World Pistachio Day Giveaway

This Saturday, February 26, marks a BIG day for a little green nut – the pistachio.  On this day the world celebrates World Pistachio Day, a time to reflect on the history and modern day health benefits of this wonderful nut.

Although pistachios are a relatively young crop in the United States–first planted in California in 1930–they have been enjoyed around the world for more than 9,000 years. In fact, legend has it that pistachios were a favorite delicacy of the Queen of Sheba and they were even referenced in the Bible.

What I love about in-shell pistachios is that they’re a supernut for your health.  Not only are they heart friendly and those who eat nuts have healthier diets overall.  In-shell pistachios may also help whittle your middle. New research shows that when snackers chose pistachios over pretzels they had a greater reduction body fat. The shell also makes its virtually impossible to eat mindlessly helping you curb your calorie intake.

For more information about pistachios, please visit Wonderful Pistachios.

Freebie:  Five readers today will receive variety packages of  Wonderful and EveryBody’s Nuts pistachios. Just share with us an interesting fun fact that you found on or what you love about pistachios and friend on Facebook.

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  1. Jonathan Buffington says

    I just learned something new for the day, A snack of Pistachios contains 3 grams of fiber the same amount of fiber as a serving of oatmeal. I love crunchy snacks, and love nuts. As for oatmeal, i’ll put it in a smoothie but the soggy cereal kind I just can’t stomach. Send me some pistachios please so I can get some fiber without getting all wet.

  2. Christopher Sorel says

    did not these little things were good for the heart. Pistachios can help keep your heart healthy and can help fight cell damage caused by free radicals in your body. That’s one hearty nut.

  3. Tricia says

    Pistachios are a good source of dietary fiber and are among the highest fiber nuts, providing 12 percent of the daily value per 30 gram serving (about one ounce). That is wonderful news!! I love Pistachios!

  4. kimberly Masseau says

    Did not know that the pistachio was the nut lowest in fat……I LOVE THEM. Apparently Germans love them as well, consuming around 12,700 tons of pistachios each year. Now THAT”S alot of nuts. The pistachio was my fathers favorite nut and at Christmas I make little remembrance gifts for the family with them. For the ale drinkers of the family I will collect various mugs/steins and alternate red and natural pistachios in them to resemble a candy cane if you will. The vino drinkers will get wine glasses/goblets filled with the same. They make wonderful holiday center pieces as well.

  5. Diana says

    I learned that pistachios are rich in fiber. I love how they taste and I bet they’d be great in a pesto sauce.

  6. Nancy says

    I knew pistachios were delicious and a healthy snack, for a variety of reasons: fiber, healthy fat, nutrient-rich. I didn’t know: “Pistachios are related to the mango fruit and the spice sumac.” My kids LOVE pistachios. My 5 year-old used to be a very picky eater, but he has always eaten pistachios. To encourage him to eat his vegetables and other items on his plate, he would “earn” a pistachio after two bites of his dinner. It worked like a charm, and he learned that he really did like many things that he, otherwise, didn’t want to try! (One thing I appreciate about my kids’ eating is that they stop eating when they are satisfied, no matter how much they like something. I am trying to learn from them, and not eat past the point of being full, just because I like the taste of something, or it looks good.) I also learned on, that the shells of pistachios naturally crack from the growth of the nut. I thought the company cracked the nuts during processing, because Everybody’s Nuts offers a free bag if you find an uncracked one in a bag you’ve purchased. :) Wonderful Pistachios recently had $1 off coupons, which made them a great buy! I purchased some bags to add to Christmas gifts, and everyone loved the added surprise!

  7. says

    I love the fact that aside from being the tastiest nut out there, it’s patriotic to eat them! Since they are American grown, we recycle American $$ and create American jobs! California produces upwards 300 million pounds of pistachios, about 98 percent of the domestic crop.

  8. Cecelia says

    I love that Pistachio’s have been around for 9000 yrs!!! And they are so good for you..heart healthy, loaded with fiber and all that packed into a cute peek a boo shell!! Bring on the nuts:)))

  9. Erin says

    I love the taste of pistachios. They are my favorite nut. The fact that they are the nut with the lowest fat is a huge plus.

  10. Jenny says

    I learned that pistachios are one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat, highest fiber nuts. Love pistachios – Yum :)

  11. Diana says

    I learned that Pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees; humans have eaten pistachio nuts for at least 9,000 years. Pistachios are also one of two nuts mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 43:11). With their high nutritional value and long storage life, pistachios were an indispensable travel item amongst early explorers and travelers, including travelers across the ancient Silk Road that connected China with the West.

    Growing up with a Meditteranean descent, we have always had Pistachios around the house for snacking; however, growing up I recall them being used more widely in cooking and baking by mom and grandma for breadings of fish and lean meats, tossed in salads, and especially when making the family favourite baklava!

    It’s always wonderful to know that what you love to eat is also very healthy and good for you!

  12. rad says

    pistachios have the WOW factor.
    to me, they are a taste of something exotic. they can be paired with saffron to create enchanting desserts, or roasted into a pilaf for wowing quests at a dinner party. or they can be enjoyed on their own as a wee treat. however they are enjoyed, they are delicious, nutritious, creamy and a tad dreamy.
    these nuts dress to impress – they look especially great in international costume 😉

  13. Cathy Johnson says

    “Although pistachios are a relatively young crop in the United States–first planted in California in 1930–they have been enjoyed around the world for more than 9,000 years.”

    i had no idea that pistachios have been around 9,000 years! That is kinda nutty!

  14. Lori C. says

    I love pistachios. They are actually a desert plant and have been consumed by humans for at least 9000 yrs.

  15. Monica says

    Pistachios are the lowest in fat and calories of all other nuts making them heart healthy and a great weight loss tool. Oh Wonderful Pistachios you are worthy of a day dedicated just to your delicious healthiness.

  16. Jennifer Lemke says

    Did you know that pistachios are naturally trans fat-free.
    I just found that out by visiting
    I’m going to eat some Wonderful Pistachios right now!

  17. Jessica K says

    California is the second largest producer of pistachios in the world, with the first usable crops harvested in 1976.

  18. mamotts says

    did not know they are the nut with the lowest fat… I remember growing up how they were the holiday nut and have no idea why because they taste great year round

  19. Pat says

    What a great way to celebrate World Pistachio Day by giving away Pistachio’s. I found out a lot of intersting facts on World Pistachio’s site along with a lot of fun ways to crack the pistachio’s open. I may not use a tanning bed, crack them with my head or with a whip, but I bet I can get those tasty nuts out of their cute little shell just the same. Who would have guessed that Iran would be the country where most of our pistachio’s are raised. I am sure glad that California has the climate to grow them and provide them for American’s. Since the pistachio is filling buy not fatty it provides a satisfying treat good for the heart and weight. Not only is the pistachio tasty but in China it is considered the happy nut and the giant panda loves to eat them, in Russia it brings love and harmony and in America it is just plain fun to eat. I am ready to “Get Crackin.”

  20. NANCY says

    Pistachios have fiber and no trans fat. In china they are called “Happy Nut” because it looks like its smiling. I have been eating pistachio for about 45 years. They are so good once I start I don’t stop until the bag is empty. It was the snack I craved when I was pregnant. Now I want pistachios, going to have to get some.

  21. Nancy Leahy says

    My daughter made pistaccio cup cake and she had strawberry cream cheese icing but than she topped off each little cupcake with chopped pistachio nuts. She placed the nuts on the perimeter of each cup cake and they were gorgeous. If you write me I will send you the picture they are gorgeous and they were to die for delicious.

  22. Kelly says

    What do I love about pistachios? Well, I must admit when I was little, I HAAATED pistachios!! My dad LOVED them, and he’d just sit there for what felt like hours cracking away at those weird little green nubs. I thought he was so strange for liking such a disgusting thing. But now, an older (and obviously MUCH wiser me) loves pistachios! Pistachio gelato/ice cream is my FAVORITE! If it has pistachios on it/in it/around it, I’m there.
    My dad passed away of a brain tumor in 2005, so when I sit there, cracking away at those weird little green nubs it reminds me of him, and how much I’ve grown into very much my father’s daughter. I miss you dad.

  23. Tomi says

    I never knew how rich in fiber pistachios are or that they were heart smart. What a great way to celebrate National Pistachio Day!

  24. Debbie Lai says

    I have always had a problem with sodium, even as a young child. I hate the taste and retain fluid from a little amount. I basically stayed away from all nuts because they unsalted had no flavor! Along came my trial with Pistachios as a teen and the flavor was/is so wonderful it can stand on its own….no added salt needed. My whole family knows Pistachios are my number one and only nut….my son has adopted them as his number one nut too!!!! Keep the pistachios coming:)

  25. Jd drenchek-scavo says

    I learned that I really don’t want to see snooki in a bathing suit…and I learned they are having a contest

  26. Lisa says

    Just learned pistachios are good for your heart, weight, and naturally nutritious. They are also delicious.

  27. says

    I was happy to learn how pistachios contribute to my healthy eating by providing more fiber and less fat. I always loved them as a kid with red fingers…but appreciate as a grown up to buy them in their natural state. Would love to win some free-bies!

  28. Kim S says

    LOVE pistachios, and find it very interesting that they can help lower your body fat when eaten instead of pretzels as a snack. My husband just bought a 6 lb bag of pretzels from costco last night, but I would MUCH rather eat pistachios! My toddler loves them too…although, he calls them ‘rocks’! Would love to have some delicious pistachios around the house to dig in to for my snack instead of pretzels!!!!!


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