Healthy, Simple Thanksgiving Recipes: RDs Share Their Favorites

My dietitian friend and co-author of Energy to Burn, Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD, CSSD, blogs for Chicago Now.  She just finished a wonderful series of posts featuring dietitians’ quick and easy holiday recipes. This is enough to get anyone inspired to cook well and eat well this Thanksgiving and into the New Year!

Here’s the story behind Jenna’s recent interest in recipes and cooking….

“Everyone is looking for simple, delicious recipes for the holidays. I’m no different. I plan to create a huge feast for Mitch, Tom (and dog, Mokey) this Thanksgiving. So, I collected ideas.

What kind of dog is Mokey?  If you know, leave a comment.  I’ll give someone a prize for figuring this out!!!!

She is not a Portuguese Water Dog (with or without haircut) or Labradoodle… but she is one of those “designer” Mokey&Mitchbreeds–Julie

Of course, I want these recipes to be nutritious – you know, nutrient dense and veggie-heavy – but I also need them to be super easy. I’m not looking for fat-free (never am), but I want lots of phytonutrients, fiber and healthy fats from nuts and oils (not butters or cream, please!).

The recipes are RDs’ favorites and can be made with no more than five (repeat 5) ingredients. I also asked these amazing givers to throw in a line of nutrition advice.” –Jenna

Slimmed Down Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce Inspiration

Super Spuds



  1. What great recipes. Mokey, I believe is a Portugese water dog….

  2. nancy lytle says:

    Mokey is a Porteguese water dog. n

  3. Thanks for your post – I had seen Jenna’s recipe list and there are some great ideas there! Probably the previous posters are right about Mokey (I am a cat person!), but I was going to say labradoodle.

  4. Rebecca Wright says:

    Mokey sure looks like a labradoodle. How beautiful!

    And I loved your recipes. Thanks.


  5. I’m guessing a Portuguese Water Dog… with a haircut.

  6. I’m going to guess Mokey is a labradoodle.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving…keep guessing!

  8. What is Mokey? To help, some hints from Jenna: She’s insanely lovable, soft like a bathrobe, overly happy, loyal space invader, smiles when we walk and bounces when she runs. If we quit the groomer, she’d have a beard – but does not shed.

  9. Kahti DeWilde says:

    Mokey is a standard poodle.

  10. Is Mokey a Pyredoodle? Great recipes you have here. I’ll definitely be back soon :)

  11. soooo close…but more “designer”

  12. Close….very very close

  13. I’m guessing a “Schnoodle” – not sure about the spelling. Lovely, whatever she is!

  14. We’ve got a winner. Mokey is a Giant Schnoodle…..!

  15. Wow! What a great combo!

  16. Yay! Yup, Mokey is the outcome of a Giant Schnauzer and a Standard Poodle!

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