Win a Free T-Fal ActiFry Worth $250!

We promised a MEGA giveaway, and here it is! We’re giving away 1 T-Fal ActiFry worth $250 every day this week through Friday, August 5th. That’s right, one winner every day.

T-fal ActiFry –a revolutionary multi-cooker with roasting, frying/stir frying and (quick) slow cooking capabilities all with just one tablespoon of oil.  This versatile one-pot wonder has made it possible to create healthier versions of everyday meals with vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood and even desserts! Simply place ingredients in the pan, close the lid, set the timer and in 25-30 minutes you have a home cooked meal! Thanks to its unique technologies, all foods cook under the same temperature of 338 degrees F, cutting out up to 75% of trans and saturated fats from foods we all enjoy.

Every day this week, one AFH reader will win a $250.00 T-Fal ActiFry. To enter, you need to

1) “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page,
2) Leave a comment below about what you’d make with your own T-Fal ActiFry.
3) Refer your friends to our Appetite for Health Facebook pageThe more referrals you send to Like us on FB, the higher you’ll rank in the giveaway.  Make sure to provide us the “handles” of those who you get to Like us.
4) Like” the T-fal Facebook page.

All AFH terms and conditions apply


  1. Jonathan Buffington says

    With my own ActiFry I would make Chicken Mirin, an oriental dish served on rice my sister turned me onto. I only eat meat once a week usually, unless there are leftovers of this in the fridge :-). I absolutely do not like using a lot of oil even EVO, and with an ActiFry I could seriously cut back on the EVO in my pasta dishes which I eat most of the week. Thanks AFH, here is the recipe for Chicken Mirin for your readers.

    Chicken Mirin

    1 sliced onion

    3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces

    ½ cup soy sauce

    ½ cup mirin sauce

    Sauté onions in small amount olive oil until soft. Remove from pan and add chicken. Cook until all sides are white. Add sauces and simmer for 10-15 minutes uncovered. Add onions just to let them reheat. Serve over rice.

    Mirin sauce is in the oriental section of grocery store. I had to get it at fresh mkt. so check specialty stores if you need to.

    The sodium content in these sauces can be a little much so go for lower sodium versions if you can find them.

  2. Stacey Montgomery says

    I would try new things especially with fish and vegetables. It is so hard to cook seafood healthy and still be tasty. At least it is for me!

  3. Jenefer Lynn says

    I would love to try cooking everything with this! I’m always trying to make the things we eat healthier and this would help a lot!

  4. Shannon Hallamek says

    I would, along with my 2 boys make EVERYTHING and ANYTHING possible !!!!!!!!

  5. Lydia B says

    I would play with it and try tons of new foods! Due to my daughter’s health issues we have completely changed the way we cook and what we eat. A great device like the T-Fal would give us a great way to prepare healthy and fast meals!

  6. laura orzabal says

    I would make my lowfat sugar free honey mustard chicken with mushrooms and onions. The ckicken would brown so well. and the onions and mushrooms carmelize. It’s delicious!

  7. Tonja Swank says

    Eating healthy gets tough when I am with my family or my BF is around. I am usually content with grilled veggies or some other odd array of food, but they want a “real” meal. This would satisfy all parties!

  8. Sarah says

    i cant really think of anything i wouldn’t cook with that. i’m a huge stir fry fan though. i love just taking veggies and meats i need to get used up and make a stir fry out of them.

    also, since you can make deserts with it, i’d be interested in figuring out how to do that.

  9. michele malone says

    I’d make everything with this, but the first thing I’d try would be chicken fried rice.

  10. K R says

    oh, i wonder what it would do to enhance…
    kale chips!

    i certainly would experiment if i had one…

  11. london ingoglia says

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Apple sauce for sure…………… Also pumpkins for pies. YUMMY!!!

  12. Debbie Chioffe says

    I would make just about everything with my ActiFry as it sounds like it would fit in perfectly to my new Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness Regimen! Wow..just one tablespoon of oil is all it needs?!? It also cooks several different ways?!?.. I cannot wait to try it..I think that it will be my new constant companion and possibly the most used appliance in the kitchen..besides the blender. Please include me in this Giveaway. Thanks.

  13. Michele P says

    hi. i like you on facebook (facebook name miss chele) and i signed up for your newsletter.

    i would cook everything in this! but the first meal i’d make would be kung pao chicken with chicken fried rice. yum!

  14. Heather J. says

    Everything that I normally prepare in my slow cooker, I would try in this awesome multi-cooker! Roasts, soups, stews, enchiladas!

  15. kelly says

    I would make pepperoni rolls with Rhodes frozen dough (thawed & risen) with a little pizza sauce & pepperoni/sliced 😉 that is the very 1st thing I would attempt to make and then after that the choices of what i could make would be limitless :) :) Great giveaway…Hope I win 😉 Thanks 4 the contest~

  16. Bobbie says

    I would make a roast and some casseroles and rice dishes and the possibilities are endless!!!!

  17. Nancy says

    Having a chance to own a T-Fall ActiFry would be a dream come true! I would love to be able to enjoy crispy “fried” french fries, without the fat, calories, and stomach ache that typical fries provide. I would also try it out for green beans almondine, beef and broccoli, shrimp, and chicken dishes. Oh, how I wish I had more contacts to send your way…In the past few months, I have sung your praises to so many people, and I know many of them have become regular visitors to your website. Friends from First Place (a healthy eating group at church), Weight Watchers, and the moms’ group I belong to have all mentioned articles and tips they have found beneficial from your site. Some of them tried out your Super Bowl recipes; some started a food (and exercise) journal after reading the Dietitian’s Secret to Weight Loss; some began focusing on the tips listed from the Small Change Diet; and several have used recipes or found new products to try out. (A few have even entered your contests…but others still believe that nobody actually ever wins anything. Wouldn’t they be surprised if they found out I actually won this?!?) Thank you for all of the tips and contests! You certainly deserve the success you’ve been enjoying with so many new fans!

  18. Sandy N says

    Its a deep fryer, you could cook anything in it and it would come out yummy. I betcha if you cooked an old shoe, it would come out tasting good! lol
    Id like to cook some fried fish, catfish coated in flour and cornmeal – yum!

  19. Carla Hackenberg says

    I love to cook and I love tfal. My hubby got new cookware for Christmas. XOXO

  20. Carla Hackenberg says

    I love to cook and I love tfal. My hubby got new cookware for Christmas. XOXO And I love you guys on Face book.

  21. Joe G says

    We’ve been growing lots of vegetables in our backyard this summer, like vegetables and tomatoes, and we also have fresh eggs from chickens so this would be fun to stir fry together. Referred five other friends just now , too.

  22. Lisa Richardson says

    I liked your FB page, and signed up for your newsletter, and this fryer is the coolest thing! We have so much fresh produce right now in the Willamette Valley, and I would love to put in some fresh boneless chicken, some garlic, and then throw in some zucchini, broccoli, asparagus and yellow crookneck squash. Yummy!!!

  23. Jamie F. says

    I would love the chance to cook with less oils. My husband and I are both putting on some extra baggage and so many foods, he will not eat unless it is deep fried. I have started baking french fries instead of boiling them in greasy oil, but he will go and fill up a pan full of oil to deap fry the amount that he wants to eat instead of eating the baked ones I have cooked. We have found the microwave popcorn maker that you can use that allows you to add your own butter, oil, and salt and I have been able to get him to cut back on the oils and butter compared to the microwave popcorn you get in the bags. He is very picky about some things, so I am always looking for new ways to cook the few foods that he will eat. This could possibly be a good tool for him to take with him when he has to travel for his work. I cannot tell by the picture, but is it easy to clean? That would be a must for our family, because we don’t like having a piece of equipment that is hard to clean up. And thanks to Johnathon Buffington for posting the Chicken Mirin recipe. This sounds really good & I have some chicken that I am going to cook tomorrow & if I can find some Mirin sauce, we will be trying this dish tomorrow. :-)

  24. Barbara K says

    I would make Healthy French Fries, is there such a thing and many other healthy foods.

  25. Stacy says

    We have 7 children that seem to fancy fast food more than fresh veggies. (imagine that!) but with one of these cookers I would hope to be able to change their thinking and utilize more from our garden and our local farmers market.
    We have a daughter who 7 years ago went through a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed at the age of 5 years old with Aplastic Anemia (complete bone marrow failure). Today she is growing but we still have to be aware of her salt intake and her cholesterol levels. This would be an AWESOME tool to use in our kitchen and our busy lifestyles!
    Thanks for making this available!!

  26. AmyLyon says

    I am not sure what I would make first!! :) I have been eating “clean” for over 6 months now, and there are so many things that I haven’t made because they require “un-clean” ingredients. So honestly, the first thing that I would try would be a cleaned-up version of fried chicken, with wheat bran and egg whites, probably through a little cayenne in for spice. :)
    I love the T-Fal ActiFry… seems like such a healthy replacement for my deep fryer and frying pan!!

    Oooh… just thought- maybe I could even make a healthier, tastier donut in this. Wouldn’t THAT be something to try!! 😀

  27. Lyne mbong says

    My daughter and I are trying to eat healey. We so would use it for stir fry vegetables .

  28. cathi cannon says

    this looks fantastic! i’m not allowed to have a grill where i live, and my kitchen is small, so this do-it-all kitchen wonder tool would be a dream! i’m excited to try healthy recipes for seafood and chicken, and a million new recipes with veggies. it’s the perfect kitchen tool for an urban athlete. yahh!

  29. Beth M. says

    What a sweet giveaway! I did some research on this gadget when it first came out. It’s pretty neat and really great for those who are busy. I have to admit, I’d like one, but I’m not sure if I’d use it. I may make fries or fried chicken in it for my husband and daughter, but I love to slave over the stovetop too much. :) It would be really cool to see how it works. If I won this, I would give it my Mother-In-Law who works too much to focus on cooking. I think she would greatly benefit from this!

  30. Lawana Whaley says

    Have previously “liked” the page and signed up for newsletter…. so can’t wait to win this and begin cooking in more healthy way for husband and family.

  31. Kathy Ziegenmier says

    Just to be able to cook everything in a more healthy way. I am on WW so this would be a huge help in
    Cutting back on fat content.

  32. Ynick Kayah Harrison says

    I would make my mom’s “veggichopsuey” with okras, string beans, broad beans, carrots and love:) soo delish!

  33. says

    I do try to cook everything as natural as possible, and use whole ingredients, rather than boxed and canned items. Some times you need a little help making that possible on even the busiest of days! Would love to try this for some of our home made soups, and stews that we really like to have, that takes a lot of time, when you don’t have all that kind of time in the kitchen!

  34. says

    I’ve “Like” this on FB.
    I’ve “Shared” the link to my wall for others to see.
    I’ve registered for the News Letter!

    Now I HOPE to WIN… :)

  35. says

    I like your FB page, subscribe to your newsletter and the first thing I would make would be a big beef roast with all the fixings, It sounds so good right now and it is just too hot to put it in the oven right now…Temps have been in the 90’s and 100’s for the past 2 weeks

  36. Aimee says

    I would make anything and everything with all the fresh veggies I could! My husbnad LOVES okra, so I would start there!

  37. Serena Rebechini says

    How awesome is this! I would make healthy veggie chips, stir fry, omelets, “tempura”, and roasts for my family! Yum!

  38. Dennie Ledford says

    I will be completely honest here and tell you all that I am not the cook in my family, my husband is. I can tell you that he can make anything taste good. This would be a wonderful thing to give him as I ruined his rice cooker from Japan not to long ago and I would love to make up for that. I know he loves to make an Indian dish with curry and thats probably what he would make first with this if I were so lucky as to win it. :)

  39. Yen Nguyen says

    1.) I like you on facebook
    2.) I would like to make french fries with the actifry
    3.) I told my friends about your page
    4.) I like t-fal on facebook now

  40. Hannah says

    I would fry chicken,, squash, okra, tomatos, eggs, VEGGIES!! fish , onion rings, and other things! I would batter them all very healthy though with cereal crumpled up! Love the products also!

  41. sherry warlick says

    I would make everything with the T-fal actifry. I would use the lean choices of meat like chicken, fish, and turkey. With two very active children and a career, this would fit into my lifestyle perfectly. I try to cut back on the grease and fat in my diet, whenever, I can. This would be an awesome way to change my lifestyle and eating habits.

  42. Jayna B says

    I would have fun making french fries….how fun to be able to eat “bad” food and know that it’s actually not all that bad! Plus, as a bonus, you don’t have to feel guilty letting the kiddos eat the fries since you’ve made them a healthier way. :)

  43. Cynthia Matz-Smith says

    I’d start off with chicken thighs and go from there. It sounds very versatile easy to use

  44. Joan J says

    I’m sure my hubby would immediately vote for french fries but I’d love to try to make Moo Goo Gia Pan. Love Chinese food!

  45. Bridget Weeks says

    I watched my brother lose weight by eating a vegetarian diet, after he lost 50+ pounds with a quickness I decided i’d do it myself. In 3 weeks I have lost 17 pounds and am feeling much more energized without all that fat and who knows what else in the fast food I was eating daily. With the Actifry, I could try many more low oil vegetarian dishes. I really do like stir fry vegetables and this would make it so easy and with the Actifry’s cookbook I can broaden my meal plans and be a much healthier and therefore happier person. My brother Jonathan Buffington sent me, he has inspired our whole family to change the way we eat and we are feeling much better because of it. Keep up the great site AFH!

  46. Dominique Ferguson says

    I think I would make most everything in this! It gets so hot here in the summer that I avoid the oven and stove as much as possible. An appliance such as this would be a real benefit!

  47. Darin Banbury says

    I would make some curry chips, I’ve heard the Madagascan beef is divine and I love the idea of making tortilla chips from tortilla wraps, just seems to be so much you can do! Being on slimming world means I could still eat chips and stuff without the full fat effect! Would love one!

  48. Larry Partridge says

    I would make fries, wings, perogies, thighs, shrimp. All without a lot of oil & no oven.

  49. marlies mols says

    I would try everything that is in the recepiebook, just to see what has the greatest taste. But to be honest I would start with fish and chips because that is our favorite

  50. Lorynn R. says

    I think the possibilities are endless with this awesome creation! I would love to make healthy fries, healthy chicken meals, healthy salmon meals, lots of yummy veggies and it says it makes desserts – I’d be curious to make some healthier desserts too! I love items like this that make my life easier & help me lead a healthy lifestyle! : )

  51. says

    I would love to win this! I love gadgets that make life easier and help my family live a healthy lifestyle. I have 5 daughters who all love fried food… I usually bake or grill everything, but baked fried chicken just doesn’t quite cut it. My girls especially love sweet potato fries, I think cooking them with the T-Fal ActiFry would make them crispy and delicious… AND healthy.

  52. Susan Lumb says

    I have been dreaming about getting an actifry for ages, but I have a small budget and am on a fixed income. I have been a fan of the actifry for a long time, and would start out making sweet potato fries and chicken. I don’t eat red meat but do eat chicken and as many vegetables as I can. I have no doubt there are lots of veggie recipies that I could use with the actifry. Thanks so much for running the contest and the information you have on facebook. Everyone needs one of these in their kitchen these days!

  53. Robin Pena says

    I would be making everything in here. I love to cook healthy! Especially with my husband going into the Navy and working out as much as he does. Getting him to eat healthy is nearly impossible. So I have to add lil tricks! And with this it would make everything sooo easy! I would love this!!!

  54. Rebecca Hanacek says

    Fish and vegetables! Oh and stir-fry, too! I would love to try these foods in an ActiFry! Thanks Appetite for Health for giving me the chance to win one! :)

  55. Raquel says

    I would use this to cook healthy fabulous recipes for my family!! My kids love fried foods but I hate the mess and the calories from oil. This would be so awesome for them :-)

  56. Laura Dewitt says

    I would add a tiny drop or two of olive oil, and some bacon, onion, and pickled garlic with habanaro peppers from the Colorado Cherry Company with lots of spinach, and top it off with some salmon with dijon mustard. Heavenly meal…..

  57. Janice Pritty says

    Fresh Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries! Cut cleaned, peeled or unpeeled sweet potatoes into fry size or small round slices, rinse and dry thoroughly. Toss the fries with chipotle chili powder to taste, and 1/2 spoon of garlic infused grapeseed or olive oil. Cook as directed. For additional flavour, serve with chipotle mayonnaise (1/2 cup mayo mixed with 1/2 tsp. canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Yummy!

  58. Kaycie Patton says

    I can’t believe the possibilities for this machine, I would make more fish and steamed veggies, my husband would prob try making a healthier chicken wing…lol

  59. Annie says

    I would make chicken fried rice with the new actifry with cooked rice, a table sppon of olive oil, scrambled eggs, green onions, ginger and shrimps, with soy sauce

  60. Rita Martin says

    Ik zou niet alleen mijn gewone dagelijkse kost in de Actifry klaarmaken maar ook “lekkere fruitdesserts zoals gebakken fruit….annanas, appelen, peren druifjes, bananen, exotich fruit….”
    Ik zou niet alleen blijven dromen van lekker eeten, ik zou er ook gewoon van genieten…..

  61. Leonor says

    I would love to try this for a new and heathier fish and vegetable dish. My family and friends mean the world to me, and I share my love through their tummys.
    Here are the people I referred to Appetite for Health:

    -Andrew Wheatley
    -David Kim
    -Esse Lynn
    -Lee Gia
    -Romo Cane

  62. Amy Strunk says

    There are so many foods I want to prepare in this. Just thinking of the deep fried foods I can do without using so much oil………..all I can is is WONDERFUL! French fries, bacon jalapeno wraps, fried chicken, marinated brisket with onions and mushrooms………the list truly goes on & on. I would be one of the happiest people on the face of this planet to win this. Good Luck to all!

  63. Amy Strunk says

    I sent:

    Donna Fuller Legott
    Nicole Sorbara
    Brittany Strunk
    Terri Chapman
    Nikki Wagner
    Jenifer Burns

  64. nancy knutsen says

    I would try everything -fish, chicken, veggies – as the whole family is trying to eat healthier!

  65. Harriet says

    I am an Appetite for Health and Acti-fry fan. I would make healthier fried chicken tenders for addition to Asian food. High fat frying is a health No-No for me, and it’s great to have an alternative.

  66. jessie Goltz says

    oh so many choices. The first thing i would make is Smažený sýr mit Tartatsky. (czech for fried cheese with tartar). It was one of my favorite dishes in the Czech Republic it is a breaded fried goat cheese patty served with coleslaw and tartar sauce on a bun. I have been wanting to make one for a long time but do not have a fryer because they are so unhealthy. This T-Fal Actifry would let me make it healthier! I am sure my kids would love it. Then I would make fish and chips. Yumm.

  67. Pat A says

    WOW! What a wonderful prize. I can only imagine how delicious the T-Fat Actifry would make French fries, onions, bell peppers, sweet potato fries and squash taste. I think shrimp would even cook well in it. Can’t wait to give it a whirl and taste test all the combinations I could put together.
    I have recommended Appetite for Health to Betty Sellers , Nancy Nunez, Lisa Cook , Kindra Harris, Rhonda Harris , Tammy Caldwell, and Tracy Poole however, I am not sure how many of them clicked “like”.

  68. Lisa Grassetti says

    One thing I would make first is French Fries!! YUMMY Diane Bassette sent me over. I am glad she did this item looks pretty cool. I clicked buy on the Actifry page and it was sold out!!

  69. Lisa Davis says

    wow, where do I start? I would make so many things, lets see,
    First, chicken!
    Then all sorts of veggies,
    maybe some meatballs,
    the possibilitis are endless.
    Hope I win!!! :-)

  70. Sara Phillips says

    Done! :) Sara P. — 1) “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page,
    I’d make fried green beans! 😀 2) Leave a comment below about what you’d make with your own T-Fal ActiFry.
    Done! Sara P. — 4) Like” the T-fal Facebook page

  71. Alicia Boarts says

    I am a fan of both appetite for health and Tfal. I have my head spinning with “fried” chicken and wing.mmmmm but not dripping with fat. Or better yet, just a roast chicken that actually has crispy skin and juicy meat without resorting to deep frying. That would be awesome

  72. Sarah Fuentes says

    I would try just about anything I could in the actifry. Anything possible to get the kids eating healthier for their future is a plus for me.

  73. Dawn says

    First thing I would try is Shrimp Scampi, I would love to win this because I need to eat better and I like quick cooking methods.

  74. Dawn says

    I shared your fb page with: Melody Mays, Kellie Lewis Cobern, Matt Cobern, Diana Ros, sLisa Justus, Kathy Brummell, Kenneth Roussel, Pamela Ross, Susan Vorbeck, Genelle Voss, Heather Soto, Dawna Rodabaugh-Harraman. My friends who like to cook and or like to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

  75. Tiffany says

    Oh my goodness – french fries, sweet potato fries, salmon patties and I’d have tons of fun frying weird things, too.

  76. Debra P says

    Yum! Fish, french fries, onion rings, chicken, fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks – so many wonderful things to try! I liked both FB pages – Dee Pearlstein, sharing now

  77. ellen says

    I woukld FRY all the fish everyone I know catches and love that it is only 1 tablespoon of oil and alot less energy and heat than traditional frying- awesome!

  78. says

    I would love to make roasted chicken, pot roast, pulled pork, meatballs, loads of veggies, rice, and a pudding cake in this awesome product! I love that this only uses a tablespoon of oil and it’s multi-functional.

  79. Margaret Porter says

    Im a fan of yours and Tfal on facebook. I am sharing on my page. I would love to try to make the french fries with 1 Tbs of cooking oil.

  80. Christina Schussler says

    I saw this product reviewed on the Dr. Oz show. I would love to begin to change my food preperation ways. For my family and my own health. I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond, but after a job loss could not afford to get it.

  81. Donna B. says

    I’d use it to make sweet potato fries! I like both pages and shared with my friends :)

  82. says

    I’m a fan on Facebook as Sheryl Edwards and on twitter as @textiff
    Also a fan of Tfal on Facebook
    Sharing & tweeting.
    I would like to try frying fish and hush puppies with one tablespoon of oil in the Actifry.
    I also love sweet potato fries. I’ld love to try them and so many other foods to prepare them with less oil!
    My doctor said that I need to lower my cholesterol, so this would be a great cooking tool to use to do that!

  83. Martha r. says

    I would use the ActiFry to make fied green tomatoes, sweet potato fries, hash browns, and homestyle fries. I would love to have an ActiFry to help me make a change in the way my family cooks and eats,

  84. Patricia says

    ??????????? So many great foods to choose from it is hard to make a decision as to what I would try first. With only 1 Tbsp. oil in the Actifry I imagine just about anything you cook would be delish and not greasy. French fries would certainly head the list along with pork chops, summer squash, and green beans. Can’t wait to get started eating healthy and having fun at the same time.

    I have posted the contest on my wall and told all my friends to “like” the Actifry and Appitite for Health on FB. Hopefully you will soon be hearing from quite a few of them.

    I already liked Appetite for Health and Actifry both on FB.

  85. Serena Rebechini says

    This would be a great way to get my family to try many new things! We have veggies going gonzo in the garden so they would be the first thing I would cook up!

  86. Hannah says

    I would love to win this prize! Living in the south everything that other people consider “good” is usually deep fried! lol I would love the opportunity to receive this to show my family how to cook things healthier and show them they can also be enjoyable, delicious , and healthy. My family comes from a long line of past ancestors and grandparents, aunts and uncles, of having heart failure, diabetes, and cancer. I really want my family to enjoy their food without feeling like they are being deprived of taste. I want my family’s lives to be longer. It would be great to have this product to help them get on the right track! Thank you so much!!

  87. Tracey Pullum says

    I would make some wonderful french fries first thing! Then, of course I would branch out to other delicious foods. I have wanted one of these since I first heard of the Actifry!

  88. Paula Gillespie says

    Still hoping to win this wonderful giveaway!!! I would make just about anything in it that I normally fry especially fried okra!!!!

  89. DENNIE lEDFORD says

    Another day another entry! i think I would like to try and make doughnuts and those elephant ears they make at the fair. I might have to try and tone down the sugar part of it maybe use something else as a topper but I just know this Actifry would be great to do that with. :)

  90. Teresa Organ says

    I already have one and we made buffalo wings in ours and they were real goo. So I did 1,2 & 4.

  91. Alicia Boarts says

    Chicken wings sound really good! There’s SO many things I would try. I would LOVE to win one of these. Chicken sounds like the obvious choice but I would love to see what it would do with doughnuts and breaded things like poppers. Love that food but I don’t like the big greasy fry daddy. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I like you both on FB. Sharing but I don’t know who’ll show up…we’ll see.

  92. Gayle C says

    I would love to make lightly breaded chicken breast fillets in the Actifry. I love them but I feel guilty about all that oil that soaks into them. Also, I think they would actually taste better with the lightest bit of oil rather than the heavy saturation you get with pan frying chicken.

    Another thing I would like to try, but I don’t know it would work, is Fried Green Tomatoes. They need to stay flat while frying and be handled very gently to keep the tomato and delicate crust intact. Do you think I could do that in the Actifry?


  93. Seana Hartsell says

    I love french fries! I don’t make them because of the oil. I’d make frenchfries and add a little truffle oil and flaked sea salt.

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