Sodastream Helps Slash Sugar

Shizzle Your Fizzle

That doesn’t mean anything (even if you speak Snoop Dogg). I just like the way it sounds and it’s appropriate to go with our Freebie today—a DIY bubbly maker.

The American Heart Association (AHA)  has some of the strictest guidelines for the amount of added sugars (sugar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, agave, etc) we should have in our diets because diets rich in added sugars increase risk for obesity, type II diabetes and therefore, heart disease.

The AHA says women should not have more than 6 tsp of added sugars a day and men should limit sugars to no more than 12 tsp.  For some perspective, a can of soda has 9 teaspoons of added sugars.

Since soda is the leading source of added sugars in the US diet,  we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our readers cut back on soda.

One product that we think is perfect for doing this is SodaStream. It’s your personal fizzer, er carbonator, that turns flat beverages bubbly.  You can turn tap water into fresh seltzer, 100% juice into a sparklers or wine into champagne (so to speak).

I also like that carbonating your own water means you’re not buying bottled water or other cans or bottles that need to be recycled and not as environmentally friendly. There aren’t any “empties,” to deal with.  It will also save you $ when you fizz your own beverages.

One lucky reader will win a SodaStream machine today.

To enter, you must be a friend of on Facebook and sign up for our free, informative, anti-spam newsletter on this blogsite.  You also need to tell us the one thing you’re doing to reduce the amount of added sugars in your diet.

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  1. Jonathan Buffington says

    To reduce sugars in my diet I have nix’d the sodas, not even doing the diet ones which are no better with all those chemicals. I quit putting sugar in my decaf coffee period. Instead of eating any kind of snacks/snack bars I am eating broccoli crowns, carrots, and natural sugars in fruits. I feel great, I drink water all the time but a soda machine would be AWESOME! Thank you so much for giving me invaluable tools and products that are good for my heart…my heart literally thanks you for it!

  2. Mami2jcn says

    I’ve been wanting to win a Sodastream for a long time! I like you on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy. I signed up for your newsletter.

    I have reduced sugar intake by drinking water instead of juices.

  3. Kait says

    I try to drink mostly water. I love an orange pop every few months as a splurge, but know how unhealthy it is! And instead of eating Little Debbies now, I’m trying to eat fruit and yogurt parfaits that I make at home. It has been difficult having such a sweet tooth to cut back on sugars.

  4. Jenny says

    To reduce sugar in my diet I like to drink water instead of soda or other beverages that are full of sugar.

  5. lilly burkhart says

    My husband and I have cut out simple sugars and white flour. I am a fan on facebook and get your newsletters.

  6. Leanne says

    I am a fan on FB and subscribe to the newsletter.

    I have cut down on my sugar by drinking more water less soda, and I have cut back on my sweets. I also only give my son chocolate milk made with sugar free chocolate mix, he doesn’t need sugar as it is the kid is a ball of crazy energy…just wish he could give me some to use.

  7. Brie says

    I reduce my sugar intake by never drinking regular soda. I also only drink juices that have no sugar added.

    I just recently liked your page on Facebook. So far, I have loved all the information. Keep it coming! :)

  8. Christina Alexander says

    To reduce my family’s sugar intake, I just don’t buy it! No bags of sugar, no soda’s (both my boys LOVE LaCroix, yay!), any sweet treats I make myself. That way if someone does indulge ..and who doesn’t? It’s not a huge deal.

  9. Christopher Sorel says

    To reduce bad sugar we gave up soda unless it contains REAL sugar like the throwbacks or coke from mexico. Then the limit is 2 max a week. The kids wait until movie night now to have a soda. The rest of the time we drink milk or water

  10. michele malone says

    I drink water most of the day, I’ve switched to making my own creamer to avoid all the junk in store bought ones, and we are making more and more from scratch. I have been wanting a soda stream for a LONG time. I woudl absolutely love to win this. thank you for the opportunity.

  11. Diana says

    I would love the opportunity to win a SodaStream to be able to use in improving my healthy decisions to a better lifestyle! I used to think I was being healthy by drinking reduced sugary drinks or diet soda’s and now I have converted to water as the main source of my det. To add flavor and increase the amt of water I intake, I add lemons and lines, or cucumbers, or strawberries and kiwi’s, or oranges etc. to my water which add ltd natural sugars for a little treat and would love to be able to enjoy them with a little fizzle. I also changed from drinking coffee with cream and sugar to plain green tea, which is so much better tasting with no sugar being able to enjoy the flavour of the tea itself. Thank you for offering such a great give away today!!!

  12. Pat says

    There are several things that I do to eleminate sugar in my diet. I eat a whole foods diet to avoid processed sugar and refined carbohydrates, eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, use lemon in water and tea to give it flavor, read labels to spot hidden sugars, and use Stevia as a sweetener.
    I like your comment: “I also like that carbonating your own water means you’re not buying bottled water or other cans or bottles that need to be recycled and not as environmentally friendly.” The SodaStream would be a great asset to making plain water “fun” to drink while helping out our environment.
    I like you on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for all the great ideas you provide on your site and the wonderful prizes you award.

  13. Erin Fry says

    I love these articles and this freebee! I am currently a student at the University of Florida and find it really hard to find healthy alternatives in the Gainesville area, where UF is located. There are a few farmers market now and then but no real promotion for students to eat and drink healthier. When I am up late studying I can have a craving for some caffeine which soda most definitely hits the spot, however it is a terrible habit. To start getting rid of the soda I started drinking Pierre water.
    And tea.

  14. Katie R says

    To reduce added sugars in my diet, I am monitoring the cereals and breads that I buy, and I am choosing products with sweetener ingredients at the bottom of the ingredient list.

  15. Jenefer Lynn says

    I’m a friend on facebook and get the newsletter. I’ve cut back on the amount of sugar I consume by buying the sugar free variety of things, not using actual sugar but using Stevia instaed, and I’m learning to eat things without adding sugar – like I love a bit of sugar or whipped cream on my strawberries but now I just eat them plain or with yogurt. We have a family history of diabetes and I want to avoid that if I can. My dad died from the disease and my niece, who we didn’t know had diabetes, actually went into a diabetic coma one day. Watching her be life flighted to a bigger hospital and go through everything she did has made us as a family become more aware. My kids don’t eat nearly as much sugary items as they used to.

  16. jennifer says

    I let my kids have only water to drink at home (other than milk or juice at breakfast). The soda machine would be a great way to make the water more fun for them and me :-)

  17. kimberly Masseau says

    Oh my gosh……..what an awesome give-away!!! I have a friend who recently purchased one (or the like) and she just LOVES it. I agree that soda is one of the biggest culprits of added sugar. To keep my sugar intake under control I have pretty much deleted soda from my diet. I use to have a hard time when going out for lunch etc, turning the beverage down but now I just get water with lemon or I add one of the crystal lights to go to my water which I always keep in my purse. I have also staved away sugar from the morning coffee and am using honey instead……’s a delightful combination actually and you might be surprised. Still there are times when you just want a “sinfully” sweet treat. I stick to a high cocoa content dark chocolate but when the milk chocolate is a must……I have found that freezing a bag of peanut mm’s in the freezer and just retrieving ONE is a delightful treet. Slowly letting it melt in your mouth. Generally then the craving has subsided and there was no OVER indulgence. Good Luck to Everyone on this wonderful giveaway :)

  18. robin says

    One thing I’ve done to reduce added sugars is to eat less salty foods, which reduces my cravings for sugary ones. I always seem to want something sweet (like soda) after eating something salty (like chips). Simple but it works and kind of a healthy diet “two-fer”.

    We drink a lot of seltzer in our house and even though we recycle them I hate using all the plastic bottles!

  19. says

    The best way I reduce added sugar is that I eat a lot of fresh fruits.

    When I just have to have dessert, I make smaller desserts – like half-sized cakes and serve smaller portions.
    I have also learned how to make a one or 2 serving microwave cake in the right serving size, so there is no opportunity to over indulge : -) . I believe it is best to make a delicious dessert and have a smaller portion than to give it up altogether.

    I purchased cookbook software to better manage the nutrients that goes into a recipe.

    When making someone else’s cookie recipe, I omit a couple tablespoons of sugar and replace a couple more with another filler that works with the particular cookie. By the second time making it, I have tweaked the fat and sugar, about a third of the fat and sugar is removed and it is still good.

    I don’t drink sodas, but would love to fizz up my lemon water!

  20. Andrea hennagin says

    Whenever I crave for something unhealthy, I go for the healthy instead. Like if I wanted a slice of chocolate cake, I make an all natural fruit salad. Plus I keep to a strict diet, which all six days = no sweets (candy, soda, cakes etc) but on the last day of the week, I allow my self to have one cheat, but it has to be bite size!

  21. Belinda Campbell says

    To try and nix all sugars from my diet, Iv’e stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water.

  22. Shannon in Phoenix says

    I have been eating a lot more fruits versus processed snacks. I also like to make smoothies with ripe bananas.

    This is a cool giveaway!

  23. Amy LeBlanc says

    I follow on Facebook and by email feed. I am trying to reduce my sugar intake by buying less processed foods. As well as not going to the fast food shops for lunch. Simple ingredients are the key.

  24. says

    I’m deployed to Afghanistan and while I’m here, I’m trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes to finally lose the “baby fat” (my baby is 2 1/2!). I’ve cut out Diet Pepsi (one of my favorite fizzy beverages!) and I’ve focused on solid hydration with good ol’ delicious water…but let’s be honest…even that gets boring sometimes!

  25. Nicole W says

    I read labels all the time to try to keep my sugar intake within reason. I cut back on sugars in baking, too. I’ve even been able to use substitutes in some recipes and have my family not mind (major score!). I don’t drink regular soda, but I do indulge in a diet now and again. That said, my biggest struggle is with my family. My husband has cut back some, but it is tough to rein in a teenage boy when it comes to sugar!

    I would LOVE to try a SodaStream for the kiddo and his friends, as well as the rest of my household. It sounds like such a great compromise in terms of controling the sugar intake of your fizzy beverages, and in terms of being kind to the earth. (Hugely important in my house!)

    Loving the new look of the site, by the way!

  26. christine says

    No soda and no icecream. Put yogurt in the freezer with your favorite fruit or granola in it. It fixes the need for sweet snacks!

  27. Lisa Denninger Ross says

    I will admit that I am currently working through an addiction to diet soda and artificial sweetener. Last week I decided to eliminate these two items from my diet. The first three days were extremely difficult. I craved that sweet sugary taste desperately!!! I went to the store and bought a bag of lemons, limes and oranges. Into my still water I started adding natural fruit juice. Because there is a yummy hint of flavor, I am finding that I am no longer missing my soda/ artificial sweetener. If I do find that I am really craving a soda, I pour a glass of ice cold water and peel an orange. Very slowly I eat my orange segment by segment while congratulating myself for making a healthy decision. I’m working through my addiction one day at a time, and with each day that passes I am finding it that much easier to say no to that which I KNOW is bad for me. :-)

  28. Jill H says

    I always drink diet soda. But I try to even limit that and drink a lot of water. We don’t eat many sweets and eat lots of fruits and yogurts instead.

  29. Amy Sisti-Baum says

    i reduce my added sugar intake by doing my own baking! And I drink a lot of seltzer with a squeeze of lime or a few slices of cucumber instead of sticky, syrupy soda. I would LOVE to win!

  30. says

    I really want to win that SodaStream! I drink carbonated water A LOT! :) I keep sugar low in my diet by not drinking pop, not adding a sweetener to my tea, and only having desert once or twice a week and keeping it rational. My goal is to not deprive myself of what I love, but to be more conscience of the things I eat.

  31. Jeanne Edna Thelwell says

    I learned to substitute seltzer with lime for sodas and reduce alcohol consumption (since your body metabolizes it as sugar). I also make my own breads, soups and pasta sauces — it’s amazing how much sugar is in commercial versions of those foods!

  32. says





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