Gee Whiz! I’ve Got A Costco-Sized Apple


I bought the biggest apple I have ever seen today. It was a Gee Whiz Fuji from Washington state that weighed in at 10 ounces. I thought it would … [Read more...]

Assault on Salt


A new Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report released this week is an all-out assault on salt.  It outlines the importance for essentially all of us to … [Read more...]

Pancakes to Satisfy a Very Picky RD


My favorite meal: breakfast. My favorite breakfast: pancakes! There isn't even a close runner-up. There are a lot of ways to go astray with pancakes … [Read more...]

Shhhh! I’m a Brownbagger


This guest blog is from Kelly Plowe, MS, RD, Nutrition Communications Manager at Paramount Farms. As a single chick living … [Read more...]

Warning…Cupcakes Ahead!


Today I was at the Chelsea Market in NYC.  For anyone not familiar with this place... definitely put it on your "to-do" list for when you are in town. … [Read more...]

Depressed? No. Chocolate? Yes!


A new piece of research was published today in the Archives of Internal Medicine that found a potential link between eating chocolate and depression. … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Greek Yogurt


I can do without calamari, fish roe salads and ouzo, but there is one traditional Greek food that I’m currently in love with—yogurt. But what makes a … [Read more...]

“Bucket List” for LA Includes the 1,500-Kcal “Mulholland Drive” Dog


This guest blogger is Kelly Plowe, MS, RD, who works in nutrition communications in Los Angeles. When I moved to L.A. almost two years ago, I made … [Read more...]