Have Towel, Sneakers, and DVD… Will Travel

In my last post I mentioned a few tips for healthy snacking while on the road.  Another big challenge, and one that I face often, is staying fit while having a very busy travel schedule.  In general, I aim for at least one hour per day of exercise.  No matter what, I always walk (having a dog helps with this one when I’m at home!)  But I also love to swim, do yoga, and pilates.  Recently I’ve been stepping up my yoga and pilates efforts as I’m aiming to do one of those at least four times per week.  This can become pretty challenging given my rigorous travel schedule.  There are some months when I’m away from home for 10 days or more… so having a fixed ‘gym routine’ just doesn’t work with my current lifestyle.

So when I’m traveling, I have a few tricks for staying fit.  First, I make sure I pack my sneakers.  Wherever I am, I find time to take at least a 35-60 min walk.  The great thing about this is that I get to see a lot of the cities I travel to from the ‘ground’ level.  It makes business travel more enjoyable.  If the weather is terrible or if I’m in a place that doesn’t have good walkways, I’ll hit the treadmill (although I admit that is not a fun way for me to exercise). 

Second, to keep to my yoga/pilates goals, I’ve invested in a few good DVDs that I can follow along with.  I do better when I have some kind of ‘class’ setting, even if it’s a video class.  I just throw down my towel, pop in the DVD, and I’m ready to work out.  If I have more time, I love to check out some of the local classes in whatever city I’m in.  Working with different instructors is a good way to learn new techniques and keep things interesting.

Staying fit on the road does require a certain level of commitment, but the benefits, both mental and physical, are well worth the effort.

— Katherine


  1. admin says

    One of my tips for getting exercise in while on biz travel is to not order room service, so it forces me to get outside and walk to a restaurant or coffee shop and I often try to do a little run in the am then stop for coffee along the way back to the hotel.

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