Chef’n Grilling Tools

Yay! Chef’n tools are back.

Since it’s almost Memorial Day weekend—the official start of the grilling season—today’s Freebie from Chef’n will give you the extra help you need for wonderful BBQs all summer long.

Chef’n is one of our favorite companies that you should really check out. Based in Seattle, it was founded in 1982 when David Holcomb created the Garlic Machine.  Since then, they’ve been busy whipping up more cooking and kitchen gadgets, utensils and tools. Their tagline,“We make better tools so you can make better food,” couldn’t be more true.

Today’s Freebies include the Grill’n Barbecue Tongs and the Grill’n Barbecue Turner. Chef’n grill tools are high-quality with built-in innovation. The tongs and turner have stainless steel working ends, elongated wooden handles and silicone hanging loops provide added functionality.

Five lucky readers today will win their own set of the two Chef’n Grill’n tools.   To enter, “Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter on our website and leave a comment below about what you’ll be grilling this summer. Be sure to check out Chef’n on Facebook where they also run a lot of great sweepstakes for their fans.

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  1. Kathy says

    We’ll be grilling lots of chicken and steak, and veggies to go with them

    Follow on FB, and subscribe to the newsletter.

  2. Melinda S says

    Lots of protein will be a grillin’ for me! Shrimps, steaks, chicken, maybe try my hand at BBQ tofu! Following you on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter!

  3. SANDY says

    lots of peppers and onions,, the kids loved grilled bananas/plantins…turkey burger and grilled chicken

    wish I could say a huge slab of ribs but not appealing to me- when i want them i let someone else do it for me- love boca burgers and brats- stull looking for a healthy lowfat brat

  4. Kevin Hanson says

    As part of my Beachbody program, lots of protein will be hitting my grill. Gonna also do some of the veggies
    From our garden!

  5. Lisa Voss says

    We will be grilling chicken (all parts) and steaks, hamburgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, shish kabobs, etc etc etc….. too many to list!!! We really need these tools too!! :)

  6. Shannon Mathes says

    We’ll be grilling chicken, salmon, shrimp, and lots of veggie kabobs! We grill almost every night in the warm months! Love you Appetite For Health!!!


    We will be grilling LOTS of vegies!! YUMMY:) to go along with grilled fish and chicken DELICIOUS!!!

  8. Beth Mickens says

    Just moved into our first home 2 years ago so we still need to get a grill first! But when we do, we’ll be dividing the grill; one side for the vegan grilling homemade veg burgers, veggies (like summer squash and tomatoes) and fruit (pineapple, peaches and avocado) and for the meat eater, chicken, burgers and sausage!

  9. michele malone says

    we grill anything and everything! most recently we made grilled lemonade, but I plan to try pizzas next.

  10. Lucy Tsitrin says

    I would love to grill this summer and I would grill a lot of veges and fish!! :)

  11. Jonathan Buffington says

    During the summer we grill a lot. As a vegetarian I love grilled veggies, but I do grill chicken (for the family)and fish (for myself). It’s too durn hot to stand in the kitchen so instead the grill is our summer choice for cooking. Thank AFH! :-)

  12. Tamara B. says

    Living in Florida we grill out all of the time, I like you on Facebook and am a subscriber :)

  13. Shevonne says

    I can’t get enough of grilled veggies!!! If I can wrap it in foil or skewer it , it goes on the grill! No better way to stay healthy in the summer.

  14. Leonor says

    These are Great!! Maybe now my husband wont burn his hands and melt my kitchen utensils. :)

  15. Cristina Martin says

    Since we are trying to eat healthier and lose some weight before our trip to Jamaica in September my hubby and I will be grilling lots of fish, shrimp, turkey burgers, chicken and the occasional steak or hot moderation. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up I love to grill!!

  16. Cheryl says

    We have an obsession with grilled zucchini! I chop off the ends and halve it lengthwise, peel enough skin off the rounded side to make it lay flat when flipped(careful to leave as much skin as possible) then a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Also, sweet onions: thick cut as if to make onion rings only leave them together, and grill them with the zucchini…YUM!

  17. priscilla hogrewe says

    oops forgot to say my husband is the griller and he won’t be home from deployment till Aug. I am sure he will be grilling everything then!

  18. Lisa says

    I like you on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. We grill almost everything in the summer. I love fresh grilled corn.

  19. Gail says

    Steaks, chicken, fish, veggies, brats, burgers, corn, pizza, if ice cream could go on the grill, we’d probably grill that, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. says

    i like you on FB and get your newsletter
    I will be grilling everything this summer, Streaks, chicken, brats, burgers, ribs, corn, kabobs, hot dogs ETC>>>>>

  21. Dave L says

    Grillin’ up some big stuffed burgers, juicy brats and salmon.
    Following on facebook, receive newsletter.

  22. Stacy says

    We will be grilling lots of steaks and hamburgers, along with tons of veggies from our garden. I’ll probably make ribs for my husband’s birthday, and when my Dad visits I’ll put on some swordfish. Yum!

  23. Pat Pelland says

    Like you on facebook and I subscribe to the newsletter.
    We love to grill! We are fortunate to live in So Cal so we can grill year around. We grill just about everything chicken, fish, beef, pork, fruit, veggies and even pizzas!

  24. says

    Winners of the Day 1 for the grilling set are:

    Athena R
    Carol N and
    Pat P.

    Thanks for all the great grilling comments!

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