Win Cases (yes, cases!) of Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani yogurt images

Chobani is one of our favorite brands of Greek yogurt.  Not only is it a fun, young company from New York, we like that our friend and colleague, Nicki Briggs, MS, RD, is the Director of Communications at Chobani.  She’s spreading all of the Greek yogurt nutrition love. (Check out some of her videos from the Chobani Kitchen where she’ll show you how to whip up great tasting and healthy dishes with Chobani Greek yogurt.)

Greek yogurts are superfoods in our book because they are so nutritious. “Greek” yogurt doesn’t mean it comes from Greece, it just describes how it’s made.  Unlike other yogurt, Greek yogurt is strained, which makes it thicker and richer tasting, but it also means the yogurt generally has more protein.

Chobani’s centuries-old straining technique creates yogurt that has two times more protein than regular yogurt, and less sodium, sugar and carbohydrates in general.  Their plain yogurts are made from two ingredients: milk and live active cultures.  For their flavored varieties, they add fruit and evaporated cane juice.

Chobani yogurt is also:

·      All natural. (It has no preservatives or artificial flavors.)Chobani Plain 32 oz yogurt container
·      Free of synthetic growth hormones.
·      Contains 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
·      Made with real fruit.
·      A good source of bone-building calcium.
·      Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
·      Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

Chobani comes in 10 great flavors of non-fat including plain, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. They also have 4 flavors of low-fat including plain, mango, pineapple and strawberry. They also have Champions for kids and now sell their yogurts in larger, 16 oz and 32 oz containers—perfect for cooking.

Five winners today will receive 2 cases (yes cases!) of a variety of delicious Chobani yogurts.  To enter, tell us what you love to do or make with Greek yogurt in the comments section below.

You must also Like Us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @appetite4health. Winners will be announced in the comments below and on the Appetite for Health Facebook page on 5-5-11.

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  1. priscilla hogrewe says

    I love Chobani! I love to have salad dressings and dips made from yogurt :) My daughter really enjoys it too.

  2. Anna says

    I love to substitute butter with Chobani when baking! I also like to have Chobani for breakfast with some cinnamon and stevia and a bunch of fresh fruit like banana slices, strawberries, and blueberries! Yum! :)

  3. says

    I eat a Chobani everyday! I’m using it to make guac for Cinco de Mayo! I’m following on twitter and facebook! :)

  4. Jessica says

    I recently discovered that I love Chobani, so I have not experienced much with what I can make or do with it. I would love to try it in smoothies, salad dressings or for dips. I know it would be delicious.

    I do follow you both on Facebook and Twitter- @Jesib123.

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  5. Sandy N says

    There’s so much I do with Greek yogurt. It’s thick consistency is perfect addition to smoothies, to make dips, freeze it with fruits and make my own froyo. I’ll use the plain flavored yogurt as “mayo” on my sandwiches. It’s perfect as a lowfat salad dressing – I add packets of onion soup mix to it, I also make ranch dressing & add chopped cucumber. I also add it to my Indian dishes, I love the creamyness it gives it. Its perfect for making sauces for fish & chicken. I also just love it on top of toast with honey, blueberries and a dash of cinnamon.

    I follow you both on Twitter & Facebook! :)

  6. Justin Jorgensen says

    My entire family ONLY consumes Chobani yogurt. When my wife introduced me, I was shocked (wasn’t a big fan of yogurt prior). Pineapple is the best!

    My wife uses it instead of sour cream for a lot of dishes. It’s great for dipping fruit, and equally as great in smoothies. Eating it as-is is also a favorite in our household!

    Liked your FB page, and following you on twitter (@wtfreek).

  7. says

    I like you on facebook and follow on twitter. I use Chobani once or twice daily in a variety of ways…I like to make overnight oats with strawberry banana chobani. Just microwave the oats the night before, add milk, add chobani, stir, and stick in the fridge. In the morning it’s so good!

    I also use chobani in my pancake recipes to make the pancakes more creamy and fluffy

    I’ve used it as a frosting for blueberry muffins and carrot cake by mixing it with honey and powder sugar

    -I eat it by itself post workout because it’s got 14 grams of protein!

  8. Stacey Sheffield says

    My husband recently had his tonsils removed and he practically lived on Chobani. It was one of a very few things that he could swallow and was healthy for him to eat. He has not normally been a big yogurt fan but has continued to eat Chobani regularly since he’s been feeling better :)

  9. Dana says

    I absolutely LOVE Chobani Greek Yogurt with granola :) Its the perfect breakfast or lunch! My husband and I recently trying to eat healthier. We made a yummy Ranch dressing with Plain, non-fat Chobani. It was perfect for our salads and dipping veggies.

  10. Shanon Hoyt says

    Every day I eat 8oz of 2 % plain Cho and mix in a teaspoon of local bee pollen and a handful of macadamia nuts. The local bee pollen has cured my allergies and the Cho has cured my hunger!

  11. Jessica K says

    I follow you on twitter and like you on facebook. I like Greek yogurt just by itself or in a smoothie. I’m sure I could use it for a lot more. Hope I win. I’ve had a wretched day of food poisoning.

  12. joe G says

    Wow, we have a few Chobani left in the fridge and would love to win this. Our kids have them for lunch and snacks and we like to make a mint/yogurt dipping sauce on occasion. Really like it. Thanks!

  13. Adrian Harris says

    Chobani is one of the best pre-workout meals and also a great base for a post workout shake.

  14. LaToya H says

    I’m not much of a cook, so I have yet to use Chobani as a sauce or dressing, but looks so delicious when I see other people make it! I love eating it best by itself, or with fiber sprinkled on top add even more goodness to it – YUM! :-) Makes my tastebuds sing.

  15. Tammy says

    Lebni is my FAVORITE!! But really I love Greek yogurt soooo many ways, even just on it’s own…YUM!

  16. says

    I absolutely love Chobani in the mornings for breakfast because of the large amount of protein. I normally combine a flavored Chobani (favs are Pomengrante, Honey, & Vanilla) with both fresh and frozen fruit (slightly thawed) and the whole bowl is topped off with cheerios for a crunch factor. I recently started eating Chobani yogurt and miss it if I run out before my weekly grocery store run. I also liked you on FB and followed you on Twitter. Can’t wait to learn more great tips!

  17. Kyle says

    Plain Chobani in egg or chicken salad as mayo substitute=delicious! Plus every morning Chobani with fruit and oatmeal is like a delicious crumble a la mode :)

  18. Jamie says

    I cannot start a day without Chobani. I eat it with granola or over fruit in the summer. I’ve mixed it with herbs and avocado to make dressings for quinoa and other grains. But Chobani and granola is my absolute favorite, especially mango.

  19. LOTTIE says

    I have never tried Chobani but it looks like I need to try it sounds so good. Follow on FB love this!

  20. Lydia B says

    My kids love to make yogurt based drinks and Chobani is the smoothest and creamiest! I just discovered the brand about a month ago and we have gone through a few cases already just experimenting with many recipes.

  21. Sandi B. says

    L-O-V-E to eat/use Cho as a substitute ingredient for a much healthier recipe ingredient. I’m obsessed with this yogurt. I also love to eat it everyday.
    (You are liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter @sarcasmdelight

  22. says

    I would love to just try Greek yogurt and incorporate it into my diet. I’m trying to eat healthier and hear nothing but praise for it. Also, making different dips with the yogurt and even smoothies sounds so yummy!

  23. Jess says

    I love to put them in smoothies, I generally stick them in the freezer to get nice and chilly and then blend with some type of fruit!

  24. says

    I love, love, love Chobani. It’s a great snack–either the plain with fruit, or the flavored ones. (Pineapple is my favorite.) I also love to use plain, non-fat Chobani in recipes especially ones that call for mayo or sour cream. I just can’t keep enough in the house.

  25. Tricia Cable says

    I love to use Chobani yogurt in making smoothies and in cooking, it’s better than sour cream in most recipes, not only from a health standpoint, but because it doesn’t separate as quickly as sour cream and can therefor be heated a little more. My favorite recipe to use Chobani yogurt in is Beef Stroganof. It makes a pretty terrific vegetable dip, with minced carrot cucumber and chives too, and is great as is, of course.

  26. Leslie says

    I love so many things with Greek yogurt like Chobani! I make tzatziki, aioli, dips, sauces, and baked goods with the plain ones. I make smoothies using the fruit flavored Chobani’s using milk, ice, Chobani, fresh, and frozen fruit. The possibilities are endless. I keep learning new recipes :)

  27. CATHIE says

    I love to mix chocolate pudding mix in plain Chobani! Taste like mousse! So yummy and full of protein!

  28. Joy Atkins says

    I LOVE taking the vanilla flavor Chobani Greek Yogurt & mixing in a Tablespoon of natural peanut butter, i also put banana slices & granola on top. It’s So Delious & Amazing!

  29. melissa ellison says

    tzatziki sauce is the best! it is made with greek yogurt, dill, cucumber, and a few other ingredients. look it up guys, Yummy! it is great on pitas, as a dip, on sandwiches lots of other snacks too :-) i also like you on facebook and twitter. awesome give away!

  30. says

    I love Greek Yogurt!. I tend to buy the vanilla or plain. I either eat yogurt or drink kefir every day. Would love to rry Chobani!
    following on Twitter @GlutenFreeSista!

  31. Donna D says

    Wow I seen this one and said I have got to try to win this one, I love Yogurt! I love it flavored and I love it plain! Good stuff! I eat it Every day! I have never tried Chobani Yogurt, I’ve never even heard of it, but I really do use a Greek yogurt daily. What do I use it for you ask.. Everything! I eat it for dessert, you can even use it to make a great cheese cake.. really, taste as good as regular and so much better for you, I use it to replace salad dressing, it’s great with tuna. Greek yogurt is extra thick so I use it if I need butter like on toast or on veggies, it’s great with pasta! it’s great in oats, in fact it Way better then butter on any hot cereal.. I fix a lot of chicken dishes, such as chicken, black beans, peppers & salsa and either rice or lettuce,top it with yogurt, mmmm mmm good.. If I make a chicken taco, I don’t add cheese I add Yogurt! Yogurt is sooooo much better, and so much better for you! the health benefits of probiotics are many, it’s good good good for you. I love it.. can you tell.. smiles
    I’d love to win this I really really would!
    I Like You on Facebook and follow You on Twitter

  32. Shannon in Phoenix says

    Like you on FB/follow on Twitter. I love Chobani by itself, or in a smoothie with some frozen cherries. I like fig butter mixed with the plain kind and some walnuts on top.

  33. Mary Andress says

    I love chobani. I eat it when I am craving something sweet and want a dessert. I love the pineapple and the peach flavors. Enjoyed reading the other posts with great ideas for plain Greek yogurt. Thanks.

  34. Jolyn says

    I LOVE to eat it with blue berries/other fruit or make smoothies with it! Just as good plain though too!

  35. Tanya Tibbo says

    I love Chobani! I make my own super delicious fruit, granola, and yogurt. I also eat it plain. My sisters all love it too! The pineapple flavor is my absolute favorite! Its like a delicious good for you dessert!!

  36. Debbie Chioffe says

    There really are alot of things that can be done and made with Greek Yogurt! I love the plain yogurt on a baked potato instead of sour cream! I love it in salad dressings and on crispy green salads and the fruit flavors on chopped and sliced fruit salads, if I am feeling especially ambitious I put those fruit salads in a half fresh pineapple. I love yogurts in Smoothies. I love them as snacks and pick mr ups. I love them for breakfast and along side lunch. I love to drizzle plain or vanilla yogurt with good honey and sometimes sunflower seeds or wheat germ, maybe walnuts or dried cranberries. I love the plain mixed with cool cucumber and fresh garlic especially! Really the possibilities are endless!

    Debbie Chioffe

  37. Tasha Kline says

    I love Chobani, tons of great flavors and so many benefits. I enjoy It every. Morning for breakfast, and also include it in some recipes. I would love to have cases of my favorite yogurt!!! I also follow on Twitter and have liked on facebook. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  38. jc says

    i love greek yogurt topped with flax meal and stevia. delicious. chobani is so good when it is slightly frozen!

  39. says

    I already “like” you on facebook and receive updates!
    I mix it with spinach, brocolli and edamme beans. Sometimes just chunky or sometimes I smooth it up and make a delicious dip for more veggies! Throw in a little pepper and garlic! Yum!!!!!

  40. Mary Beil says

    so many wonderful uses. But, just spooned over a bowl of berries is heaven.

  41. says

    I love using the greek yogurt in my daily protein shakes, I have been experimenting with different yogurt and have found Chobani to be a good consistency in my shakes. I don’t have to use a lot of yogurt one container per shake gets me the testure that I’m looking for. Thank you for a wonderful product and thank you appetite for health for the opporutunity to win a case and share with my friends.

  42. Ashlie erdozain says

    I like you on facebook and follow you on twitter: @theishgoesmah

    Anyway I’m a poor college student and I rake up enough cash every week to buy chobani bc I just love it so much. I always hear of all these cool things to do with it that I would love to try but can’t afford to. It’s such a great product and so healthy. I’m trying to lose weight and it’s the perfect snack to help keep me full between meals. It’s fantastic I have my whole family and friends hooked on chobani! I wish I could just tell the whole world how awesome it is!

    Please pleasempick me!!! It would save me like 20 dollars a week and keep me on track on my path to living a more healthy lifestyle!!

  43. Angela Clark says

    I love Chobani!!!! It’s my breakfast every morning with granola. it’s like having dessert. I would use it in my smoothies and dips. I would also share it with my 5 and 2 year olds.

  44. Jesse says

    I love, love my Chobani Greek Yogurt! I can not make it through the day without my little piece of heavenly goodness!

  45. Robin says

    Greek yogurt is fantastic by itself (perfect at breakfast for lunch), and it’s a super replacement for less healthy ingredients in lots of recipes for baked goods. Chobani is wonderful!!

  46. says

    I like you on facebook and I follow you on Twitter. :-)

    And I LOVE Chobani!! It’s so delicious, and I either take some in my lunch everyday or eat it as a a snack at home (or both)!!

    I have to admit that I’ve never used it for cooking, but I’d LOVE to! I would definitely use the recipes that they posted to try out different foods!

  47. Gigi says

    I love the Chobani plain! My favorite method for prep is to make old overnight oats with raw oats, coconut milk, Cho and dried fruit. Perfect breakfast!

    Followed you on Twitter: @venushakti

  48. says

    Basically any recipe that calls for sour cream or Mayo I substitute w/ fat free plain Chobani. My kids eat it every morning also… so excited about the little champions line. My mom made a curry sauce using your yogurt that was AMAZING! a case or 2 of Chobani won’t last long in our house! =^]

  49. Carianne says

    At our house we use the plain on sandwiches, potatoesand in salads.hubby prefers it to mayo now!!!!

  50. Julia says

    Chobani raspberry is one of my absolute favorite foods and makes a perfect dessert. I also like to use vanilla Chobani in smoothies with frozen fruit – perfect for the upcoming summer months. I really, really love Chobani, but my college-student budget prevents me from buying it so I would love to win this giveaway.

  51. Kelly says

    I love plain Chobani as a substitute for sour cream – so much better for me and my family and still tastes delicious! I use my finger to get every last drop out of the container, even at work. It’s just that good. Love you, Chobani!

  52. Katie says

    I love to bake with yogurt, especially love it in coffee cake. I also love to eat it with fruit, it’s one of my favorite post-run snacks.

  53. Termeshea says

    I have only recently started my love affair with greek yogurt. I just like to eat it right now, but I can’t wait to start using it as a substitute in SO many recipes!

  54. Katie R says

    I love to use plain chobani to mkae frozen yogurt. To the ice cream maker, I add ~ 2 cups of yogurt, a bag of frozen fruit, and ~1/2 cup milk, and press the start button. About 20 minutes later – voila! frozen yogurt!

  55. Grace Lin says

    I’ve made a dip that’s for eggplant with chobani yogurt! It was delicious! I’ve also added a bit of chobani in the red curry that I make just for experimentation. It’s pretty good, but needs some additional work. I plan to incorporate chobani in some desserts too!

  56. Lindsey Remmers says

    Greek yogurt is a staple every day! I mix in a good dose of cinnamon to add a big antioxidant boost

  57. Renata says

    Love Greek yogurt so rich & full of protein! I love to eat it with fresh fruit or blend it up for a nutritious fruity smoothie to-go! :)

  58. Jamie U says

    I am eight months pregnant right now, and trying to get all the best nutrition I possibly can. I had tried a couple of different brands of greek yogurt because of the high protein content. Chobani blows the others out of the water!! I started with pineapple because I remember eating pineapple yogurt when I studied in Italy and can’t find it anywhere in the States, well I was instantly hooked! Now I have branched out into other flavors, and I can’t wait for my Chobani breakfast every morning!! I tell everyone I know about how special and delicious Chobani is! I am a total brand advocate!!

  59. Diana says

    I absolutely LOVE Chobani as it reminds me so much of the home made yogurt my grandmother used to make growing up. It is the PERFECT consistency and tartness and so silky smooth. I incorporate the vanilla into my dessert smoothies as well as granola and berry parfaits. The strawberry makes a perfect dip for fresh fruit!!! And the plain is perfect by itself as a good protein pick me up and super delicious as dessert mixed with frozen berries. I often use the Chobani in baking to make my breads and bread based desserts more airy and smooth while keeping them love in fat. Let’s be honest there isn’t anyone that can’t have more probiotics in their digestive system!

    For anyone that hasn’t tried Chobani, you are missing out, go and try it – YUM!!!

  60. Natalie says

    I love Greek yogurt- in fact, last night was my son’s third birthday. As part of his birthday celebration, we had fresh fruit kabobs with a PB&J yogurt dip (almond PB, sugar free jam, agave syrup, low fat cream cheese, yogurt mixed together) – it was so good that my hubby is putting the dip on bread and eating it like a sandwich! My whole family eats yogurt daily – it is just too good!

  61. Nancy says

    We enjoy smoothies, dips, and eating yogurt plain, too. We also layer it with fresh fruit and granola to make breakfast parfaits. Thanks to the link, I now have an idea for dinner tonight. Grilled chicken and asparagus with Tarragon, Mustard Chobani sauce looks delicious, and easy to prepare. Thanks for the inspiration! My entire family would enjoy this prize!

  62. Cheryl says

    We like to eat the strawberry and vanilla with just some granola. Why add anything when it taste so good!

  63. Matthew B says

    I would also love to make some fro-yo with it! I think it is a main component of places like “red mango” which i love!!!

  64. Laura says

    It is so simple, but throwing a nut mix in my chobani is a daily ritual, not to mention an absolute treat! This yogurt is ridiculous…

  65. Meredith Nichols says

    Love you guys on facebook , look forward to your posts all the time and i LOVE chobani!!!! Ive also sent a few friends your way =)

  66. Jen says

    I’ve always loved yogurt but am now learning about the healthier types, like yours! My favorite way to use yogurt is in parfait glasses with a little bit of granola & blueberries.. Yum!

  67. Kristen R. says

    My favorite breakfast is plain Chobanni with a little bit of Trader Joe’s Berry Granola. Yummm! There are some great suggestions on here. I will have to venture out and try it in other recipes now.

  68. Kara says

    This could pretty much turn this day around 😀 Mainly I prefer to just eat Chobani in a bowl with various fruits mixed in and granola on top (and a little bit of honey or agave if it’s plain yogurt) but in a smoothie with fresh fruit, orange juice and flax seed is awesome too. Currently I’m having to settle for some store brand Greek yogurt due to price, but Chobani’s my favorite.

  69. james gunsenhoser says

    i love chobani, it so thick , it almost like a sour cream, and i start eating from the top and save the fruit for last.i would like to make a you come up with a different lid…..i had bought some yesterday, and the foil lid was damage, and the yougurt was running…i had to discard it. thanks….

  70. Janet Arbuckle says

    My daughter got me started on Chobani. It is hard to eat any other brand than Chobani now! And to eat plain yogurt as opposed to Greek Yogurt is out of the question. I look forward to my daily Chobani “fix” and have a great time picking out my favorite flavors. (Very hard to find in some areas!) I LOVE pineapple, but try to stick with the fat free ones like yummy black cherry and that delicious pomegranate! I can usually get my hands on blueberry too, and I like that a lot. I really haven’t had any I don’t like. I want to experiment with the smoothies next. Thanks for an outstanding product!

  71. Kristen says

    I love Chobani yogurt! It’s great alone, in a smoothie, with fruit and granola for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or snack :) ) The plain is a great substitute for sour cream in recipes too…. like tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo mexifeast!

  72. Dana Omari says

    I love having plain chobani with diced mango after a workout. I also make a super creamy avocado dip with chobani and I bake kale chips to go with it! I also freeze flavored chobani for an ice cream style treat!

  73. Brenda L says

    I love to put Blueberry Chobani in my banana bread!!! Yummo! and of course taking a break and “cho-chilling” with a Cho!

  74. michele malone says

    I like you on facebook and follow on twitter as @lolamichele. my favorite thing to do with greek yogurt is eat it! lol. I love to mix in a little honey or granola and just munch!

  75. Rin says

    I eat vegetarian a lot of the time, so getting enough protein can be tricky for me. I’ve always loved yogurt (even before Burn Notice) and this is a variety that I haven’t tried yet.

  76. Barbara says

    I mostly use the plain chobani, mixing fresh fruit and ice with a stick blender for a delicious protein shake EVERY morning. I also use it in place of sour cream for dips. My fave flavor is pomegranite….yummy! And one that is growing on me is the lemon. They are great for midafternoon snacking. Keep ’em comin’ Chobani. Can’t get enough of them.

  77. says

    I LOVE Chobani Yogurt!!! I eat plain yogurt on my new found love of baked sweet potatoes, I enjoy vanilla, lemon and honey Chobani greek yogurt mixed in with granola. I also use Chobani with fresh fruit, in my smoothies and as dip substitutes. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win cases of Chobani Greek Yogurt… I will be anxiously waiting to hear tomorrow who the lucky winners are!!

  78. Hamilton says

    I love to take Chobani for my lunches – it is so delicious and so filling, I know I won’t have to worry about being hungry later on!

  79. deb says

    I puree your yogurt with fruit…then freeze it..a cool and yummy..and nutritious, dessert!

  80. Steven says

    I love Chobani! I take either fresh or frozen fruit and mix it with plain greek Chobani yogurt! It is my favorite after dinner treat! Thanks for a great contest!

  81. Kitty Wendt says

    Chobani is the only yogurt I eat now – have ‘discovered’ Greek yogurt and fell in love! I eat it for lunch and dip fruit, especially strawberries, into it. Feels like I’m eating dessert! Thank you!!

  82. Jessica Kate Landes says

    I had seen ads for Chobani on Hulu and I wanted to try it because I like trying brands that have creative ads. I tried it today and I was blown away. This was the best yogurt I had ever had. It was delicious and had such a unique taste that I had never tasted before in yogurts. I plan on using Chobani in basically anything that it will taste good in. Chobani is definitely the best yogurt I have had and I am a super fan! :)

  83. SANDY says

    Use it instead of mayo…sometimes plain, sometimes seasoning
    instead of sour cream for dips
    instead of salad dressing..add some mint
    freeze for desert..kis love to it
    granola added or cereal for fun
    in recipes for creamy…from soups to sauces…even cold soups in summer
    anywhere i can sub i do….most of all just plain and yummy

  84. Kelly says

    I just liked you on facebook and am now following you on twitter ;o) I LOVE Chobani…I LIVE on it, literally! I use the fat free plain, as I am very limited on sugar but need high protein. I always add flavor. I use Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, then I might add a tablespoon of sugar free Herseys syrup, or even swirl in a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter! That adds to the protein and makes a delightful “Peanutbutter Cup Yogurt”!! Just today I tried a new concoction…I added 1/2 tsp. of Lemonade Crystal Light…OMG it’s YUMMY!! I am calling it Lemon Chiffon!!!!!! I have lost lots of weight lately and got to give my Chobani a bit of the credit! Send me a free case!!! :o)

  85. Shoshanna says

    I love to eat Chobani for snacks and make smoothies with it!
    I liked on FB and followed on twitter under @Gamerchick2010

  86. Jackie says

    My favorite Chobani to eat is Blueberry, my favorite to cook with is the Plain Chobani , next time you make a cheesecake use the plain Chobani in place of the sour cream and see if it doesn’t make a delicious difference!

  87. shelly bobrowski says

    either eat it plain or i use this as a substitute for anything i can. wonderful taste and texture.

  88. Pat says

    Since everyone needs the live cultures that yogurt provides… may as well eat the best. Chobani Greek yogurt provides all the essentials to fill that bill as well as it tastes good, too. I have a sweet tooth so the frozen pops, smoothies, and desserts from your kitchen certainly caught my attention. A favorite way I use Chobani Greek yogurt is in a simple pie made with sugar free Jello, flavored yogurt, in a graham cracker crust. It is absolutely delicious.

  89. says

    I am dyingggg to win this! I just tried Chobani for the first time this week and it was love at first taste!! I had it plain and in a fruit parfait and now I want to try the Black Cherry Chobani Yogurt Granola Pie recipe I found on the Gingerbread Bagels blog!

  90. Amanda says

    I love to eat it on its own – so good! Especially the pineapple, pomegranate and raspberry. I use the plain in chicken salad and tuna salad … and I make a bunch of dips/spreads with it.

  91. says

    We stock the fridge AND freezer at work with our CHO….frozen Chobani is the best treat ever, and keeps our sweet tooth at bay so we don’t go scrambling to the local ice cream shop! Our figures and our sweet tooths thank you!

    Liked on Facebook as /AmyBButton and /CrazyDogTshirts, followed on Twitter as @crazydogtshirts!

  92. Lynn says

    I love using Greek yogurt in fruit smoothies. One of my favorite smoothies is honey greek yogurt, mango, and a little milk blended together. Greek yogurt also makes a great dip for fruit and veggies!

  93. Lynn says

    P.S. I follow you guys on Twitter as @livelovelynn and on Facebook as Lynn Nguyen.

  94. says

    I haven’t tried cooking with Chobani yet (that’s on my to-do list) but I enjoy it as a snack or for breakfast. My favorite flavor so far is the strawberry banana. YUM!

  95. says

    I LOVE to have greek yogurt as a quick and filling breakfast. I am a teacher, so I am on the GO all morning. One Chobani will last me til lunch!

  96. Sean says

    Chobani is my favorite post workout snack (blueberry or cherry). 0% fat, 0 cholesterol, gobs of flavor and protein.
    I’m gonna try making naan with the plain yogurt today.

  97. Amy Cooley says

    I have a wonderful guacamole receipe (from Hungry Girl) that has plain greek yogurt in it. I also love to top my yogurt with low-fat granola.

  98. Maureen says

    I started buying Chobani when I changed the way I eat. One thing that is very important to me is stay away from dairy made with any kind of hormones. I also use in place of mayo and sour cream. Thanks you for helping me love that way I eat now! I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find in the stores.

  99. Karen says

    Chobani is a part of my daily routine, I get panicky when the stores are out of it, which seems to be happening often lately! I have a cup every morning at about 11 with granola mixed in, this holds me over until I eat a late lunch around 2. I also serve it often at meals, I put a big container of plain Chobani out with a bowl of cut up fresh fruit–my family loves it.

    My favorite flavors are Pomegranate, Mango & Lemon, but I like that there is a wide variety of choices. I also like that Chobani is a local product, as I live in upstate NY about an hour from the factory.

  100. Amy says

    It’s great on it’s own! I love having it as a snack and I love eating it for breakfast with some fresh fruit and a half of english muffin with peanut butter. Yum!

  101. Chad Byerlee says

    I buy the 32oz Chobani Plain. Combine a cup of yogurt with fresh cut strawberries, banana, 2 splenda packets, and a splash of milk. I then blend in the Magic Bullet. Makes a tasty smoothie. For a thicker option I combine the same ingredients but don’t blend into a smoothie.

  102. stef says

    i am gluten free & a baker. i LOVE LOVE LOVE to make chocolate frosting with chobani plain yogurt. it’s so simple and delicious! my non gluten free friends actually prefer it! :)

    1 1/2 cups of 0% plain greek yogurt
    1 1/2 cups of gluten free (or regular if you’re non gf) semisweet choc chips.

    Measure chobani. Let stand for 2 hours at room temp. Melt chocolate in micro or double boiler. Cool. Fold in chobani 1/4 cup at a time until mixture is smooth. Let stand at room temp until cool and spreadable.

    enjoy! :)

  103. Nicole says

    I eat a Chobani every day for breakfast. It’s an amazing way to start the day! Raspberry is my absolute favorite. I also like pineapple, which tastes more like a dessert than yogurt. Plain is great to use instead of sour cream…especially with black bean burritos!

  104. says

    I love to make yogurt messes with my Chobani! it is sooooooo good and PROTEIN PACKED!!! WIN WIN!!! :) I follow you on twitter and like the facebook page :)

  105. Jennifer F says

    I like to add cereal and fruit to the plain yogurt. It is so tasty and filling. Yum

  106. says

    SMOOTHIES!!!! Also, yogurt is a perfect “pick me up” for my afternoon slump. What a great giveaway!

  107. Pat P says

    Make a yogurt dip. Drain nonfat plain overnight. Mix in shredded cucumber, dill, toasted chopped walnuts and garlic. Serve with veggies!


    i follow Chobani on twitter -@Suzanna60
    like on Facebook-Suzanna Pickering

  109. says

    I love to eat it straight up! And so does my 4 year old daughter. She thinks it is dessert. I am so glad she loves such a great product!! At 4 years old she has great taste :)

  110. says

    I like to eat Chobani all by itself! Sometimes, though, I mix mandarin orange segments into the peach flavor and it is so good.

    I follow Appetite for Health on Twitter as @one_of_three and on Facebook as Erin A.-L.

    glycine.max at

  111. Kellie Weinhold says

    I am totally noshing on some raw veggies dipped in a greek yogurt-cucumber-dill-feta dip at this very moment!

    For a perfectly satisfying and delicious snack at work, I love packing plain greek yogurt topped with frozen blueberries, sunflower seeds, a drizzle of honey, and a few dashes of cinnamon. By the time my stomach tells me it’s yogurt time, the blueberries have thawed and released their juices which adds to the complexity and deliciousness of the mixture. Perfection!

    Greek yogurt is also great in place of sour cream with tacos and soups, and makes for a lovely addition to oatmeal in the mornings as well.

  112. Erin says

    Love to eat any of the 0% flavors for breakfast with some berries and Fiber One cereal! “Liked” on Facebook, and follwed on twitter as @e_p_fitzy!

  113. says

    I like to swirl a little bit of chocolate sauce in my strawberry Chobani and then freeze it for a while…it’s like soft serve ice cream but healthier! I also use it in as the base in a pasta salad with grapes, chopped pears, walnuts and egg noodles. Such a great and versatile yogurt!

  114. j says

    I’m a trainer and it’s great to have with post-workout meals. If it was a real intense training session, ill eat a bannana to mix in needed potasium and natural sugars as needed. Blueberry is my favorite. Good stuff!

  115. Priscilla Nash says

    I love using the Chobani Greek Yogurt as dip. Fruit Dip and as ranch dip! deeeeeeeeelish!

  116. says

    I use plain Chobani as others would use mayo. Tuna salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, sandwiches, and I love it in my smoothies! My favorite flavor is lemon and vanilla. I put a teaspoon of pure maple syrup in my vanilla. Heaven on a spoon! :-)

  117. Kait P. says

    My favorite thing to do with Chobani is to just eat it plain because it is delicious and has been my favorite yogurt brand for a while! Last summer I started freezing the little containers of yogurt and it makes an amazingly yummy, chilled snack for warm days. Not only is it great tasting, but I don’t have to feel guilty about it because it is totally healthy! Additionally, the ingredients are safe enough that I can feel good about giving them to my son, who just loves the strawberry flavor!

    L.o.v.e Chobani!!!

  118. says

    One of my favorite Greek yogurts! Strawberry flavor mixed with Honey Bunches of Oats is my breakfast on the run! What more can you want? Boom.

  119. says

    I started using Greek yogurt to replace mayo about a year and a half ago. It makes great dressings, casseroles, and is good on sandwiches. I also use it to replace whipped cream and pudding in desserts (usually vanilla flavored). I LOVE the Chobani yogurts. I eat them for a protein rich breakfast, or use them as the base for milkshakes when I get a sweet craving. My favorite combo is Chobani strawberry and chocolate protein powder with a splash of skim milk to help it blend. It is wonderful and makes a great meal on the go, too.

  120. Hamilton says

    I love to take Chobani for lunch – It’s delicious and so filling that I don’t have to worry about getting hungry later on.

  121. Kirsten says

    Mix Cocoa and a little Splenda w/fiber into the plain no fat Chobani..Yummy!!! No more chocolate craving!

  122. Kellee Adams says

    I like to EAT it! 😉 For breakfast I mix the plain with my Kashi cereal instead of milk, or with nuts and my own fruit. I also use the plain in just about any recipe that would normally call for sour cream or mayo, especially dips and salad dressings, in baking and even add it into some that do not call for either item! I love the taste and the texture. I freeze the fruit flavors to eat as an alternative to ice cream (my kids love this!). My whole family has their favorites, so we have to keep a fully stocked fridge, so that everyone can have the flavor that they like. This is an “anytime” food (snacks, meals) that I can feel good about serving to my family.

  123. Miriam says

    My Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Chobani:

    1. Straight up with a spoon
    2. In a smoothie with lots of other yummy fruits
    3. Watching my kids enjoy it, knowing they’re getting healthy, delicious goodness with every smiley spoonful
    4. Dipping sauce for veggies, raw or cooked (plain CHO with lemon, dill, s&p, and garlic)
    5. Cheesecake!! Mango or Pineapple CHO mixed into my Italian Cheesecake Recipe. Delicious & Nutritious!

  124. Allyson Sorenson says

    We love Chobani best right out of the containers, but my favorite recipe is whole wheat crepes with strawberry Chobani. We scoop the plain Chobani out and spoon it into the middle of the crepes and roll them up and then spoon the fruit at the bottom over the top..warm, rich and healthy!

  125. says

    My favorite is to mix in some homemade buckwheat granola – especially the mango! Will only buy Chobani these days – love the freshness and protein content. Always use the plain in place of sour cream. Twitter follower and Facebook liker!

  126. Amanda says

    I love chobani! I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day! Breakfast for me always consists of a chobani, fresh fruit and oatmeal. My new favorite thing to do is mix it together and freeze it. Nothing better than a healthy frozen yogurt! I mix plain chobani in with relish and onions to create delicious tuna salads. I use it to make smoothies also! I couldn’t think of a better way to get extra protein in my day! Chobani truly is the best Greek Yogurt out there! :-)

  127. Alecia says

    I love to blend crunchy cereal’s like Kashi into plainer varieties; also love dipping apple slices or other fruit into the vanilla flavor. Love all the Chobani fruit flavors I’ve tried, but I tend to favor the pineapple, black cherry, mango or peach as I prefer the texture of those fruit pieces in the yogurt. Chobani is usually my morning breakfast, but it sometimes serves as dessert.

  128. Tonia LaJaunie says

    My favorite is any flavor chobani over fresh cut fruit topped with walnuts!!!
    Next is vanilla with cinammon and lemon honey topped with almond slivers. Both sound like guilty pleasures!

  129. Kesha says

    I am newly addicted to Chobani. Tried it a week ago to curb the morning sickness from pregnancy (8 weeks tomorrow!). It is a godsend! And the pomegranate and pineapple are my faves!

  130. says

    I just liked you on Facebook and now I follow you on Twitter too! I’m loving your site! I make breakfast creme brulee with greek yogurt, yum!

  131. rich schulman says

    I eat Chobani for dinner. Two cups sometimes three. I only eat it straight. It is too good to mix.

  132. Susan says

    Love Chobani for breakfast with fruit or cereal…for lunch spread on crackers or on top of salad…for dinner over chile or on top of baked potato….frozen for a snack……YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Claire says

    Greek yogurt is the BEST canvas for either a sweet OR savory creation. My personal favorite sweet creation is Greek yogurt with some sweetener, chopped strawberries, and a kid’s cereal like apple jacks stirred in! For savory, I make a great lemon dill sauce for chicken dippage!

  134. Jacquelynn Skaarup says

    Every morning I mix a yogurt into my green smoothie: spinach, 1.5 c almond/coconut milk, 1 tsp peanut butter, 1c frozen fruit, 1 banana. This is my breakfast every morning and it lasts right thru ’til lunch (which includes 1 more yogurt). This yogurt is by far the best on the planet!

  135. Ingemar H says

    I follow on twitter @horsesallover and Facebook Ingemar Hulthage
    My favorite way to have chobani is to make a parfait. Plain non-fat, topped with fresh berries, topped with a small amount of gluten granola, repeat!

  136. Kim says

    My daughter and I have decided to stop eating sugar. Chobani is the only yogurt that does not have refined sugar. It is so delicious that it has been a treat to have Chobani yogurt, not like we are being deprived at all. It is so filling that if you do get hungary, you can eat Chobani and feel full for a while. This is one step we are taking to get healthy by making Chobani a part of our daily diet.

  137. Laur J says

    Take a 6-ounce vanilla (or plain) Chobani, throw in fresh raspberries and blueberries, about one-third cup of chopped walnuts, squirt some agave syrup, mix and enjoy. It would be a crime to let any Chobani go to waste so my beagle licks the container clean. He loves it too!

  138. says

    I love Chobani No Fat yogurt with fruit, or plain as a potato topper. It is great layered into parfait glasses with fresh fruit, no fat topping and nuts for a light and delicious dessert! What I love best, though, is the great taste, zero fat, high protein and low calories!

  139. Sara says

    Chobani yogurt seems to find its way into all of my meals! Nearly everyday for breakfast, I eat a peach or raspberry Chobani for breakfast or with my lunch and sometimes I add cereal or berries to the vanilla – for a little treat, I’ll even make it a parfait!

    I also use plain chobani instead of mayo in egg/tuna/chicken salads and sometimes I add some flavoring to make a nice creamy sauce or salad dressing… so delicious.

    And, when I’m in the mood for dessert, it’s great to add some fruit or a little dark chocolate for a nice treat!

    Like I said, Chobani is a staple for me and winning cases would be amazing!


  140. Jordi says

    i love chobani straight out of the cup. I also love to add fruit, especially bananas or apples to it, or granola/cereal. i could eat it all day everyday. :)

  141. Tae Suh says

    I love mixing cinnamon and honey in the plain one! I slice in bananas and granola if they’re around!

  142. Kelley says

    If this shows up twice, I apologize (I clicked “submit” and it timed out). Liked on facebook? Check! Following on Twitter? Check! Loves to eat chobani every. single. day? CHECK!! Count me in for the giveaway!

  143. Myra Rubin says

    I love Chobani! The consistency & flavor is the best in the market. My almost daily recipe is my morning post workout drink.
    Blend Plain Chobani, ONE coconut water, frozen pineapple or mango chunks, fresh basil leaves. Sometimes I’ll add mint. Very refreshing and healthy!
    I’m also addicted to Caesar salads and spicy tomato cream sauce for my pasta. I have replaced heavy whipping creams etc and use Chobani plain yogurt as my base!

  144. lindsey n says

    I love Chobani for breakfast and a snack. I first tried it last week and I am completely hooked. I have not tried all of the flavors yet but I am on my way to the store to get more. Chobani is awesome.

  145. Brenda Sutton says

    Love Chobani plain. Sometimes I mix fresh fruit in it for a change. After WLS I NEED the extra protein.

  146. Rebeccah Dunnavant says

    I eat a Chobani EVERYDAY!! It is my bedtime snack (great bedtime snack with all that protien).. I pour FiberOne cereal on top.. It’s and action packed snack.. Calcium, protein & fiber. I LOVE Chobani.. and wouldn’t go back to any other greek yogurt :-)

  147. Carol says

    I eat a Chobani for breakfast every morning. I love it with some granola for crunch!!

  148. BBerry says

    Chobani is the first thing I eat every day, the Cho-mayo on my sandwich at lunch, and what I bring along to office birthday celebrations to enjoy while everyone else is launching into their afternoon sugar comas. It’s Cherry/pomogranate in the a.m., plain with avocado on lunchtime sammies, pineapple for desserts and b-days, and a never-fail bribe at work when I need a favor from the IT dept!

  149. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh, my daughter would go crzay for this. So would I. She gets to take a snack to school everday and this would be so amazing. I am a single mom on a very small budget so yogurt is a luxury in our house. We would be in 7th heaven. I love the Black Cherry…..

  150. Heather says

    I love it with granola! I just discovered it about a month ago so I haven’t tried different ways to eat it. I also like to cut up a banana and mix it in.

  151. says

    I love Chobani! Well, ok, I love all Greek yogurt. My standard breakfast during the week is a Greek yogurt parfait (with fresh fruit & homemade granola). My favorite flavor for Chobani has to be their mango followed shortly by honey. I also use Greek yogurt for cooking all the time – it makes fantastic sauces and is a wonderful substitute for butter in baked goods.

  152. eErica says

    Iii am a recent convert to Greek yogurt and wonder what took me so long!! I love it! My favorite way to eat it is plain with honey added. I’ve tried flavors, but prefer it as simple as possible. I also enjoy adding it to my fruit smoothies.

  153. Rin says

    Oops…just realized I didn’t tell you what I like to do/make with it. So far, I just eat it straight. Tonight I tried it with some flax seed and I’m planning on making the Creamy Tomato Basil soup tomorrow for dinner. :-)

  154. Karen says

    I absolutely love Chobani Yogurt! I eat it EVERYDAY and at times have driven all around town, going to different stores, stocking up on my favorite favors. My favorite way to eat Chobani yogurt is to mix in fruit and flax seed meal and top it off with a little honey! It is a great way to start your day and is wonderful after a hard workout. I have lost a significant amount of weight and believe that Chobani has helped me do this. It has the protein that I need and it helps keep me full. It also helps satisfy my sweet tooth especially when the rest of the family is downing a 1/2 gallon of ice cream! The great thing is I have turned my daughter and husband into Chobani lovers, so we will be eating it for a very long time!

  155. Wanda M says

    I always eat it as mid-morning snack. My husbands likes to make Taziki (I know I’m spelling that wrong) with greek yogurt also!
    I like you on FB (Wanda McHenry) & follow you on twitter (@myfolly)

  156. says

    I eat it, I bake with it and I add it to smoothies. Following on Twitter as GlutenFreeSista.

    I eat Greek yogurt or drink Kefir everyday

  157. says

    I love this yogurt. I’m a vegetarian so I’m always looking for good lean sources of high protein and Chobani fits the bill. It’s so creamy and delish. I mix in granola, flax seed and berries or I mix in canned pumpkin for a sweet treat. I like on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @xofroggiegrlox

  158. Jocelyn says

    I use it in my delicious Spicy Chicken Melts (a poultry twist on the ol’ Tuna Melt favorite)! I mix it with a little diced cooked chicken, green onion, chili powder, paprika, curry seed, lime juice and of course, plain Chobani and spread that on top of a piece of toasted bread, sprinkle cheese on top, bake a few minutes to melt and VOILA! Quick and tasty dinner! LOVE IT! Even my picky husband and my 3 year old love it! We LOVE Chobani at our house. 😀

  159. Melinda S says

    I’m a follower on Facebook and Twitter @lindydnil
    Currently I’m on a very low carb/high low fat protein diet. One of the items I’m allowed is a pancake using only a limited number of ingredients, oat bran -egg white-stevia-and nonfat plain yogurt-i use Chobani. No other yogurt gives the pancake the texture I like!

  160. rose says

    We have a whole household that loves to eat it straight…We like you on facebook…however, I am an old dog adn don’t know how to Twitter…thanks…

  161. Kim S says

    Love the thick creamy texture of Greek yogurt! It is like you are eating something super indulgent, but it is SO good for you! Love to eat plain greek yogurt with walnuts, dried cranberries and a bit of honey. Also like to use it in smoothies, or plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream! The mango sounds amazing! My toddler LOVES mangoes, perhaps he would love this mango yogurt!

  162. chloe colestock says

    My kiddos love it right outta the cup- such a yummy and super healthy snack. I love it with granola & nuts on top, about 2 hours before a run. I’d also love to try it in a cheesecake recipe like those above have suggested.

  163. Tracy Y says

    I look forward to my yogurt like a dessert!!! Sprinkle a bit of homemade granola on top and I have for a snack during the day or sometimes at night when I get the munchies. YUM!!

  164. Danielle M says

    I mix in some dried cranberries for a snack. Also good to coat raw chicken breast in before rolling in seasoned bread crumbs and baking.

  165. jennifer woosley says

    I love topping chili with Greek Yogurt really takes the heat and give the wang that makes it Yummy!

  166. Pat P says

    Straight up! Or topped with fresh fruit is my favorite way to have Chobani. I already follow! Thank you!

  167. Tanya Sgroi-Wilson aka Twincere says

    I’m a follower on Facebook and Twitter @Twincere.
    Chobani has been a main staple in my diet since my surgery last year. It is high in protein (I am required to have a minimum intake of 45 grams daily) delicious and nutritious.
    Protein is necessary for proper wound healing and fighting infections after surgery. It also helps your body to repair and strengthen cells, and it helps you to build new cells as well. Even more reasons to indulge your taste buds!
    I couldn’t stomach all those commercial protein shakes that were recommended. Chobani Greek yogurt is so tasty and a healthier alternative, and versatile for all 3 main meals. I never get tired of it, I buy it by the case from my local BJ’s wholesale club! I love, love, love to whip up a batch of Chobani Gorganzola Crustini’s, so quick and easy! Yumm!

  168. Serena Rebechini says

    I love love love to make my morning smoothies with Chobani. They fill me up, pack a protein punch and the fruits and veg give me lots of nutrients. I usually use the plain variety but have fun with the flavors too. My kids LOVE the pineapple yogurt and when they tell me they want a “snack” which usually means they want a treat they know my response will always be “only if it’s healthy”, which usually results in them grabbing a yogurt. I make several soups every other week which I often freeze in portions to take to work. Many of them include yogurt in the recipe or as a topping. One of my favs is a mexican, chicken, tortilla topped with a dollop of yogurt. Another fav in our house is mango cous cous cakes topped with greek yogurt instead of sour cream. They’re fab.

  169. JEWEL says

    I love making a salad that is cucumbers sliced, diced tomatoes and vinegar and yogurt. I add different spices depending on the flavoring I want for the day. Its yummy !

  170. JEWEL says

    I follow you on twitter @nankani and tweeted and also have already been a fan on FB

  171. Lucy Tsitrin says

    I love, LOVE, Chobani and have just begun to use it in my recipes! I was born in Siberia (Russia) and there is a popular/simple YUMMY salad that is made with sour cream and NOW I am using Chobani plain for it!! The salad is: sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, salt, pepper, Chobani plain and a little dill = YUMMY!!! :) I also LOVE Chobani Pomegranate but have yet to try a recipe with it so stay tuned…. :)

  172. Dina says

    I have been enjoying Greek yogurt for 6 years and discovered Chobani about 2 years ago! I’m a Chobani addict because it’s so thick, creamy and versatile! I love adding fruit and honey to plain Chobani for breakfast. The high protein content of Greek yogurt keeps me full and energized much longer than regular yogurt. Also, the live and active cultures in Chobani yogurt help soothe my Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

    I use plain Chobani to replace sour cream on bake potatoes, in Mexican recipes and in dips. I also use plain Chobani in pasta salads, tuna salad and smoothies! Well, I also use flavored Chobani in smoothies. So delicious and healthy!

    I just recently started adding a dollop of Chobani to cream soups! There are so many ways to use Chobani! Love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. Kayte CookWatts says

    I like you on Facebook (Kayte CookWatts & follow you @kayte71.
    I usually top my Greek yogurt with fruit or granola and But, as far as something to actually make with it- a mango lassi is a fabulous dessert or snack. Our fave Indian takeout place does them and when I saw how easy they were to make I started doing them at home. It’s simply mango, Greek yogurt and skim milk- blended well. I have never tried it with any flavored yogurt but I’m sure it would be yummy.

  174. tanja says

    I usually have chobani yogurt with berries and/rr cereal for breakfast. But I also make a tzatziki salad with cucumbers and garlic as well as my new favorite – cold beet soup with yogurt and cumin. Both are great with some bread for lunch during hot summer days.

  175. says


    Thanks for all the wonderful commentary and love about Chobani. We’re really big fans too and hope to have Chobani back again soon with another giveaway…You are all winners…but the five we’ve narrowed down to are

    Serena R (first person is good)
    Laur J (I heart beagles!)
    Karen (the blanks)

    We’ll email you offline so you can claim your prize

  176. kim says

    i heart chobani!!!
    a little chobani… a little almond butter… fresh blueberries and/or strawberries and my flax seed… PERFECTION!

  177. Tom says

    I take a colander, line it with 2 -3 cut coffee filters, put it over a larger bowl, and fill with a LARGE container of plain, nonfat Chobani yogurt. I let it sit all day— draining (I stir it once or twice during the day). It has the consistency of soft cheese. I roll it, refrigerate it, then roll it in my favorite seasonings: garlic power, seasoned salt, dill weed, basil, whatever my mood. It makes DELICIOUS, healthy, non-fat cheese. I spread it on pieces of toasted whole wheat pita bread. Delicious!

  178. Kim Kindrew says

    I love to make smoothies with it – one tub of chobani, a handful of strawberries, blueberries, or mangoes, a few ice cubes … pulses in the blender to form perfection.

  179. BESSIE WOLFE says


  180. says

    I am a very busy 48 years old female from Long Island Ny. I very recently took a leave of absence and moved to Florida to take care of a terminally ill relative. I have been a Chobani pusher from the start..I kinda started a Chobani craze at my office. I have turned so many people on to your product it isn’t even funny. I love the taste of Greek yogurt and have tried many different brands…NONE compare to Chobani !!! Best Greek , Hands down !! I love knowing that I have a delicious, convienent and healthy breakfast or lunch available at my fingertips. Favorites are black cherry and pineapple. I recently made frozen blueberry yourt and fruit bars..Yummmmmmy . Thank you for making such an incredible product…(I never really enjoyed yogurt before would force myself to eat it)now I wake up EVERY morning to my favorite yogurt

    Nancy Alessi

  181. Serena Rebechini says

    Thank you so much for the yogurt! We have really been enjoying trying all the flavors. There are some I didn’t even realize they had since my grocery store doesn’t stock them. Now I’m really hooked!

    Thank you again. Sincerely,


  182. nicole eubanks says

    i love to add uncooked oatmeal and blackberries to honey flavored chobani. it is to die for.

  183. Denise Bigley says

    I love Chobani!! I love to eat it just the way it is, but I also love to make a healthy dil dip out of the plain yogurt for vegie dippin

  184. says

    Having just begun having Chobani become part of some of my meals, it surprised me as to how delicious it is to its taste as well as its high quality content. Black cherry is my favorite- so far- esp. with added fresh cherries. It is terrific for a great, quick lunch, snack or dinner! This product has impressed me so that I have shared it with many of my friends and colleagues..and susrprisingly, each have agreed how delicious and healthy it is for them. It seems clear that Chobani is a three-way yogurt winner.. re its taste, it s reasonable calorie count and it being a perfect on-the go, easy access meal. Looking forward soon enjoy its other favors.

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