Get Sizzling with Chef’n Grilling Tools!

Chef'n LogoThe BBQ season opener is this weekend, so to celebrate we’ve got the new  Chef’n grilling tools to lend you a hand all summer long. As dietitians, we love grilling because it’s one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to prepare food.

Chef’n is one of our favorite companies that you should really check out. Based in Seattle, it was founded in 1982 when David Holcomb created the Garlic Machine.  Since then, they’ve been busy whipping up more cooking and kitchen gadgets, utensils and tools. Their tagline,“We make better tools so you can make better food,” couldn’t be more true.

Today’s Freebies include the Grill’n Barbecue Tongs and the Grill’n Barbecue Turner. Chef’n grill tools are high-quality with built-in innovation. The tongs and turner have stainless steel working ends, elongated wooden handles and silicone hanging loops provide added functionality.

Chef n turnerChef'n grill tools

Five lucky readers today will win both Chef’n Grill’n tools.  To enter, “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website and leave a comment below about what you’ll be grilling this summer. Be sure to check out Chef’n on Facebook where they also run a lot of great sweepstakes for their fans.

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  1. says

    I think the question ‘what won’t I be grilling this summer?’ fits me a little better. I grill in rain, sleet, snow, fog, during tornado warnings, and just about any other time as well. This summer will be more focused on grilling veggies tho – squash being the primary victim, since my garden kicks them out almost faster than I can eat them.

  2. Diana says

    This weekend marks the opening of grilling season and closing of the indoor kitchen. We usually grill 90% of the time in the summer…everything from steaks, burgers, dogs, chicken to grilled planked fish, calamari for fresh salads and shrimp skewers. Also a BIG fan of grilled vegetable mixes, portabellos, corn, and potatos. I also love the grilled dessert….from grilled peaches and plum kabobs to grilled strawbery shortcakes with balsamic strawberries! Love Grilling!!!

  3. Matthew B says

    and i will definitely be grilling the tradition things… but also some pineapple, peaches, and corn on the cob!

  4. Dena W. says

    We grill just about everything!!!!! The only thing I haven’t tried is grilled pizza so that is one of my goals this summer and I hope it works out the way I want it!

  5. Kristen R. says

    We are looking forward to shrimp and chicken kebabs with lots of veggies. Yum!

  6. Beth M. says

    All these comments are making me jealous! I need an outdoor grill! Right now I grill indoor with our grill pan but nothing can replicate the smoky, grilled flavor you get from an outdoor grill. So in the meantime, i’ll be grilling veggies, veggie burgers, tempeh and fruit and for my meatloving family, most likely LOTS of chicken!

  7. michele malone says

    I like and am signed up for your emails. we grill everything over the summer: meat, veggies, dessert, breakfast, lemonade.

  8. Serena Rebechini says

    Oh these are lovely and would really encourage my other half to “man” the grill a bit more often. I’m not sure how but I’ve somehow inherited the prep, cook and cleanup work when it comes to grilling. Ha! Our previous grilling tools were somehow left out all winter and in Minnesota that’s not a great place for grilling tools to be left.

  9. says

    Great Comments, everyone!

    Winners are Dena W, Matt B, Sue, Stacy and Serena

    Look for an email so you can claim your prize.

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