Shhhh! I’m a Brownbagger

This guest blog is from Kelly Plowe, MS, RD, Nutrition Communications Manager at Paramount Farms.

As a single chick living in LA, I have found a great way to help me save a ton of mooolah while improving my diet. In two words: brown bag.  I know it’s not very sex-in-the-city glamorous, and you probably want to hear all about my celebrity sitings at Ivy, Koi or Nobu, but brown-bagging works!

I know how to eat healthy but if I’m stressed or strapped for time, all my knowledge and know-how goes out the window and I fall prey to the few, convenient food choices within close vicinity of my home, office or co-workers’ desk. To keep on the straight and narrow, I make a concerted effort to pack a healthy, breakfast and lunch to bring with me to the office everyday.  And yes, you read right, I eat breakfast at work because I’m at work most days before Lindsay Lohan has made it home from Chateau Marmont.

This a pretty good showcase of what I tend to pack I some variety: whole grains, low-fat milk, two boiled eggs for protein, fruit, salad and yogurt. I also keep a bag of nuts in my desk (obviously, working for a nut company I have access to a lifetime supply of pistachios).

So as a rough calculation, here’s what my breakfast and lunch costs me—in terms of calories and money.

Kashi cereal, lowfat milk, two eggs, an orange, apple, Chobani yogurt, homemade pizza (whole grain crust with beets, feta and red onion); salad greens with balsamic dressing and pistachios.  This totals about 1,300 calories and costs about $8.00.  There are people in my office that spend more than $8.00 on a crappy sandwich from the local deli that packs in a good 800 calories.

Clearly, with a little forethought and a can-do attitude, you can reap the benefits of a healthy lunch and you can think of lots of ways to spend the money you’ll be saving.



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