Win a George Foreman Grill!

George Foreman Family Value Grill OpenJust in time for grilling season… is giving away 5 (yes 5!!) George Foreman Grills!!

We like the George Foreman grill because it’s a super versatile kitchen tool that allows you to grill year-round.  And we LOVE the George Foreman grill because independent testing showed that it removes up to 42 percent of fat from quarter-pound burgers,* translating to a reduction of approximately 89 calories per burger!!  Can’t beat that!!

Here’s a little more info about the grills:
If eight is enough, then look no further than the Grand Champ Family Value Grill from George Foreman®, Healthy Cook which touts a whopping 144-square inches of grilling surface across two fixed grill plates. Nonstick plates eliminate the need for cooking oil while the patented sloped design effortlessly drains away excess fat and grease into the dishwasher-safe drip tray below. You can load up this grill for up to eight—yes eight—servings of your favorite foods—from turkey burgers and chicken breast, to succulent steak and grilled vegetables.

*made with 80/20 ground chuck beef

George Forman-Family Value Grill closedFive lucky readers will win a George Foreman Grand Champ Family Value Grill!

To enter,  “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website.  Also, tell us in the space below why you love summer grilling.  Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Tuesday, May 31st.

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  1. Yen Nguyen says

    I love summer grilling because it gives a delicious flavor to corn, potatoes, asparagus, etc.

    I am a Facebook fan and newsletter subscriber.

  2. Tiah says

    There is just something about food being grilled (especially outside while wearing flip flops) that makes it taste so much better. But here in Arizona where it can get 115 it would be nice to have the grill inside! 😉

  3. Jonathan Buffington says

    I love summer grilling because of the flavor the food has and the health benefits. I love using it to grill the soy burgers I love so much. Eating healthy and thoroughly enjoying it is one of the things I enjoy most about the George Foreman grill. We have owned three of the grills over the years and got our moneys worth out of each one, a new one would be awesome. :-)

  4. Brian Wall says

    I have “Liked” you on your Appetite for Health Facebook page.
    I have subscribed to your newsletter.
    I LOVE simmer grilling for many reasons. One is because winter sucks. Another, and more importantly, is because it’s so much easier to convince my friends to come over for some fabulous, juicy burgers or steaks, freshly grilled while out by the pool in the back yard in the summer 😀

  5. Meiko Cancel says

    I love grilled meats and fish, the texture of the meat is just so right on the outside and so juicy and tender on the inside. The charcoaling enhances the meats flavos and the aroma…mmm
    I would love to win this George Foreman grill that is so versatile where I live in an apartment and can not grill out doors.

  6. says

    i love anytime grilling actually but summertime grilling is the best not only because meat and veggies and fruit are fresher and taste so much better, but they cook up faster on the forman products. you can spend more time enjoying your family and or company time and food rather than cooking. clean up is easier also :)

  7. Meiko Cancel says

    I am subscribed to AppForHealth and LIKE on FaceBook. Love these promotions and newsletter updates. Thank you AppForHealth for the great products, service and information you provide in educating us.

  8. Joe G says

    BBQing is one of our favorite sports so this would be great!. We also have overseas visitors coming this summer so it’d be fun to test the grill out on them!

  9. SANDY says

    like and subscribe=
    love this and fingers crossed on this one- come on randomizer pick me-
    I am using an older indoor grill but love the taste..I had a foreman and wore it out after many years of wear and tear making all meals almost on it and ended getting a smaller one because of budget but have been praying for a foreman to come back into my life..

    i love you can make meats, grill vegies- yep I even make sweet potatoe fries by chopping up and grilling it on- healthier and kids love it. These grills are amazing and make grilling outside almost not needed except for the fact you can hang with friends, blow bubbles and have fun when the tornadoes or ice storms are not ripping through. Love its healthy, fast and tasty

  10. says

    I “Liked” Appetite for Health Facebook page and I signed up fory our newsletter on your website.
    I like summer grilling because we normally do it when the family comes for a visit. :) Grilling in the summer keeps the kitchen from getting so hot too.

  11. says

    Good morning
    I’m already a fan on facebook, I just love keeping up with all your good information and Love summer time coming up. Kicking off memorial day with grilling, Stopped by the farmers market picked up some fresh vegetables, fruit, and grabbed some chicken to put on the grill. Having family gather together to remember why we are able to enjoy these moments together. Thanking our veterans, and military for our freedom everyday. Grilling brings everyone together to make special memories. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  12. Claudia Myers says

    I love summer grilling because all the food tastes great and there’s no pans to wash!

  13. Angela Barnes says

    I love summer grilling and having all my children come over and just enjoy great food and each others company.

  14. Bekah says

    Love to grill and keep the kitchen cool. You know it’s summer when you are grilling more

  15. Stacy gordon says

    You save on energy plus the food taste so much better! Nothing beats grilling for the family and enjoying time outside watching the kids swim.

  16. says

    Without question, summertime grilling is all about 1 thing:

    – Preparing a deliciously healthy and simple meal with good friends and cold beverages after a hard day (building a fence.. trail riding.. melting weekly stresses away.. discussing opportunities.. reconnecting with family, and more!!)

    Happy Grillin’!
    – Trev

  17. dallas says

    being outside, great tasting food. love grilled salmon, steak, potatoes, burgers, brats….

  18. Athena R says

    I love summer grilling because it keeps me from heating up the kitchen with the oven. Also, grilled food is healthier and delicious.

  19. Dorothy Troller says

    Grilled foods are a tasty way and healthy way to make foods. A George Foreman grill holds the juicice’s and flavor also in the foods you cook.

  20. Kimberly Masseau says

    I LOVE summer grilling……….WHY? you ask………..because you get to be OUTDOORS. Not only is grilling a very healthy option, but soaking in that Vitamin D is a big health boost as well. I have seen many a friend even use their George Foremans outdoors. I think the BIGGEST plus to winning this grill would be the fact that you can grill INDOORS when the weather outside is “frightening” lol. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  21. Diane Mason says

    Food grilled outside tastes better, first of all. Then along comes that wonderful breeze….then have a sip of fresh-brewed iced tea. Ahhhhhh. What could be better? What could be more American?

  22. Jessica W says

    I love summer grilling because it gives the food great flavor and is just fun to be outside.
    I am a subscriber and facebook fan!

  23. Renata says

    Summer grilling is a great time of gathering with special friends and family enjoying delicious food and relaxing in a refreshing pool! Would love to win a healthy grill to drain the grease and fat off the meats! :) FB fan & subscriber too. 😉

  24. michele malone says

    i like you and am signed up for your newsletter. I love summer grilling because it’s such an easy way to eat a little healthier and get the family out into the yard.

  25. Heather says

    I love summer grilling for a few reasons – I love being outdoors; and I love the taste of anything cooked on the grill. There’s just something that makes a grilled burger taste so much better than one cooked on the stove in the kitchen. I don’t know if it’s just being outdoors in nice weather or if it’s the grilling itself, but I always like to try and grill when I can!

  26. Pat says

    Summer, fun, & food from the grill ……life just don’t get much better than that. Grilling is a great way to cook healthy foods without heating the kitchen…I Love it. Since my husband enjoys eating meat (any kind) grilling is the perfect way to cook it for him to remove the fat without losing the flavor. I would love the George Forman Grill to take on vacation and we could grill in the camper without fighting mosquitoes, the weather, or time element. Thanks for offering more great give-aways. Good luck to all the entrants.

  27. KK says

    I love summer griling because everything tastes better when it’s grilled. I love grilling because it brings family and friends together. It’s an awesome way to cook healthy. It just brings in so much flavor.

  28. Serena Rebechini says

    Wow this is great. As a busy Mom I’m always looking for quick ways to cook healthy meals and you can’t beat summer grilling when it comes to quick and easy! I love grilling because I don’t need to use much oil, if at all, to get great results. One of our family’s all time grilled favorites are asparagus and zucchini. The flavors of summer really come out on the grill and I just love the colors of the veggies right off it. Living in a state with 9 months of winter it’s so refreshing to be outdoors in the sunshine and with the Foreman we can still get our perfect summer grilled favorites even when it rains! The Foreman gives us a great option move the bbq indoors when the weather is a little less than cooperative!

  29. Laura says

    I love summer grilling b/c it adds interest to veggies and I LOVE the smell of BBQ!

  30. Stacy Miler says

    I love summer grilling because it makes the food taste so delicious. It also makes mealtime more relaxed.

  31. says

    Liked your FB page.
    Signed up for newsletter.

    I love summer grilling mainly because of the family that gathers. Family time is the most enjoyable part of the summer for me. :)

  32. Jocelyn says

    Grilling is the best. It brings friends and family together for a meal that’s tasty and healthy!!! We love to cook our veggies on the grill because they have such a remarkable flavor. Even my little one likes the grilled peppers. Being outside and connecting with nature has wonderful effects on the human psyche.

  33. Kevin Hanson says

    You can’t beat grilled food, and so I hate when summertime is over! This grill would enable a year-round grilling experience!

  34. Leonor says

    I love summer grilling because it’s always the best time to have family and friends over. Awesome weather, great food and lots of love in the air. The best things in life is creating memories with the ones you cherish, why not add a tad more love with a grilled pineapple salad. Yummo!!

  35. Tamara B. says

    Nothing smells more like summer than walking outside and smelling the grill going. I love how the smokey flavor adds the perfect touch to a hamburger, marinated chicken breast or brats. One thing for sure grilling always brings the family together on a summer day.
    I am a a subscriber and “like” you on Facebook
    (Tamara Bennington)

  36. Jd drenchek-scavo says

    I love summer grilling because we get to cook outside and grilled food tastes better

  37. says

    I like you on FB and subscribe to your newsletter
    I Love to BBQ because everything taste great on the grill. It is so easy and the cleanup is practically nill.. and it is one thing my husband can actually cook LOL

  38. Linda Riggins says

    Grilling is a healthy way to cook, the flavor in food is MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
    and it just a part of summer.

  39. Jill Hayes says

    I like you on Facebook.
    I’m a newsletter subscriber.
    I love summer grilling because it is a fun and delicious way to enjoy the great weather outdoors with the family. Grilling is a healthy way to eat. Everything tastes better on the grill and this grill would make that possible all year long! Thank you so much for the chance to win this great product!

  40. says

    I love grilling overall…yummy flavors, versatility of being able to cook nearly anything, healthy but SUMMER grilling means all of that without heating up the house! WOOT!!

    I already like you on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter! Thank you!

  41. says

    I love summer grilling because it fun and easy! The George Foreman Grill is awesome because even when it’s raining (I live in Oregon and we are still having showers!) you can still cook a yummy, healthy meal with ease :)

  42. jessie Goltz says

    I love grilling all year, because it makes it feel like summer even when it is rainy and dreary. I also love grilling because i have one less pot/pan/dish to clean.

    Fan on fb and a subscriber to the newsletter

  43. angie bolder says

    ive always preferred a lot of my food grilled, just because i believe its one of the healthy options there is, and i really enjoy the char grilled taste. i will be able to grill more foods if i was to win this prize. *has my fingers and toes crossed* :-)

  44. AMBER W says

    I LOVE summer grilling because my family enjoys being outdoors. It also, keeps the inside of the house cool and clean :-) We don’t have a grill where we are now so winning this grill will be wonderful!!!

  45. Brenda Sutton says

    I love summer grilling year round. It is so easy and everything taste better. And healthy, too!!!

  46. Katie R says

    I love summer grilling because grilling is super easy way to make food taste great. Plus, the scent of the grill is amazing. I love grilled chicken that comes off the grill with just a little bit of char.

  47. Donna says

    I would love to have this, our old one went k-bluey.. I love the fact that these cook the fat out of meat and let it run off.. a regular pan may cook some out but it does no good to cook the fat out and then let it lay there in it while it’s cooking.
    Plus the fact that it taste great grilled!
    I love you on FB and I am a subscriber to Your newsletter

  48. Sheila says

    I love summer grilling because food can be simple, fresh and easy, and it just tastes great. But most of all, I love it because it gives my husband a chance to do the cooking, instead of just asking…what’s for dinner?!

  49. Julie Arney says

    I love summer grilling because it’s a great way to celebrate summer with grilled food with your friends and family. I like turkey burgers while the children may prefer grilled hot dogs and an aunt likes grilled steak. Some people like their food well done with lots of grill marks while others like it grilled slightly done.

  50. Lisa Voss says

    I liked your facebook page and signed up for your news letter. I love summer grilling because of all the wonderful food that gets cooked on the grill. We love to grill all year long. This indoor grill would be perfect for me on my journey to lose weight. I have a big family to cook for and they won’t eat the healthier stuff like me so it makes it very hard to cook my own meal seperately. :)

  51. Ingemar Hulthage says

    I can smell a steak grilling just looking at the picture. I’m on a high protein diet so having an indoor great would be helpful! Follow on Facebook and receive the newsletter.

  52. Dave Levin says

    I’d grill up some turkey burgers and veggies for a nice light summer meal! Yes I’m following app4health on facebook and I subscribe to the newsletter!

  53. Noreen says

    I love summer bbqs because the beauty and warmth of the summer outdoors adds to the whole experience of our family and friends coming, not only to the dinner table, but also taking part in the preparing, cooking, and enjoying the food while sharing and trying new recipes. It is an experience, not just a meal.

  54. says

    First off, I’am a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber

    Second off, I think I wet my pants when I saw this give away on my cell phone. My entire life my parents were never into grilling, so I always went over to my friends houses for BBQ’s during the summer. However, this summer will be my first summer living by myself in an apartment. Even though I’m going to be taking summer science classes, I plan on doing a lot of grilling! I always make turkey burgers, grilled chicken breasts, buffalo burgers, salmon, and many other meats in my egg pan because it’s the only pan I have besides my sauce pan ha! I would seriously be the happiest student ever and would invite all my friends over for some indoor grilling (since it rains every day in Oregon). I would also ask them to become a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber of AppforHealth =}. I have heard so many good things about these grills!!

  55. says

    i love summer grilling because i don’t have to freeze my tush off like when i grill outside in the winter! But the beauty of the george foreman would be grilling inside (esp during the cold months!) The best part would have to be walking to the garden, picking veggies, then slicing them up and sticking them right on the grill. Fresh!!

  56. Julia Duran says

    I love grilling because it improves the taste of everything, doesn’t heat up the kitchen, makes clean-up a breeze, and, amazingly, everyone eats it up without a complaint!

  57. Cindy Carlson says

    I love summer grilling because it’s healthy and we only have a few months to enjoy it, with this grill I could enjoy grilling all year long!

  58. Amy Brown says

    Love to grill just for the flavor! “Like” you on FB and also subscribe to newsletter.

  59. says

    signed up for your newsletter
    like you on facebook (ruthhill74)
    I love grilled because it does not heat up the kitchen, it’s healthy, and it tastes good!

  60. Bobby Gray says

    I love summer grilling. It helps bring the family tougether and lets us have lots of funn out by the pool. Also I try my best to eat healty foods like grilled vegitables. Therefore this would help make us have a great summer with family and friends! (:

  61. Christy Turner says

    The George Forman would make our family have a tremendous summer. My boys love to have cookouts and for friends to come over.It helps me with my diet and my cholesterol. This would be a great addition to the family summer funn!

  62. Sherry Eckman says

    “Like”your Appetite for Health Facebook page(Spanish Wine} and signed up for your newsletter! I love summer grilling because it taste so good and it’s fun!

  63. Kerri Stewart says

    I don’t just love Summer grilling, I love grilling year-round! There could be snow on the ground, but as long as there is a spot cleared on the deck to get to the grill, we are grilling. Deep fried turkey is delicious, but have you ever cooked your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey on the grill? Try it with wood chips for a smoky flavor. Yum! If you are not as brave as we are in the winter, but just love to have grilled steaks, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, then you need a George Foreman grill in your kitchen! I’m glad summer is almost here. Yellow, white and bi-color corn will be in season and they are so delicious on the grill! Food just seems to taste better when it is grilled.

  64. Grace Lin says

    Summer grilling is the best!! Especially grilling some fish fillets and a bunch of veggies! My mom and I like to grill asparagus and drizzle some Kalbi sauce on them. Grilling is great to get the fam together and enjoy the summer season.

  65. Liz Newsome says

    I love summer grilling because it makes things taste so fresh! Veggies seem to taste better and more flavorful when grilled! YUM!

    FB fan (liz t. n.) and newsletter subscriber.

  66. Tina Rath says

    I love grilling because everyone is outside enjoying the day and I do not want to be stuck inside cooking. Grilling is healthier and better 4 you.

  67. Shannon S. says

    I am a fan on facebook as Shannon Scott & I subscribed to the newsletter.

    I love summer grilling because you can make so many wonderful tasting, healthy options for foods. Also it is fun to have cookouts with family and friends to enjoy the beautiful weather. My favorite thing to grill is actually pineapple. It is the perfect dessert for warm summer nights!

  68. Tammera Widell says

    We love Grilling as part of a Healthier lifestyle. Thanks for a Great Giveaway!

  69. says

    Like you on FB~Deb S

    Email Subscriber

    I love to BBQ with friends and family as it is great conversation and food!


  70. Matthew B says

    George foremans are the best. fell in love with them when i (illegally) had one in my dorm. grilled cheese was never better… until my roommate and i had the wonderful idea to “forget” the bread (the toasty cheese that fell off the sides was the best) and just have cheese… burnt cheese. it was great!

    Matthew B

  71. Lindsey Kimball says

    Liked & subscribed!
    Favorite part about grilling is that you can take very simple ingredients and make meats and veggies taste amazing — kosher salt, olive oil, cracked pepper, very basic spices go a long way. With a new baby at home, grilling takes priority over most other cooking methods because it keeps things quick, simple, and healthy!

  72. eErica B says

    Grilling is the best, maybe the ONLY, way to eat fresh summer produce!! Its one of my favorite parts of the summer season!! I love the idea of having a George Foreman and extending the season!

  73. Cheryl Christian says

    I love grilling because I love being outdoors and there is nothing better than smelling something good being cooked and the smell goes all through the neighborhood. Grilling just brings out all the good flavors of the food. It just shouts summer. 😉

  74. cheri says

    I love George Forman grills. they are perfect for summer cooking :) I think your newsletters are veryhelpful!

  75. anita says

    I love summer grilling because it gives me a chance to grill the fresh produce from my garden and from the local farmers market. I also love grilling seafood and even TOFU! I am a Facebook fan and newsletter subscriber.

  76. Jennifer F says

    Summer grilling is wonderful. I love the taste of grilled food and the fact that is much better for you and taste better. Now you can grill year round. Yeah!

  77. Kathy says

    I love summer grilling because I can grill tons of fresh veggies and fruit, and make yummy kabobs with chicken and pineapple!

  78. Cheryl says

    Nothing is better than summer grilling, good friends, good grilling and good weather!!

  79. anne hill says

    i follow you on FB (anne hill)
    i subscribe to your newsletter calliope_123 at hotmail dot com
    & i like grilling my veggies to go with my fish tacos in the summer!

  80. says

    Summer grilling is awesome. To be able to pick fresh vegetables from my garden, put a little rice vinegar on them and then do slow roast on the grill – they are awesome

  81. Christina says

    I love to grill, but unfortunetly live in a place where I can not have a personal grill and so this is the next best thing. I have a smaller version, but would like to be able to make multiple hamburgers or chicken breasts.

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