Corazonas Heart-Smart Snack Chips

Corazonas LogoCorazonas Tortilla and Potato Chips are in our “Final Four” all-star basketball snacks. The whole-grain, fiber-rich tortilla chips come in great flavors, like Black Bean & Cheese and Squeeze of Lime. Nutritionally, they have 18 grams of whole grains and 3 grams fiber per serving. Most importantly, they taste great and have just the right hearty texture that we love.

The Corazonas Potato Chips are made from sliced whole potatoes and they have 40% less fat than traditional potato chips and Corazonas Chipstwo grams fiber per serving. They come in five great flavors including Sea Salt & Vinegar and Parmesan Peppercorn. And, they always get a thumb’s up from my “man-snacker.”

Corazonas means heart in Spanish so the key heart-health benefit of the Corazonas line is that they all contain plant sterols, which are natural compounds that are clinically provide to help lower LDL (lousy) cholesterol.

Five readers today will win a Corazonas Chip Sample Pack (3 bags tortilla and 3 bags potato chips) for guilt-free snacking.

To enter, you must be a friend of on Facebook and sign up for our free newsletter at   Please leave us a comment telling us the worst (read: unhealthiest!) food you’ve snacked on in the last week/month.

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  1. donna says

    my worst.. and yes I do feel guilty for it, was a slice of (35 cal)bread with a tea. spoon of nutella mmmmmm very good.. but a real no no
    These Corazonas Heart Smart Snack Chips would have been a Much better snack for me… guilt-free is the way to go!
    I like you on facebook follow you on twitter and subscribe to the newsletter.

  2. Nancy says

    The worst snack I’ve eaten lately would have to be the ice cream cake we got for my son’s 6th birthday party. (Couldn’t pass that up!)

  3. Patricia says

    Whoa…It was the bloomin’ onion at Outback Steakhouse. I had no idea how unhealthy those things were until I looked up the calorie and fat counts when I got home! (No wonder my stomach hurt after dinner.) Those things should carry a hazard warning on the menu!

  4. jd drenchek-scavo says

    I ate regular chips and dip…..I usually eat Food that taste good chips or corzona’s

  5. Teresa C. says

    My worst snack this week has been mini powdered sugar donuts….my one vice :( At least I didn’t eat the whole box :) I would have much rather had Corozona’s Touch of lime tortilla chips. The only kind I’ve tried and fell in love at first bite!!

  6. Ann Ongena says

    A piece of a huge party cake brightly colored with icing and so sweet my mouth still hurts, guilt guilt guilt!

  7. Gloria Monroe says

    The worst had to be a dish of french vanilla ice cream and a slice of peach pie and it wasn’t fat free! TOL = Tons of love!

  8. Earlleen J says

    I “Like” you on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. I would have to say the worst snack food for me this month was an apple fritter donut. I’ve gotten better at trying to eliminate them from my diet…I’ve only had 1 this month!
    Corazonas chips are yummy……..and they’re great in recipes too!

  9. Christopher Sorel says

    the seaweed toasted snack someone left us to sample in the cafeteria today. it was gross

  10. Melinda S says

    The worst thing I snacked on this week was a cheese quesadilla.

    I like you on Facebook.
    And I receive the newsletter.


  11. Crystal W says

    Well my most unhealthy snack i ate was Oreos. After having my daughter a few months ago, I have been eating them a lot. Honestly I ate the whole package in 2 days. BIG NO NO! I’m trying to adapt better eating habits, but with 3 kids and school, it has been a task! Well good luck everyone on wining! :)

  12. says

    Thanks for all your dirty snack secrets…The winners are:

    Joe…for being first
    Todd and

    Thanks! We’ll be emailing you to get your addresses to send products!!!!

  13. Ronald Coley says

    The worst thing I’ve snacked on was chocolate. I guess it’s not so bad if it were only one piece, but it’s been multiple pieces for me! I have to get some self control!

  14. Jenefer Lynn says

    I follow and am a newsletter recipient :)

    Worst thing I’ve eaten? ugh, do I really have admit to this? Ok, before I do, I want immunity…alright, the worst/unhealthiest thing I ate was Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream – I couldn’t help myself – the chocolate, caramel and marshmallows did me in :(

  15. Yen Nguyen says

    I am a friend of on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter at

    The most unhealthiest snack I’ve eaten this month is probably a midnight dazzler from haagen dazs. it had chocolate ice cream, oreo cookies, lots of whip cream and chocolate fudge.

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