Emerald Cocoa Almonds

Emerald Cocoa Rosted AlmondsWhether it’s a post-lunch dessert or an afternoon pick-me-up, here’s a great healthy find in your supermarket to add a little chocolaty sweetness to your day.

Emerald has taken their all-too-delicious roasted almonds and sprinkled cocoa powder on them.  The combination tastes ab fab but the dynamic duo is a nutritional powerhouse.

Almonds are known for their heart-health and many other health benefits and cocoa has been shown to be high in flavanols—a type of beneficial antioxidants. Research shows that cocoa provides cardiovascular benefits by reducing blood pressure and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds

With a generous serving size of about 23-26 almonds (1 oz), the nuts contain 150 calories, 13g fat (1g sat fat), 6g carbohydrate and 6g protein. Because almonds are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats, protein, calcium and vitamin E, they’re a nutrient-packed snack. 

You can find this “chocolaty goodness” in a 38-oz container at your local Sam’s Club, in an 11oz canister at your local grocery store and even in 100-calorie packs for on-the-go! I usually grab a 100-calorie pack with a 2% string cheese or piece of fruit for an easy afternoon snack!

Christina Strudwick, RD, LD

This post is from Christina Strudwick, RD, LD, a dietitian who resides in the Dallas area. Christina has a passion for nutrition with an emphasis on sports nutrition. She’ll graduate with her master’s degree in Exercise & Sports Nutrition this spring and looks forward to preparing for the CSSD exam. In her free time, Christina enjoys running outside with her dog, Crossfit, drinking green tea, and cheering on the Dallas Stars & TCU football!



  1. Jenefer Lynn says

    oooh, will have to look for these at the store. I love almonds and adding the cocoa powder can only make them yummier.

  2. SANDY says

    one of the men from bl said this was his snack of choice…have been looking for them…they sound yummy

  3. Beth says

    A friend let me try these one time and they are absolutely amazingly delicious! I haven’t bought some in a while, but they are the best go to when you have a chocolate craving!

  4. SANDY says

    looked for these tday- several stores- guess I will have to go to sams and buy them- these sound so yummy

  5. Melinda Singer says

    We have almonds almost everyday day! I’ll have to look for the cocoa almonds in the market, they sound yummy!

  6. Pauline Longchamp says

    appreciate all of the above comments. what can i add that is new? not a thing, it has all been said!

  7. Amy D says

    It’s too bad they use artificial sweeteners…I would much rather see them use something natural like stevia.

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