MagNoodles Organic “Smart” Pasta

MagNoodles LogoI received a box of organic veggie-infused pasta a week ago and loved it.  When I contacted the company, I was directed to the OWNER, Aileen Magnotto, who is a wonderful passionate woman who has created a great product that I know AFH readers will just love.

MagNoodles were created in 1999 by Aileen as a way to improve her family’s nutrition.  By making whole grain pasta and blending vegetables into the dough, Aileen loved watching her children enjoy eating healthy dinners.

She devised this method of sneaking extra nutrition into their diets by simply adding pureed vegetables to my noodle dough.  Her kids loved the sweetness of homemade pasta as well as the smooth, hearty whole grain texture.

As a supermarket owner, Aileen knew there was nothing on the market like MagNoodles, so she turned to a premier pasta manufacturer in California to offer you her recipe for naturally nutritious pasta.  MagNoodles are made from 4 organic grains (whole grain durum, spelt, Kamut, and semolina) grown in the fields of Montana, and blended with spinach, tomato, beet, and carrot powders.  There are no additive, preservatives or enrichment to the product. All of the nutrition is derived from the organic grains and vegetables.  And, as a recent Breast Cancer survivor, Aileen’s mission is to create a healthy, great tasting pasta for everyone to enjoy.MagNoodle Package

MagNoodles contain 35 g of whole grains per serving, and carries the stamp from the Whole Grains Council.   High in protein, MagNoodles also delivers 5g of fiber per serving – twice the amount found in conventional pasta.  Nutrition never tasted so good!

Certified organic and Kosher, MagNoodles is vegan, and made from non-GMO grains.

Ten AFH readers will receive four boxes of MagNoodles.  To enter, “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website and leave a comment below about what you’d make with your boxes of MagNoodles.

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–Julie Upton


  1. Leslie says

    I would be so excited to try these. I would try to make pasta salad or my healthy alfredo :)

  2. Shannon Mathes says

    I would love to try these, what a good way to sneak some added veggies in for the family! This could make any of my pasta dishes even healthier and my pasta salad even veggier( if that’s a word)! Love you AFH!

  3. Karen says

    I would make our family favorites: spaghetti, alfredo, and pasta salad. I have never been able to get them to eat ww pasta so would love to try this product.

  4. Pat P2002 says

    I follow on facebook, I already receive the newsletter. I’d make a vegetarian pasta salad with baked tofu!

  5. Beth M. says

    These are awesome! Not only are they made from 4 wholegrains as opposed to one, they also have veggies in it! My daughter loves buying colorful bowtie pasta so I know she’ll love these too! As to what to make with them, I would make vegan pasta primavera, pasta salad, baked ziti and well, we love eating pasta straight cooked and sprinkled with out favorite seasoning be it parmesan, vegan parmesan, grill seasoning or just a pinch of butter.

  6. Athena R says

    These sound delicious. I would make a beautiful pasta salad or a scrumptious pasta and veggie bake. The possibilities are endless.

  7. says

    I actually got to meet the lady that makes these – she is SO nice and sweet, and obviously very proud of her product! They are DELICIOUS!! I would love to have boxes of these!

    I would use it for a base for several of the meals I cook that include pasta with a lean protein and sauce… My husband is NOT a big veggie fan, but he loves these, so it’d be great to sneak some veggies into his diet with these … 😉

  8. elaines03 says

    Sounds like a wonderful way to get veggies in my husbands diet. He loves pasta but not to crazy about veggies. Chicken spaghetti, his favorite, would be the first dish.

  9. Katie R says

    I follow on facebook, and I already receive the newsletter.

    I’d make pasta bake, with homemade red sauce and fresh mozzarella.

  10. Stephanie Harris says

    I would love to try. I think I would use them in pasta salads, tuna casserole, baked pasta dishes. Any place I would normally use pasta. I love sneaking more veggies in for my family :)

  11. Sandy says

    I make most of my own pasta because I want healthy- would love to test and see if this tastes like carboard or is actually good-
    we don’t do heavy sauces anymore..maybe add some stirfry vegies and some boneless chicken and shred a bit of parm on top
    maybe idf I won by the time it came my tomatoes would be in and could make a light tomato sauce and stir in with pasta, oregano and fresh parm

  12. says

    omg. i’d love to try these! my twins don’t get nearly enough veggies (fruit, yes; veg, no). there’s a creamy chicken crock pot recipe that traditionally gets served over angel hair that would work perfect with this substitute!!!

  13. Ingemar H says

    I already follow on facebook and I receive the newsletter and I’d make mac and cheese!

  14. Dave L says

    Following on FaceBook.
    Subscribe to newsletter.
    I’d make spaghetti and meatballs.

  15. Meiko says

    I LIKE on FB and a subscriber; I would add grilled chicken in a creamy pesto sauce and add to this organic pasta with chucks of gorgonzola cheese and a touch of extra virgin olive oil to finish it off

  16. pauline longchmp says

    gosh, looks like we all would make pasta salad with plenty of fresh veggies and olive oil.

  17. Sheryl Edwards says

    I would make my Summertime Pasta Salad with lots of fresh herbs & veggies!

  18. Kathy McCrae says

    Four boxes, wow! Hot creamy Baked Mac & Cheese with a crispy top & Cool fresh garden Pea & Ham MagNoodles pasta salad.

  19. Serena Rebechini says

    The sound fantastic. I have tried the quinoa veggie noodles with mild success. It’s all about the sauce at our house. My kids love the colorful noodles. In the summer we love to make cold pasta salads that are ready to grab and go in between the millions of never ending events, sports and activities we seem to have going on.

  20. says

    The winners of the MagNoodles are

    Leslie, Karen L, Girliefriend, Elaine, Renata, Sandy, April, Ingemar, Kathy and Serena R.

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