My Boss Is Ruining My Diet!


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K-Swiss Running Shoe Giveway


K-Swiss Blade-Max Glide Running Shoe Giveaway Until a few weeks ago, I haven’t had a pair of K-Swiss sneakers on my fit since six-grade when I was on … [Read more...]

Inspiration to Fitness: How to Eat Mindfully


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Supermarket Secrets You Might Not Know… But Should!

Female checking food labeling in supermarket.

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Game Day Recipe: Entertaining Almonds

spicy almonds HP

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A Souper Giveaway: Kettle Cuisine


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Super Bowl 46: Healthier Game Day Eats


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Paula Deen’s Cooking and Type 2 Diabetes


You've heard all the reports about Paula Dean's announcement on the "Today" show last week about having Type 2 Diabetes and her "Diabetes in a New … [Read more...]