Win the Sexiest Water Filtration Pitcher in Town!

Mavea Filtration PitcherI bet you never expected to hear “sexy” and “water filtration pitcher” in the same sentence.  But that’s just what we’re giving away now!  That’s right, the wonderful people at Mavea have offered to give 3 readers an Elemaris XL water filtration pitcher.  Not excited yet? Well listen to this:

MAVEA’s Elemaris strikes the perfect balance between form and function. The pitchers blend sleek, stylish design sensibilities with ergonomic features and an overall space-saving shape.  A unique pour-through lid makes it easy to refill while reducing the likelihood that bacteria or contaminants will get inside. It’s pretty ingenious, really. Rubberized feet at the base of the pitcher round out its shape and prevent scratching or sweating. (Your furniture will be grateful.) The Elemaris’ is also made with the highest-quality, BPA-free materials. (Your body will be grateful.)

MAVEA also wanted to encourage the discussion of all things water, so they launched a blog called Inspired Water ( completely devoted to doing just that. Also check out the Mavea website.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below about why you’d like the Elemaris water filtration pitcher. You also need to “Like” us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter (located on hompage of blogsite).  We will announce the winners on our Facebook Page on Monday, May 2.

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  1. Meredith Nichols says

    I would love this because all i drink is water and unfortunatly all we have is well water so im constantly buying bottled water or filtering and it is time for a new one=)

  2. Donna Legott says

    I would love to win one of these. We dont use plastic bottles at all. My husband and I drink alot of water daily. We both drink no less than half our body weight in ounces a day. This would really be wonderful for sure. I do like you guys on facebook and also signed up for your newsletter. :)

  3. says

    This is such a nice water filtration pitcher! I drink lots of water and I don’t use plastic bottles, so having filtered water in a pitcher would be awesome! Plus I could take this to work and have filtered by my side all the time, now that would be really nice! :-)

  4. Grace Lin says

    Ever since i was a kid, I’ve always drank more water than all others around me. My family buys bottled water all the time, and those bottles accumulate very quickly. This filter would be a great way to reduce or even eliminate all these excess bottles and save money! Also, the area I live in doesn’t have the greatest tap water. In fact, my parents say that my skin isn’t very good because during my mom’s pregnancy she was drinking the tap water instead of bottled or filtered. My skin is different from all my other immediate family. This filter would be a great way for us to contribute to improving the environment and our health.

  5. Melissa yakawiak says

    I have a big family and we drink alot of water , and it’s usually bottled. I would love to have this new pitcher! Money is tight and this would be helpful. My kids could pick this up and I wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking. And it will taste just like bottled water order even better.the pitcher looks so fancy. I would love to have one.

  6. Lisa Voss says

    I would love to win a Sexy Water Filtration Pitcher to filter out all the ugliness in the water. :) Also my friend Amy Hoover and I would love to lose weight and that just adds some motivation to us!!! Thank you!!!

  7. says

    Having just woken up at 4:30am to watch the entire Royal Wedding, I can honestly say this water pitcher has a better figure than Kate Middleton… and she’s pretty stunning. Well done, Mavea!

  8. Mitzi Smith says

    I think this is sexiest pitcther I have ever seen,I’d like this pictcher because I can not drink tap water because of the clorine,if I smell it I can’t drink it.As far as the impact on the environment it would help cut way back the amount of plactic. I do belive in recycling and do my part,this will help me do my part. It will look great on my counter.It already matches my kitchen.So please choose me for this brand new sexy pitcther.Help me to getting back in to drinking more and more water.
    Thanks so much!!!

  9. Jennifer F says

    I would love this. I drink so much water in a day, this pitcher would come in really handy. It would help to keep me drinking water.

  10. michele malone says

    I”m signed up for the newsletter and I like you on fb. I already have one of these, lol, but I’d love to win it for my mom. she loves teh pitcher she has at home, but it’s on it’s last leg.

  11. Jessica K says

    We don’t have a water pitcher, so it’d be nice. I dislike the taste of residual chlorine in tap water, although tap water is safer that spring water and bottled water any water you slice it. Like you on facebook and signed up for the newsletter.

  12. Janice I says

    I don’t have a water filter and would like to go green and stop purchasing plastic water bottles

  13. SANDY says

    Well our county is under boil water since the storms and flooding right now, but would love to have filtered water for safe drinking. At our old place we had a filter on the faucet but not able to do that here. Like you and am signed up for newsletter

  14. Valerie C. says

    We drink a lot of water and I’d love to filter tap water instead of buying dozens of bottles. This is the pitcher I’ve been wanting to buy too. Thanks! I signed up for the newsletter and like you on Facebook too.

  15. Andrea H. says

    it is definately gorgeous! i never thought that i would say something like that about a pitcher, lol! well i am always drinking water and my old pitcher is one of those $1 that looks like its been through the ringer a few times. since its plastic you can certainly see that there was kool aid in it and everytime i try to put water in it, looking from the outside to the inside doesnt really influence a positive choice of drinking the water. i think its time to recycle the kool aid stained pitcher, lol!

  16. Ingemar H says

    We have very hard here and I’d really like to cut back or eliminate the amount of bottled water we use. A SEXY filtration pitcher is just the item I think would convince my fiancee to give up her little bottles and big plastic gallon bottles she picks up at the supermarket. Better for us, better for the environment.

  17. Maria R says

    This pitcher would be the perfect addition to our family! My husband and I + our 2 boys (ages 2 + 6) have glass lifefactory bottles that are always filled with h20! Why not fill them in style with this cool sexy pitcher!?!

  18. Athena R says

    I would love the water pitcher because I drink a lot of water each day and the pitcher I have just doesn’t cut it.

  19. Dave L says

    I follow on FB and twitter.

    One of my new year’s resolutions was to start replacing soda pop with water. So I’ve been buying bottles of water by the case and doing actually really well on my resolution to drink more water. I recycle the plastic bottles, however if I had a filtration pitcher I could replace the bottled water with a reuseable bottle and use filtered water from the tap. saving not only money but the environment as well.

  20. Diana says

    This is an absolutely nice looking pitcher that I’d love to have in my fridge. I drink a lot of water daily and it would be so nice to have a pitcher of filtered water chilling in teh fridge ready to be poured and served.. Not only is it healthier than the bottled water but a lot cheaper as well!! Thanks for the chance!

  21. Melinda S says

    I’ve recently started a very low carb / high protein diet, part of the diet is drinking (of course) at least 8 glasses of water a day to help cleanse the body during the weight loss process. I’d love to have a sexy pitcher as a nice visual and pratical aid to my healthy living process.

  22. jennifer woosley says

    I would love to win because I’ve been working so hard to be healthy and drink more water. I have a few refillable water bottles but sometimes I’m lazy and will drink all of them and still want cold water. I end up drinking a coke because I’m lazy or don’t have any Ice. If I had the pitcher I would always have back up cold water to keep me on track!

  23. Donna D. says

    I would like to have a Elemaris XL water filtration pitcher because I drink a lot of water, and I buy it so this would for sure save me money, plus it would help cut out the plastic water bottles, it would be a fast economic & convenient way for me to have clean water all the time.
    This Pitcher for sure has Style, it’s soft grip handle would be a plus for me, did you see the lid? it even looks cool! It’s a great Water Filtration Pitcher, and one I would love to have one.
    I am signed up for your newsletter and like/follow you on Facebook

  24. Glenda Stark-Serena says

    I would love to have this water pitcher. Our family drinks water and not sugary juices. Thanks to our adult daughter, she has taught a lot about the sins of high sugar in other drinks!! We would love to bring this to our dinner table, I’m in the process of re-decorating my kitchen, black framed photos from a recent trip to Ireland, the black pitcher would match perfectly! Thank you!

    Glenda :)

  25. Lee says

    Co-workers have various filtration pitchers on their desk, and I have been thinking about getting one myself. This would certainly keep me motivated to drink water throughout the day.

  26. Darlene Hendra says

    I filter my water now as I don’t like the clorine that is put in the water. I need a new pitcher as mine is quit old.
    Love the look of this pitcher.

  27. jennifer says

    I love the fact that it’s BPA free! We live in a old house so I’m concerned about lead exposure from the old piping and won’t give my children unfiltered water from the tap.

  28. Renee S says

    This would be awesome to win! We have well water; winning the Elemaris XL water filtration pitcher would give our family great tasting water, plus it will look great sitting on our counter!

  29. karen says

    I would really love one of these pitchers to make my kitchen counter look sexy! I’d have it on the counter all day long, so I can drink more water, that actually tastes good. Have you ever drank water that comes from New Jersey? It’s heavy with clorine ! UGH.

  30. Beth says

    I would love to have this because all we drink is water. I also always use filtered water to cook with so you can imagine how fast we go through the water filters on our fridge…and they’re not cheap! Nothing tastes better than cold filtered water!

  31. Elizabeth Jorgensen says

    I’d love to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day. She’s as very forward-thinking lady and she’d love this!

  32. Kimberly Masseau says

    I have a dear friend that is battling cancer. For many years we worked side by side and she consumed so much diet soda I was constantly on her about drinking water and weining herself off all that soda. Well, she finally did it and I can’t think of a better reward for her than to give her this awesome filtering pitcher. Not only will it give her better TASTING water but the impurities removed will definitely do her body a world of good. Thanks again for another wonderful opportunity. You ladies are wonderful in all you do.

  33. Tracey Z says

    The pitcher really is beautiful! I love the water one gets from a filtration pitcher in the refrigerator! And yes, I think this one might just be SEXY too! LOL

  34. Emily B says

    I would love this water pitcher so I do not have to drink The Chicago Tap Water out of my sink!

  35. Lori Stratinsky says

    I think it would help me to drink more H2o while helping the environment!!! I have never tried a water filtration system and it sounds amazing :)

  36. michele says

    I would love to win because I have 2 young children to grow and nourish. My water either smells like onion or like bleach. the city claims its just me. i’ve tried some of the chea filtration filters before and the water does not taste too good.

    I prefer not to buy bottled water because of the impact of the plastic on the environment, not to mention the bpa.

    I like/love you on facebook and I’ve signed up for your newsletter. thank you!

  37. angie bolder says

    I drink lots of water, and ive never tried a filter pitcher. i would love to get rid of my 5 gallon jugs that i take to local grocery stores and fill them up. I will be able to take this to work with me and start enjoying better tasting water. Thank you.

  38. Brenda Yasinski says

    I would love to win the Elemaris water filtration pitcher because we try to keep our 2 girls drinking H20 as much as possible, being teens it’s too easy for them to get swayed into buying soda or sweet fruit drinks with all the commercials, peer pressure, etc. We started to get our girls to always have water when we camped, went on walks or field trips. Our younger daughter lives with Epilepsy and we believe any chemicalized drinks are certainly detremental to her health – as well as our other daughter. The Elemaris pitcher is quick, safe and easy to use for all family members! : )

  39. Jonathan Buffington says

    I’d like the Elamaris water pitcher because for the last three days we have been without power due to taking a direct hit from a F3 tornado. It has been horrible here and constantly opening the cooler only to find half drank water bottles floating in it has been a serious issue for me. I don’t know whos is whos and I have been sick enough with allergies, stress, and finals coming with no time to study, getting sicker now is not an option. This pitcher would give me my own personal water supply for reconstruction which is well underway. It’s been horrible here, my diet has suffered due to all my healthy produce going bad…..I am soooo down, and i’m sore. Time to rest here in the warzone of middle Georgia. Glad to have power back though!

  40. michele malone says

    I’d love to win so I can give this to my mom. I have a wonderful mavea pitcher, and I know she’d love one too. her’s is about to go.

  41. Tracy Y says

    My 4 yr old daughter and I ONLY drink water an one of these would be GREAT!!! I am about to move into a new home with a new kitchen and this would be an awesome addition! :)

  42. Athena R. says

    I drink a lot of water, and this filter would help insure the water I’m drinking is good pure.

  43. connie enderle says

    Would love this. With our Keurig coffee maker we like to use filtered water and this would be the perfect match for it!

  44. says

    I would love this because my daughter is a bottled water fanatic,I hate buying bottled water. If I had fresh filtered water for her she could drink that in a reusable bottle.

  45. Renata says

    Love water! This would be perfect for my fridge for the hot summer months ~ hope to win! :)

  46. Joan Macawili says

    Wow, this giveaway is awesome! It would be lovely to win the sexiest water filtration pitcher ever! I think drinking would never be the same once we get to try this one. Haven’t used a pitcher with it’s own filtration system before, so I’d love to try this one out. :) Oh, good luck to me!

  47. Pat P says

    Drinking water from my sexy water filtration pitcher would help get my day off to an adventurous healthy start!

  48. says

    I would love to win the Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher.
    My son suffers from Schizophrenia, & has Diabetes, Dry Mouth & Weight Issues due to his medication.
    He walks 6kms 5 times weekly, and drinks a considerable amount of filtered water during & after his walks.
    Winning would make my day & brighten his life.

  49. says

    I would love to win the Elemaris pitcher because I drink too much bottled water. Having a filtration pitcher would be healthier for me, my wallet, AND the environment. Plus, that is one sexy pitcher!

  50. Jonathan Buffington says

    Still dealing with storm damage, to win something would be great right about now. Standing on a roof requires lots of water, but at least the power is back on. Thanks AFH, will be back to eating healthy as soon as I can replenish what spoiled.

  51. Kristen says

    I have been trying to drink more water, so this would be a great help. Although, after reading Jonathan’s post, I would rather see someone in his situation have clean water to drink. Hope it doesn’t take long for you to get back to normal!

  52. Pat says

    I live on a farm and our water comes from a well. I think the MAVEA’s Elemaris water filter would be wonderful to not only improve the taste of our drinking water but filter out all the little floaties that are in it.
    There are times there is a lot of sediment in the bottom of our glasses, to have that cleared up would be FANTASTIC.

    I subscribe to your newsletter and you are liked by me on FB.

  53. David Lowery says

    I would like the water filter as the water here in West Virginia doesn’t taste all that well and with having chemical plants all around me I’m sure the water isn’t so clean. I know of many different fines that have been giving out for water pollution in my area. I drink more bottle water because of it and that’s not great either because of all the plastic that’s used. This filter would help me in many ways.

  54. ted kooper says

    We want to completely stop using bottled water and don’t have a reliable water filtration system yet in our home. This would be awesome!

  55. Mindy D says

    We always have water in the fridge, it would be wonderful to have a really nice filtration pitcher to store it in!

  56. Ingemar H says

    Why hasn’t somebody designed a sexy water filtation pitcher previously? If you love how it looks you’re more likely to use it…I know I would. Drinking more water, to replace juice and soda was one of my goals for this year. So far I’ve made progress, could do better!

  57. Dave L says

    Gave up soda pop in my lunches instead I’ve been taking bottles of water. If I had a water filtration pitcher I could fill my own water bottle with fresh healthy water and do my part for the environment as well by not having purchased those little bottles of water.

  58. says

    I would love a clean water filter, because my goals and lifestyle require clean water. Unfortunately, where I live, it is hard to know what you are drinking is in fact good for you. This would cut my budget way down and allow me to fully commit to feeding and nourishing my body correctly!

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