Chip Champions: Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla ChipsThe NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is almost over!  And that means that our March Snacking Madness must conclude too.

But we still have time to give away one of our all-time favorite tortilla chips—Food Should Taste Good.  In case you haven’t seen or tried these gourmet chips, here’s your chance to win some.

While Food Should Taste Good chips are made with real ingredients like stone ground corn, sesame seeds, and they’re made from healthier safflower or sunflower oil so they’re low in sat fat. They’re also a good source of fiber and are completely free of trans fats. Most are also gluten-free.

They come in 14 flavors—from traditional to exotic—like Sweet Potato, Multigrain (my favorite!), Jalapeno, Blue Corn and Cheddar. For a more exotic taste experience, try Chocolate, Olive, The Works! and Toasted Sesame.

Five readers today will receive more than a month’s supply of Food Should Taste Good chips, including a bag of Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno, Blue Corn and Cheddar.

To enter to win, you must “Like” us on Facebook @AppetiteforHealth, sign up for our free newsletter and tell us in the comments below which of the five flavors (Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno, Blue Corn or cheddar) Food Should Taste Good you want to try most.

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  1. bridget in new mexico says

    would love to try jalapeno! Anything spicy gets my vote! I do already like you on FB and subscribe to your newsletter… brand new yesterday .. .love it!

  2. sherry warlick says

    These sound great! I have never tried these and I would love to try the jalapeno the most.

  3. says

    I would like to try the blue corn. I have tried the Sweet Potato and love it! I like you on FB and I’m siging up for the newsletter!

  4. Jenefer Lynn says

    I would love to try the jalepeno. I love the multigrain, but haven’t tried the others. I like you on facebook and I get the newsletter

  5. jaimee wood says

    already like you on fb & signed up for newsletter. I would love to try the sweet potato chips. thanks!

  6. Melissa E. says

    I’d love to try either the Blue Corn, Cheddar, OR Sweet Potato. Just confirmed subscription for mailing list and liked on FB!

  7. Jazmyn says

    I would love to try the Jalapeno. I like things kind of spicy. I already like you on facebook and receive your newsletter.

  8. Pat says

    WOW…..14 flavors of one brand of chips. Too cool. I agree “Food Should Taste Good”. I would love to try the Multigrain chips. I think they would be great with any flavor dip or just by themselves. I like you on FB and subscribe to your great newsletter. Thanks for all the March Snacking Madness freebies.

  9. Kristen says

    Love the Multigrain… would like to try the blue corn. Don’t usually like cheese flavored chips because they usually taste fake … would love to see if these taste real :)

  10. Linda Riggins says

    Toasted sesame is one I would like to try. It would go great with chicken, ham or egg salad.

  11. Nancy says

    I think I would have selected cheddar as the flavor I would most like to try, but the fans of the multi-grain chips have piqued my curiosity enough to put them in first place. All of those flavors sound good to me!

  12. nancy uitto says

    I am already signed up for your newsletter and like you on facebook. My fav of these chips are the mulitgrain but I would like to try the blue corn. Sounds like it would be good with salsa.

  13. Mary Andress says

    I love the sweet potato flavor (even better dipped in a little sour cream .. delish). But I am anxious to try the other flavors too.

  14. donna says

    would like to try the Jalapeno! and hope it’s hot hot hot!
    I think the Chocolate sounds pretty dang good…
    I re-signed up for your newsletter and I follow you on Facebook
    Great Giveaways!

  15. says

    I’m in an adventurous mood – I think trying the chocolate would be great – can’t imgine it, so must try it!
    I’m already signed upfor your newsletter and am a friend on FB. Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways.

  16. kimberly Masseau says

    I have tried the sweet potato and those are pretty good……………would love to try the jalepeno for a lil KICK. I didn’t know they made OLIVE….so now I want to go out and try those as well :) sound delish!! Thanks for the grocery shopping tips article too………keep up the good work :)

  17. Kendall Cameron says

    I love the multigrain chips!!!!! I would also love to try the sweet potato chips to see if they are just as good, or better!!

  18. says

    I’d love to try the Sweet Potato ones! I found the multi grain ones a couple of weeks ago and they were AWESOME! Would love to try more flavors :)

  19. Earlleen J says

    Wow…these sound like healthy snack chips! I’ve never heard of this particular product before today, and I’m really interested in trying them. Decisions, decisions…which one would I like to try? I think the sweet potato flavor sounds very interesting, so that would be my first choice. My reason for choosing….
    There was a study done in 1992 by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They compared the nutritional value of sweet potatoes to other vegetables. Considering fiber content, iron, protein, complex carbohydrates, calcium, and vitamins A & C, the sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value.
    In regards to this study, I’m finding it more beneficial to incorporate sweet potatoes in my diet because of their health benefits.

  20. Lee says

    I have tried most of these, but I’ll say the Sweet Potato. I also love the chocolate ones!

  21. Diana says

    I like you on FB and newsletter.
    My favorite flavor is the Multigrain! Being gluten free, these chips are such a welcome treat. thanks.

  22. Sheryl says

    Jalepeno is my absolute favorite but I’d like to try the cheddar. If they are just as good I want to mix a bag of each and have my own bag of crunch Tex-Mex goodness.

  23. Jen M says

    I can only find the multi-grain ones on my store so I would LOVE to try any of the others. Starting with Jalapeno :o)

  24. Stacy says

    The multi-grian are my all-time favorite, but I do love the Sweet Potato as well!!

  25. says

    I think the cheddar would be my favorite…they all sound so yummy…maybe the sweet potato?…I change my mind…i think I would like to try the toasted sesame! that sounds soooo yummy!

  26. Terri says

    My daughter and I have recently started making healthy food choices and would love to incorporate your chips into our meal plans! We would love to try the cheddar chips and the sweet potato chips, too.

  27. Brian Wall says

    I “Like” us on Facebook @AppetiteforHealth. I signed up for your free newsletter. Of the five flavors,Cheddar Food Should Taste Good I want to try most.

  28. Stephanie K says

    I’ve tried the blue corn and sweet potato and they are yummy! I’d like to try the cheddar next!

  29. Margaret says

    I’m addicted to the multigrain chips, but would like to try Jalapeno (with cheddar as a close second)!

  30. reneebundy says

    How about you send them ALL to me and I’ll eat them and get back to you with which one I like best? 😉

  31. Marla Zickefoose says

    I would love to try the blue corn! I like you on facebook and get the newsletter.

  32. kat says

    I like you all ready on Facebook and I have free newsletter I’m addicted to the Sweet Potato, they are great dipped in black bean dip, spinach dip or greek yogurt. but would like to try Jalapeño

  33. Sara Dusbabek says

    I love the Sweet Potato, I would love to try the Blue Corn or the Cheddar. They are a great, healthy snack on the run.

  34. Dave L says

    I liked on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter. since I just picked up a bag of sweet potato yesterday, I’d have to say I’d most like to try the jalapeno!

  35. Amelia S. says

    I want to try the multigrain the most. I have tried some other gluten free multigrain crackers and have had some BAD experiences! It would be great to have a healthy multigrain cracker that not only I can enjoy but that I can provide to my friends and family when I am entertaining and not have to worry about cross contamination when we’re all sharing the same dip. I’m looking for a great flavor and a sense of normalcy despite my allergy. I already am absolutely in love with the sweet potato chips/crackers and would love to try the others! What a great product!

  36. Andrea Gross says

    “Like” you on Facebook @AppetiteforHealthJust and just tried the Sweet Potato flavor and I just wish all vegetables could taste this good! YUMM! I would love to try the cheddar flavor next!

  37. says

    I like you on Facebook; signed up for your Newsletter. I LOVE the Olive, the Cheddar and the Sweet Potato chips. I would LOVE to try the Jalapeno.

  38. Karen says

    I like you on FB, subscribe to your RSS feed and have tried the sweet potato and the mulitgrain chips…they are both terrific, but love the twist of a sweet potato chip.

  39. ingemar H says

    following on facebook and twitter, rec newsletter. I’ve been enjoying Food Should Taste Good Chips for about two years now. found them at Costco and was immediately hooked. I’d like to try the jalapeno chips!

  40. Kimberly says

    I love FSTG chips but I’ve never tried The Works kind – I would love to try those if I won :)

  41. julieg says

    I just discovered these chips/tortillas/cracker/dessert things. They are so good. I’d love to try the sweet potato

  42. says

    we got a very big bag of the sweet potato chips yummy we used them with Wholly guac and there salsa!! what a great combo!! Even the people that don’t like sweet potatos really like your chips!! So do we thanks

  43. Jill says

    Hmmmmm…Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno, Blue Corn or cheddar. Just had a Cheddar Chip, love Multigrain and Jalapeno. It’s a toss up! I think I’ll go for Sweet Potato.

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