A Souper Giveaway: Kettle Cuisine

Kettle-CuisineA Truly Souper Giveaway

We love soup, don’t you? Almost as much as we love giving away free stuff!

Since January is National Soup Month, it’s only fitting that we celebrate with a “souper” freebie (okay, we’re done with that pun now). Really though, there’s no better time than now to offer our loyal fans a chance to score some tasty Kettle Cuisine soup prize packs.

Kettle Cuisine’s gluten-free soups, chilis and chowders are cooked in small batches to ensure perfect taste and texture. Whether you go gluten-free or not, Kettle Cuisine products are convenient and can-free. Yes, these soups are frozen…in single serving portions, so they’re easy to heat for a quick lunch on a chilly winter’s day.

Kettle Cuisine offers 10 varieties of gluten-free soups, chilis and chowders—something to please everyone. Varieties include Thai Curry Chicken Soup, Roasted Vegetable Soup, Organic Mushroom and Potato Soup, New England Clam Chowder, Three Bean Chili and more.

Check out Kettle Cuisine’s blog, Kettle’s Edibles, for great recipes, free food advice, seasonal entertaining ideas and more!

Ten Appetite for Health fans will receive cooler bags stuffed with 3 coupons for FREE Kettle Cuisine soups, a grocery list notepad and additional cents off coupons to share with friends and family.

To enter, “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page and leave a comment below telling us what you think is the best thing about eating soup in the winter.

Winners will be announced on Monday, January 30, 2012 via comments below and on our FB page.

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  1. Warms me up on a cold winter night! Nothing better than a hot bowl of soup of a cold winter day

  2. Tried the Roasted Vegetable Soup! and love it!
    Helps me stay on track throughout the day – Great comfort food!

  3. As a new omnivore-turned-vegetarian married to a carnivore husband, soups allow me to prep dinner quickly & still keep both of us happy:). Not too hard to double the recipe, split the soup into two pots & add the meat to only one!

  4. Keeps me warmer than a salad:) Love it!

  5. Love being warmed up by a bowl of soup aftdr coming inside from playing with the kids in the snow

  6. Shari Wing says:

    I love making my own soups, french Onion, butternut squash and when I was dieting I made cabbage soup. Sometimes when I don’t feel like making anything big for dinner I always turn to soup. It is perfect for when I am sick and can’t keep anything down. It helps to warm me up when I am freezing in the winter months. I would like to try these fresh sounding soups! Mmm the organic Mushroom and potato soup sounds yummy!

  7. We’re big soup fans in our house. My mother always made lots of soup, as well. Nothing hits the spot on a cold winter day than hot soup and fresh bread — whether it be biscuits or yeast bread. Of course, we still eat soup in the warm months, because we love it so much!

  8. Carly glover says:

    I love the convience of soup!

  9. Michelle Thomas says:

    Tends to give me that snuggly feeling on cold gloomy winter days

  10. Nothing is better than hot soup on a cold day. With warm corn bread or rolls…yummy!

  11. The best thing about eating soup in the winter is that it warms you up from the inside out. It is such a great comfort food for winters! It also helps to fight off colds, and helps you feel better.

  12. Jennifer Woosley says:

    The best thing about eating soup in the winter is that it makes you feel all warm inside and you don’t have to turn up the heat so high, I also love that it clears your sinuses and fills you up easily!

  13. Soup always hits the spot in the wintertime in the frigid temps. Nothing tastes quite as good as a bowl of hot soup to warm you up when you’ve been out in the cold all day. Also brings back so many great memories of my childhood.

  14. The best thing about soup is that it counts towards your water intake for the day! In the winter, drinking enough can be challenging since you don’t feel as thirsty.

  15. melissa k says:

    I make soups all winter long all 4 of my boys love every one. It’s such an easy way to feed them a super healthy vitamin packed food.

  16. Rebekah M says:

    Any random veggies that are just lying aroud alway make great soup!

  17. Your right I do like soup in the winter more than the summer. I like hot stuff in the winter like soup and chili with cornbread. Cold things in the summer seem to cool you off like pasta with vegetable and fruit salads, and cold cut sandwiches. Homemade chicken noodle soup gets eaten more than the salty canned kind and its healthier. :)

  18. Soup is the perfect winter meal, as it warms you up, and makes your tummy happy! :)

  19. Soup in the winter warms my insides, makes me feel comforted, and always smells so good. These soups look so easy to prepare. Perfect for work!

  20. Soup is so warm and delicious, and good for you! It is a quick meal that bot kids and parents love, and easy on the pocketbook. It is our go-to meal when I haven’t planned anything and we are on-the-go. The kids never complain!!

  21. I don’t think I could live without soups and stews all year long but especially in the winter time. Soups are so filling and are such a warm comforting food keeping us all snuggy during the long winger days. I love how a broth can become so many different things and could stay a broth for all this “sickish days”! What I love most about soup is how nutritional it is and can be. You can always add in more vegetables, more protein, fiber, etc. To make any soup recipe your own and to the likes of your family!

  22. Pauline Longchamp says:

    reminds me of my childhood when mom and grammy made all those wonderful start from scratch soups!

  23. Heather A says:

    I love soup in the winter! I tend to make a pot of it and eat it throughout the week, or freeze what’s left over. I think there’s something wonderful about soup warming a person up after they come in from the cold. It’s quick, it’s easy and usually very healthy and filling!

  24. Soup is warm when it is cold outside, and can be healthier & tastier than many of it s alternatives. Make double batches, freeze half, & it becomes much less labor intensive.

  25. I love eating soup in the winter because it warms me up, from inside to out. Plus, soups with a bit of spice can brighten up a dreary day.

  26. Denise Lau says:

    I love to have a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day! Sometimes in a bread bowl, sometimes in a soup bowl, but it always hits the spot.

  27. Jonathan Buffington says:

    The best things about eating soup in winter are; it warms me up instantly, it wards off big/bad mr. cold, it fills me up without blowing my healthy routine, and it just all around makes you feel good!

  28. roasted veggie would be great to have with a grilled cheese!

  29. Heather J. says:

    I ‘like’ you on Facebook! I love making soups in my crock pot in the winter, but would love to try these!!!

  30. I love soup! I honestly have it for lunch 2-3 times per week!

  31. I love how soup warms you up on cold winter days!

  32. Leigh Dixon says:

    Soup rocks! It is healthy, easy to prepare, and wonderful to eat any time.

  33. Soup is fantastic for winter: it’s warm, nutritious, and smells heavenly! And soup fills me up without weighing me down. Like you on FB!

  34. Jessica Heald (Jessica Kathleen on FB) says:

    The best thing about eating soup during the winter is that nice warm-belly feeling, after being out in the cold : )

  35. I love soup in the winter because (assuming it is a healthy soup), I always eat better when I have soup. It’s cold enough outside to crave soup and soup fills me up really quickly with fewer calories. That’s why I love a good, brothy soup. Hot soup with a side of steamed veggies makes for a healthy, filling dinner :). I live in Texas so it gets so hot in the Summer that it’s hard to get motivated to eat hot soup. That’s why the winter is perfect!

  36. Eating soup makes me feel warm inside and ready to face the cold outdoors.

  37. We all want one thing during winter – to be warm. And soup does the trick. I make soup more in winter months than any other. Although I do make my potato soup regularly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Brenda Sutton says:

    Soup warms the body and soul from the inside out!!! I like you on Facebook.

  39. Soup is comfort food for the winter.

  40. i like soup any season , but nothing warms you up better then a hot bowl of soup in the middle of a snowstorm!!!

  41. LaKeshia Liggins says:

    Well the best thing is the warmth & GLUTEN FREE!!

  42. Soup is the perfect comfort food for me — warming me up and making me feel right at home in the cold winter months. I’m a FB Fan too – Thanks so much for this healthy giveaway!

  43. Soup is the perfect body healer loaded with nutritious vegetables, protein and broth it always makes me feel better too. Thanks so much and I’m a FB fan!

  44. It warms you up, is easy to get more veggies in, and it’s great for leftovers

  45. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    I like Appetite for Health on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)

    I like the feel of a warm cup of soup in my hand, the warmth and the flavor
    I prefer hearty soups in the winter wtih lentils or barley

  46. Not only is soup satisftying and delicious, it is easy to prepare and provides one of the few ways I can convince my 5 year old to eat more vegetables!

  47. Sakura C. says:


  48. Soup is a great food to keep you on track when you are trying to contol your weight and that is especially hard in the wintertime. The single serving portions would make it an easy to prepare lunch to just “Heat & Eat” on a cold winter day without adding weight in the process. Besides……it is just plain good anytime!

  49. No matter how cold the wind blows I feel cozy and warm eating soup. It’s a very healthy comfort food, especially when it’s Kettle Cuisine.

  50. I very much like soup, it really warms me up.

  51. Really great to warm up with and share on a cold winter night. Good comfort food and fun to share with on a family meal.

  52. Robin O'Sullivan says:

    Soup in the winter is great, because it warms you up both physically and emotionally! It’s very comforting; and warm liquids to indeed help to alleviate cold symptoms if you’re not feeling well. But it’s great to eat soup even when you ARE healthy, because it will help you stay that way!
    The Kettle Cuisine soups sound excellent–thank you for the giveaway!
    I “Like” the Appetite for Health Facebook page, and I follow @appetite4health on Twitter (@rkosully).
    Thank you!

  53. I usually make homemade soup with homegrown veggies from our backyard. Soup warms us up & is good for our health!

  54. Jennifer F says:

    Soup in the winter is wonderful. It is so comforting and warming. I love it.

  55. He warms my body and warms my soul! Winter is my least favorite season so I need some comfort food!

  56. Jenefer Lynn says:

    I love having soup during the winter because it’s so easy to make it filling and it warms you up from the inside in. My kids look forward to winter when we pull out our soup cups and fill ’em up. We can stay comfy and warm while making sure we’re getting the food we need to keep us going…..I like you on facebook :)

  57. Vanessa Dalton says:

    Soup warms you up, makes you feel good and cozy!

  58. Everyone….Kit Broihier, MS, RD, the dietitian who writes our Recipe Rehab posts, is now also helping us administer our increasingly popular Freebies program. With Kit onboard, we hope to have more and ever better, Freebies. Be sure to send us what you’d like to have as a Freebie so we can try to give you what you want to live a healthier life.


  59. Hey everybody! Here are the winners of the Kettle Cuisine prizes: Robin O’S., Sakura C., Leslie M., Jonathan B., Diana C., Rebekah M., Carly G., Shari W., Lindsey, and Tom D. Congrats!
    I will send you an email directly with instructions on claiming your prize.

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