Get “Spa-Fit” at Home

Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa - Miami Beach

I have another confession to make, my dear Appetite for Health readers: I am a spa-addict.  While I don’t indulge too often – my wallet won’t allow it – I just LOVE a day at a great spa.  Over the weekend I was in Miami so I stopped for lunch at one of the best resort-spas in the country, Canyon Ranch.  It’s right on beautiful Miami Beach, the perfect setting for rest and relaxation.

While I was enjoying my meal (delicious seared salmon salad shown below) and soaking up the atmosphere, I read an interesting article about the founder of Canyon Ranch, Mel Zuckerman.

He believes, as I do, that moving closer to work/life balance starts with a commitment to create new habits and a willingness to live with the imperfect, breathe deeply and look to a longer perspective.

This philosophy is embodied at Canyon Ranch and many other first-rate resorts.  But few people can afford the thousands of dollars for a weekend stay to de-stress and decompress.  So this got me thinking… why not replicate ‘spa living’ right at home.

As a spa aficionado, here are my top 3 tips for bringing the best of spa food, fitness, wellness, and relaxation into your everyday life.

1) Embrace wellness as a necessity, not a luxury. It is all too easy in our fast-paced world to let our health and peace of mind to fall off the ‘to-do’ list.  But look at it this way: good health is what allows us to do everything we want and need to do in life. It should be at the TOP of our ‘to-do’ list. Maintaining good health means making time for exercise EVERY day, no matter what is going on.  It also means taking time to care for your health. Don’t put off a doctor’s visit if you’re overdue or if you feel something is wrong. Remember that health also includes mental health. Relax and BREATHE, especially when you are feeling stressed.  One of the best ways to unwind is with a massage. Can’t afford one? Trade with your partner or a friend.

2) Make “healthy” taste delicious in YOUR kitchen.

Seared Salmon Salad

One of my favorite things about a good spa is the food.  They make healthy food taste amazing.  No need for huge portions or calorie-laden dressings to feel satisfied.  Rely on fresh, in-season ingredients, a light touch with fats and oils, and a great cookbook like Canyon Ranch Cooking: Bringing the Spa Home, Fresh: Healthy Cooking and Living from Austin Lake Spa Resort, or Golden Door Cooks at Home: Recipes from the Celebrated Spa, and you can have fantastic, spa-style meals right in your own home.

3) Instead of sweating the small stuff, make more room for the “big stuff”. Like Zuckerman says, learn to live with the imperfect.  This will give you more time for the things in life that really matter.  Set aside time for good friends, children, a spouse, and other meaningful connections.  Your life will be richer, healthier, and more joyful.

— Katherine



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