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  1. Marilynn Walton says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending time with family in the great outdoors!

  2. Tacey Atkinson says

    I plan to spend the summer working like a dog, so I can take my family away for two weeks in October. That will be daily fun for me because I get to dream about our fall vacation and know I am doing what I have to do to make it happen.
    I might even try to fit in gardening and lots of running to enjoy the weather.

  3. Jennifer says

    I follow you guys on FB! (although I don’t have twitter)
    This summer I plan to be carefree and worry free! And that will make my summer enjoyable :)

  4. says

    I already follow you on facebook and now twitter – whoo hoo! I plan on swimming and setting up the sprinkler to run in a TON. I’m also going to visit some of my favorite local farms for fresh food as much as possible! Strawberries and peaches already a big success this year!

  5. Donna Legott says

    I plan on having fun this summer by playing in my garden and canning all the goodies we get from it. :)

  6. Donna says

    I plan on having fun this summer by playing in my garden and canning all the goodies we get from it.

  7. Priscilla says

    Like on FB. Follow on Twitter. I plan on going to the beach alot this summer! Also it’s the best time to go camping =]

  8. belinda says

    Going to the boardwalk, enjoying all the water rides, BBQing, and lots of quality time with family and friends.

  9. Amy Chown says

    Looking forward to getting together with the neighbors for our yearly July 4th celebration activities and doing some spontaneous activities with my kids…. bowling, beach, riding bikes, etc.

  10. kathleen ditty says

    I plan on shopping and going to the beach. Spending time with the family all summer long!

  11. Ally says

    Hitting the pool, the beach (lots of sunscreen!) Library, playgrounds and the good old back yard! Got you on FB and Twitter!

  12. DC says

    I plan on changing my ways to have fun. Learning to let go of what I have no control of, limit the amount of work and take advantage of the warm weather with day trips to nearby attractions and ofcourse some outdoor activities like swimming, and biking. A definate is going to be trips to the local beaches with picnics and BBQ’s! Some refreshing cocktails and cupcakes a must!!!

  13. Ayn says

    I plan on enjoying each day, sunny, cloudy, raining or too darn hot as best I can with a good attitude and a smile. Good nutritious food and exercise help! Happy Summer! 😉

  14. Diana says

    This summer I’m going to a reunion of college friends. It’s been 15 years since we all first met and some I haven’t seen since college. We are all very excited and planning on having lots of fun this summer.

  15. Jenefer Lynn says

    I follow on Twitter and Facebook.

    I plan to have fun by taking the kids to the beach and then enjoying some quiet time while they go to camp :)

  16. Jessica says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending time with my kiddos and a big bowl of kozy shack pudding!!

  17. Amelia says

    It’s already begun! Ghost stories by the bonfire with my young cousins, hula hooping and jumping on the trampoline. Can’t wait to go to the beach too… I’ll make sure to wear sunblock too!

  18. mandy bair says

    This summer, I plan to teach my little boys, 3 & 2, how to build sandcastles to the sky! We love the beach! :-)

  19. Christopher Sorel says

    summer fun has started with a trip to Niagra Falls and few more camping trips are planned. Love hanging with my little ones at the beach as well

  20. Billie Pesanski says

    I am having fun this summer with my five yr old twins splashing away in the pool!

  21. Margaret says

    I love your products. We are camping and building a house. That will take up mossy of the summer and probably a lot of my winter too.

  22. Tracy says

    I plan to spend as much time as I can with my kids doing day outings around our area. We don’t have enough time together during the school year.

  23. momcy says

    spending lots of time to the lake near us, it’s free and we love to picnic and sometimes rent the boat ($10) but my son’s happiness is priceless

  24. Robin says

    I plan to visit the swimming pool a few times a week and attend some free outdoor concerts in the park!

  25. Lauren says

    I plan to hang outside with friends and family every chance I get! Nothing like soaking up that summer sun.

  26. Jonathan Buffington says

    After 2 months of ongoing tornado cleanup and repairs I plan on taking a break during the 4th and going to my parents place at the beach. After some good R&R I hope to get to Cape Canaveral for the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis…then it’s back here to the usual grind. On a high note, I am still losing weight and getting my health where it needs to be :-)

  27. K R says

    grill, and eat!
    or let others grill, and then eat!
    and wash it down with some lemonade…

  28. Jenn from B-More says

    I am heading to the beach twice – turning 31 and training to run my first half marathon in the fall!

  29. shelley seidman says

    i follow you on facebook – am going to be outside as much as possible enjoying summer concerts, gardening, walking , watching sunsets , observing nature and simply enjoying the fact that it isn’t winter!!!

  30. Jill says

    Enjoying my precious first grand son~ by ~playing in the sprinkler,feeding the ducks and geese at the pond, visiting the zoo, swimming in the pool, catching lightning bugs, picking flowers, eating watermelon, playing with the dog, playing with his cars, reading bedtime stories, playing hide and seek, watching butterflies, viewing the moon and stars at night, listening to the crickets out side at night, watching the rain fall, waking up to the birds singing every morning, building sand castles on the beach, playing kick ball, throwing bread to the sea gulls, going down the slide at the park, swinging in the swing, laughing and playing, giving many hugs and kisses………….all such a wonderful time with my 22 month old grandson, Ethan !

  31. Jill says

    P.S. and of course taking many pictures and videos of Ethan. He loves to view them after I take them !

  32. Amber says

    My family plans to have fun this summer by bbqing as much as possible, spending time at the pool and seeing our friends!

  33. victoria says

    I plan on having fun this Summer by spending time with my family, soaking up the sun, and enjoying anything that comes across my path. ;]

  34. Terry C says

    I like on Facebook and follow on twitter

    We plan to have fun by spending lots of time in our pool

  35. Lisa Becker says

    Liked on FB, am following Twitter. :) My whole life I have wanted to grow a vegetable garden. My 5 year old daughter and I embarked on the adventure of growing one together a couple weeks ago. Every day after breakfast, we head out and check out veggie patch to see if any new veggies have popped up. I loved hearing her squeels of excitement when she found a zucchini the other day! Besides tending our patch, we will be camping, going to the beach and attending free concerts and movies n the park with our extended family.

  36. Paula Gillespie says

    I plan on having fun this summer by going swimming at the YMCA as often as I can with my daughter and by going on a two week vacation at the end of July to see family in Florida!

  37. sandy j says

    hanging out and relaxing with the kids, mostly by the pool and enjoying it, because it always seems to go by too fast !

  38. Cassandra says

    I plan to see as much family and friends as possible, and hang out with my little girl!

  39. Laurie says

    I love getting updates on all of the cool prizes and links to helpful nutrition information from appetite for health on facebook and I just started following on twitter!!! This summer I plan to take advantage of the warm mornings with outdoor boot camp classes two to three times a week and plan to continue my day with other outdoor activities such as going to the zoo, weekend farmers markets, and free evening concerts! I love summer and I love pudding :) Thanks!!!

  40. Sheryl says

    Islands and mountains are in my summer plans. Love going to new places and exploring. Want to see all there is to see!!

  41. Stephanie Philipps says

    Grillin it up, catching some rays, enjoying the outdoors, and spending fun times with friends and family!! :)

  42. Karen says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending as much time with my kids. The school year is such a busy time with three girls and all their activities. Summer is a time to relax and spend special time with each of them. Our plans include going up to the Sound, then we will be off to Chelan, WA to spend a week at the lake. Also, going to the zoo, bike rides, hikes in the mountains and day trips to the Oregon coast.

  43. Jessica says

    Hanging out with my two girls! We’re going to student ministry camp, going to the gym, swimming, taking walks and bike rides…maybe even a little indoor rock climbing. Summer ’11 ROCKS with my girls!

  44. Matthew B says

    i plan on having fun at weddings this summer! and i became an uncle! so that will be fun!

  45. says

    we’re renting a cabin in the northern part of our state. we’ll be on the water and away from all the hustle and bustle! :)

  46. Sandy N says

    I follow you both on FB & TW.

    We plan on taking a lit of little trips during the summer, to the county fair, parks, beach, festivals. There’s so much to do and the weather is perfect!

  47. Joe G says

    We are having fun NOW on our family trip to Cuzco and eating some great new foods and hiking and rafting.Our 2 daughters arereally loving it!

  48. Jessica K says

    Staying in the A/C, drinking mojitos in the evenings, and hanging out with good friends.

  49. Mari says

    I’m a twitter follower (LuckyDuckyToo)

    I’m a FB fan (Mari Doug)

    I plan on having fun by spending a lot of time in the pool.

  50. michele malone says

    IJ like you and I’m signed up. I just got a new swimsuit, so I’m going to have fun hitting the pool!

  51. John says

    I for sure plan on spending more time with my family. I am signed up and also a facebook fan!

  52. Meiko says

    I LIKE on FB and on TWITTER…I plan and will be doing Zip Lining this summer and make fresh healthy wraps and grill fresh vibrant colors of vegetables I get at the Farmers Market locally grown and fresh fish and lean meats at the park near the beach. I plan on learning how to surf and continue my hikes.

  53. Meiko Cancel says

    I LIKE on FB, follow App4Health on Twitter and a subscriber as well. I plan and will do the following this summer. Zip Lining, hiking trails ( looking for a challenging one) fishing, visit a few waterfalls and spend more of my time outdoors; I will be grilling more fresh locally grown vibrant array of collar vegetables, fish and lean meats at the park by the beach and learn how to surf this summer.

  54. Connie V says

    I plan on having fun this summer by riding on my husbands Harley Davidson motorcycle!!

  55. Brenda Sutton says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending alot of time in the Gym or outside exercising.

    I like you on Facebook.

  56. Serena Rebechini says

    With 4 summer birthdays there’s no shortage of fun in house. We have t-ball, swim lessons, trips to the park, bbqs, sprinkler time, visits to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Chicago, a trip to the caves in Wisconsin, and a fishing trip for the kiddos at up to the cabin.

  57. Tamara says

    I just love the nice loooong days; they make me feel like I have more time to get stuff done. I’m in sweaty FL so I hope to spend a lot of time in the water.

    I’ve been following you guys on FB for a while now. :) Aaaaand I’ve been thinking of starting up on Twitter, if just to follow cool people and organizations like you guys. I guess now is as good a time as any… :)

  58. sandy says

    hanging with my kids and enjoying life- camping in the backyard…creating memories- growing our garden

  59. Shannon Mathes says

    I plan on spending time at the beach with my family,lots of time in the pool and at play dates/activities for my 2 year old,and anxiously await the arrival of my 2nd little boy due to be here in early August! And just for mommy time, making sure I get my daily workout in!

  60. Pauline Longchamp says

    l follow on facebook. my summer will consist of many health appointments for my hubby and his physical therapy appointments but all for the goal of improving quality of life for both of us. we have been a team for 55 years now.

  61. says

    I did all the above. I plan on having fun this summer, going to concerts, movies, the park, outdoor theater, and just enjoying time in my own backyard!

  62. Marla Zickefoose says

    The kids and I are planning a mile cross country roadtrip to go visit the grandparents they are so excited!! We will be taking some Kozy Shack for the ride of course!!

  63. Rhonda Packard says

    I plan to hang out at Mcdonald observatory for star parties as much as possible and plenty of swimming to stay cool in this miserable heat!

  64. Kevin hanson says

    Heading out to the lake, bowling with kids, tractor repairing, and swimming with kids

  65. Dorothy Troller says

    I plan to spend alot of time in the pool exercising and just having fun. getting some vitamin D from the sun.

  66. Lori says

    Have lots of outdoor fun, walking at nearby recreation areas, fresh food from local growers, enjoy the heck out of my grandkids :O)

  67. Kristen says

    I am spending my summer with my newborn baby girl. What a perfect time to be on maternity leave!

  68. cher says

    I plan on spending my time with my kids and catching up on things with them :) After a pool session, it’s always great to get out and have some rice pudding with chocolate Oreo ice cream on top too!!! Doesn’t get much better than that! :)

  69. Jessica Harlow says

    I plan to have fun with the kids….helping our garden grow, going on picnics in the backyard, and heading to the beach!

  70. Stephanie says

    We already did the Disney thing, so other than Sea World this weekend, we’ll just be doing the local parks and swimming.

  71. says

    Most of our fun is running around Walt Disney World taking photos and video as our job. It’s a lot of work, and hot in the summertime – but I’m covered head to toe with a hat, sun protective clothes and sunblock.

    We do have some “fun for the sake of fun” things planned too! A trip out of town, 4th of July, and more.

  72. Gena says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending time with my family & friends at the pool. The great outdoors is the place to be during these hot summer months in FL.

  73. Lauren Reynolds says

    I plan on spending the summer with my entire family having fun at the beach, pool, parks, amusement parks, zoo, boardwalk and much much more! I love the summer! especially now that my son is older and can appreciate everything this year :)

  74. andrea hennagin says

    I am actually getting out of the navy, so not only am I focusing on earning my degree in med school but will spend the summer in california with my family who I haven’t seen in four years! I am very excited!

  75. gaylee says

    Not doing anything but trying to keep cool. Hate summer too hot. Sorry I couldn’t like it. Summer that is

  76. jami abney says

    me and my 14 yr old son are teaming up together this summer to lose some weight and get healthy on our way we are cleaning house inside and out there’s more exercize in it than he thought!!

  77. Heather Ellis says

    Great fun in Vegas and Cruise to Nassau. Along with my free kozy shack pudding. We love that stuff!

  78. says

    My family has and will go to the beach several times this summer! Plus we bought season passes to our local waterpark and plan to go there many times! I will be attending a few conferences and rallies and I KNOW I will have a blast meeting new people and seeing old friends!

  79. Jessica Stevens says

    I’m going to curl up with an interesting book and enjoy my kid free summer! :)

  80. AnnMarie Latchford says

    My favorite kind of summer. On the weekends, we will get in the car and explore. This is where my husband and I have no plans but we explore, we are less then 3 hours from NYC, Boston, Rochester/Buffalo, Montreal so here we go. We do this year around.

  81. Faith says

    I’ll be working in the garden and canning the veggies that I grow. It might sound like work to some, but for me, it’s fun!

  82. yadira cardenas says

    my perfect summer will be spending some sun time with my family at a water park.. and taking my four children out to where ever they want to go and do… its their call…

  83. Rosemary H. says

    I’ll be spending the summer playing with the kids and making treats with them.

  84. Amy Pfingsten says

    Spending as much of my time outside as possible; playing sports, doing yard work, & just having fun in the sun (w/ sunscreen on of course!)

  85. Deborah Rosen says

    I liked Appetite for Health on Facebook (Deborah Rosen) and followed appetite4health on Twitter @AsTheNight. One thing I plan to do to have fun this summer is teach one of the neighbor kids how to make pudding pops!

  86. Shawna says

    I love the rice pudding and tapioca puddings! THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH NEXT TO HOMEMADE!!!

  87. Lauren says

    This summer I’ll be planning my wedding to marry the love of my life this fall, and I’ll be living life to the fullest by spending time with family and friends and having as much fun as possible! :)

  88. Nancy Holland says

    I plan on gardening and going to playing a local stream that flows over a rock outcropping.

  89. Julie B says

    I follow on FB!!!
    I plan on spending time with family, a parade, cookouts, movies and playing games.

  90. Nicole says

    I plan on spending a whole lot of time with my kids an dmy husband and taking them to the beach,movies and to our place in Tennessee. We alwasy try and do alot of fun things and whatever the kids want to do. We are ALWAYS cooking up new and exciting recipes. My daughter is becoming a foodie just like me and shes only 9!!..=)

  91. ivy says

    I follow on FB (Ivy Johnson)
    I follow on Twitter (theroflcopters)

    Since my hubby and I will be moving after the summer is over, I plan on taking advantage of all the amazing things to do outdoors in Washington! Afterwards a cross country move back to where our families are! :)

  92. Donna D says

    Well.. when im able to walk again,(broke my toe off) im going to spend the summer going to all the little town fairs, I love to watch the truck pulls, the tractor pulls, & the crash m up derby, the horse shows are great, plus I enjoy walking around watching kids having fun, all their screams when on the rides, not from fright, but from excitement & joy! all those dumb little games they love to play.. 11 grandkids, taking a couple at a time, that’s a lot of going to fairs. Sometimes my hubby enters his tractor in a show, it’s always fun to watch. The 4Hclub is always there with their pets and it’s a joy to watch them too. We live just a few miles from a State park, and they have a lot going on in the summer, I try to always make it to all of them. I just hope my foot heals in time to enjoy summer this year.
    I would love to win a basket of Kozy Shack’s puddings…
    I am a fan on fb and I follow you on twitter.

  93. Sharon says

    We have a very (did I say that right? I meant to say VERY) active 4-year-old. We spend A LOT of time outside, at the pool, and camping.

  94. Ingemar Hulthage says

    Following on Facebook.
    Following on Twitter @horsesallover
    Plan on visiting friends and family in Sweden this summer!

  95. says

    I plan to have fun this summer by spending time outdoors being as active as possible with my husband and three children!

  96. Caryn Smith says

    I plan on having fun this summer by losing weight and eating more nutrious foods. also I plan on traveling around and enjoying the sites and the people! it’s going to be a blast!

  97. Melinda Singer says

    I plan on having fun by keeping it simple this year. Picnics at the beach, afternoon punch party, trips to the mall. Following on twitter. Following on facebook!

  98. Dave Levin says

    I follow on facebook.
    I follow on twitter.
    I plan on having fun by traveling to north carolina and montana.

  99. Samantha Laury says

    We are a family that HATES to be indoors in the summer. We like to go for walks and take the kids to parks, and go to our town’s events they have planned. We also plan on going swimming, hiking and maybe do a little yard work. :)

  100. Marisa Elbers says

    I will be spending my summer being active and outdoors. Colorado is a playground and I plan to take advantage!

    P.S. I have a serious love for pudding. Seriously!

    Twitter: runawayrisa
    Facebook: Marisa Elbers

  101. Debbie says

    Oh, so much to do. I plan to go to OH to visit family and friends, go to Hawaii with my hubby for our anniversary, and go to Myrtle Beach and do nothing but relax. This is my first summer as a retiree and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest. My husband and I love Kozy Shack sugar-free tapioca.

  102. Sheryl Edwards says

    I plan to have fun this summer by swimming at our neighborhood pool often and going to the beach a few times!

  103. Carol says

    Rice pudding rocks. Enjoying the summer by swimming and eating fresh fruits and veggies.

  104. Hannah says

    I plan to have fun this summer, by maintaining my weight loss! I plan to stay active and healthy. :) I have set goals and accomplished then to me summer is not only a break but it is time to stay active , have fun , and be healthy! :) I liked your page on Facebook too!

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