KitchenAid 12-Cup Coffee Maker (A $159.00 SRP!)


KitchenAid Coffee MakerWe’re fans of both coffee and tea at Appetite for Health and drink a lot of both beverages.  Nutritionally, numerous studies show that both coffee and tea provide beneficial antioxidants that provide heart-health benefits and potentially reduced risk for certain cancers.  Now, with new research showing that coffee consumption (and caffeine intake) may help reduce our risk for depression, we had to celebrate the good news with a coffee maker giveaway.

Today’s Freebie, the KitchenAid’s 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker, features a removable water tank that is easily accessible and easy to fill. It’s designed to evenly saturates the coffee grounds for uniform extraction and maximum flavor. The 1 to 4 cup brew cycle automatically adjusts the brewing process to optimize the saturation time for maximum flavor when brewing quantities. And the coffee maker can be programmed to brew up to 24 hours in advance.

Some of its other key features, include:

  • No spill or drip thermal carafe
  • Pause and serve feature
  • Clean alert
  • Digital display and clock
  • Auto shut off
  • Bold coffee selection

One lucky Appetite for Health reader will win the KitchenAid coffee maker.  To enter, tell us how much your a.m. coffee means to you. You must also “Like Us” (we do like you too!) on Facebook.

All AFH terms and conditions apply.

–Julie Upton



  1. Renata says

    For an early morning job, coffee means the world to me everyday! Gets me up & going and keeps me perky through the day! Thanks for all you do and your fabulous giveaways too :)

  2. Jennifer F says

    I enjoy my coffee everday. I cannot wait to finish my walk in the morning to get home to a good cup of java.

  3. Jenefer Lynn says

    I NEED my morning coffee. As a mom of kids with health issues, sometimes we are in the ER until the early morning hours and I still have to get up and take the other kids to school at 7 am. Without my coffee, I am not fit to be part of society lol Plus I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee!

    and I like you on Facebook

  4. Anne Mostella says

    My a.m. coffee means the world to me! I love to smell it brewing, and love even more pouring me a cup–not only do I love it, my family loves it if only for the fact they know what I am like without my morning coffee–it ain’t a pretty picture, lol :)

  5. Patti Noonan says

    I still feel half asleep before my coffee. It’s not an optional thing to start my day off right!

  6. Lisa Puckett says

    If I didn’t have my a.m. coffee I don’t know what I would do. :o) It gives me my get up and go!!

  7. Sarah says

    I wake up at 6:00 a.m. when my husband get home from work. I run 3 miles, come home and take a quick shower, then start school with my kids. By 10:00 a.m. I am ready for ANOTHER cup of coffee!!!

  8. Melanie Gaytan says

    Staying home with a 3 and 4 year old, it is practically a crime to not drink coffee since they seem to pick up on any weakness and use it to their fullest advantage. If you are tired they will tear down the house before you can even get out of your seat

  9. Christina Gardner says

    My coffee is what gets me going at 5AM, my husband even brings it to me in bed! Love him so much!

  10. Eve says

    I love coffee in the morning, have to have freshly made coffee every morning and the best is to wake up for great coffee smell from kitchen!

  11. says

    We have the coffee maker going EARLY and make several pots during the day. We go through coffee pots a lot and would love a new one. :)
    I liked you on facebook quite a long time ago. :)

  12. Jennifer Morgan says

    If I don’t have my morning coffee…I can’t start my day…it’s that simple. I open my eyes and head straight to the coffee maker. I wish I had one that I could program so I wouldn’t have to wait for it to brew. Coffee is my life!

  13. Ellen H. says

    I get up at 6 am and put on a pot coffee, get my daughter ready for school and then I get to sit down with my cup of coffee and share it via phone calls with my mom and sisters (I live 2,500 miles away from them). Coffee is a part of sharing our lives and staying in touch and the way we start our day.

  14. kimberly masseau says

    COFFEE………The smell alone gets ya going. I love that most pots have timers………..I wake up better to the coffee brewing than to the alarm clock :) Avid coffee drinkers we are……….been through three pots this year…….somethings gotta give :)

  15. Sheila Fingerhood says

    I can’t function till I’ve had my morning cup of coffee, I don’t even want to be talked to until I’ve had it.

  16. Lisa Nolen says

    I use to not drink coffee, but really wanted to be a “coffee drinker” so that i could join my friends and hubby drinking a cup. NOW I am a coffee drinker. I LOVE MY cup in the morning. My poor puppy has to wait on me to make a pot before he gets to potty! My coffee pot has broken parts, :( but we still use it, so to win a new one would be so cool and awesome!!! 😀

  17. Erin H. says

    Hmm Lets see my coffee is my everything! It means waking me up, and giving me patience to wake my son up ,he’s a heavy sleeper. Its means letting me remember to give my dog his daily meds, it means getting everything ready to go and get ready for a day with my job, which includes dealing with people allll day long (retail)!Coffee is not only my energy boost but also my water surpressor, when I’m feeling bloated or just down it seems to put me in the best mood! Now winning this would mean everything to me…I just told my boyfriend I needed another one cause my coffee is cold even when the pot is on and you have to put hot water in the pot just to get warm coffee…OMG Winning this coffee machine would bring me sooo much happiness into my morning and even the evening just knowing that when I wake up I will have a nice hot pot of coffee , just sitting there being warm for me to drink!!! PLEASE PICK ME PLEASE PICK ME PLEASSSEEEE!!!!

  18. Michelle Washburn says

    My a,m coffee is so imperative to me that when my coffee pot broke down I was about to cry, I must have my jo to wake me up to face the beautiful day but without my jo to start it , it starts out as not so beautiful. “Bean” the person I am, includes coffee!

  19. Wendy Carrizosa says

    I must have my 2 cups every morning then my 1 cup of iced coffee later in the afternoon, I am totally addicted!

  20. Jessica h says

    My morning coffee wakes me up and gives me that special time with my boyfriend before we go off to work. Plus it gets my metabolism going! Thanks for all the great tips!

  21. Nicole W. says

    I love my coffee in the morning! I just love the warm comfort of it every morning. I sometimes think I should try to cut back, but I don’t drink much alcohol, I don’t smoke, and I generally try to eat well. My coffee is the only vice I have! Nah…I think I’ll keep it. :)

  22. Brenda Hojonski says

    You mean people don’t drink coffee in the morning? Even before I let my cat in the house, my coffee must be brewing. My children know to let me at least drink half my cup before asking for breakfast. Love my coffee!

  23. Kathy Ziegenmier says

    Look up ” not a morning person” in Wikipedia and you will see my photo:). Coffee is the only thing that
    gets me through!! My Husband & I are also coffee snobs and a good coffeemaker is critical?

  24. Jennifer L. says

    I just don’t feel right if I don’t have a cup(s) of coffee in the morning. Coffee is a great way to start your day.

  25. Kelsey says

    I’m a full time college student and part time worker. Even though I don’t like it I am responsible for getting up every morning! The only way for me to make it through is my caffeine!! Right now I am living off gas station coffee. I would love to have my own coffee machine to save money and have better quality coffee!!

  26. Stacy Gordon says

    I would not be able to make it through the day w/o my morning coffee! The first thing I do when I wake up is start brewing coffee. I love a nice hot cup on a cold morning.

  27. Janae says

    Coffee is a staple in our household. When my husband is home he always brings me my cup of coffee when I first wake up. It’s one thing he does to show me how much he loves me.
    We would have a difficult time getting through the day without coffee, my husband likes to say it’s his only vice.

  28. Megan says

    With 2 small children, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. I look forward to my coffee every morning. Brewing coffee is the first thing I do. I’m on autopilot and do it sometimes. I dont know what i’d do without it! It keeps me going and sane!

  29. Karen says

    Tea is my weekday choice for morning beverage, but when the weekend comes, I have to make a pot of coffee. It’s my special treat!

  30. sue says

    Having coffee in the morning, I’m sorry to say doesn’t mean a darn thing to me, as I don’t drink it. BUT if hubby doesn’t have his, OH BOY WATCH OUT! MR GRIZZLY BEAR…..ohhhhhh my! After he gets his “morning nectar” he’s pleasant to be around. One morning we didn’t have ANY coffee in the house & he didn’t speak to me for 2 days. This would make him EXTREMELY happy

  31. Cyndy says

    The only way to get the creative juices flowing…coffee!!! The best reason to get out of bed in the mornings!!!

  32. Heather J. says

    Uh yeah, I’m pretty much a zombie until I have had my morning cup of coffee… My coffee pot is not great so winning this would be AWESOME!

  33. Diana says

    My Morning Coffee means a jump start to the day, a time just to myself where the house is still and calm. A
    “thinking/calming” time before the crazy day begins. I am not complete without my morning cup of joe. Love how the aroma fills the house with such pleasing smells to get you up and smiling to begin the new day. And let’s not forget the jump start push to my am workout (most days)! This would be an awesome win to replace my antique drip pot I currently have!

  34. Michelle Brusyo says

    My A.M. coffee means the difference between a super productive morning and just sitting at my desk staring blankly at my computer from 9-12. Morning coffee is a necessity – one that I thoroughly enjoy!!

  35. Leonor says

    Coffee in the morning is the best. I love to brew a pot up for the family, then with the left overs I make vanilla coffee icecream. :)

  36. amanda says

    My am coffee is sometimes the only thing that gets me through 6 am beginnings if my dietetic internship!

  37. RoseAnn H. says

    My “ME” time is in the mornings… My coffee is what gets me through the day balancing, family, work, and errands… If I dont have my coffee in the mornings, I wont get half the things done on my list… THANK GOODNESS FOR mornings and COFFEE!

  38. Ofelia Guerrero says

    I enjoy daily coffee times with my mom and daughter… Family is so important to me, what great way to bond over delicious coffee.

  39. Jana says

    My husband brings me coffee in bed most times because he knows I am a much happier wife after I have had my coffee! He’s the best!

  40. Heather says

    I didn’t realize how much I missed coffee till my acupuncturist told me no coffee for awhile. I thought coffee unblocks qi :(

  41. Kristin says

    I love my AM coffee so much that I set up the old Corelle stovetop percolator the night before. I love my AM coffee so much I brew it on my old Vesta gas stove. I love my AM coffee so much I buy organic fairtrade beans from my local coop. I love my AM coffee so much I drink a mug of it before I pet my kitty cats or wake my husband. I love my AM coffee! Wouldn’t a programmable fancy thermo coffee pot be great for my AM coffee? Peace!

  42. Ashley says

    I’m definitely a better person when I have my morning coffee 😉 I love the taste, smell and clarity it gives me! Are/were you ladies at FNCE this year??

  43. lindsey n says

    Love the feeling of relaxing holding a nice fresh cup of coffee. It helps me take a moment to relax from everything.

  44. says

    when i get up @ 4;30 in the morning for work i’m staggering with a foggy head to the kitchen, making my way to the COFFEE……. my favorite beverage of choice is COFFEE…… black, with cream, or flavored cream. most favorite is coconut creamer. my husband and i recognize the benefits, and would appreciate a new COFFEE maker, seeings that ours gets used every morning, some evenings when entertaining, definitely a must have kitchenaid COFFEE maker is the BOMB of all.

  45. Joe G says

    Waking up at 10:30PM to go to work in ICU there is a real need for great coffee and a fantastic coffee maker. THANKS!

  46. Shelly P says

    Even after the shower and the kids fumbling about not getting it together, that 1st and 2nd cup just perks me up. I’m ready to start out and get the kids going and handle the rest of my day. With the right “add-ins”, my coffee is so good I just want to have cup after cup after cup.

  47. Pam says

    I absolutely cannot function without my morning coffee! Plus, there is nothing sweeter than sitting on the deck in the early morning, listening to birdsong and sipping my java!!

  48. Athena R says

    Ha! It’s funny I’m entering this contest while having a cup of coffee. My morning cup of joe is what helps get me through the day, especially when I haven’t had enough sleep.

  49. Christine A. says

    I need my coffee first thing when I get up or I get a headache. It helps me wake up and start to think :-)

  50. Sonja Morgan says

    Coffee for me is not a ritual, but a necessity. I drink half-caff (half regular and half decaf) so that my body doesn’t have any withdrawals if I’m without it for a few days. But, it is a necessity because I’ve made a few lifestyle changes that help me eat less. I find that when I have four or five cups of coffee with fat-free half and half, that my stomach fills more full and allows me to lose weight. I’ve lost 27 pounds since I started implementing my coffee (and Katherine’s wonderful tips) and I can’t imagine getting rid of it.

  51. Sandy N says

    Cant start the day without it. Its my jet fuel to kick off the start of my day. Drinking a cup right now!

  52. Denise Kozuch Harakal says

    We need our morning coffee to function. Everyday starts at the latest at 5:30 AM. Coffee is needed in this busy family, just like oxygen.

    I of course “like” you on FB.

  53. Stephanie M says

    Coffee!!! Is there any other morning beverage? :) It’s ready and waiting for me in the morning when I go downstairs.

  54. Joan Garrison says

    Morning coffee is a must in our house. My husband works in construction and fills his thermos every morning. As the family taxi I need my coffee in the mornings too.

  55. Robin O'Sullivan says

    I always start my day with coffee–preferably organic, fair trade beans–and my old stodgy coffee-maker definitely needs to be upgraded. This KitchenAid 12-Cup Coffee Maker looks fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. misty says

    coffee is a life saver at times… having 4 lil kids and one of them is 3 months old.. all you moms out there know how it is right… with all the running around you have to do and evrything else i think most ppl have to have it to run… just gives me the enrgy to get through the day with a smile on my face….

  57. Serena Rebechini says

    Oh my gosh this would be FANTASTIC! I cannot get my day off on the right start with out my Joe! I love supporting positive organizations like my friends who are selling organic coffee to raise money to adopt their next child and a south american women’s group growing organic coffee as a sustainable means to support their families. I drink coffee throughout the day along with lots of water and can’t end my day without a cup of decaf!

  58. Tracy Eastland says

    My morning coffee means that my husband and five kids will have a happy mama in the morning. If mama’s happy then everyone’s happy. 😀

  59. julie c says

    My coffee is a necessity! I can’t get going without it and my brain doesn’t really start full functioning without it! I would love to win this pot!

  60. Nancy L says

    There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning to clean the cobwebs from you mind!! I love the smell of it brewing…it draws you in with it’s warm inviting aroma and you can smell how wonderful that first cup is going to taste!

  61. rhonda hagy-miller says

    “Its the best part of waking up” to borrow a phrase from a coffee company ad..
    It starts with the aroma and ends with pure satisfaction….

  62. Lanieekat says

    Morning coffee means I can function. And by function I mean things like, I can actually find the car keys before my daughter is late for school, I can make breakfast without burning the bagel and without shells in the eggs, i can put two matching shoes on and not trip over the cat that’s begging for a treat.

  63. Barbara Mayes says

    Can’t wake up right without my coffee in the mornings! I drink it to become human again..LOL! I like you too on facebook.

  64. Yen Nguyen says

    My morning cup of coffee gets me to open my eyes and relax because I love the smell and taste with hazelnut coffee creamer.

  65. Jane says

    Hh! Coffee the nectar of the gods! Love making coffee and drinking it up! I really only prefer my home made coffee. I brew some in the morn, chill the left overs for iced coffee in the early afternoon, or when back from a bike ride! I have selected a paint chip that is exactly the color I like, so if my husband makes coffee for me he can add the right amount of 2% milk! I am a bit coffee obsessed !

  66. Shannon Orton says

    Can’t function with out it. I’m pregnant and switched to decaf which still is pretty good. My husband drinks loads of it and if he doesn’t drink it he gets nothing done. Out coffee pot is always brewing and we need a new one!

  67. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    My morning coffee means so much to me that I would NEVER go without it! One time when I was at a Church campout, I had a headache and couldn’t figure out why. A couple hours later, someone mentioned that the coffee was decaf! oh, my goodness–that explained it! I immediately left the campground to go buy a cup of coffee! I don’t drink as much coffee as I use to; however, I drink a couple of cups every morning. I really need a new coffeemaker, because my Mr. Coffee (which is very old) no longer makes or keeps the coffee hot enough for me. Thanks for the giveaway.
    and, I like you on Facebook :)

  68. Kathleen Conner says

    The thought of a good cup of coffee is my primary motivation for getting up in the morning. I can lay there and be thinking about how much I DON’T want to get up, and then I make myself think about how good a cup of coffee would taste, and voila! —>I’m on my feet and moving!

  69. Donna says

    I love my morning coffee. Nothing beats the smell of fresh brewed coffee at 6 AM … or at any time of the day for that matter. I smell coffee and I cannot help but let out a little smile.

  70. Stacey says

    I can’t function without my morning cuppa. I suffer from insomnia and my little dog also likes to wake me up periodically during the night, so my morning cup of joe is an absolute requirement to get me up and at ’em on weekdays.

  71. Pamela Craig says

    I love the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning!!! Not only does it wake me up but it puts me in a good mood! And on mornings when it’s cold outside it helps to give that warm comfy feeling that I need.

  72. colleen fann says

    I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have my morning cup of coffee to start my day! It revs me up before I head to the gym! Plus now research shows that women who drink 2 or more cups a day have a much lower incidence of depression. That may explain why I’m always happy! :) Thanks for this chance to win!

  73. Crystal Miron says

    Just the smell of coffee in the morning is like a broom for those sleepy cobwebs left in my brain. It is the perfect jump start to what almost inevitably ends up being a busy day filled with new challenges. Coffee certainly helps fosters a more pleasant disposition, even if I don’t wake up feeling that way. :)

  74. Tina Barwick says

    I would love to have this coffee maker, I have been drinking instant and I’m not liking that too much. Please I would so appreciate. God bless.

  75. michele malone says

    I like you. :) my morning coffee is plenty important. it helps me get up at 5am to babysit some kids before school, get 4 on the bus, watch a 3 yr old all day, and still have dinner ready when everyone is home. I make about 10 cups a day including what I drink & what hubby takes to work and school with him.

  76. Colleen says

    When I get home from work every night, the first thing that I do is prepare my coffee for the next day and set the timer for my wakeup. I DREAM about coffee and it is the only reason I can wakeup every morning. You may be thinking, “hey, your coffee maker has a timer? You don’t need a new machine because that sounds rather nice”. WELL, I am actually moving out on my own this weekend- I am 24 years old and I currently live at home. If I had this machine for my new apartment, I.WOULD.BE.COMPLETE.

  77. Deena Trogdon says

    Gotta have my coffee in the AM, but I drink it any time of the day! I’m more likely to be dragging at 2:00 in the afternoon.

  78. ferralcat says

    With my coffee in the A.M…….today just ain’t happenin! The kitties hear that coffee maker on auto brew and it gets them goin too!

  79. alyssa.e says

    i LOVE a good cup of coffe in the AM or LATE night when im up all night researching. to win this would be amazing. i would love a nice coffe machine an one that programs way ahead of time is a definite plus! and not to mention the auto shut off for the morning your running late out the door you dont have to be at work going oh no i left my coffe pot on!

  80. Morgan Mitchell says

    My morning coffee means the world to me, if I don’t have a tiny bit of caffiene I get the worst migraines that keep from from pretty much doing anything other than sleeping. It also gives me a chance to relax before my day starts. Having a coffee maker at home would help out huge in the overspending at Starbucks department 😉

  81. Jonathan Buffington says

    Morning coffee is a must! Coffee helps set a nice pace for the morning and gets you to a healthy lunch and a smoother day :-)

  82. Tracy P says

    I have to have my morning coffee!! Its the only thing that wakes me up enough to help my husband find his keys and wallet in the morning!

  83. says

    Knowing there is a freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting in the kitchen every morning is my motivation for getting out of bed in the morning.

  84. Kris says

    I need my morning coffee! It is what motivates me to get up in the morning! I have four kids to get ready so the coffee is needed!!! A couple of cups and I am ready to start my day! Not to mention, I love the aroma of coffee in the morning!!!

  85. Stephanie K says

    My morning coffee hits all five senses and gets me going. I love the smell of freshly ground beans. The sound of my coffee maker spurting and then the dripping of the coffee into the pot makes me anticipate it even more. Seeing my favorite cup full of steaming coffee makes me happy. The warmth of the cup in my hands is ever so wonderful on a cold morning and the taste of a fresh cup first thing in the morning is heavenly!

  86. Danyelle Cotten says

    My morning coffee is extremely important to me as well as a great cup of green tea:)The smell alone is so relaxing and soothing and puts a smile on my face immediately.It wakes me up and makes it so easy to get started on the day ahead.Just smelling the aromas filling the kitchen makes me feel as though I’m being lifted up off the ground and floating on clouds,I find that it helps alot with boosting my mood:)I also really enjoy soaps that also contain coffee because of that wonderful intoxicating smell that I love so much!I would absolutly adore having a great coffee maker such as this to add to my kitchen,it would make for some really great cups of health in a mug:)

  87. Nathalie Braude says

    I love coffee in the morning cause once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep. :)))

  88. Michael says

    My morning coffee means so much to me that I’m willing to sop up a big puddle of water leaked from my Bunn every morning. I’m not really too cheap to replace it… I’m just wavering about replacing it with another (eventually leaky) Bunn, or, maybe venture out to the almost limitless selection of coffee makers from which to choose, and perhaps find myself saying, “…should have bought the Bunn”. However, I could never regret for one moment the day I took the time to post “appetite for health” for the chance to win my Kitchen-Aid coffee maker. Thank you!

  89. Diane Bassette says

    It means the world to me, without that morning jolt …I can’t function correctly! It’s the first thing I do in the morning is head over to the coffee pot and make it! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t start my day with a cup’o’java..(excluding dr. appts, those are a killer) !!!

  90. Dawn says

    Brewing coffee in the morning is the only way to start day. The fragrance of flavored coffee, especially chocolate cherry filling the kitchen can lift spirits. Then enjoying the first cup continues to brighten my outlook for the day. Without the pleasant experience, the rest of the day would be depressing. The health benefits of drinking coffee keep increasing with new research.

  91. says

    I don’t necessarily drink coffee in the morning. It is more of an anytime thing for me! I love the smell and sometimes it is the best thing to help when I have a headache due to weather changes or annoying PMS. Coffee with a bit of coconut milk is just so good!

  92. Andrea says

    Love the aroma and sounds of coffee brewing, bacon sizzling, eggs scrambling and pancakes flipping!! What better way to start a day and to appreciate the simple things in life that make you happy.

  93. Vonda says

    My coffee means it’s time to get started! After my coffee I get to go outside and feed all my critters. I have four dogs, 2 pygmy goats, 1 sow (Sue Ellen), and 10 chickens. I love them all. It all starts with my morning coffee though. Can’t even imagine a day without it. Thanks for the chance. Peace & Love V

  94. Amy Strunk says

    As soon as my eyes open the first thing I do is go straight to the coffee maker and get it started. I do not stop anywhere along the way through the house to the kitchen, It is straight there and get it started. Then I can do whatever else I need ie…go to the BR, feed the pets, so on. I can’t get my morning going right without it. Now that I have some freshly grown mint I have dried out, it has become a treat to now and then to crumble a few leaves up in my ground coffee before I make it. It is a very refreshing zing (kinda kills out some of the coffee breath too ;P). I like my coffee black, no creams or sugars to cover it up. I never let my supply of coffee go depleted, always have it in my cupboard! My coffee maker is a few years old, a new one would do my coffee so much better!

  95. Joan J says

    What better scent is there to pry my eyes open then coffee? Its the only scent that can energize and relax all at the same time.

  96. Alicia says

    In our house a day does not begin without a cup of freshly brewed coffee, our coffee pot is on it’s last leg
    which could mean drinking instant coffee (not the same), I would love to replace our clunker with this KitchenAid
    beauty :)

  97. Kelly L says

    My coffee is a must have in the morning. With a little bit of milk and stevia. MMMMmm. so yummy! It gets me motivated to get the boys ready to start their day. Also motivates me to get my workout on after I drop off my oldest at school. Crossfit and Bodyrock are a part of my daily routine and if coffee wasn’t there I don’t know what I would do. :)

  98. Pat Pelland says

    Coffee is an essential part of my morning. When traveling I even bring extra coffee for my hotel just in case. Usually the little packet isn’t enough! Facebook follower!

  99. Theresa says

    a cup of very good bold coffee gets me up and going every morning. Without it, I would still be sleeping
    someone said: “A morning without coffee is like……sleep”

  100. Eva D says

    My morning coffee is everything to me in the morning. I love sipping a cup while spending a few minutes by myself before waking up the kids and starting the rush of the day. I dont think I could get through it without that first cup

  101. Meg Bressette says

    My morning coffee is very important to me. I buy freshly roasted coffee beans, grind before brewing and look forward to that first cup every single day. My coffee cup says “All the coffee beans in Columbia won’t make a morning person out of me” and my avatar on FB says “I haven’t had my coffee yet. Don’t make me kill you” LOL.
    Aside from coffees obvious health benefits it is such a wonderful way to start the day.

  102. Corinne B says

    My husband is the big coffee drinker, but his morning cup means that he is relaxed, alert and functional for his commute to work. I worry when he misses his daily cup.

  103. says

    As much as I have been fighting off the need for coffee, I have just recently given in. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, which makes me very tired for most of the year, so coffee can be a helpful pick-me-up both in the morning and later in the day.

  104. Kate Holzhauser says

    I start my day at 5:30 a.m. My morning coffee is as essential to me as any of the tools of my trade. No coffee, workee!

  105. Tamma Borzotra says

    I enjoy coffee all day long! with the rising prices of coffee this win would sure help out a lot! I could use a nice new coffee maker!

  106. melissa walker says

    I have insomnia and my 2 yr old shares it with me. Some nights/ days I am getting to sleep at 4 am and have to wake back up at 6 to get my oldest son up and ready for school. Those are the days when coffee is my best friend. There’s nothing like the smell to wake me up and the caffine gives a much needed boost.

  107. says

    I absolutely love my coffee in the morning. I love the smell of coffee brewing, the first sip of the perfect cup and how it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Its a little comfort as I start my day. <3

  108. Lori Williams says

    My morning coffee means so much to me because it is the start of a new day, and the time when me and my wonderful husband get to sit down together, sip our coffee while we read the word of God and talk about how blessed we are, all before he heads off to work for the day. Then, when I sit down for my afternoon coffee, it helps me to remember my husband in my prayers, and to think about how God has blessed me with such a great husband. Coffee in the morning is such a blessing throughout the day!! Thanks!!

  109. Tonja says

    I grab coffee everymorning, but waste a lot of money because I do not own a coffee maker. For some reason it seems easier to spend $4 on a cup of coffee every morning than it does to purchase a coffee maker. But the morning cup gives a fresh perspective to the day and new hope. I do not know how it does it, but it seems to have the power to heal and make things bright.

  110. Jill Hensley says

    Coffee…. YUMMMMMM! I love coffee on these wonderful fall mornings. It not only wakes me up, it makes my insides warm! GO COFEEEEE

  111. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    My husband and I love our coffee! The aroma alone in the morning is a soothing, welcoming scent that lures me out of bed. That time in the morning where we can sit and chat over a cuppa joe is the time of day we can enjoy each other’s company without distraction. That is so important to both of us!

  112. sena craciun says

    I love coffee because it is warm sunshine on cold days….not to mention is helps keep me alert during class

  113. leigh ann stack says

    I live for my coffee in the morning. Without it I am a hot mess!! Can’t think or move too fast without it.

  114. says

    My morning coffee really gets me on the right track for the day. The caffeine helps with my migraines and the coffee helps with my breathing. My allergies have triggered my asthma a bit more lately, so I tend to have my coffee before I do much more. Plus, the coffee I buy supports adoption of international orphans! Who knew coffee could do so much? Coffee maker looks awesome!

  115. Susan Hickey says

    Coffee in the a.m. is the only thing that gets me going. Just the smell of it in the morning makes me happy!

  116. jaimee wood says

    My morning coffee is everything. When the kids were little, I’d say there’s two things you DON’T run out of at my house- COFFEE and DIAPERS. Being out of either is/was not a pretty sight! Already like you on FB

  117. says

    Love the smell of coffee in the morning! Mine has to have add-ins (cream or creamer, sugar), but it’s so much better that way! My husband drinks his black, but we both love it, especially in the fall and winter when it’s cool outside, a hot cup of coffee is awesome :)

  118. Sarina Silvers says

    I cannot, I repeat- I cannot function in the morning without my coffee! I literally stumble around like a drunk person until I get that first sip of coffee. After that, the day sails through! Then I hit my afternoon slump, and another cup fixes me right up!
    Can I also add that my coffee maker pootered out on me so I’ve been drinking INSTANT!! ; )

  119. Teresa F says

    I actually enjoy my coffee in the evenings when the kids are in bed and I’m enjoying my Facebook “ME” time. Thank you.

  120. Gina Sandoval says

    NEED my coffee in the morning, tried giving it up, even got rid of coffeemaker. That did not work out, I’m back to coffee and using a small tiny thing. So need this!

  121. Keely Purvis says

    As a college student, coffee helps me get going… especially since I have an early morning math class 4 days a week. :)

  122. Josh says

    As a medical student, my a.m. coffee is absolutely essential…as is my mid-morning, lunch, p.m, and evening cups as well :) I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day without it!

  123. Michele says

    Here’s how much my A.M. coffee means to me: I stumble out of bed, drop my son off at school at 7:30a.m., and am in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through line before 8AM every morning. It’s not a quick drive-thru either …usually end up sitting in line about 10 mins.+ w/the morning rush ..but I’ve never driven away w/out my coffee! Would love to have a beautiful new coffee maker of my very own to brew up some DD coffee at home!

  124. Melinda Singer says

    As they say the best part of waking up is “coffee” in your cup! I love the aroma of coffee beans grinding, coffee brewing and coffee steaming in my cup. Of course I’m a facebook and twitter follower!

  125. Steve Robinson says

    You can’t. Gave really good coffee without a great coffee maker, really good filtered water and fresh ground beans!!!!!

  126. Karen Gray says

    So many people use coffee to keep them awake. I find it so soothing that I just want to crawl back in bed. It does help me stay calm and start my day off on the right foot though so that is why I LOVE my morning coffee!

  127. Julia Thomsen says

    Well, what can I say….I have a three year old and and three month old and a husband (and he is out of work so he is home, all the time). There, I think that pretty much sums up my need for a morning brew. Thanks for the chance to win, I never win anything but cheers to another chance :-)

  128. says




  129. Matthew B says

    I love my AM coffee, it means i get up and active instead of just chillin around for an hour. that boost of energy really jumpstarts my day!
    matthew B

  130. Cynthia Matz-Smith says

    My KitchenAid Coffee appliance came in today. Looking forward to re-assembling my kitchen so I can use it. Thanks much!

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