wear, gym @ 9 so use FedEx…lol :-)~Good luck to all the ladies, these shoes rock!

  19. Nicole says

    I plan to run on the treadmill and possibly yoga CD in the evening. I already “Like” you on FB, and Kswiss.

  20. Robin O'Sullivan says

    These shoes look so cool! I am about to go out for my morning run. I run 4x/week and bike 3x/week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Jennifer says

    I will probably skip working out today since I have to work 2 jobs, but tomorrow I plan to run somewhere between 4 or 5 miles. Steady running for 20 min and then sprint intervals to finish it out.

  22. Jennifer Sullivan says

    I am going for a six mile run tonight. Fingers crossed it will be warm enough outside. Otherwise the dreaded treadmill

  23. Kate Brown says

    Today is my rest day, but it’ll be an active rest – I’ll be walking a neighborhood dog later this afternoon!

  24. Serena Rebechini says

    Oooh these would be great. Today was AM Yoga and tonight is my regular weight circuit then cardo machines. Wednedays are always Kickbox Jam class and Saturday is Zumba. These sound great for all of that. I just purchased a new pair of shoes I thought would be great for my classes but they aren’t supportive enough and my knees and back always hurt after class. :(

  25. ioana c says

    today i am taking a walk because its almost february and its sunny and in the 40s here in NH!!! doesn’t happen often!!

  26. karen shaughnessy says

    I like your page on FB – very happy to have found you!
    I also liked K-Swiss on FB

    Today I am going to attempt to walk the HS track 5 laps…I made it up to 4 last week..it’s part of my resolution and it’s going really well!! Yay for me.

  27. Cindy Mogannam says

    Quit my job last April to prepare for a new baby and a move across country. Sold our house in Texas and moved out after 1 week of delivering a baby. Lived in a hotel for 2 months with a newborn. Moved to California and lived with in laws for 6 months. Got a new job. And just moved into a new home! I am now ready for some ME time! And what better way than to start exercising to regain my sanity! These KSwiss shoes will be a huge incentive. I’ve signed up for Zumba and plan to take walks in our new neighborhood with my now 9 month old daughter and 3 year old son. I have “liked” you on Facebook and just “liked” KSwiss as well. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  28. Amy D says

    I’ve already done a 2 minute circuit this morning (which I do every morning) and I’m also going to lift weights later today!

  29. michele malone says

    I like you. my daughter & I have a date to play just dance 3 tonight. incredibly enough, she’s ready to stop before I am. 😀

  30. Crystal M says

    I am hitting the park later today to run while my son rides his bike. Thanks for the great shoe review. I also have high arches, so I know what a challenge it can be to find athletic shoes that provide the needed support.

  31. Sheryl Edwards says

    Today I plan to take my dog for a long walk & to do the core workout program that my personal trainer, my oldest son, developed for me! Let’s get fit!!

  32. Debra P says

    Today was yoga and pilates this morning…. my new Winter workout and a walk in the afternoon

  33. Nancy says

    Hiked some trails today. The hills were great for getting the heart rate up. I’ll be heading to the gym later, and I need those new shoes! :)

  34. Shari Wing says

    Hello Appetite for Health!
    I would love to win these Awesome K-Swiss running shoes because I purchased the most uncomfortable shoes from Wal-mart ($10). I hate wearing them so I would love a new good comfortable pair of very cute running shoes like these! Everytime I run in them I get soo many blisters on my feet and my ankles and feet are in pain from them that I have to wait a week to run again! I love running. I want to run 3 times a week. I am having issues with losing my baby weight after just having a baby. I have lost 7 LBS already, but I still have 40 LBS more to go. It has been quite a struggle. I have worked out, but my husband works out of town and it is hard for me to get a babysitter to go and work out 3 times a week not to mention its also very expensive. I have tried dvd’s at home, but we live in a small condo, its hard to get motivated for that and also my daughter needs alot of attention and is a distraction (in a good way!). I would love to have my pre-pregnancy body back and fit into my pretty clothes again. Having these gorgeous shoes would assist me in this because I would love to wear them and that probably would make me work out more often!
    Something free at this time in my life would be fantastic as my Hubby of 2 Yrs just lost his job and is having problems finding another one in his field. So I definately would love this right now!
    It would lift my spirits too and Help me think that it is possible to lose this weight! 2012 is my year to do it!
    Please consider me for this.

  35. Shari Wing says

    today I walked our dog and tonight I am meeting a friend for a wokout together to motivate each other. I also liked both facebook pages.

  36. Amanda C says

    I liked both Appetite for Health and KSwiss on Facebook. Today, I’ll be running/walking 3.5 miles – trying to get back into shape after not smoking for 4 months. I used to run cross country in HS but that was over 10 years ago.

  37. Eugenie says

    I was on the elliptical machine, did my routine with free weights for my upper body, used the leg press machine for my legs and did a stretching session afterwards.

  38. says

    I am fans of both on fb!!! Today was a nicer weather day here in IL so I got on my coat and shoes and took a walk. I love walking outdoors preferably over a treadmill. It’s so nice to breathe in the fresh air and get the natural vitamin D (I have vitamin D deficiency). Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer so I’m going to walk until I drop tomorrow and I cannot wait! Would love some new K Swiss kicks for my walking adventures!

  39. Karen says

    I recently quit smoking after many other trials of quitting but feeling like this is it, the last time I will quit because I don’t want to be a smoker, I don’t want to smoke again. I am having a hard time with sticking to exercise because I am feeling pretty unhappy with myself because I have gained weight, I know that it is natural after quitting smoking but nevertheless I don’t feel motivated. I have two friends that are helping with getting me motivated and both have suggested adding running and boot camp workouts to my irregular workouts of walking and yoga. Having new shoes would be a terrific way to boost my “get out there and do it” attitude. Thanks for all the great stuff you offer, advice, suggestions, helpful hints and giveaways!

  40. Ingrid B. says

    I too have high arches! Suffered from plantar fasciitis 4 years ago, never again wearing flat shoes without support. (or flip flops)

    My work out today is improving my running time. Running a couple 5k races this year.

  41. Marissa Kenny says

    This morning, I did a 40 minute kettlebell workout, and this afternoon I’ll be enjoying the unseasonably warm weather by going outside and running 3 miles!

  42. Tami says

    I liked both Appetite for Health and KSwiss on Facebook.
    I will be hitting the treadmill when I get home from work today, (it’s snowing like crazy right now.)

  43. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like both you and K-SWISS on Facebook. I flew from OK to OR today, so I didn’t have much opportunity to exercise. I walked around the airport in Tulsa and Denver, CO; then, while waiting for my ride in Eugene, I stretched. My preferred exercise is walking, so I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. SAKURA C says


  45. Joshua Bouwkamp says

    I biked for 30 minutes and then did a 30 minute total body workout!

    Oh yeah, and you all are liked on Facebook

  46. Jackie Stone says

    I have “liked” both pages and I am walking and doing cardio today. I exercise to be healthier and to feel better.

  47. Darcy Novak says

    Well usually i walk 2 times a day and i also have a weight machine at home. But it’s pouring here today so i wont be doing any walking today :( That’s ok.. I will make it up for another day :)

  48. Lauren Peterson says

    Like both on FB. Earlier today, I took my dog on a good hike through some parks, got both of us some exercise!

  49. Betty Canterbury says

    I walked about 3 miles cause where I live at it is raining today and I am also going to do some stuff in the house with my 2 little boys

  50. Denyse Hastwell says

    I walked/ran 2 miles today on my treadmill and I am setting up to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred now.

  51. Barbara Mayes says

    My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and become more active, less sedentary. I power walk on the treadmill three times a week for two miles each time. Last time I walked though, I realized I need new shoes, I walked a blister onto my toes! Thank you for the chance to win!

  52. Chris says

    45min spin in Z2, 45 min strength training and a 30 min run at threshold pace. I love my K-Ona C! It’s time for new pair… Pick Me Please.

  53. julie lear says

    My husband and i always play racquet ball together on mon. and wed. evening . These shoes would be NICE to own. I LOVE K-SWISS !!!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity .

  54. Peterson says

    My daughter runs track and its important to have the right shoes, she runs the mile everyday @ practice every wkend she goes to meets and was just selected for states :) not to metion she has to lift everyday it would be a blessing to give her a new pair of shes

  55. says







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