Take A Gluten-Free Culinary Adventure With An Intolerant Dietitian

whole grain

As they say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade.  So, after a brief bout of anger, denial and depression following my gluten intolerance … [Read more...]

5 R.D. Rules for Healthy After School Snacks


Ilaria St. Florian, MS, RD is a health and nutrition writer based in Rye, New York.  She holds a Master’s degree in nutrition education from Teachers … [Read more...]

Lunch 911: The R.D.s’ Rx to Healthy “Power” Lunches


Make the Most of Midday Meals Breakfast has always been thought of as the most important meal of the day and dinner is the main meal that we … [Read more...]

Flavor Napalm – Do We Really Want It?


After traveling abroad this summer and returning home to once again subside on an American diet, I immediately noticed that our most popular processed … [Read more...]

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Homer Simpson

Career building may be destroying your diet. Just ask Homer. Forget about the reported freshman 15, the biggest threat to your diet and weight is … [Read more...]

Running in the Rockies: Fueled by Burgers, Shakes and Swedish Fish

Fuel: Burgers and Fries

I was a little tied up a week or so ago.  I couldn't do too many posts because I was running  four to six hours a day for six days in the Colorado … [Read more...]

Do All Dietitians Eat “Rabbit Food?”


What do dietitians eat? There’s no single correct answer. I once worked with a rather heavy dietitian who had a small salad for lunch every day. I … [Read more...]

Homework for Parents: Stock Your Kitchen with Smart Foods for Kids


Research shows that children who have healthier diets do better in school, in sports and are more likely to excel socially compared to those that are … [Read more...]