What RDs Really Eat

Brussel SproutsIf you’re one of those people who think that RDs and nutritionists eat nothing but leafy greens and tofu all day, let me enlighten you. It’s not true.

Granted, there were a few hard-core students in my nutrition classes who snacked on leftover brussel sprouts during breaks, but I wasn’t one of them. I don’t have any strange food habits, I don’t deprive myself and I don’t always select foods that rank high on the nutritional scale. But what I do is make it all fit nicely within my daily eating plan and stick to those key catch phrases that many of us RDs like to use; moderation and balance.

CoffeeI love my morning coffee and can’t start the day without it. In fact, I can’t even speak to my kids until after my first few sips and sometimes, on a tough day, my morning coffee lasts right up until afternoon. Although I love my coffee milky and sweet, I save the cream for special occasions and stick with 1% milk and just a sprinkling of sugar.

I love bagels, but I know that the average New York sized bagel has over 300 calories, so instead I buy whole wheat mini bagels which still satisfy my craving but at only a third of the calories.

And around 3 o’clock when I am contemplating that nap that I know I can’t have, I always reach for the same pick-me-up, a cookie. I normally don’t like to promote a specific brand, but I am totally addicted to Kashi’s TLC cookies.

They come in 3 flavors; Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin Flax and Happy Trail Mix and make me happy every time I eat one. At 130 kcals per cookie, they’re not low calorie, but they’re big enough that one cookie can usually satisfy and provides 4 grams of fiber, whole grains and no trans-fats. Plus, I can recognize most of the ingredients on the label.

Also, not a day goes by without my daily fix of peanut butter. Again, not a low calorie treat at 100 calories per tablespoon, but I buy the ones that say nothing but “peanuts” on the ingredient label and that makes me feel good.

Who said we can’t be RDs and still have our cake and eat it too!

– Ilaria St. Florian


  1. says

    I have an entire post on coffee for National Coffee Day. I love dessert, but small portions are perfect.

    I hate tofu AND Brussel sprouts.

    Yet, somehow I was still allowed to become a dietitian. Go figure.

  2. Zac King says

    What peanut butter do you prefer? I have a hard time finding any that’s ingredients only contain peanuts!

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