A Month’s Supply of Chobani!

Chobani Champions

Chobani is one of our favorite brands of Greek yogurt. I always put a big spoonful of it on my oatmeal in the a.m. to boost the protein of my breakfast to help keep me satisfied longer. I also find that having Greek yogurt with fresh or dried fruit makes one of the most satisfying snacks.

We love how much passion and pride everyone we’ve met from Chobani has for the yogurt they make. And rightly so—they’re Greek yogurt is as delicious as it is nutritious.

We’re friends with Nicki Briggs, MS, RD, the Director of Communications at Chobani. As the in-house Registered Dietitian, Nicki is in charge of spreading Greek yogurt nutrition love. (Check out some of her videos in the Chobani Kitchen where she shows you how to whip up great tasting and healthy dishes with Chobani Greek yogurt.)

Greek yogurts are superfoods in our book because they are so nutritious.  And for some that may not know, “Greek” yogurt doesn’t mean it comes from Greece, it just describes how it’s made.  Unlike other yogurt, Greek yogurt is strained, which makes it thicker and richer tasting, but it also means the yogurt generally has more protein.

Chobani’s centuries-old straining technique creates yogurt that has two times more protein than regular yogurt, and less sodium, sugar and carbohydrates in general.  Their plain yogurts are made from two ingredients: milk and live active cultures.  For their flavored varieties, they add fruit and evaporated cane juice.

Chobani yogurt is also….

·      All natural. (It has no preservatives or artificial flavors.)
·      Free of synthetic growth hormones. (Milk from cows not treated with rBST)
·      Contains 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
·      Made with real fruit.
·      A good source of bone-building calcium.
·      Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
·      Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

Chobani created Champions as the first Greek yogurt for children. Champions comes in two yummy flavors that your kids will love, VeryBerry and Honey-Nana.  In addition to their traditional yogurt cups, I also buy the larger, 16 oz and 32 oz containers that I use to make healthier baked goods, dips and sauces.

Three winners today will win a case (yes case!) of Chobani Champions.

To enter, you must “Friend” us on the Appetite for Health Facebook page and leave a comment below expressing your love for Chobani.

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  1. says

    I’m definitely chobsessed. Wrote a post about it on my blog actually. I eat Chobani everyday. Often twice a day. Sometimes 3 times a day. I bought a case of Chobani 2 days ago at BJ’s and just bought ten more today because I saw it on sale at the grocery store.

  2. Alesia says

    I’ve never had Chobani, but I don’t think I’ve seen it in my local grocery store. I would love to try it. It sounds delicious! And healthy! And looks like just about everything I’ve been looking for in a yogurt.

  3. Claudia Smigel says

    <3 <3 <3 <3 Chobani for Breakfast because it is so satisfying for a Breakfast on the go. i use it also as in between snacks.

  4. Monique Bilbo says

    I’m just now learning about Chobani yogurt, thank you for the chance to really try it out!! I’m grabbing some tomorrow from the grocery store to try it. Thank you!!

  5. Alida Nattresss says

    My husband loved yogurt but, you know the kind, the sweet pudding stuff that wasn’t really yogurt. With our son being a fine dining chef, we’ve developed better palates and that sweet stuff just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I introduced hubby to Chobani and it’s love once again – for Chobani, and well, for me too! Thanks for such a great product.

  6. Danyelle Cotten says

    Chobani yogurt makes the best tasting treat for when you need a little something to eat in place of sweets:)

  7. Carrie D says

    This looks so yummy! I’m going to have to try it! I love the variety of flavors they offer.

  8. says

    Chobani is the best Greek yogurt! I love the variety of flavors! I eat it alone or topped with my favorite granola and it’s always super delicious! My family loves it too. Would love to win this, it would save me a good amount of money to not have to buy it myself for a month! :)

  9. Stephanie Littooy Watson says

    I love Chobani! It is the only Greek yogurt my husband will eat! I would love to get a case to enjoy!

  10. Serena Rebechini says

    I LOOOOVE Chobani yogurt. It’s part of my daily smoothie ritual. Favorites are hard to choose but mango and pineapple top the list!

  11. michele malone says

    we absolutely LOVE chobani in this house. fortunately, everyone has their own favorite flavors, so we don’t fight over them (too much.) hubby’s favorite is the peach, my son loves the strawberry, my daughter gobbles up the cherry, & I go between the lemon and pom with a little granola or cereal mixed in. if I won, you’d have 4 very happy snackers!!!

  12. Lindsay says

    I eat Chobani every morning! It’s a great way to stay full and keeps me from craving junk food throughout the day!

  13. says

    liked you on facebook!
    what a great giveaway.
    Chobani is such a great yogurt and i LOVE their pomegranate flavor. One of the only greek yogurts that make it! i have yogurt every morning with fruit and Chobani is definitely present in my fridge!!

  14. Kait P. says

    My entire family LOVES Chobani! I’m vegetarian, so the high protein is great for me. My husband and son also love the flavors and the thick, creamy texture. So delicious!!

  15. Sameera says


  16. says

    I love the thicker, creamier texture of Greek yoghurts. Chobani is the best one I’ve tried. My favorite is plain, to which I add my own honey and vanilla, but both their Honey and their Vanilla flavours come in a very close second! Can’t wait to try the Champion variety for myself (and see if the kids will eat it) next time I hit the store. (Or if I win!)

  17. Nancy Holland says

    I love this brand. Chobani tastes fantastic and is not too sweet. I really hope I win!!

  18. Michele David says

    My daughter moved into her dorm for her freshman year at college yesterday, and we stocked her mini-fridge (as many as we could fit!) with Chobani Very Berry..which I had read about on your website this week. We are Chobani converts! Love it- =)

  19. Carol says

    I am obsessed with Chobani!! I can’t believe I ever ate that “other” kind of yogurt. It isn’t really yogurt at all to me. :)

  20. Yen Nguyen says

    I’m a facebook fan and I’ve heard all kinds of great compliments about Chobani so I can’t wait to try it :)

  21. alisha says

    thanks for such an awesome giveaway! chobani’s wonderfully versatile and delicious. can’t wait to try these new flavors! keep up the good work!

  22. Maura says

    I’ve been eating Chobani for lunch for almost a year now. I especially like the non-fat plain with my own added honey. I combine it with whatever fruit is in season, or granola for interest and it is very filling. With 18 grams of protein and no fat, you really can’t go wrong! It’s the best new food I’ve tried in a long time.

  23. says

    Winners of the Chobani from yesterday are

    Sameera, Cecillia and Shauna

    You’ll receive an email offline to claim your prize…

  24. Megan T says

    I love Chobani. I’ve never found a flavor I don’t like and the Champions are yummy too!

  25. Sakura Cusie says

    Please please please pick me. I love greek yogurt & if I crave something I rather it be healthy . Mango, ooooooh & honey on the side oh strawberry banana Oh they are ALL Fantastic

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