The French Paradox

Eiffel Tower

We’ve heard about the French paradox.  The French can eat lots of fatty foods and still stay annoyingly thin and petit with surprisingly low rates of … [Read more...]

Super-Size-Me to Snooki-Size-Me

Snooki was handcuffed

I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I even know who “Snooki” is, but in my defense, my guilty pleasure is reading Us Magazine when I’m traveling. … [Read more...]

Guide to Healthy Holiday Kitchen Gadgets


I know — it’s not even Halloween yet. But if you’re like me, you’re already thinking about getting a jump-start on the holiday shopping season. Good … [Read more...]

Fattoush: One of Julie’s Go-To Dinner Salads

Fattoush Salad

I admit that I don't like a lot of cooked veggies. To complicate matters, the ones I like, Craig hates. So, after couples therapy for veggies, our … [Read more...]


Fruits Blueberries

Eat and Drink Pink!  How to Help Prevent Breast Cancer and Give Back to the Cause It’s breast cancer awareness month, and if you haven’t been to … [Read more...]

Get a Free Snack From Us!

MBB Light

We are a nation of snackaholics. We crunch and munch some 580 calories from snacks every day.  Our between-meal nibbles add up to some  25% of our … [Read more...]

A Toast to Toast


10 Ways RDs Make Spreads on Bread Better! Toast is one of my favorite all-time foods. When I’m sick, it’s my comfort.  When I get home late, it’s … [Read more...]

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Calcium?

Yogurt and berries

Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables is a constant battle in many households.  But as a mother and nutritionist, there is one war that I am … [Read more...]