Hangover Helpers: What Really Works


With more than 13 million Google hits for “hangover” and 125,000 for “hangover helpers,” there’s some real interest in what you can do to prevent or … [Read more...]

Kiwi Kai

Maori Carvings Taupo

Craig and I are on vacation, visiting his family, in New Zealand.  We started in Wellington, his hometown, where we had a chance to get a great … [Read more...]

Cranberry Walnut Pound Cake

Cranberry Cake

This is a great cake that's perfect for the fall and winter, when fresh cranberries are readily available. The recipe is courtesy of Pompeian Olive … [Read more...]

Healthy Baking with Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The new Dietary Guidelines emphasize replacing the solid fats (aka butter, shortening) in our diets with vegetable oils, like canola, olive and corn … [Read more...]

Kourtney: How I stay thin

Kourtney Kardashian

AppforHealth.com was featured in a December 2010 issue of Life & Style magazine about Kourtney Kardasian's post-baby weight loss. The Super … [Read more...]

Does This Label Make My Butt Look Fat?

Lady Shopping

There's a battle brewing between the food industry and government over something that could have a major impact on your diet...the food label. I call … [Read more...]

Helping Pudgy Pooches “Shed” LBs

Ollie "inhales" the great smells in the kitchen... without overeating. :)

For any of you who may be on the edges of your chairs, awaiting a status update on Ollie's weight... your wait is over! I'm happy to report that … [Read more...]

Oh Sh*t!! My Dog Got Fat!

Ollie in his "dapper dog" days

In case you thought that we registered dieticians never had ‘weight problems’, I am going to dispel that right now. I am embarrassed to admit that my … [Read more...]