What Happens in Vegas…


Goes on the blog.... Well, at least some of it. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. For some, going on vacation … [Read more...]

Snacking On-the-Go


I try my best to plan my snacks in advance and bring them from home. This usually saves time and money. With all of the travel I do however, sometimes … [Read more...]

Salad Supper


If you think salads are something you eat before your main course, think again. Lots of veggies, with some added grain like couscous, pasta or quinoa  … [Read more...]

1,200 Calories Worth of Fuel–All Before Noon


Egads!  I eat a lot when I’m training. Here’s a peek at my morning breakfasts. Please….do not attempt this at home…unless you’re training for a … [Read more...]

Two Dietitians,One Hot Italian…Restaurant


I'm fortunate to live in the Bay area and Napa is within an hour's drive. I'm not a wine aficionado, nor am I a real foodie, but I am a great poser, … [Read more...]

Springing Forward


So spring has finally sprung in NYC! After a very long winter we're having a run of great mid-March weather. And on my way to the gym this morning I … [Read more...]

Healthy Mexican Food? Most Definitely!


Love Mexican food? Me too!  It can be a little tricky to have a genuinely healthful meal at most fast-food Mexican restaurants however.  Even if … [Read more...]

Healthy Snack du Jour

I just returned from a major natural products trade show where I literally nibbled and sipped my way through thousands of food and beverage exhibits. … [Read more...]