Microplane Twist N Grate

Microplane The Original LogoA Microplane grater is a kitchen essential and the company’s latest product—the Twist N Grate—is one of my new favorite must-haves.
Making Great Graters
Microplane is a US company known for making the best graters and other kitchen gadgets you can buy. The Twist N Grate is unique in that it’s a dual-sided grater that’s designed to easily come apart when not in use for compact storage in a drawer or cabinet.  Featuring a tapered conical shape, the Twist N Grate – Dual Sided Grater provides two Microplane blades, Fine and Extra Coarse.  Microplane’s signature grating blades, which are crafted in the U.S., are engineered to quickly and efficiently grate a wide range of foods, from hard cheese like Parmesan, to softer cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella, as well as assorted vegetables and fruits, including onions, potatoes, zucchini, apples, pears and much more.Twist and grate - White Group
Get the Best Zest
I love the Fine blade because it can be used to zest the peel of citrus, such as lemons, oranges and limes.  As with all other Microplane graters, the new Twist N Grate – Dual Sided Grater offers cooks an extraordinarily sharp cutting tool for professional results, and the ultimate in ease and convenience.
It’s dishwasher safe and offers a comfortable soft-touch handle for excellent leverage and a secure grip, even when hands are wet. It’s available in white and red at retail nationwide for $19.99 suggested retail.

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  1. Beth M. says

    Love being a follower on FB and signed up for newsletters!

    I love the fact that the Twist n Grate an be used as a zester! My current “multi-use grater” doesn’t zest very well but I make do with what I have! I love to add zest to everything to had something bright to each dish (such as the lemon zest used in the Spicy Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce I made for lunch tomorrow!) Also, I have been recently consistently adding grated ginger to my breakfast smoothies for an added zing and to to help aid in digestion so early in the morning (Ginger in a Mango Peach Coconut Lime Smoothie)! And what I love most of all is the look; I would definitely leave this standing out as “added” decoration to my kitchen. It looks way to cool to put away!

  2. London Ingoglia says

    I love to add grated lemon and orange peel to just about everything so this tool will come in super handy. I am also thinking it would be great for limes. I love gadgets so this would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  3. AnnMarie Latchford says

    This summer has been the summer of citrus! I have lemons and limes in the house all the time. I want to “Get the Best Zest” as it would be the perfect tool for freshening up my water on the run (gave up soda), making slushy fun drinks and for cooking.

    I would love to try the new Microplane out on grilled lemon/lime chicken with fresh avocado and cilantro!


    Ann Marie

  4. Donna D says

    Oh Wow I could really use this! I bet it would work great at getting foods ready for Jacy, She loves grated carrots, and mozzarella, I bet it would be great for fixing her sweet potatoes too, I think it’s a really neat tool.. wonder how it would work on harder things like cinnamon?
    Quick & easy and I bet it wouldn’t make a mess like a lot of them do, would be easy to clean.
    A handy little gadget for sure! Pretty too.
    I would love to try out a Twist N Grate!

  5. Tammy says

    I’ve followed AFH for awhile now and have signed up for the newsletter. I would use this for freshly grated parmesan cheese and lemon zest. I have a delicious kale salad recipe and the most complicated part is the grating….looks like a Twist N Grate could make it a breeze!!

  6. erica says

    I grate my own cheese several times a week! I dont like all the fillers in pregrated cheese, so i do it myself and is often cheaper!

  7. jessie Goltz says

    I have never tried a twist and grate, but would use it for lemon zest, and mozzarella cheese to make my favorite pasta salad.

  8. Sandee says

    I would love to try the Microplane Twist and Grate to grate and zest lemons, limes, and oranges. I would also like to try it for grating fresh cheese. The Microplane Twist and Grate looks awesome! I would love to have this one. I love grilled salmon on a cedar plank with fresh lime zest!

  9. Donna says

    Twist N Grate sound like a wonderful product for sure. We would love to own one. Our family uses a lot of lemon zest in our salads.

  10. Connie V says

    I would use this for grating fresh cheese over my salads and pasta dishes. I have never tried doing zest but I would love to!!

  11. says

    Functional and beautiful! I’ve never heard of this before for some reason; looks like it should be an essential part of my kitchen! zesting citrus and cheese – yes, the normal things that come to mind. Love the idea of Ginger above. Very curious on how it performs with simple vegetables – would make a variety of unique fresh salads. Experimentation is in order!

  12. Athena R says

    I love microplane graters. These would be perfect for shredding vegetables to make fritters, bread, cakes, etc with.

  13. Jennifer Sullivan says

    I am a lemon, orange, lime zest fanatic! I can only imagine what I will do with it.

  14. Christopher Sorel says

    I would sell or give away my zester as it takes too much room. this is great looking and better

  15. Kathy Z. says

    I use a regular size Microplane all the time. I think the small curved
    Surface of this one will really come in handy. Should be great for
    whole nutmeg.

  16. Sara says

    LOVE the micro plane zester. Used my sister’s last week for a recipe that called for lemon zest and it was amazingly easy! I was so impressed, I need my own now!! :)

  17. Kimberly Masseau says

    With Grilling season finally in full swing here in Michigan I could definitely put this grater/zester to great use while making marinades. Lemon and Lime zest would be a cinch……not to mention ginger as well. I also love grating fruits and putting them in my marinades……..apples, pears and the like. This lil gadget sure is cute while standing but I also LOVE the fact that it compacts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught my square grater/zester while shutting the drawer where it rests :(

  18. Kevin hanson says

    It would be great to have a multi-use tool like the Twist N Grate for different needs: citrus zester, shred cabbage for fish tacos, and grate different cheeses.

  19. Jonathan Buffington says

    The Twist N Grate would be awesome for the fruit salad I make daily, eating healthy involves taking more time to prepare meals hence needing tools to minimize that time. Twist N Grate is an awesome product for those of us who have switched to a healthy vegetarian diet, yet do not have the utensils to prepare such foods. Thanks AFH, you gals have a great eye for innovative quality products! :-)

  20. Kristin Troska says

    I facebook liked App For Health and Microplane. I signed up for your newsletter. What would I grate with my new grater? cheese, carrots, chocolate, all sorts of yummy things………Peace!

  21. jennifer woosley says

    I would love it to put fresh Parmesan cheese on my pasta and salads. I usually buy the already grated kind, but I watch them cooking shows and think, man one day I’m gonna try the fresh parmesan. The only thing that stops me is I don’t have a Twist N Grate. You know I see me using it many ways. I would also use it to top my lemon pies with lemon zest!

  22. Cyn says

    Love, love, love microplane. I have almost all of their gadgets. Can’t say enough good about them…..just keep your fingers out of the way – LOL!!!

  23. Elizabeth Saunders says

    I use a grater several times a day. The handle on mine is getting painful for me. The handle on this one looks really comfortable. Graters are an essential for an kitchen.

  24. priscilla says

    Like on facebook, signed up for newsletter. I would love the grater to shred cheese and veggies!

  25. says

    Personally i dont like to Blab much about stuff… These babies sell themselves,(once you use it you dont want to use any other grater, they are all RUBBISH) it would be my mission to convert anyone that does not own a Microplane to become an owner of 1 or 2 or 3…. although being a chef the best thing this twist and grate would be used for Lemon/Garlic or Truffle/Parmesan…. thats all… happy cooking and happy grating everybody…. in my experience i love the fact that it is very hard to actually grate your fingers compared to other graters….

  26. anne says

    I Like you on our Appetite for Health Facebook page & am signed up for your newsletter.
    If I won the twist & grate I would use it to prepare cheese for my fish tacos and also to grate carrots for my greek yogurt chicken salad.

  27. Stephanie Harris says

    Liked on Facebook, signed up for the newsletter. I am thinking this would be excellent on all citrus, (what an easy way to add flavor with no fat) and cheeses. Nutmeg, cinnamon, and coconut. Who knows how many other uses? I would be excited to try this.

  28. says

    Having a tool that had two grates, instead of using separate graters, would be awesome. I’d probably use the extra coarse grate primarily for things like Parmesan and Romano on salads and other dishes. I’d use the fine grate mostly for spices and citrus, fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon are wonderful things.

  29. tina page says

    i follow on fb and signed up for the newsletter. I would use the microplane for different citrus zests. I don’t currently have a fine grater and my zest often gets pith in it so this would be a boon to my cooking experience! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Megrcam51 says

    This would really help me when I make meals for my toddlers. They avoid vegetables like the plague, but they are blissfully unaware when I sneak grated mushrooms and zucchini into their daily turkey burgers for lunch. What a time saver!

  31. PJ says

    Wow, how convenient. I am planning on making an old cake recipe that includes orange, lemon and ginger zest. This product will definitely come in handy! :)

  32. Michelle says

    I would love to have the new twist and grate! I love the handle-it looks like it would make the grater much easier to use than my current microplane. I use mine all the time for zesting lemons and limes and grating fresh ginger and garlic. I would love the course blade for grating veges!

  33. Lawana Whaley says

    Everything Microplane makes is spectacular. For those of us who have limited storage space, this would be wonderful!

  34. Andrea H. says

    what would i do? well, definately use with frsh lemons or even with a block of cheese. lemons are incredibly useful in so many ways to add a zest or feshness to any any recipe and even when i want to make a casserole, fresh grated cheese alwasy taste better than out of a bag. you know what always sounds amazing, homemade carrot cake with lemon zest, i think that will be this weekend’s treat!

  35. michele malone says

    I’d use this for shredding veggies like onions, potatoes, and carrots, as well as grating cheese.

  36. Leonor says

    I grate 12 different veggies and make heart shaped pattys for my loved ones. This would be a grate device to own.

  37. Maureen L. says

    Aside from zesting every citrus fruit, I’d use it on spices also. I’d also love to grate my own cheese!

  38. Stephanie Warhurst says

    This would be so COOL! I have a hard plastic flat grater right now from a regular store, just an old up and down motion grating. This would be so nice to be able to take care of veggies, fruits, and cheese….and to have really sharp blades, one swipe and done…..this would be so exciting…..if I don’t get it I will def. have to go buy!

  39. Pat P2002 says

    I already folow you on FaceBook and I already receive the newsletter.

    Moved a few months ago and lost a box of kitchen appliances and utencils during the move, one of the items I lost was a microplane! If I was to win a microplane grater from appetitite for health I’d use it to grate veggies for Korean pancakes!

  40. sandy says

    well this would be great for cheses, vegies, for grating almost anything for cooking-

  41. Serena Rebechini says

    Oooh this sounds like fun. Great way to start potatoe and zucchini pancakes!

  42. John says

    This would be really a nice thing to have. I think it would be great for lots of things we love to cook.

  43. Sarah says

    My bearded dragon and i both eat hard fruits and veggies. His are best for his digestion when they are grated. Apples and carrots are grated daily here. It would be soooo helpful to have something other than the standard grater.

  44. anita says

    I would use this to grate hard cheeses-which I absolutely love! It would be great to zest citrus but what I love most is how safe this grater is-no skinned knuckles!

  45. says

    Great comments…The winners are Beth M., Jennifer S. Jennifer W, Amity J, PJ, Pauline, John, AnneMarie, Jayme M and Donna L.

    You will receive an email offline to claim your prize.


  46. Amanda says

    One of my favthings to make in the summer are different types of slaws. Broccoli slaw, peach slaw, zuchini slaw, etc. This would def be beneficial for these dishes :)

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