A Month’s Supply of Pretzel Crisps

Want a pretzel? Want a Chip? Have both!Pretzel Crisps

One of my favorite go-to snacks these days is Pretzel Crisps. I love pretzels but like the thinness of chips, so pretzel crisps combine the best of both. And, Original Pretzel Crisps have 110 calories, no fat, 1 gram fiber and 3 grams protein compared to 150 calories and 10 grams of fat in regular potato chips. They’re  a calorie bargain that you can enjoy as an anytime snack.

Pretzel Crisps come in great flavors like Original,  Garlic Parmesan, Everything and Sesame, among others.  My favorites are  Garlic Parmesan and Sesame.  They go great on their own, with hummus or with a traditional spinach or Ranch dips.(I make mine with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.).  Everyone loves them and they never seem to miss fried potato chips or fatty crackers. If you have a tailgate party or a dude in the house who loves Game Day, try the Buffalo Wing flavor…that flavor has been a hit with the men I know.

Ten lucky Appetite for Health readers will win a month’s supply of Pretzel Crisps (one bag each: Original, Sesame, Garlic Parmesan and Everything).  To enter, tell us which Crisp you like best and your favorite time to snack on these crispy delights. You must also “Friend” us on Facebook.  Winners will be announced on our Facbook page Sunday, October 2.

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  1. Shevonne Sayers says

    I absolutly love the “everything ” Pretzel Crisps! I work at a desk all day and the temptation to snack can’t always be avoided , not only are they absolutly delicious ,but I can feel ok about munching on a stack and not blow my whole days worth of calories!

  2. Jenefer Lynn says

    I love the Sesame ones for the morning/early lunch time, and have to have the everything ones for an afternoon snack!

  3. Meiko says

    I the regular one only because of the diversity of dipping it in Nutella, creamcheese and fruit, cheese dips with jalepeno or hummus, peanut or nut butters; it’s endless on your options… I would love to try the other flavors listed above to explore these flavors and what you can combine them with. I am a subscriber and have you as a friend on FB

  4. Beth M. says

    I LOVE pretzel crisps! Especially the Everything flavors! Pretzel crisps are perfect for any occasion parties to serve with dips such as hummus, cream cheese and salsa or even guac or to serve for an appetizer at a holiday dinner with sliced cheese and apples. I am interested in trying the Sesame flavor! Yumm! Thanks for the opportunity and I am def a FB fan! :)

  5. Athena R says

    These are so delicious. I like the Garlic Parmesan, and they best time to snack on these is anytime.

  6. Michelle D. says

    Yum I’d love to try the garlic Parmesan! I’m just as much a football fan as any guy and always have great snacks and appetizers out while watching the games. And I am already a facebook fan:)

  7. Joe G says

    I like you on facebook and would really like to try the “Everything” pretzel crisps. They sound tasty!

  8. michele malone says

    I haven’t had them before, but jalapeno jack sounds wonderful! I like you on facebook (and them too!)

  9. priscilla hogrewe says

    I love the pretzel ones! We pack them up and take them as snacks anytime we go out. Much better for my daughter then chips :)

  10. Renata says

    Sesame sounds delish! And the perfect time for me to snack on these would be lunchtime as a healthy alternative to potato chips ~ and still satisfies my salt craving! :) Thanks so much!

  11. Lucy Tsitrin says

    I love the original Pretzel Crisps & always have them in the car in case I am stuck in traffic and I also have them at home with hummus & cucumber/dill mix too-yummy!!! :)

  12. Erin H. says

    WOW well I’ve never had pretzel chips before but they look yummy and from what I hear from here they taste yummy too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!Yay for contests

  13. Michelle Joslyn says

    We like original, you can top it, or scoop it with almost anything. The possibilities are endless. Anytime we need a snack is our time for Pretzel Chips.

  14. Serena Rebechini says

    The sesame is fantastic. We LOVE these at our house especially with hummus. My kids just wolf them down!

  15. Ashley C. says

    I love the “Everything” flavor…mostly because I can never make up my mind :) They’re so good it’s hard to choose!

  16. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    My favorite are the Original; however, I also really love the “Everything” Pretzel Crisps. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I like you on Facebook :)

  17. Tami says

    I love to have a little snack just before I start making dinner. I’m always hungry when I get home, and a few of the everything variety do the trick.

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