Win a Vitamix 5200 (…worth $449.00!)

Vitamix 5200 Blender

You’ve repeatedly asked us for a Vitamix giveaway, so today’s your day.  If you need blender that can do it all, enter to win a Vitamix 5200.


The Vitamix 5200 is the new standard for high performance blending.  To help you save time in the kitchen, the 5200 helps make nutritious meals in minutes and offers quick, easy clean up. Make wonderful smoothies, soups, nut butters, almond milk, sorbets and hundreds of other healthy treats using nutritious whole foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds with the Vitamix. You’ll even be able to try our endless smoothie recipes from our mix-n-match recipe guide.

The Vitamix 5200 features a custom-designed, efficient 2-peak HP motor and soft touch switches and dial and has a durable, state-of-the-art 64-oz. BPA Free container.

The easy-to-remove 2-part lid features a twist-off lid plug, conveniently marked with measurements – perfect for adding ingredients while the machine is running.

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a Whole Food cookbook with 200 delicious and nutritious recipes.

One AFH reader will win the $449.00 Vitamix 5200. To enter, you need to “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website and leave a comment below about what you’d make with your own Vitamix 5200.  Also, the more referrals you send to Like us on FB, the higher you’ll rank in the giveaway.  Make sure to provide us the “handles” of those who you get to Like us.

All AFH terms and conditions apply

–Julie Upton


  1. Carol S. says

    I’ve wanted one of these for quite a while – I heard you can even make juice with these! I would use it to make healthy meals. I’ve recently become a vegetarian and would also like to incorporate more “raw” eating into my diet. A lot of the recipes in the new Raw cookbook I purchased call for prepping them in a Vitamix. My current blender isn’t powerful enough.

  2. London Ingoglia says

    Breakfast and energy drinks for sure. My blender never seems to give me the right consistency. I am hooked on spinach blended in my drinks so this blender would be perfect. : )

  3. Bobbie says

    I would be making a lot of Smoothies and “Hot” Soup!!!!!!! Pizza dough, cookies, bread and many other things!!!! I have wanted one for about a year or more since I saw it demonstrated at Costco! This is the “Cadillac” of blenders!!! Oh please pick me!!!! 😉

  4. Nicolle says

    I would love to have one of these. I could use them for many purposes. Daily I make shakes after the gym. Protein shakes. I could use this to make shakes, smoothies and blend eggs for omelets and meals for my husband. I would use this virtually daily.

  5. Laura says

    I signed up for the newsletter and I was already a fan on Facebook. I would make soup and vegan shakes with my Vitamix!

  6. michele malone says

    I like and am subscribed. I’d use it to pure fruit for preserves, veggies for soups, and ice for margaritas!

  7. Anita says

    I would make smoothies and healthy frappacinos along with homemade soups. I would love to have one of these!!

  8. Danielle Tawa says

    I would love to make soup and nut butters with one of those! I love making vegetable and bean soups and it looks like it would be great!

  9. Azar ATTURA says

    I would make smoothies, I would blend tofu with pumpkin and other ingredients to make Pumpkin “Cheese”cake, and I would puree beets to make cold borscht.

  10. Marisa says


    I would be creating my own protein smoothie, my own sorbet, and definitely my own almond milk! I didn’t know this blender existed but for this health nut, it would be a blessing to be able to create my own healthy foods!

    Thanks for the contest, what a great prize! :)

  11. Kathy Z. says

    Smoothies, Smoothies, and more Smoothies!! Also I could use it to
    Puree fruit for frozen yogurt in my ice cream maker.

  12. says

    I get the newsletter and am already a fan. I’ve been looking at all the things other people would make and I just have to say “yes!” although I am a big smoothie nut. But I’d be able to expand my horizons with such an awesome blender!!

  13. Meredith Nichols says

    I would love one!! I would make my kids fave smoothies and my shakes =)

  14. Katy G says

    I recently burned out my blender making “green” smoothies, which I made about 3 times per week for me and my girls. I’m really craving those green smoothies! It was one of the easiest ways to start the day with fruits and veggies. I haven’t picked up a replacement blender yet, and have been dreaming of getting a Vitamix!

  15. says

    It’s not a question of what could i make because it can do almost anything! Whole food smoothies, nut butters, ice creams & soups… I think my recipes are already fighting with eachother to see what would be made first!

  16. Sherwin J says

    I would love to have this! It would help with making delicious smoothies before and after my workouts!

  17. says

    Remember to refer your friends to our FB page and tell us who you referred. This giveaway is tied to how many referrals you give to our FB page.


  18. Tammy says

    I’ve “liked” for a long time and subscribe. I would make juice, juice, and more juice!! And then try all sorts of healthy recipes…I don’t even have a regular blender or food processor. It would be a like cooking in a dream!

  19. says

    I love to make homemade, organic soups, smoothies, and sauces. It is difficult to find quality blenders. This would be a great addition to my transition to a whole foods, organic lifestyle. I feel so much better inside and outside now that I have switched to whole foods so what better way to expand what I am able to make at home!

  20. Heather Jandusay says

    Wow, what a wonderful prize! I have wanted one of these FOREVER! I have heard so many great things about Vitamix blenders and I would make lots of yummy things! Smoothies, shakes and soups!!!

  21. Becky says

    I know it’s not adventurous, but my house is a smoothie factory with three growing boys to feed! Smoothies are our go-to snack, breakfast, addition to many a meal! This blender would make it so fast and efficient, and I can always get into the million other things it does!

  22. Mary Andress says

    I like making smoothies and with this bad boy I would try making homemade nut butter. I love cashew nut butter!!

  23. says

    Fresh soups, smoothies, real ice cream, Oh My! I promise you that I am pretty positive there will be so much more made in this wonderful addition to our family kitchen!!! I’ve done all that I was supposed to, so I hope that means the Collins Family is entered!!!

  24. jeannesoko says

    I would have a absloute blast creating summer treats! Smooothies with my favorite Chobani yogurt. I would make healthy snacks for my son. Last but not least, some frosty bevrages for all my friends with lot’s of fresh fruits!!YUM!!!

  25. Dana Buck says

    I would make homemade soups and smoothies and I would try my hand at making nut butters :o) The possibilities are endless!

  26. Brenda Sutton says

    Oh, this would be wonderful to have. Have always wanted one but they are just too expensive. After Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) I would certainly be able to make my shakes and other nutrious items. Thank you for the opportunity. I Like you on Facebook and subscrbe to your e-mails.

  27. Jenefer Lynn says

    Not only do I like you on Facebook, but I love you – seriously – such great bits of info, recipes, advice, and of course giveaways :)

  28. Jenefer Lynn says

    I would love to make smoothies with the Vitamix 5200. My kids will drink just about any kind of smoothie, so it would be nice to have something to make some with so I can toss in all kinds of healthy things for them without them knowing. Plus, who doesn’t love a good smoothie?

  29. Sara says

    I make smoothies every morning with a really standard blender. The vitamix would be awesome! :) Love ya on Facebook :)

  30. Ruth Cirillo says

    I’ve ‘liked’ you on FB and I just signed up for the newsletter. Would love to make margaritas with this blender!

  31. Jennifer F says

    I would blend up some smoothies. They would be great and healthy. I would be able to blend in spinach and have it blended well.

  32. carrie scrivanich says

    I think I could and would make just about anything with this “special” amazing blender :)

  33. Kevin hanson says

    It isnso difficult to find blenders that have adequate speeds and power to do good smoothies. This machine looks like it would be great to do the various healthy options such as smoothies, nut butters, shakes and milks (which i haven’t tried yet). Someone is going to be lucky to get this!

  34. Tiffany says

    Smoothies, vegan ice cream and all kinds of fun stuff! I’d love to try out their recipes…

  35. Katie Y says

    I like you on facebook, not sure how to sign up for the newsletter yet (still working on that), and with the VitaMix I would make tons of smoothies. Fruit & Veggie smoothies are the only way I can get my son to eat fruits and veggies. I have also seen demostrations on making sorbet, I would like to make some of that too.

  36. Shelly Rogers says

    Of course the options are limitless but I would love to have one of these to make homemade applesauce!

  37. elizabeth says

    I’ll be honest. I’d make margaritas. My friends got one of these and they blend so well! Amazing giveaway!

  38. Veronica says

    I make smoothies every morning and our blender is on the fritz. So, we could definitely use another one. I am just getting started on Visalus protein shakes and can’t wait to make more of those! I would love to win this!

  39. Beth M. says

    Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for so long! I would make SO much with a Vitamix blender. I would probably end up killing it before it’s 30 years life spand is up! I would make everything like smoothies out the wozoo that are smoooth and creamy and NOT so chunky. I would make raw soups, vegan whipped cream, dips such as hummus or baba ganouj. Oh how I would love to blend raw veggies into a smooth juice so that I get all the fiber found in the “flesh” of vegetables! *fingers crossed* 😉

  40. Lawana Whaley says

    My old blender does not do a very good job anymore. Would love to have one that really works well!

  41. Grace Lin says

    Wow, this would be a great gift for my mom! Especially since she’s crazy about smoothies!

  42. Denise Bigley says

    I liked Appetiate for Health on FB and get your newsletter

    I would like to make healthy veggie drinks and smoothies

  43. jessie Goltz says

    I would like to make more healthy drinks, and natural “juices” with the meaty parts of the fruit ground so smooth.. I would make smoothies and sauces, and soups, margartias, and frozen frapiccinos and more.
    I am a fb fan, and i get the newsletter.

  44. Megan Ancheta says

    I would use the Vitamix to replace my KitchenAid blender (which has failed me miserably!!). I’ve blown the gasket out on it twice and am completely unhappy with it (it’s leaking out the bottom)! I have two little girls with allergies and follow a limited medical diet. I am constantly making smoothies and “mock cheese sauce” for my girls. Please pick me!! I need a Vitamix DESPERATELY!!!

  45. Diana says

    I would soooo love the Vitamix win! I would make fresh juices daily as well as smoothies and fresh seasonal soups. I have major digestive issues and most of my meals as of lte have had to be more liquid form for easy digestion and this sure would make life easier for me to be able to get a change in menu and to have the ability to use such a great gizmo to pack in my daily nutrients. Thanks for this awesome opportunity ladies!!!

  46. Priscilla says

    Like on Facebook and on your newsletter. I would love to win this because I would mix my own shakes in the morning! Making better morning choices =]

  47. jr says

    i would make smoothies, gazpacho and the occassional drink. since i am diabetic i tend to want to try different foods and different ways to prepare it without getting burn out. so this would be get for me.

  48. Sarah S says

    I have been wanting to make almond milk, whole fruit smoothies, can my own spaghetti sauce and salsa and so many more ideas! My blender is mediocre at best, this would be fabulous!!!

  49. bridget says

    I would make yummy protein smoothies and dressings and pesto sauces for pasta and chicken …. then soups too … the sky is the limit with one of these!

  50. says

    If I won a VitaMix, I would use it to make healthy smoothies, juices and snacks to help fight off my family’s tendency towards diabetes. I’m already trying to lose weight, but I’ve always found smoothies to be an effective way to get balanced, healthy snacks into my diet. However, our blender can’t handle the strain of making smoothies anymore so we could use a new one.

  51. Kathy says

    With my own Vitamix 5200 I would make lots of smoothies, chilled soups for summer, and so much more. We’ve burned through many blenders and I would love to have a high quality one like the Vitamix. My aunt used a Vitamix when I was a child (in the 70’s) and I believe she still uses it to this day. She made delicious pancake batter for silver dollar pancakes in hers.

  52. Andrea says

    I would make green smoothies…all day, every day!! Spinach based, with seeds, nuts, oils, and fruit. :)

  53. Donna D says

    A Vitamix 5200 *Smiles*
    I would so much LOVE to win this, gosh what would I use it for, Everything, this would help my low fat healthy eating so much.. I could make my own Salsa, my own healthy Smoothies, this would even chop a pineapple like nothing, and greens I could add any veggie I want, I could make my own nut butters and be in control of what’s really in them.
    I do like you on facebook and I did sign up for your newsletter again just to make sure. And I sure hope you keep me in mind when you get ready to pick the winner, because I would love to have this setting on my counter and I would use it everyday.

  54. Denise says

    I would make all the recipes on Elana Amsterdam’s gluten free recipe blog. She has a Vitamix and most of her recipes are best with them

  55. Babs Mendiola says

    Ice cold fresh fruit smoothies and fiber rich vegetable juices would be the obvious tops in hot summer weather. Of course, ice cream and sorbet would be a fabulous treat, as well.
    Hot winter harvest soups would be right after that. They would go great with freshly baked bread, but don’t think I could wait until cold weather for bread, so would make fresh almond and cashew butter to spread on it this summer. And I love making spreadable butter by combining extra virgin olive oil with butter and pouring it into refrigerator dishes. Clean-up would be super easy!
    What about fresh hummus? Sounds great, as well. So many great ideas come flooding to mind.

  56. Laura says

    I would make smoothies full of fresh raw veggies and fruits. I desperately need this for my health.

  57. Jonathan Buffington says

    Wow…making smoothies would be awesome with this machine. Have been using an old blender…BUMMER! Had a cantalope volunteer in my garden and have been overwhelmed with them, this would help alleviate that problem. As for likes….lets see if I can remember them all…Bobby Gray, Robin Ward, Anna Ward, Bridget Weeks, Christy Matthews, and I emailed your link to all my friends and family but couldn’t tell ya which ones were wise and joined AFH. Thanks Julie and Katherine, we are doing great here!:-)

  58. betsy says

    Like you on FB. My husband killed our last blender can’t wait to start making smoothies again.

  59. says

    I have been dreaming of this Vitamix since my pregnancy when I vowed to make all my own baby food.
    I want to start making my own vegetable juice with less sodium and of course would like to experiment with making fresh Peanut Butter. I could go on, but those would be my top three.
    Thanks, I Love your site :-)

  60. Gretchen Douglas says

    I’d make healthy fruit smoothies with flax seed. Since I use frozen fruit, I need a SERIOUS blender, like the Vitamix 5200.

  61. SANDY says

    have seen the commercials for it- love it does it all- hot healthy soup in minutes, fresh juice and more- love it

  62. says

    I would take the opportunity to broaden my horizon for protein smoothies. Explore the different vitamin drinks/juices that you can make using fruit and vegetables helping to get my family on the healthy train. My family needs a little boost and I think this will be the trick.

  63. Meiko says

    I LIKE on FB, subscriber and would use the Vitamix to create wonderful gazpacho, chilled soups, sauces and marinades, juicing as many fruits and vibrant rich colorful vegetables together such as apple, beets, kale, spinach and ginger with lemon this is a great cleansing antioxidant and vitamin packed nutritional drink as well and to make home made sorbets with no sugar and syrups to add only the goodness of fruits, ice, lemon and berries.

  64. Thelma says

    I was in an accident and can not stand long enough to prepare mals . I would like it to prepare nutrious meals . I had the old Vita Mix many years ago and could do everything but make carrot juice . I need this so bad.

  65. Nathaniel says

    I like you on Facebook and also subscribe to the newsletter. I would make lots and lots of smoothies for recovery drinks after my long and hard bike and run workouts.

  66. Renata says

    I would love to try vegetable green smoothies with the Vitamix! Currently my blender needs to be replaced too since even fruits seem to be a chore on its blades. This is perfect timing! :)

  67. Renata says

    Also I follow you all on Twitter, Facebook and the email newsletter and thank you for all your nutritious information, tips and tricks! :)

  68. Georgiana says

    Would love to try smoothies, soups and veggie juices in this fabulous machine! Thanks for sponsoring a wonderful giveaway — it’s like Christmas in July! :)

  69. nicole says

    I would love to try out some new fruit smoothies or some veggie juice concoction.

  70. Christopher Sorel says

    strawberry or blueberry with banana smoothies. Darn hot out and cool off with one

  71. Amanda says

    I already make a daily smoothie, so this would be a real helper for that! Plus there are so many great recipes out there that call for the Vitamix… I can’t wait to try them all!! 😉

  72. Katie Brown says

    If I won this blender I would make one of my favorite smoothies..

    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 large scoop All the Whey chocolate protein powder
    ¾ c. almond milk
    ½ tbsp. cocoa powder
    6 ice cubes

    The result was a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  73. Marisa Crooks says

    I’ve liked you for a while :) hope to win!! I’ve wanted one for a really long time!

  74. Serena Rebechini says

    This is great! I make smoothies every morning along with soups and sauces for meals durning the week and have burned through several blenders!

  75. says

    The number of things that I would make with this… oh, just to start there’d be smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, soups (hot & cold), and sauces. I would also love to use something like this for when I do canning, making fruit butters and even some salsas!

  76. Laurie W. says

    I’m SO excited for this giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity!! I follow you on twitter, recieve the newsletter, and like Appetite for Health on Facebook. With this wonderful blender I plan to experiment more with my breakfast smoothies. I would love to try some of the mix and match recipes that you posted over the weekend. I think I’ll start with a strawberry, banana, kale, almond milk smoothie topped with granola. YUM! Thanks again. Laurie W

  77. Megan says

    I have always wanted this for making almond butter and healthier nutella! My food processor isn’t that strong and I always come across recipes for amazing almond butter blends! Having this would allow me to skip the 45 minute drive to TJs every month or so in order to stock up!

  78. Renee says

    This would be great for green smoothies with veggies, fruits and protein powder — I need a blender too as my old one didn’t survive my last move. Thanks for the giveaway as I was referred by Renata. I’m also a twitter, facebook, email subscriber.

  79. jessica h says

    I would use this to make delicious healthy smoothies!!! I used to use one at my old job and dream of owning my own!

  80. says

    Every smoothie bar I ever go to around here uses Vitamix blenders. I love to make smoothies at home, but my blender is lacking the speed and power of the Vitamix. I can never get the texture right!

  81. says

    Tried to go cheaper with the bullet version of a vitamix and it gets stuck when I do large fruit. Would love to do some compare videos that show what I can do better with the Vitamix! 😀

  82. Roger P says

    Since its the summer, I would use the vita mix for some great cold smoothies or raw soups!

  83. says

    I’ve followed (“liked”) your facebook page, and just signed up for your newsletter. If I won, I’d use the Vitamix to make lots of healthy raw treats, especially green smoothies

  84. Leslie LaLeche says

    Liked you on FB and signed up for your newsletter, too!

    I’d make some Placenta Pills…the vitamix works GREAT at grinding up the dehydrated placenta to powder for encapsulation. Many mamas thank you for such a great product! (and then of course i’d make a Placenta Smoothie to follow!) 😉

  85. Jodee Markovich says

    Since I already have a Vita Mix (I got mine about 7 years ago and LOVE it!!!) I would give this one away to a good friend of mine who can’t afford one! I just found you and am excited to “Like” you on facebook. I have bookmarked your website so I can get some great ideas/advice on nutrition. Thank you for this incredible give away — hope I win! 😀

  86. Debbie T. says

    I would love to have a Vitamix to make & share healthy, delicious green smoothies & soups.

  87. Catherine says

    I would go smoothie crazy and make every variety! A friend just shared a recipe with Cacao powder and it was amazing. Can a girl live on smoothies alone? Okay, maybe some soup in winter, too . . . :-)

  88. janina says

    I have always wanted a vitamix! I would use it to make delicous and healthful smoothies and sauces. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and frozen treats for my girls. I would love to make this change for us. Good luck everyone!

  89. Amanda Johnson says

    Oh man, what wouldn’t I make with a Vitamix 5200!?! I would be the most excited about making creamy veggie soups, nut cheeses and mylks without any lumpiness. Oooooo I’m so excited!!!

  90. Ali says

    I liked your page on FB and signed up to receive the newsletter. I am dying to have a VitaMix!! I would do anything and everything with it: make nut butters, green monster smoothies, emulsify seeds and enjoy it more than any other kitchen appliance I own :) Thanks for doing the giveaway. It’s an awesome promotion.

  91. Jodi says

    I am a fan on FB, and I signed up for your newsletter.
    If I won, I would use it to make healthy veggie/fruit smoothies.
    Thanks for a great opportunity!

  92. Megan W says

    I just discovered a cashew-based dairy-free cream cheese that I would love to make in a new Vitamix 5200!

  93. Chelsea Johns says

    Liked you on FB, subscribed to the newsletter, and shared!! What wouldn’t I make for my 6 kids and wonderful hubby with my Vitamix blender?!? Smoothies, and baby food, and sauces oh my! :) Just a bunch of wholesome goodness, that’s what I’d make, every single day! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Melanie says

    If I won, I’d make healthy vegetarian soups for dinner almost every night of the week!!

  95. Julian Jones says

    I would use it to experiement with raw foods dishes. I’m edging my way toward that goal and would love to start making my own raw foods.

  96. Karen Shweiky says

    Would love to have one of these!! So many wonderful things to make if I win!! Fingers crossed!!!

  97. Anthony S says

    I mix equal parts milk and half & half, a touch of vanilla favoring, cocoa powder and ice. My version of a frozen hot chocolate.

  98. Jodie says

    I would first make a green smoothie. I would then start my juice cleanse for my family & me. Vitamix machine would be used daily several times a day. ♥

  99. Traci Friedmam says

    I am a marathon runner. I would use the Vitamix 5200 to make green smoothies, protein shakes,soups and sauces in order to improve my diet so that I can be the healthiest I have ever been. I haven’t seen anything like the Vitamix. I would love to own your amazing machine.

  100. lindsay says

    if i won, that vitamix would get used daily! we’d use it for super-smooth green smoothies and other healthy frozen treats, as well as more raw recipes (ones that, right now, aren’t so great in my lame blender or food processor). a vitamix is my dream machine!

    ps – ‘liked’ ya on FB and signed up for the newsletter. thanks!

  101. Bill says

    I liked you on Facebook and signed up for the mailing list.

    I’d use the Vitamix to make peanut butter each week, as we enjoy it for breakfast and do not want the chemicals, sugars, and abundance of salt found in commercial peanut butter.

  102. Lisa says

    Wow, would love to make fresh nut butters, milks, and grind my own grains with it. :) Not to mention trying ice cream

  103. Janey L. says

    I “like” you on FB, signed up for newsletter. I would use the Vitamix for smoothies, homemake peanut butter, grinding wheat…and that would just be the first day!!

  104. Nicola Ann Witt says

    Hi Julie … I want to win this for my wonderful friend … she is on an amazing successful healing journey for her son whom the Drs said that there was no hope for. She is an inspiration on my healing journey … and always makes time for others every single day passing her knowledge on. I know she has been dreaming of owning a Vitamix. It would help her sons healing and give her more time as she preps everything by hand or with a stick blender. I meet her on Facebook, she is in the states and I’m in the UK and I know I have a friend for life and hope one day to meet her and say thank you in person! I’ve liked you on Facebook and signed up for your Newsletter … now I’m off to invite EVERYONE to your page!!!!

  105. Madeleine Kocab says

    I would love to give it to a friend. She is taking care of her father who was diagnosed with cancer, and has dramatically changed the way they eat. Unfortunately, they cannot afford a Vitamix during this hardship.

  106. Theresa says

    Mmmm! Dressings, sauces, soups, chocolate avocado pudding, etc. And I wouldn’t kill another blender making smoothies.

  107. Michael says

    I am hoping to win this blender and give it to my friend who is on a strict diet due to cancer

  108. Kristel Muniz says

    That’s an awesome opportunity! First thing that I’d do with the Vitamix, is the spinach ice cream, which recipe I saw yesterday on Vitamix site.

  109. Donna says

    I would use my new Vitamix 5200 to start making my own green juices – they are so healthy and taste delicious and refreshing, especially on these 95 degree days!

  110. Becky Ales says

    Ill use it for everything. My friend has one and we use hers for almost everything. We are raw people so everythig from scratch. Love making smoothies. Soups. Pastes. Ice cream. Remidies. Sauces. Milks. Powders. Drool. Oh the wonderful creations I could make if I had one of my own.

  111. JULIE says

    I ‘LIKE” the page and subscribed to the newsletter. When I win the Vita Mix I am going to make smoothies everyday and I am going to experiment in making soups!!

  112. Pamela Morris says

    I like you FB and subscribed to your newsletter. I have had major health issues for the past few years and have cut out all processed foods from our family’s diet. We currently use a Kitchen Aid blender. I plan to continue to teach my children about good nutrition and real foods. I don’t like some vegetables but will eat them in a smoothie. This is a great way to eat the things you don’t like by combining them with things you love and super good for you. I plan to make anything I can get my hands on and experiment with different flavors and allow my boys to explore the options. I know that I can do more with a Vitamix. I’m excited about this contest.

    Berries of all varieties
    Pineapple just to name some

    I would love to make my own milk and almond butter. Sorry the possibilities are endless.

  113. Cheryl says

    Having a Vitamix would allow me to make smoothies quicker and make my own 100% vegetable and fruit juices!

  114. Lisa Marie Balseca says

    I would make absolutely everything imaginable. I have friends that have a Raw Food Cafe and they have so many wonderful things they make from theirs….I would be able to make so much from home to share with friends, family and coworkers to help build a healthier future for all of us! I love love love the Vitamix…I believe our earth supplies us with so much and we lose so much of it by over heating and processing our food…this machine is amazing for its ease and its ability to keep foods in the most natural state…Thank you Vita Mix! (now can I have one…pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee?)

  115. Mary says

    I could llive on smoothies, and my grandson would also!!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  116. Aminah says

    I would make cashew “dairy” ..cheese, sour cream, etc. I could possibly make even better smoothies. :o)

  117. Mary says

    I would use the new Vitamix 5200 to grind my own whole wheat flour, mix dough, make peanut butter, blend large batches of tomatoes for home canned spaghetti sauce, smoothies of course, V-8 type drinks. I have an old Vitamix 3600+ that still works great. I’d give that to a friend who’s been lusting after it.

  118. says

    Oh, the things I would do if I won this! For starters, I would be making my three boys smoothies for every meal, since I really want to promote health and good eating habits for them while they’re young! Then, I would experiment around with using it to make veggies into soups to freeze for the winter. . I’m not sure if that is even possible, but I would sure try! I can’t even fathom what else I’d use it for, but I know that I’d be using it every day, unlike the cheapy one that I got from Big Box Store that doesn’t really blend ANYTHING!

  119. Christopher Boivin says

    Always looking to live a healthier life. he smoothies are a welcomed addition to my new diet :)

  120. Taffee Kobrick says

    A Vitamix would make good use of all the vegetables you buy and “intend” to eat. With a VitaMix there are no more excuses, only opportunities to achieve good health.

  121. rachel says

    I liked you on FB and signed up for your Newsletter … I really would love this vitamix because a year ago I lived with a friend who did such an amazing job taking care of me when I was not well. He would prepare the most delicious, healthy meals/juices with this 20 year old blender when I was going through hard times, I don’t think I could have gotten through without him. We don’t live together anymore and since have gotten a vitamix for myself and use it everyday for green juices with avocado, leafy greens, cucumber, coconut oil, green power, garlic and many other wonderful things, and there is nothing in the world I would love to do more for my dear friend is give him a vitamix so he can continue to heal himself and others with the beautiful love he puts into everything he makes. I know it would be the world to him. Thanks :)

  122. Heather says

    This is one I’d love to win! I would use it for a lot of stuff, smoothies mostly, but making some salsas, sauces, and pureeing for soup!

    Already liked you on fb some time ago and get your newsletter!


  123. Brandy says

    I love your smoothie recipes! I’m prego and I’d love to have a vitamix to make great healthy breakfasts, as well as make all my babyfood. The vitamix is perfect for that! Nothing better than starting them out right from the get go!

  124. says

    For personal use, i.e. almond milk, health smoothies and maybe even a BUSINESS !!! I WOULD L O V E TO WIN A VITAMIX !!!!!!!!!


  125. Adele says

    I would use my Vitamix to make smoothies for the summer months and hot soups for the winter months.

  126. Theresa says

    I go through so many cheap blenders and food processors that i could have bought a vitamix and eliminated all that trouble but one doesn’t always have that much cash laying around at one time. i sure would love to win this. my family is gluten, dairy, soy free and mostly sugar due to celiac and food allergies and this vitamix would be a heavenly gift to say the least. I would use it for everything!

  127. Monica says

    I would make healthy green smoothies and soups. Would like to try homemade nut milks too. My friend credits her vitamix with helping her eat healthy and beat breast cancer.

  128. Deborah Smith says

    I’m extremely interested in bringing an Vitamix into my life and starting my journey to better health, including exploring raw diet options. Green smoothies are just a start.

  129. Jill says

    I love making Green and Cacao Smoothies and they are ever so much better without the chunkage 😉
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these FABULOUS machines. Cheers!

  130. Kathryn says

    I liked you on FBook, subscribed to the newsletter and would *love* to win a Vitamix to make healthy smoothies for my *always* hungry little boys!

  131. Amy C says

    Liked, subscribed… wanna Vitamix to make pestos, pastes, sauces, juices– everything smooth!!!!!! Tks!

  132. sandy says

    I would love to be able to make soup!! Saw a demonstration, and the gentleman made tortilla soup!! I was SO yummy!! Of course, I would also make smoothies, and ice cream too!!!

  133. Kat says

    I would LOVE to win this! My son is sitting here and he said he would love for me to make the lime mint sorbet we had at Costco when they were demonstrating the Vitamix! I would make a ton of different things! Thx! Kat

  134. Barb Scholler says

    Soups and Smoothies and anxious to learn more of the magic that can be made!

  135. Jane James says

    I would make healthy, sneaky, smoothies for my teenage daughter on hectic school mornings!

  136. Jenny Beyer says

    If I won this blender I would make Cream of Broccoli soup. The blender would also help me make a change for the better in my eating habits. I weighed 215 lbs last year and I am currently at 185 lbs, my goal would be 150 lbs. I “LIKE”d you on FB and I signed up for a newsletter, please consider me.

  137. Nikki Dertouzos says

    Following on FB and Twitter. LOVE to make salsa with fresh herbs and veggies – and of course fruit smoothies!! (Ok, and I am not gonna lie – VitaMix makes the BEST margarita and pina colada you have ever had!!)

  138. Joyce Donnell says

    I would love to win one for my sister, who is a stay at home mom with two young boys and a baby girl on the way. She buys and feeds her family organically, and cooks from scratch. She is such a good mommy. I am so proud of her. She could really use one of these, but she cannot afford one.

  139. Christine says

    I like on fb, receive newsletter, etc.. I would love to make soup, green smoothies, etc..

  140. Jane Luke says

    All registered, and I think the Vitamix soups are the BEST!
    And I came over from Appetite For Health, And was already a Vitamix fan. Vitamix was the gift my son asked for when he graduated from culinary school. Of course, that’s what he got!

  141. Raquel says

    Green smoothies!!! It would help tremendously in my kitchen as I prepare raw vegan recipes :-) Pick ME!!!

  142. says

    I would make green smoothies for me and my family. I’m pregnant with our fourth and have been doing whole foods for the past few years. A Vitamix sure would make it easier!!

  143. Andrea says

    I did everything! I been wanting Vitamix forever and glad you guys are doing this(: I will use it to make a lot of healthy recepice and lots of veggie and fruit smoothie!!Thank you, I hope I win.

  144. Celia Spivack says

    I would make frosty coffee drinks with healthful ingredients…no more need for gasoline wasting trip to Starbucks. I want to try the banana/spinach mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe that was posted recently. I look forward to smoothies, soups, nut butters, nut milks, etc.

  145. KristenK says

    Id make avocado smoothies, plenty of green smoothies, nut butters, soups, spinach/artichoke dips the list goes on. IF I was lucky enough to win – I’d give this VM to a friend who has been wanting one for a very long time!! <3

  146. says

    I “Liked” you on Facebook.
    I also signed up for your newsletter.

    I would make all manners of nut milks, cheeses, raw soups, juices, smoothies if I had a Vitamix! I’m afraid our blender can’t take it much longer, it’s from the early 80s, I’m sure! :)

  147. sylvia gunther says

    What would I make??
    Heck what WOULDN’T I make?!
    What couldn’t I make? What job couldn’t be made easier w/ one of these babys!!!
    I’ve never had a vitamix but I’ve sure thought those questions often enough!

  148. says

    Would LOVE this!!! I am trying to eat better and still being a newlywed – this would be an AWESOME gift. I would experiment with breakfast smoothies in the morning since my time is very limited.

  149. J says

    I’d make EVERYTHING (including bread, paper for greeting cards — seriously!). :) One of my favorite things is puréed soups. Yumm!

  150. Monica says

    Subscribed and liked – VERY happy to find you! If I get the Vitamix Ill use it to make green smoothies, nut milk and butters and recipes to dehydrate, like fruit leathers and crackers! :o)

  151. Jennifer Turner says

    I am entering to win, I can’t spend much time standing in the kitchen due to a spinal condition and am gluten intolerant so I would like to use the vitamix to mix up new soups and possibly some nut butters. I’m trying to follow a gluten free, whole food, lower inflammatory diet so being able to mix it up in a vitamix would be most awesome! I’m sure I will find a thousand uses if I win!

  152. Nicole says

    Our daughter has tons of food allergies, so getting this would be such a blessing. We make non-dairy milks out of seeds. We as well make tons of flours out of things like pumpkin seeds, blackeyed peas & oat flours. We use the blender about 4-5 times a day, depending on what we are cooking. This machine is amazing and we would so welcome this in to our home as a support for our families healthy life style.


  153. Courtney says

    The excessive basil and tomatoes in my garden are BEGGING for a Vitamix! I’d love to make (and can) pesto, tomato sauce, salsa and my favorite, soup. Many thanks.

  154. sylvia gunther says

    I don’t know how let you know who I referred to your site, but I invited everyone on my fb page to like you. All my friends are like-minded, whole foods type people so I’m sure you’ll get a lot of hits 😉

  155. says

    OH!! If I WON a VITAMIX you would first have to peel me off of the MOON!!! And THEN I would make a FRUIT SMOOTHIES with some of Spinach, Nori and E3Live tossed in for good measure. Then I would toss in a whole bunch of veggies and whip up a veggie meda SOUP! After my 2 daughters and I eat all that up we would wipe up some strawberry and avocado ICE CREAM!! Once that was all done we would grind up some almonds and make our own ALMOND BUTTER, then sesame butter, then peanut butter!! The possibilities would be endless!! And because I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate mixed together so much I would create a peanut butter and chocolate smoothie with a hint of maple syrup and almond milk. I think I would need to melt the chocolate first then add the VitaMix made peanut butter and maple syrup and then the almond milk! SUPER YUM! OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2 daughters and my husband and I would be eternally grateful and eternally healthier!! Fingers crossed!!

  156. Jacquelyn Melear says

    My blender is on the fritz & was just saying I’d love to replace it with a VitaMix! My morning smoothie: fresh banana, orange, pineapple + frozen mango, peach + raw milk, raw egg yolk, gelatin & coconut oil.

  157. Elaine P says

    Liked you on f/b.
    Signed up for newsletter
    *I would make the Avacado Tortilla Soup recipe in my new Vitamix.. it’s delish!

  158. Dawn Shell says

    I would love to in one…. My 3 year old son is tube fed and has Gastroparisis and Chronic Intestinal Blockages. It would be great to have one to blend real food for him that would flow through his feeding tube easily.

  159. Candice says

    I have a 2 1/2 year who is TPN dependant and gj fed.He is always requiring gut rest because he can’t tolerate much.I have so many good things about the blended diet but I don’t have the blender to try it out.This could make a world of difference because I know many kids who can’t tolerate anything can do the blended diet.He has been in the hospital almost 2 years because they can’t get his stomach issues under control.This would be great to win and I know it would help him so much.

  160. says

    LOVE this! We’ve been researching models and recipes in the hopes that Santa will get the BIG hint for next holiday season. We’re looking forward to making our own, home-made, gluten-free, mixed nut butters with almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and ground flax seeds. I’m also excited to try soups, such as carrot ginger, in the Vitamix – we watches two demos and they turned out really well! Crossing our fingers and toes for a win. Wish us luck:-)

  161. Jamie kruizenga says

    I would love a Vita-mix blender! I have 5 children, one being tube fed. He did not tolerate his formula well, so we started the blenderized diet with him. Everything we eat goes into the blender and into his G-tube. I feel like he is getting much more nutrition and a lot more variety. As a busy mom, blending in a small Magic bullet, straining the chunks out (which also strains away the fiber) and not being able to make large portions, maintaining the blenderized diet is much more difficult. It is difficult to travel, since we make each meal as we go and we can not bring the bullet everywhere we go and sometimes it is too difficult to blend ahead of time. I would lve to start incorporating more variety and raw foods into his diet, which would only be possible with the help of a Vita-mix. getting a Vitamix would make the daily struggles of feeding a g-tube fed 3yr old much simpler and much less time consuming for me and the entire family.

  162. Kristine Hafley says

    I would love to have one to be able to do a blenderized diet for my daughter who has a g-tube! So many more healthy options for her that way! Would also like to dabble in making soups and shakes from fruits and veggies for my family.

  163. says

    I would like to make soup in the vitamix! I have wanted a vitamix for a LONG time! Although soup may sound boring I always thought it would be fun to try to make cold summer soups and warm soups over the winter. Butternut squash sounds good :)

  164. says

    The first thing I would make is a bananarugula smoothie !
    Then maybe a raw tomato sauce to top a Summertime zucchini “pasta”.
    My annual creation of a big ‘ol batch of Mole would benefit from a Vita-Mix. It would help me create an even more velvety version. Yum ! (fingers crossed !)

  165. Tonja says

    I would use the mix-n-match recipie guide! I love trying new things. I would also use it to cut up the veggies (especially onions!) for lettuce wraps. mmmmmm :)

  166. Anne says

    Liked you on FB and signed up for the newsletter! I would LOVE to make my very picky two year old some green smoothies and well just about everything a Vita-mix can do! Pretty please pick me!

  167. Nicole says

    I would LOVE a VItamix to make my smoothies that I have for breakfast every day!! My old blender just doesn’t blend like I need it to, and I get piece stuck in my straw :( My smoothies usually consist of almond milk, frozen berries, 1 tsp coconut oil, kale, cinnamon, and ice. Sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll substitute a cup of coffee for the almond milk, and add a little cocoa powder and a few mini chocolate chips. Its like a healthy mocha smoothie!! I also have started a cupcake business – I could experiment with using the Vitamix to blend cupcake batter! Sounds like easy clean-up!

  168. Trish Pauleon says

    My almost 6 yo daughter has been battling liver cancer (Hepatoblastoma) for 16 months now. She is also gtube dependent. Because of this I really want to get her switched from “chemicals in a can” to real food blended up for her gtube.

    Using my current blender doesn’t work out so well and I’ve heard that VitaMix is the machine to have for this purpose.

    Please pick me so I can help my daughter!!

  169. Suzanne says

    I liked your page on FB, signed up for the newletter that I am so excited about receiving it, and am now leaving a comment. I already have the Vitamix Professional Series 500 that I dearly love so if I was the winner of the 5200 I would give it to my best friend Robyn who is a stay at home mom to 11 children and she homeschools them all She would put this machine to great use, it would probably never stop running. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  170. Daniel Walinsky says

    I cannot wait to make amazing green juices with a Vita Mix that I cannot otherwise afford!

  171. says

    I would love to be able to make food that I can put in to my daighters feeding tube. She is on pediasure now and it has a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. So PLEASE let me win!!!!!

  172. says

    I would love a VitaMix! I’ve been really wanting to make “cheese” with raw cashews but my food processor doesn’t quite cut it. I was referred by CompletelyNourished on Facebook.

  173. Jenn Stallard says

    I’m one of the millions who are making dietary changes to address health issues—and it’s working! I’ve been looking at a VitaMix so I can incorporate more soups and smoothies into my daily routine. They’re a great way to get our daily allowance of fruits & veggies! (Prior to this, I had already “like”ed your FB page and signed up for your newsletter.) Thanks for everything you do to spread the word about good health!

  174. says

    I would love to win a vitamix, so i could start making my kids all the wonderful stuff they show on there site!That would make them healthier and then they would probley always make right choices with there food decitions.

  175. Julie says

    Follow on Facebook and newsletter. I would make many different things, but would be soooo happy to have a Vitamix to make green smoothies that are actually smooth, without the little bits of leaf floating around, so my kids would drink them.

  176. says

    For starters – It would be amazing to have a better blender to make my green smoothies in the morning! Right now, they’re more “chunkies” than “smoothies!” Also, I have been trying to buy less processed foods and opting to make my own, so there would be plenty of marinades, sauces, mayonnaise, ice cream, soups, etc made in it. Finally, we’re working on baby #2 and my stick blender died recently, so the Vitamix would be handy for making my own baby foods. I wish I could just afford to run out and buy one right now!!!

  177. says

    I would so love to have a Vitamix! I would use it daily for lunch, breakfast, snacks, dinner, i mean seriously the options are endless!! I also participate in a yearly fundraiser for cancer and always make smoothies to help raise money. Oooh to have a Vitamix to use at that event would be such a blessing!!!

  178. Cindy says

    I would love to win a Vita-Mix so I could give it to my parents. They have many health issues and I started them on healthier foods and green smoothies. Thanks for your great site!!

  179. Shannon says

    Lots of different nutbutters, my son is a huge fan of all the different types and it would be so much more cost effective to make our own. Plus, I could use the raw nuts! Green smoothies that you don’t have to “chew”, soups, salsas, all kinds of hummus without the “chunks”, more hummus and maybe some hummus:}

    I have been drooling over the Vitamix blenders before all my health issues started, and now I could seriously use one…chewing the Kale in a green smoothie doesn’t make for an appetizing breakfast!

    Liked your fb page and signed up for the newsletter!

  180. Sheryl Edwards says

    I would use the VitaMix to make healthy protein & fruit shakes & smoothies for my healthier lifestyle!

  181. Mellisa Harrison aka Mell' Mystique Harrison says

    I’ll be making lots of fruit & vegatable smooties & soups! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  182. says

    Signed up for your newsletter…check.
    “Liked” you on Face Book…check
    Am ecstatic that I won the Vita Mix!!…che…c…k…oh, wait, :( you have not picked a winner yet. But I would be REALLY ecstatic if I did win! :-)
    If I won the Vita Mix I could donate my current little blender to a worthy cause & then be able to experiment with different veggie/fruit smoothies and other recipes. In addition to that I would use it to help others learn how to live better nutritionally. I am currently studying integrative nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach and could use the Vita Mix with cooking demonstrations for my clients.

  183. sally says

    I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater. I drink yummy smoothies, make homemade soups, etc. Basically, I just love to eat well and feel terrific. This year I’ve hit a bit of a bump in my road; I was diagnosed with a tiny breast cancer tumor in January. Now, I’ve really ramped up my wellness regimen. I’ve finished chemo and will be done with radiation in 7 days! I’m feeling stronger every day thanks to my excellent diet and exercise habits. Now, all I need is a better blender!! I am on my third blender in two years. Yep. Because I blend veggies and fruit that are often frozen, my blenders just don’t last. I have to prep all of my produce ahead of time and usually freeze it a week at a time so I can just grab what I want from the freezer and blend. Well, a Vitamix would sure save me a lot of prep time!! And, of course, enhance my lifelong wellness plan!

  184. says

    I want a VitaMix for my son. He is a former Premie, a Congenital Heart Defect Survivor, Stroke Survivor. He spent the first six months of life in the hospital, had 4 major operations (2 open heart, 2 bellt) before he was one year old. He is 100% fed via a G Tube (takes only bites to taste). He is 3 1/2 years old. I want to be able to give in whole natural foods via his tube and the VitaMix is the best blender to do this….Would love to be able to have one for him !!!

  185. Nicole says

    If I won a Vitamix, I would be over the moon!! I would love to make soups, smoothies, healthier ice creams, and bread! I have read about all the health benefits of a Vitamix and how easy they are to use and clean. I would love to be able to prepare healthy and delicious meals and snacks for my little girl w a Vitamix!! Her health is the most important thing to me and I would love to feel 100% confident that I am giving her the most nutritious food possible.
    Thank you for considering me!

  186. Angela krosnick says

    I love making fruit and veggies smoothies and ice cream! Yummy!
    I want family to grow to be healthier adults.

  187. Mara T. says

    I would use the Vita-Mix to make green smoothies and homemade nut butters- better for my health AND my pocketbook :-)

  188. Kendra says

    I would love to make ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Especially tortilla soup! My neighbor has one and they NEVER use it, that frustrates me! I want one so bad!

  189. Janette Nicolet says

    we are changing our diet and lifestyle!! I would love to make blended salads, a variety of juices, smoothies, ice cream, and soups…….and I am thinking of taco soup, in particular!!! :) We had a sample of it at a demonstration, and it was very delicious!!!!

  190. clare says

    I intend on making the most nutritous, most original and exciting superfood elixirs ever experienced, thus promoting high energy, super vitality and well being, clarity within mind, body & soul and shiny HAPPY ppl!!!

  191. Bob says

    Ice cream, soups, smoothies. Plus my famous homemade salsa. Plus whatever other ideas you have – this looks like the greatest thing ever!

  192. Priya says

    I liked your Facebook page and signed up for your newsletter. With a Vitamix, the possibilities are endless! I’d make smoothies, soups, nut butters, batters, desserts, dressings…. My mother has a booklet (published by Vitamix in the 90s) which has Indian recipes using the Vitamix. I can’t wait to try them!

  193. erin b says

    what an amazing giveaway! wow! we have friends who moved from romania not long ago. they are struggling financially and the beautiful mom of four kids under 6 has mqny health issues. she has started to get a handle on them by eating an almost completely raw diet. she has seen some amazing transformations in herself after just the first week of the lifestyle change. she currently has a low quality blender and sooo, she drinks more than once a day, chunky veggie juice and chunky fruit smoothies, (with ZERO complaints) she soooo deserves this. if I won, it would be hers. (we saved for a few years and bought our own about 8 months ago. i dont remember life without it. best investment we have ever made!)

  194. Bob says

    We saw this at a show, and it is great! I wish we had the budget for it right now…

  195. Emma Preuschl says

    I am a Paralympic rower and I am training to compete in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. I train approximately 35 hours a week as well as work a job to support myself. If I had a vitamix blender it would be so much easier for me to get the proper nutrients I need to sustain the volume of training I do. I would most certainly make power smoothies, homemade peanut butter, ice cream, soups, breads, and homemade sauces- everything and anything under the sun. I would also share it with my roommates who are training for the Olympic Kayak team. All of our furnishings are donated and a blender is a much needed kitchen item for us that we can’t afford to get on our own. We would love to use a Vitamix blender to help us reach our Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

  196. Matt Schumacher says

    After reading about all the wonderful benefits of green smoothies, I have only dreamed of getting a Vita Mix. Hopefully this college student will be able to make some ferocious and fresh spinach, mango, and lemon smoothies that start my day off right!

  197. Teresa says

    I am so excited to think of using this machine to make stuff!! I’ll pick a great recipe when I WIN!!!

  198. Amy Stickley says

    We would make green and fruit smoothies, soups, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  199. Amy B says

    I would juice, juice, juice! I have some pretty significant health issues and this would really come in handy.

  200. says

    I love making strawberry ice cream – 1 cup of milk/soy, 1 pound of frozen berries, a touch of vanilla extract, and some agave/honey. Delicious and not full of chemicals like store bought ice cream!

  201. Maria says

    If I win a Vitamix, I would make green smoothies, juices, nut milks, fresh nut butters, and healthy fruit ice cream/sorbets. A Vitamix will help me transition into a raw foodist.

  202. Maria says

    – I “like” Appetite for Health on Facebook.
    – I signed up to receive your newsletter.

  203. Shari says

    If I won, I’d give my current machine to my Mom so she could also have all the awesome benefits of having a VitaMix machine! Mine is over 10 years old – but still works like a pro!

  204. Jean L says

    I would love to have a Vitamix. I’m trying to get healthy and lose some weight. I think a Vitamix is the perfect way to do that. I would make smoothies, soup, dips, spreads, sauces, etc. etc.

  205. Misty Blevins says

    I registered on the other sites and have began sharing the page with many others. The things I am most excited about making is.. the sorbet! I have tried it many times and absolutely adore it! I can’t wait to hide the cabbage and spinach in it and make myself eat it! ( My child is a healthy eater she would eat it all raw without complaints, its me that complains about my veggies. )
    Also, the “orange julius” recipe looks so yummY!!

  206. Tracy says

    I liked your page and signed up for your newsletter.

    Wow! I could do so much with the Vitamix. Lots of veggie and fruit smoothies and soups could be made. We are changing our diet in our home and this would be great to have! I can see the possibilities with the Vitamix would and can be endless. Hope I win. Good luck to everyone!

  207. Nicole says

    I have never owned a blender/food processor!! I would make smoothies, soups, hummus, salsa, marinara, and probably a marg or two! I would love to make almond butter. What else can you make?!

  208. Nicole says

    PS-I would love to try some of those fabulous looking smoothie recipes on teh appforhealth site! I’m excited to start getting the newsletter!

  209. Johnie Cook says

    I liked you on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter. I have been wanting to get one of these so that we don’t waste leftover fruits and veggies. we are trying to eat healthier but one of the first things I would have to make is for my 4 yr old..she loves fruit smoothies.

  210. Anita Costanzo says

    I would make homemade soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts (all with the freshest ingredients), asw we are what we eat! Ty!!

  211. Patti says

    Our family enjoys making smoothies. I’m also interested in learning how to make soup in the Vita-Mix.

  212. Josh says

    What can’t I wait to make?!?! Having home-made nut butters, hummus, pesto, salsa, smoothies…the list goes on and on. I’ve heard amazing things about Vitamix and would love to own one.

  213. Kimberly Palmer says

    We took our Vitamix on vacation and made whole fruit margaritas, lemonade, hummus…but it was too hot for my favorite tomato soup…now all of our travel buddies want one too :) What a great opportunity to win one and pass on such an amazing product!!

  214. Darlene says

    With a Vitamix, I’d make a smoothie with Papaya, pineapple, cucumber, cinnamon and loads of ginger root so it’s sweet and spicy. Mmmmmm…LOVE IT

  215. Christine says

    The better question would be, what wouldn’t I make with a VitaMix? Fresh peanut butter, smoothies, nut milks, hummus, soups, guacamole, salsa, ice cream, lemonade… I could go on and on. With an active family of 5, the VitaMix would be one of the best appliances I could add to my kitchen!

  216. Mindy says

    I just watched the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and it inspired me to try a reboot with nothing but juice for 1 week. I could sure use a Vitamix about now!

  217. Cecilia says

    I would make green smoothies for breakfast and lunch and delicious soups for dinner. What a fantastic giveaway!

  218. says

    After watching “Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead” I’m more motivated to return to a healthy lifestyle and I do believe the Vitamix 5200 is going to be key in making this happen. I look forward to receiving the Vitamix newsletters.

    Thank you for the chance to win one. :)

  219. Kelly H. says

    I would love to win a Vita-Mix for our son to have when he moves out! He has MS and has had AMAZING results to his health by eating a plant-based diet and it all started with Vita-Mix! We make fresh smoothies everyday and also love to make soups, sauces and ice cream. Vita-Mix ROCKS!!!

  220. Robyn says

    I liked your website and signed up for your newsletter and if I won a vita mix I would make healthy smoothies and soups for my family and any other new recipes I could learn. I have 11 children and am a homeschooling mom who likes to eat healthy and feed my family healthy food. Suzanne sent me.

  221. says

    I smoothie it up daily after my workout. Frozen strawberries and cauliflower (yes, cauliflower for the texture and minimal taste, as well my serving of vegetable for the hour) honey as a natural sweetener and lastly a packet of hot chocolate for that sweet, sweet satisfaction. I then sprinkle some fiber flakes and the thick malted milkshake (or smoothie) is heaven…. ;]

  222. Diane Bowen says

    I would like to grind my own grain and make homemade bread. Also, I am interested in making ice cream with the vita mix.

  223. magic chang says

    I make juice with fruits and vegetable to be my breakfast for me and my family every day. It’s a superfood drink actually!

  224. says

    What a GREAT giveaway…I’ve liked you on Facebook and signed up for your email newsletter. My blender is going on 18+ years (received entry level blender as a wedding present) and I really could use the Vitamix. The first thing I’d try is the green smoothies.

  225. Jodee says

    I wanna WIN!!!!! I want to stuff a Vitamix full of fresh fruits and veggies so get some healthy stuff in my body! My brother-in-law loves his Vitamix and has sold me on the idea. Now I just need the machine!

  226. chris says


  227. sarah McLane says

    i liked your facebook and subscribed to your newsletter!!
    My son is Tube dependent and have been trying to get a nicer blender to make his blended diets! cuz all we can afford is a lil cheap blender, and it just doesnt work very well!!! please please let us win!!! =)

  228. says




  229. Cynthia Grabowski says

    After recent diagnosis & visits to my Natropath Dr. I have been researching machines like this, how very nice it would be to WIN it! :) I have already printed seversl recipes I would use it for.

  230. Amber Mayes says

    The best thing I ever made in a Vita Mix was quite by accident! I had a mini seedless watermelon in my terribly inconsistent refrigerator(anything toward the back tends to freeze). Well, that is exactly what happened to my poor watermelon. I had frozen rock solid! I was really disappointed because I had ruined it but then a spark of inspiration struck! I cut the rind off the poor little bugger and threw it in the vita mix! It was delicious! It was sweet, icy, and had an amazing frothy body to it. I have since taken to freezing my watermelons on purpose!

  231. Dawn says

    There’s a lot of things that I would like to mare such as smoothies, nut butters and soups

  232. Linda says

    Oh my…I LOVE all of your recipes? How can I just pick one? As a Dietetic Technician, Registered (and now back in college to become a Registered Dietitian), I am a BIG FAN of yours! My current smoothie maker LEAKS from the spout but I don’t have the extra money right now due to school to get a new one.

    I’d try a different smoothie everyday (The Apple Ginger Snap Smoothie looks like THE BOMB!) and one of the muffin recipes (mmmm)….so many to choose from. My first “official” drink at 21 was a Brandy Alexander that my mom (who is no longer with us) got me at a restaurant. I haven’t had one since and it brings back such good memories of her!

    My current smoothie maker LEAKS from the spout, but I don’t have the extra money right now due to school to get a new one. I use it all of the time as I make everything I eat at home, because I am so health conscience. I would LOVE to receive the Vitamix 5200. Pick me! Pick me!!! :)

  233. Janice Meyer says

    I am wanting to make the recipe from Graham Kerr’s new cookbook “Growing at the Seed of Life.” He cooks carrots in evaporated milk on the stovetop … then BLENDS THEM IN A BLENDER FOR 4 MINUTES (and none will do it better than the Vita-Mix!!) add spices (Cayene pepper, cummin and Worshester sauce)… pour over cooked cauliflower, top with parmesan cheese and paprika. Looked yummy!

    That’s what I would do… first!
    And then I would………well, the possibilities are endless!

    Janice Meyer

  234. Carolyn Thurmond says

    Glad to have found your FB page!
    I would use my Vitamix to make more protein smoothies so the 20 pounds lost can finally reach the 40 mark! I’m halfway there, and this would sure help the process!

  235. says

    i love the Vita Mix 5200
    it is one our BEST tools~ We make cashew cream, pesto, salsa, smoothies and sooooo sooooo much more this machine is like Gold~

  236. says

    We make an awesome Mango BBQ sauce with the Vita Mix, as well as Alfredo- and Infusions~
    Fantastic~ What don’t we use it for would be the question….. sorbets, smoothies, soups, dressings, emulisons
    need I say more?

  237. Linda Prahst Yanega says

    I would make just about anything that I could. From soup to nuts….peanut butter that is. I would definitely make ice cream and hummus! I can’t wait to own my own Vitamix machine!

  238. Michelle says

    What would I make with my own Vitamix 5200? I would make a healthy, energized husband and self, full of vitality and longevity. Currently we lack all of the afore mentioned! We have recently made the dedication to raw vegan diet for health which would be much easier with the highly acclaimed Vitamix!

  239. Mari Dickson says

    I would give a Vitamix to the woman who watches my child. She loves preparing healthy foods for the kids and would LOVE a Vitamix!

  240. Jennifer James says

    I have a very busy life and on the go more than I’m not. I work full time and attend college full time. My life consists of eating on the go. Sadly I don’t remember the last time I sat down and ate a healthy meal.
    With the Vita-Mix I can eat healthy and on the go. I can create all kinds of veggie/fruit drinks and give my body and brain the healthy foods it craves while still maintaining my hectic schedule.

  241. AnneSchwartz says

    I would love to mix and match smoothie recipes!
    The blender I have is very old:(

  242. orli natan says

    My husband and me are saving money to buy vitamin, we really want one!
    The first thing will be to quit the coffee in the morning and drink a green smoothie instead, after that the sky is the limit.

  243. Catherine Mikkola says

    If I had a Vita-Mix I’d make smoothies all summer and “creamy” soups all winter. Yum!!

  244. Terry Richardson says

    Love my Vita-Mix. Makes great smoothies, ice cream, soup, everything I’ve tried. The recipe book is beautiful. I’ve read it cover to cover. Love to win a new one and give my sister my old.

  245. Glenn Martinsen says

    We make smoothies almost daily. I have also made dressing, soups, and ice cream.

  246. Gloria Gowins says

    It would be awesome to win a Vitamix 5200. I recently found out I have Type 2 diabetes. I can’t have a lot of the store bought juices. It would be great to have juice again. I would especially like to experiment with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

  247. Amy says

    I would make smoothies!! I have a smoothie everyday for breakfast and would LOVE to have the Vita-Mix to do so!!

  248. Elissa says

    I would make a ton of smoothies with the Vitamix, the blender I use now has definitely seen better days! I would also love to try to make a few different kinds of nut butters!!!!

  249. says

    I travel with a band all over the mid-west and country. I am constantly with 4 guys who will eat anything they see. I have become a bit of health nut and eat mostly fruits and veggies (organic of coarse) and it is very hard with the traveling to have the meals i would like! My friend introduced me to her Vitamix and I fell in love with it! I would love to take one on the road SO VERY MUCH and prove to everyone that people CAN eat healthy wherever they are!! I want to try so many of the soup recipes as well as the green smoothies! The more healthy i eat, the more I crave it, and the harder it gets with the boys on the road!

  250. Jenni says

    I would make a breakfast drink with cabbage, carrots, and fruit. I would LOVE to have my own Vitamix!

  251. Laura Dewitt says

    I will go on a completely raw diet! I will put dates and coconut with kale and romaine and celery and cucumber and lemon and ginger and garlic and chilantro and lambsquarters into my green smoothie and recover my health after 11 years of disabling chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia! I have tried almost everything out there (healthfood store) and green smoothies are it! Cleansing and nourishing and life changing! I am looking forward to living rather than existing! To Life — Le Chaim

  252. says

    VITAMix is the only way to go! Especially for hummus and green smoothies-I tell my cooking class attendees that the Vitamix is like a blender on steroids and EVERYONE needs one!

  253. says

    OH!! and the VITAMix rocks for making your own flours and nutbutters and ice cream!! WOW! What can’t you make with a VITAMix?

  254. Sheri Adkins-Smith says

    I’ll want to use it to make my own almond milk, just about every fruit-veggie smoothie under the sun, grind my own grains and…..grind my own coffee beans Oh! MY! Goodness! I could go on & on! I would Love to win a Vitamix! Thanks, Sheri

  255. A'Bella says

    Green smoothies, green soups, icecreams and many more greeeennnnnnnnn recipes all day everyday!!!! I can’t wait for the unlimited green foodie I can make with this thing.

  256. says

    The Vitamix is my right hand or should I say was- I have worn out 2 of them and in need of a third-
    thank is how much I love and use the Vitamix- it is great for making all kinds of creams, sauces, baby food, alfredo, sorbets, soups, and I love that I can make awesom raw smoothies~ this is a great way to improve your health your eating and tastebuds~ Its great for making for making your own BBQ sauces too….
    We make vegan cheese using this as well as many many other things- My favorite? That would be our Vegan Nacho cheese and Alfalfa Shakes

  257. Jennifer Erwin says

    I’d make anything I could with a vitamix. My dad’s been raving about his for years.

  258. Karl Keene says

    I would make lots of ice cream from frozen bananas and other frozen fruits! Nut cheeses also come to mind! It would be nice to make our nice morning rich and thick smoothies with it as well!

  259. Leigh says

    My family needs to eat more veggies and the vitamix would make that so much easier.

  260. Scott C says

    I would love to win this so that I could make green smoothies every day. In addition, I am sure I could make all sorts of other healthy meals in this too.

  261. Donna says

    Wow, what would we not make? Baby food, soups, smoothies, and dips just to name a few. :)

  262. Kayla says

    Are you kidding??? The question should be what can’t you make with the Vitamix! I have never had one, but I have been wanting to purchase one for a long time and have done lots of research on them. With the Vitamix I could sneak some veggies in anything for my one year old so I could finally rest assured he is getting his required nutrition. I would use this daily ( a few times a day) making my meals, juice, smoothies, sauces, soups, frozen yogurts and even ice cream!!

  263. juliann furr says

    I would blend everything i could get my hands on, except for the cat, he would not be delicious or appreciative ;P

  264. Bridget Weeks says

    Since followinging the AFH blog my brother Jonathan has lost over 40 pounds by using the recipes, products, and ideas posted on the site. His choice to become a vegetarian and follow AFH has profoundly changed his life and his health. I love smoothies and my brother told me I need to get off my ice cream everyday kick so send me a Vitamix 5200 and I will kick the ice cream habit for good.

  265. Grace Kellermann-McLean says

    OOooh, a Vitamix….I have lost almost 30 lbs. since March and as much as being active has helped, dietary change is a big part. I love my low-cal, protein-packed smoothies and with a Vitamix I would make smoothies that are actually smooth (no ice chunks/cubes still floating in there), and finally try the green drinks I have heard tons about but know my current blender *cannot* handle. This tool would be very helpful on my journey towards a healthy me :)

    Thank you for considering me <3

  266. shelley says

    I would make the healthiest chocolate smoothies imaginable, I would love a vitamix

  267. says

    I liked you on facebook and signed up for the newsletter!

    I would make raw coconut cream in the vitamix w/coconut, water, stevia, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. I wouldn’t have to strain it because it would get so smooth. Then, I may put it in the freezer, and put it back in the vitamix so that it forms non-dairy ice cream :)

  268. David Hicks says

    My wife and I would use the Vit-a-mix to eat far more vegetables, make my baby(who is due in 6 weeks) great organic baby food, and make great soups! We’d learn all of it’s capable of and use it, use it, use it! This would help us both lose weight and help us be much healthier. Moreover, in time our children would live much healthier lives. Then they could pass it on to their children!

  269. Susan Calkins says

    A friend has one and it is amazing. My daughter is gluten, dairy and soy free, so we would use ours to make her “ice cream” from frozen berries and almond milk! I have yet to find a blender strong enough to do that – the VitaMix is fabulous!!! We would probably wear it out~!

  270. Leah says

    I need a new blender really bad..when I was diagnosed with Celiac I was given a recipe from a nutritionist that is really good.. I haven’t been making them lately but would love to start again. They have non-contaminated Gluten free oats, rice protein powder, fiber(powder), chocolate soy milk, bananas(or you can use plain soy milk & the fruit of your choice) & ice…sooooo good! : )

  271. Amy P says

    Juices, smoothies,salsas,sauces, soups, hot cheese fondue, fresh almond milk and of course the classic milkshake…maybe with home-made ice cream!

  272. Pauline Longchamp says

    i used to have one but with age, all good things must come to an end. would love to have one again. so many healthy uses!

  273. Christina says

    I want to be able to make some yummy good for you smoothies! I love being able to have those as a lower calorie option with lots of fruits and vegetables.

  274. Deann says

    What would I not make with it??!
    For starters smoothies, love those. But would love to try, ice cream, soup, dips, grinding grains for bread. With four kids at home, and different food allergies between them. I like to know what is going into their food And mouths.

  275. Chrissy says

    OMG…i really love smoothies..i make myself a green smoothie everyday..ok, it’s not quiet near the consistency as when u make it with a vitamix but what the taste great..I use mostly a banana, an apple, 2 hands of greens ( i love spinach) , a little frozen mangos, some wildberries aso…yummo..i try to get more and more into the rawfood section and for lots of the recipe your mixer need way more power than my has (6000 rpm) ..Did i mention i love smoothies ??? :-)))

  276. says

    What will I make, Everything!! From Soups.the sauces, to smoothies to pretty much everything!! I have wanted one for so long~~ *drewls* :) heheh , Grinding seeds and gluten free grains, me and two of my children suffer from many food allergies, so I make Simply EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH and this would so greatly assist me!! :) thank u for the chance!!

  277. Kris J says

    Would love the blender! I want to try smoothies and use my harvested frozen fruits.

  278. Robin says

    I would make plenty of good healthy smoothies, frozen yogurt, soups, dips and try all kinds of new recipes!
    Love Vitamix — so healthy – best way to get a raw diet going.

  279. says

    Smoothies!!!! We make smoothies almost everyday, but I am sick of the start, stop, stir, start, stop, stir…….I’ve seen the demos on this and I’m pretty sure it is start, stop, drink!

  280. Joshua Ramish says

    i would use it every day, baking, soups, nut butters, i hate my other blenders so much sometimes. it takes forever to make nut butters. signed up for new’s letter and Facebook as well.

  281. Melissa says

    Glad I came across this page. My son is 3 1/2 yrs old and is Tube Fed during the night and was just told to start doing PUREE Foods again. He does not maintain his own weight. and He needs all the extra vit’s. I think this blender would be perfect to help in that department. as you know you get alot of your Vits from the SUN light. Well My son is Allergic to the SUN. so he doesn’t get out much. Thank you

  282. Jamie kruizenga says

    If I won a Vitamix, I would donate it to a friend in need. I recently was given one for my son, who is fed via g-tube. He is on a blenderized diet, as he is unable to eat. I have met a lot of fellow “tubie moms” that also used the blenderized diet to keep their children alive and healthy. I would love to win to help simplify someone’s life by getting them a blender that stands above the rest.

  283. Candice says

    I tried to win the last time this contest was going on.I have a 2 1/2 year old son who has a gj tube.He has oral aversions but he still enjoys food even though he doesn’t have much gut function.He has been in the hospital almost all of his life because of cyclic vomiting,constant gut rest,and pancreatitis.I would love to win this blender so I could do the blended diet with my son.

  284. Carley Parsons says

    If I won a VitaMix, I’d start making the most amazing green smoothies in the morning for my family and I to start the day right! I’d also make healthy alternatives for some favorite foods, like cauliflower mashed “potatoes” and zucchini hummus!!

  285. Samantha says

    Every morning, I get up and pop out the blender. I gather 2 apples, some papaya, 1 cup water, a handful of spinach, and my favorite ingredient, an avocado for some extra creaminess. The end result is a perfect green smoothie that provides me with the energy and nutrients I need to carry on with my day, plus the added benefit of pleasuring my taste buds. With college life comes hours of studying and freshman 15 is one cliché hope to avoid. With a vitamix, I can make fantastic green smoothies that will provide me with the energy I need for a fast pace college life, as well as the satisfaction I need to avoid that snickers bar in the cafeteria.

  286. Claire says

    Where to begin? I would make smoothies, grind my own grains, soups, homemade salsa… the list goes on!

  287. Donna B. says

    I signed up for your newsletter, and I like you on Facebook. I’d use this to make green smoothies, and my protein shakes with fruit and flax seed :)

  288. says

    I hope to win the Vitamix! I have been dreaming of all the wonderful soups, smoothies, nut butters, basically EVERYTHING I would make with a Vitamix! Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  289. Karl Devenport says

    I would use the VM to make a batch of my Power Stew: it contains tomatoes, 1lb frozen veg, can of veg soup, can of beans, jalapenos, can of corn; Only now it will be Silky Smoooooth.

  290. Nicole says

    Green smoothies for breakfast has become a standard for me – a quick and easy way to get almost half your daily fiber!!!

  291. Amy says

    I saw a demonstration of the vitamix at a health and wellbeing expo and they made Thai green curry in 5 mins with something like 12 ingredients. It tasted absolutely wonderful, I have been thinking about it ever since and that is what I would make.

  292. Nicole says

    I would make Green smoothies every single day, I do right now-but not liking the juicer I have as the pulp gets thrown out. I hope to make my family a smoothie every morning as well. We are so excited to hopefully own a Vitamix soon :)

  293. Lorne says

    I’ve changed my diet to a raw vegan diet and have been using a regular blender. I would love to have a Vitamix to be able to make more raw oups from a great variety of whole vegetables and fruit ice cream,.

  294. yesenia daughtry says

    I would make pasteles. A typical Puerto Rican dish that is very difficult to make because you need to grate by hand all the ingredients but I have heard would be a breeze with the Vitamix.

  295. Nica says

    Oh, green smoothies glore, and homemade peanute butter of all different flavors. Crepes, and pancakes would be so easy. I love humus, and it’s so easy to do in a vitamix, at least that’s what my friend tells me. I can’t wait to try it myself.

  296. Nica says

    Oh, green smoothies glore, and homemade peanute butter of all different flavors. Crepes, and pancakes would be so easy. I love humus, and it’s so easy to do in a vitamix, at least that’s what my friend tells me. I can’t wait to try it myself.

  297. M. Cancel says

    I like AFH on FB and signed up for the newsletter.
    I’m so anxious to get a chance to win this incredible Vitamix 5200 model giveaway: I want to make fresh pumpkin soup with cream and a hint of ginger, garlic and nuts and a touch of parsley and stay far away from canned processed foods with shelf life…I also would love to create pineapple sorbet, acai sorbet, blueberry sorbet etc. fresh vegetable or fruit salsas for healthy dips and spreads etc. Where I live they have gourmet health stores but only have already bottled smoothies nothing is juiced before your eyes.

    I really miss having a broccoli, garlic, parsley, kale, beet, wheat grass, lemon freshly made before me that I loved knowing exactly what I was going to put into my body and nothing else…just the best things on earth :)

    Thank you AFH and Vitamix!

  298. Alyssa says

    A little morning poetry… A smoothie, a smoothie, a smoothie everyday! So many ways to make your smoothies, healthy in every way. Loads of fruits and veggies are what our bodies need. A Vitamix 5200, will make you truly believe! Soups would be fun too and the Vitamix will make those simple stews. MMMMMM….

  299. Jessica Self says

    I would like to win a Vitamix 5200, becuase it would be very helpful for my husband and I. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies; we eat similar to those known as a fruitarian. So for better convenience and better smoothies, on the go meals and snacks the vitamix would be most beneficial. I have been wanting to get one for some time, but just havent been able to afford one. This would help us a lot since we do not have a vehicle to grab a on the go smoothie when we go on walks to the store or really anywhere and it would help with my husbands lunches so he does not have to bring a big bag of fruit to work. Thats why i would like to win a Vitamix 5200.

  300. says

    I will make everything with my Vitamix blender! I eat very clean and cook a lot so this will save me time as I am going to start juicing most of my meals and making soups etc with the Vitamix. I also compete in professional fitness shows and would love to incorporate the Vitamix into my food prep regimen this year!

  301. Paige says

    It would be BEYOND fantastic to be able to make all of my kiddos a green smoothie In one blender, it usually takes 2 batches…..

  302. says

    There’s no way I could narrow it down to one thing I would make. I’ve been dreaming of a vitamix for a while to make all my green smoothies, my own nut butters, even homemade salves. It would definitely be like Christmas!

  303. robin sandwick says

    I just got into making green smoothies and my Hamilton blender is not cutting it. I would love to have one of these so I can make better smoothies for myself and the kids.

  304. Nicole Mortensen says

    I would make non dairy ice cream for my kids with allergies, cashew cream, almond butter (so much better homemade), salad dressing, marinades, sauces, salsa, snow cone ice, and of course my breakfast smoothies that I make with a blender that doesn’t work very well right now! So exciting!

  305. Karrie Killoway says

    Hi I would love to win a Vitamix so that I can make all kinds of different things I understand that I can make soup out of veggie’s and smoothies would be awesome to make in this blender. I understand you can also juice with a Vitamix so basically it would become my new found friend for healthy eating.

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