A Toast to Toast

10 Ways RDs Make Spreads on Bread Better!

Toast is one of my favorite all-time foods. When I’m sick, it’s my comfort.  When I get home late, it’s dinner and when I’m in endurance training, it’s fuel.

Problem is, most people eat make their toast with fiberless white bread and top it with butter and jam—not necessarily healthy.  I like to make my toast work for me, not against me.
I use whole grain breads and my all-time favorite toasts are topped with natural crunchy peanut butter and drizzled with a little honey and sliced banana or strawberries.  My second favorite is toast topped with Greek yogurt and a nice dollop of strawberry or raspberry jam.

As a toastaholic, I wanted to see if my dietitian colleagues shared my love of spreads on bread.  They were. The overall favorite among dietitians was peanut butter  (and almond butter) with banana and a bit of agave nectar.   Others had more exotic ways they enjoy toast.

Here’s a dietitians’ toast to toast!

Roasted Veggie Toast: Mash up any roasted veggies into a spread.  Eggplant, tomatoes and carrots are great, and if you’re courageous, a little garlic too.—Hope Barkoukis, Ph.D., R.D.—Cleveland, OH

PB&B Toast: Whole grain bread with natural peanut butter, sliced banana or sliced strawberries topped with either honey or agave nectar. (A great twist is with the new chocolate flavored peanut butters!)–A RD classic.

Mediterranean Toast: Use hummus because it provides a good source of plant-based protein.—Dina Kimmel, RD, Budd Lake, NJ.

(This is one of my fave dinner toasts. I grill rustic whole grain bread that is slices and brushed with extra virgin olive oil and lightly rubbed with fresh garlic.  Grill until well toasted and spread with hummus and top with sliced tomato, onion, olive and arugula.)—Julie Upton

Better Spread Toast: A healthier twist to butter and honey is Earth Balance whipped spread with a drizzle (teaspoon, or so) of Agave Nectar—Hannah Fleming, R.D., L.D., Fort Worth, TX.

Ham & Cheese Toast: Put two slices of whole grain bread and two slices low-fat ham on a broiler pan. Broil until bread lightly toasted and ham is warm.  Remove and put ham on toast with a slice of tomato and low-fat Swiss cheese and broil until cheese is melted. — Ann Johnson, MBA, MS, RD, Auburn University

Yogurt Toast: Smother a toasted walnut-raisin or walnut-cranberry bread with nonfat plain Greek yogurt and top with strawberry or raspberry jam. –Julie Upton, MS, RD

Pizza Toast: Toast whole grain bread (whole grain English muffin works well too), sprinkle grated lowfat Mozzarella cheese and microwave until cheese is melted. Sprinkle with oregano and enjoy. —Christine Palumbo, MBA, RD, Naperville, IL.

Happy Cow Toast: I toast Nature’s Own 100% Whole Grain Bread and add a schmear of the Laughing Cow Light cheese.  It’s creamier and lower in calories (35 calories per wedge) than cream cheese.–Stacy Paine, RD, LD, Eatonton, GA

Pumpkin Toast: Perfect for the fall season is whole wheat toast with almond butter and a little pumpkin butter (Trader Joe’s makes a great one).—Erin Macdonald, R.D., Aliso Viejo, CA

Gourmet Toast: Mix nonfat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with some cinnamon and agave nectar and spreading on toast and top with either grilled fig or fresh banana slices.—Erin Macdonald



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