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Slimware LogoWant to meet the new USDA’s MyPlate guidelines easier? And lose lbs. at the same time? We’ve got a giveaway this week that can help you accomplish both: Slimware.

Slimware is a line of portion-control plates that are designed to help you get perfectly portioned meals every time. Each plate’s design incorporates designated food placement areas that correspond to recommended food portions and serve as a gentle visual reminder not to overindulge by showing you how to make at least half your plate from fruits and veggies; ¼ from lean proteins and ¼ from better-for-you whole grains.

Slimware can help you become more portion conscious.  Instead of supersizing your meals and wildly overeating, now you can use the world’s first aesthetically-pleasing portion control plate to limit your food intake and develop healthier long-term eating habits.


Downtown Chic

Downtown Chick

Slimware is currently available in five eye-catching designs including Downtown Chic (black & white) that we’re giving away.  The plates are made from melamine which makes them lightweight, shatterproof, scratch-resistant, indoor/outdoor flexible and dishwasher safe.  Two new microwave-safe designs will be unveiled at the end of the year.  Slimware retails for $34.95 (package includes a set of four plates).

Five readers will win a set of SlimWare. There will be 2 winners on Monday, 2 winners on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.

To enter, you need to “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website.

Winners will be chosen by the number of referrals they send to the Appetite for Health Facebook page.


  1. Pauline Longchamp says:

    what a great idea! these plates will probably sell like hot cakes. so very unique

  2. Dave Levin says:

    I like on facebook.
    I receive the newsletter.

    What a fantastic idea!

  3. Beth Dickhute-Mickens says:

    This is pretty genius! Any way to help America get back on track to eating the proper proportions and hopefully a reminder to eat healthy! I love it and I love the color and design!

  4. Sweet idea!!!

  5. I love the design and the idea behind it!

  6. Melinda Singer says:

    I’m following on Facebook, I receive the newsletter.
    It’s always nice to have extra tools towards a healthy diet!

  7. Jennifer F says:

    Loving the design.

  8. Christopher Sorel says:

    these looks cool and great design

  9. Christina says:

    Great design and you don’t necessarily notice that they are for portion sizes. Great idea!

  10. Jennifer says:

    This is a great idea and they are very cute! I hope to win!

    I already “like” on FB and get the newsletter!

  11. I think these would work.
    I do use a small plate, but It look’s kinda odd setting there alone and different from the others on the table, plus it really don’t have anything to do with portion control, except the fact that not as much food fits on it (which works) smiles… I would love to have a set of these, I think a plate that will help with portion control is a Wonderful ideal!
    I like on facebook, follow on twitter and signed up for the newsletter.

  12. I love these plates. I think they would really help me. I am not too sure if the little plates I am using are helping me. :)

  13. tammy merrett says:

    Sharon Harrison

  14. MAMOTTS says:

    those are sweet

  15. Christopher Sorel says:

    cool looking

  16. Cheryl Christian says:

    Great to have a guideline to go by on figuring the portions out. I am sure it will surprise me that I was still putting too much on a plate.

  17. Serena Rebechini says:

    Very cool would love to add these to my dish collection!

  18. LOVE that design. How smart someone finally came up with this!

  19. Ingemar Hulthage says:

    Just what I need to keep me on track towards my weight loss goal!
    Follow on Facebook and I receive the newsletter.

  20. Pat Pelland says:

    Follow on facebook, subscribe to the newsletter.
    Portion control help is always welcome.

  21. Christopher Sorel says:

    cool plates and idea

  22. diane b. says:

    So glad i found this website!!!

  23. Winners of the Slimware plate sets include Amy D., Diane B, Pat P, Chris S and Serena R.

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